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All the best detailsAndy was frickin doing the most male thing apart from using his penis. He was detailing his car. It was a classic collector’s sporty thing. It was a real toss up on this hot summer afternoon as to whether he loved his car more than me.He had his convertible out from his garage, pampering his baby and talk about his real baby being jealous.I mean it was ridiculous; he had some sort of brand name leather conditioner revitalizer he was lovingly muscling into the plush fabric. I will admit it was a nifty car but that was only when he had the hood down and we hit the countryside and got the picnic rug out and screwed each other senseless by a picturesque creek. I loved Andy under my hood.God I needed Andy to put some energy into me. I was getting myself sexually worked up watching my man build up a healthy sweat rubbing leather. He should be rubbing me.I was rubbing myself against the chassis through my thin, delicate summery dress. Andy was leaning over the back seat checking something on the rolled back convertible hood. Talk about an obsessive eye for the smallest detail.My smallest detail was fully aroused, my flimsy panties were moist, and my clit was swollen. Well I had my fingers under my dress. The gear under my hood needed attention. If only Andy would turn around; boy would he get the idea of where I was with the real detail.Oh bugger this: I’m lying back in the driver’s seat, my legs open and my panties pulled to the side. Andy is missing all my best facets as my fingers go to work between my legs and my dress is down nevşehir escort over my chest, d****d across my waist, my titties free over my bra cups; shit my nipples are hard and so, so tender.“Mmm…Mmm…Oh yeah…Mmm” God that’s me but now I have Andy’s attention. Yes; he’s off the back seat and around to the driver’s side door. Yeah he knows what he is expected to pamper and massage now.“Yeah that’s right” I say “Check out my detail.” Everything under my hood was on display. My fleshy girly engine room all revealed.Sexual detail is ultimately defining. It was certainly defining how Andy now spoiled my body.His tongue hit my clitty hard and fast. His fingers in a pair were squelching fast out of my needy shaved pussy.“Oh God…Yeah…Yes…My that’s good…harder…faster…you car obsessed prick.”He worked his fingers in tandem, really filling and spreading my cunt. It was special treatment. He didn’t miss any erogenous spots. Geez I was ready to cum. So quickly.Then the prick was backing off. Oh he was dropping his pants and boxers and lounging across the back seat. His prick at full attention like he was expecting something.He got the something he wanted. I climbed over into the back and worked his hardness in my mouth. I was taking head on all cylinders. Fast and wild. Andy had the boyish pecker happiness moans and groans. His baby was making him very randy, very quickly.I straddled his waiting hard cock. It slid so easily into my moist slit. My it felt great. Really filling. Really hard. I had one leg stretched down to the floor escort nevşehir and one bent on the seat. It gave me the leverage to hump and grind into my man’s body; taking his cock on a sensational joyride. I didn’t give a hoot about making a mess because this was for me and my man. His car, his cock; but my passionate direction. I was frickin navigating a sensational outcome for two and we hadn’t even left the carport.I lent back; so he could see his cock moving in and out of my encapsulating, inviting pussy. Yeah Andy was looking and watching his cock piston into me. Then locking his eyes onto mine as I stretched way back and tightened my cunny muscles; really gripping his cock. The bastard could only groan; it was that good.But his eyes strayed back to all my best details.It could have ended there. I had the capacity to milk his near exploding balls. However, I needed more and Andy would go insane when I offered him my cunt between my arse cheeks.I was up leaning over the back seat. I smelt the leather to start with but wafting over it was the aroma of our hot sex together which got even more searing as I spread my butt cheeks and invited Andy to dog me.Andy knew I was over excited. My pussy was relaxed and sodden and we were making those viscous gummy fucky sounds together as he pounded in and out of me.Of course I frickin moaned and pleaded for the banging of my life:“You bastard….you selfish car orientated son of a bitch…use your prick …under a real hood…no comparison is there….your boot or my booty…A no fuckin nevşehir escort bayan brainer.” Geez was I riling my man. Well I had been fuckin ignored for a car. “Oh Christ…fuck you…God…you bugger…Yes…Yessss….Oh ….Orrgh” well of course I couldn’t provoke Andy any more. He’d had enough of my trash talk and started fingering my arse with one and then two fingers as his cock snugly worked deeper into my pussy.He then hit my frickin personal spark plug and fired my body into a flushing orgasm. Geez did he squeeze and hit my clitty directly. It was near unbearable but explosively divine. My body embracing a potent mind blowing climax as fast as a drag car accelerating, high octane pussy power. Well that got me over the line.Still; Andy’s cock needed finishing and I gave him a head job to remember. It was a frenzied effort designed to really get a humongous load of spunk out of my man.God did Andy fire off and he didn’t care less where his seed sprayed. I did. I was avoiding my mouth. I wanted a huge mess and Andy pleasurably, cock dominated, unthinkingly, delivered it.My was Andy exhausted. His pipe was cleaned out. However; he realised he a cum covered soft top and the leather on the back seat to re-do.I wasn’t worried. Andy had finally got his priorities right on a hot summer afternoon with plenty of fleshy girly wiles aiding and abetting me.“I’ll get you a cool drink “I said; as I headed indoors still half naked, “You’ll need it when you re- finish your car.”He gave me the male after sex smile. I could say anything now and I did: “Shit …you should treat your baby with more respect …what a mess.”But Andy got me a good one: “Yeah Angie… Babes …take a look at yourself in the mirror.”That’s wild sex for you… and cars too….so much fun…but fuck there is a lot to clean up after.

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