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I had suspected, but never had proof; until now; they had always managed to somehow hide it, to keep it from prying eyes; until now. I peeked slowly and very carefully around the drape hanging from my bedroom window; looking down at the patio by our pool. I watched as his long thick cock slid slowly into her; I could see her face, the face of raw pleasure as he filled her. They were kneeling doggy style on the cool concrete, but I knew neither one of them felt the hardness of the stones. One effect of their position was it gave a clear view from where I stood as his cock finally slid clear in. She had to be tight; I could see the concentration on his face as he held back. The fact she never winced with pain, stark evidence this was far from their first coupling.

“Should we interrupt them” my husband Devon whispered in my ear from behind me.

“No, leave them be” I said softly.

“He’s fucking her” Devon stated the obvious as I watched him begin to move his hips.

“I don’t think she minds” I said sardonically, as raw pleasure radiated from her face.

“You’re dripping wet” Devon whispered.

I suddenly realized where his hand was, not on my sex; but slid inside the now unsnapped shorts I was wearing; a thick finger sliding over my slick lips. I trembled as he slid that finger between my folds and into my steaming depths. He was right but wrong; I wasn’t wet, I was fucking soaked. I pressed my ass back into his groin behind me.

“Your hard” I stated the obvious as his thick cock pressed into the crack of my ass.

I felt my shorts sliding down over my hips; I made no attempt to stop him. My eyes were locked to the couple below us; now in full swing. I could imagine the sound of hips slapping against that ass as he gained speed. God he was fucking her harder and faster as I watched her body rock.

I felt that hard cock, now bare; press against my ass from behind. I bent slightly at the waist, extending my invitation. I made sure I was still hidden by the drapes. While I was willing to bet that they were now oblivious to their surroundings; I didn’t want to take the chance they might accidently see me.

“Fuck” I heard Devon grunt as the fat head of his cock slid inside me.

“Oh God” I couldn’t hold back the moan as he slid inside my tight channel, my eyes never leaving the pair below us.

I felt my body shudder as he bottomed out inside me, a mini orgasm rolling through my belly. The insanity of the whole situation slammed home as my walls tightened around him. I was standing in my bedroom, my husband fucking me; while we watched our son and daughter go at it like rabbits below us.

With that mental picture in mind I probably should fill in a few things. My name is Rebecca Norr and I’m thirty-eight. Suffice it to say I’m the average woman you might look at twice, then again maybe not. I would have to say my best asset is my 36D’s, but my husband seems to prefer my nice full ass; not that I’m arguing. My husband Devon is forty and had every inch of his eight inch cock pumping slowly in and out of my dripping pussy.

The pair down by the pool going at it like two horny rabbits would be Drake our son and Molly our daughter. Drake is twenty and attends local university and Molly is eighteen and supposed to be graduating from high school this year.

I say supposed to be not because of something she did, but it’s actually what probably brought about our current situation. That would be home quarantine. By right Devon would be at his law office; and I would be happily selling flowers at my floral shop; while both Drake and Molly would be in classes.

Instead my shop was shuttered; Devon was doing his practice remote from the computer; while Drake and Molly were online for what classes they could. I suspect the fact everyone was in the house was what had led to the current outburst of hormones for our young performers. While Devon and I could do the dirty deed whenever we wanted, after all we are married; Molly and Drake were different.

A brother and sister fucking were not exactly what you would call your traditional couple; and while I had suspected the two were more than siblings; our busy schedules had never presented any evidence.

“Nice cock” Devon pointed out, just as he shoved his deep into me.

“Nice ass” I moaned back, shoving mine hard back against him.

“I bet you would love to have it shoved up your pussy” Devon’s hot voice echoed in my ear.

“OH God…Devon” I grunted back.

“Your son’s hard dick pounding into you” he teased me.

I looked over my shoulder and could see him staring down at the pair below us. I knew what was going through that perverted mind.

“You want to fuck that tight little teenage cunt, don’t you” I hissed back at him.

“Fuck yeah” Devon grunted as he slammed harder into me.

“Fuck me you incestuous bastard” I growled.

“OH God…can’t hold…” Devon groaned as I felt his cock swell.

“Not yet” I rumbled as I turned to watch the pair below us.

Devon casino oyna had matched his strokes to the movement of Drake’s hips. I was watching my son fuck his sister, while I felt his cock inside me. I watched Drake’s face twist with lust, and he reared back.

“Now” I moaned. “Fill me baby” I told Devon.

I watched as Drake shuddered through his orgasm below us; while I felt Devon’s hot seed filling me. It was as if I could feel my son pumping his hot load deep inside my belly; God did it feel good.

As I watched Drake and Molly collapse onto the lounger below us, I pulled away from Devon; I felt a thick wad of his seed ooze from between my lips and cling to my thighs.

“You know what we need to do” Devon said softly as he stared at the exhausted couple below.

“I am already planning on it” I said calmly.

I walked to the bathroom, dripping hot cum the entire way. I turned and looked at my husband; I could see the same lust in his eyes I felt in my belly.

“I plan on that dick being planted in me by the end of the week” I said. “That little vixen down there…is your problem.” I smiled and headed into the bathroom.

I don’t think either Drake or Molly even knew they were ‘under assault’ and by the time they started to figure things out, it was already too late. I switched clothes, not to something for the yard like I had been, but this time to a thin pale tan baby doll; minus the panties.

When Drake came through the sliding patio doors and into the kitchen, I had timed everything to be bent over taking the creamer from the fridge. When I rose and turned, it was like looking at a starved puppy dog; his tongue was all but hanging out and his eyes were locked to my body. The only difference was this puppy dog had a huge lump in his swim trunks. God, he had just fucked the shit out of his sister, and he was hard again.

I calmly walked over and started adding the creamer to my morning coffee, all the while Drake stood rooted to the spot. The silence was so deafening I could even hear his labored breathing, and it made my nipples ache with need.

“If you need to take it out and jerk off, go ahead” I told him.

Drake’s eyes opened wide, and with a strangled sound he rushed from the kitchen. I took a sip of my coffee and waited about five minutes, and then headed up the stairs. The door to his room was closed, but the sounds from the other side left no doubt in my mind what he was doing.

“Oh fuck mom” I heard Drake groan from through the door; that was my signal.

Without knocking I turned the knob and opened the door, standing in the doorway. Drake froze, stretched out on his bed, staring at me. That thick cock stood tall and proud from his mat of pubic hair; his fist wrapped around it frozen in place.

“Personally I think it’s a bit rude you know” I said, staring directly into Drake’s eyes. “Jerking off over someone and not even giving them the decency to watch; think about it next time.”

Without waiting for a response, I turned and left his doorway, heading to my own room to dress for the morning. As I pulled a light sundress over my head, I glanced out the window and watched as Devon sat on the edge of the lounger next to Molly. I wanted to hear and watch the pair, but knew I needed to get moving; reluctantly I pulled away from the window.

“Hey sweetie, sun tanning already” Devon called out to his daughter.

“Oh hey Dad…uhhh…yeah I wanted and early start” Molly tried to thick quickly.

After a week of no sex with Drake, she had been coming unglued; not able to stand it anymore, she had drug him out to the poolside early in the morning; hoping for a good ganging before their folks woke up. The only problem was she had wanted more; but Drake had been nervous it was getting late. Sure enough, her brother had barely left and here was her dad already up.

Devon had watched the exchange between his wife and Drake. It had left him hard and throbbing knowing Drake had rushed unseeing past him, sporting a huge hard on for his mother. Devon knew Rebecca could be a slut when she chose, and he almost felt sorry for Drake; almost but not quite.

Figuring now was a good chance, while Molly was still out by the pool, Devon made his approach. Now, seated beside his daughter, lying there sporting a great set of 36C’s in a tight bikini; Devon moved fast; figure her recent horniness and some confusion, would move things further than anything else.

“Don’t want you to burn” Devon said; picking up the suntan lotion and squirting a glob onto his hand.

“Dad, it’s…unnnnnnn” Molly moaned as strong hands suddenly ran from her waist to her shoulders and kneaded her hot skin.

“Dad, I…oh godddd” she moaned softly as those fingers kneaded their way back down her back.

The problem for Molly was the sudden contact of skin on skin. Unlike some women who seemed to like slam bam fuck me men; Molly wanted the fuck me all night baby. The quick round with Drake, while immensely satisfying; had also left canlı casino her body tingling for more. The sudden contact of her father’s strong hands send shivers through her.

Molly melted as those hands worked her muscles up and down. Twice she felt his fingers brush the sides of her bulging breasts. She wanted to say something, but also had to focus on not letting her aching nipples turn into two rock hard pebbles.

When those magic hands vanished from her back, Molly almost sighed with relief. Then she heard the lotion bottle again; thinking he would return to her back, she lay silent. Her mouth opened in shock, but only a soft moan escaped as those strong hands began to knead first one thigh and then the other.

“Dad…” Molly could only gasp as those fingers worked higher and higher.

She felt her legs drift slightly apart, not sure if he had moved them or if she had. She moaned softly when his fingers kneaded only an inch from her over heated groin.

An inch, oh God Molly thought. He was so close to not only her pussy; but her cum drenched pussy. Drake had just dumped a hot load inside her, she couldn’t let him see.

For Devon, he knew what shape his daughter was in, hell she was just like her mother. Quickies were satisfying, but usually left Rebecca hungry for more; and he could sense Molly was in the same position. Besides, the small puddle of white goo that leaked onto the chair was mute evidence of her arousal. Time to tip the scale, Devon figured.

“Dad…” Molly grunted when that hand finally came in contact with her soaked suit bottom.

There was no way he couldn’t know, she thought, but he worked on as if nothing was wrong. Molly involuntarily lifted her ass as one finger slid between her swollen folds through her suit; a bolt of lightning striking out from her already over stimulated womb.

“Someone is very wet” her father’s hot voice whispered in her ear.

Wet, I dripping my brothers CUM, Molly wanted to scream. Instead, she gurgled as the tip of that finger pressed against her throbbing clit. Rebecca’s’ over stimulated body went to auto pilot as her hips hunched against that finger.

Just as she felt herself mounting, it was gone; the pressure, the finger, all of it. Molly wanted to scream in frustration as her father rose beside her.

“You know if you need a hand with anything, just let me know” his soft voice filled her ear.

Molly shuddered at her father’s innuendo; he couldn’t really mean what she was thinking, went through her mind. At the same time, she knew her dildo was about to get the biggest workout it had received in a long time.

It was two days later that Drake sent a text to his sister. Their parents were out at the pool enjoying the afternoon sun; Molly was trying to get some study time in. Her cellphone beeped and when she opened his text, the image of her brothers’ hard cock filled her small screen.

“Is someone horny for his sister” Molly sent back with a smiley face.

“I’m watching mom and dad” popped up on her screen, and Molly stared at the screen.

“What” she fired back.

“Come to the living room” Drake sent to her.

Scrambling off her bed, Molly bounded down the stairs and into the living room. Drake was positioned next to the bay window that looked out on the backyard. He was peeking around the curtain, as his hand glided up and down his thick cock.

Drake looked back at his sister and motioned for her to come closer. “Stay behind the curtain” he told his sister.

Molly slipped in front of her brother, and looked around the cloth, freezing at the sight before her. There, on the same lounger Drake had pounded her pussy only a couple of days ago; knelt her mother, her heavy tits swinging under her as her father rammed in hard from behind.

“Oh My God” Molly whispered.

“Fuck look at them go” Drake moaned.

Molly’s eyes were riveted to where the two were joined, watching a very thick and very long cock slide in and out of her mother. God dad was hung, she thought mindlessly.

Molly felt hands reach around and unsnap her jeans; she looked back at Drake. “What the hell…Drake not now” she hissed. Her brother was not deterred; he began to tug his sister’s jeans down until they slid over her hips, pulling her panties down with them.

What Molly hadn’t seen, being turned; was her mother reach down and adjust the cellphone lying on the lounger in front of her. Rebecca had used her phone app and was now tied into their home security system. She had locked to the camera in the living room that faced towards the bay windows, since the large glass panes were deemed a security risk.

“He’s taking…her jeans…down” Rebecca grunted as Devon plowed into her.

“You get any fucking wetter over this” Devon panted “and I’m going to blow my load”.

“Not yet” Rebecca groaned at her husband. “Just fuck me baby, fuck that pussy hard and I’ll do the rest” she moaned.

“You want it, then TAKE it” Devon growled as he began to pound into his kaçak casino wife.

“That’s it your perverted wonderful man” Rebecca moaned. “Fuck me like you would Molly, come on baby.”

Devon was in a haze of lust as he hammered his cock into his wife’s dripping cunt. In his mind he saw Molly’s ass slapping against his hips, and felt that tight teenage pussy gripping him.

“OH YESSSSSS FUCK ME DADDY” Rebecca screamed. “FUCK ME DADDDYYYY” she screamed again.

Inside the house, Molly froze at her mother’s words. Was her dad really thinking about fucking her? Standing there still, just as her mother finished screaming, Drake slid his cock into her soaked pussy.

“Dadddyyyyyy” Molly moaned as her brother filled her from behind.

“You want dad to fuck you, don’t you” Drake’s voice filled her ear.

Molly shuddered as her brother reached up and gripped her outthrust tits, gripping them as he hammered up into her. She reached out and braced herself on the glass as the wonderful cock filled her again and again. She couldn’t tear her eyes away as she watched her father’s cock, covered in her mothers’ white cream, pound in and out.

“Oh God…he’s fucking her” Rebecca gasped as Devon hammered her like some feral animal.

Pulling her eyes away from the screen, Rebecca looked over her shoulder at her husband; the grimace of lust on his face, sweat dripping down his chest.

“Fuck me daddy” she said in a hoarse voice. “Fuck my tight little pussy” she egged him on.

Devon’s mind exploded white hot as the thought of fucking into his daughter overwhelmed him. He gripped his wife by the hips and rammed in deep, holding still. He tilted his head back and howled as his nuts exploded.

“MOOLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY” Devon roared as his orgasm tore through him.

Inside the house, Molly heard her father’s release. Her eyes rolled back and her body convulsed; as the thought of her father unloading his hot seed into her sent her over the edge.

“DDDADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” Molly screamed as her head banged against the glass.

Outside, Rebecca heard her daughter, and on the screen she watched as Drake unloaded his own hot seed into his sister; her own pussy clamping down on her husbands’ jerking cock as her body trembled in release. Even as the pair collapsed onto the lounger, Molly and her brother stumbled from the living room and back to their rooms. Both of them were wondering what the hell was going on. For Rebecca and Devon, they smiled and kissed softly, knowing their final goal was not far out of reach.

It was Friday morning when Rebecca made her next move on Drake. This time it wasn’t a baby doll minus panties that Drake saw on his mother; it was the total reverse. When he walked into the kitchen that morning; there stood his mother at the counter, sipping her coffee, wearing a tight pair of sheer white panties; and that was it.

“Holy shit” the young man whispered as he stared at his all but nude mother.

For thirty-eight the figure standing in front of him looked mighty fine. Her 36C’s had a bit of sag from age, but were round and full, capped with rock hard pink nipples like two erasers. Her flared hips led into a valley between her thighs; that was shaved perfectly smooth, and the sheer panties gave him an unobstructed view of her sex as she stood there. But it was the firm cheeks of that tight ass that really drew his attention, God even Molly didn’t have an ass like that.

“Enjoying the view” Drake heard his mothers’ soft voice.

He looked up from her ass and into her eyes. There was no sarcasm, only a statement in her voice; and her eyes were locked on the now prominent bulge in his gym shorts. He remembered his mother’s words that other morning, and carefully measured his words.

“I’d be dead not to be” Drake watched his mother. “It makes me want to jerk off…again”

This was it, Rebecca realized. With a deep breath she walked over to the small kitchen table and eased into a chair. She stared back at her twenty year old son.

“Am I stopping you” her voice was hoarse with desire.

Drake, as if in a trance, slowly walked over and stood in front of his mother, he looked down at her glittering eyes, then at her pebble hard nipples. She actually wants this, he suddenly realized. He reached down and gripped the waist band of his gym shorts, and slowly pushed down.

“God yes” Rebecca murmured when that thick hard cock slid into view only a foot from her face.

Fuck he was hard as steel and she could see a drop of pre cum already forming on the tip. She set her coffee cup on the small table and turned to face her son, not wanting to miss a single moment of this. She shuddered when Drake reached down and gripped that throbbing hunk of meat, and began to stroke right there in front of her.

“Enjoying the view” Drake rasped at his mother.

“More than you know” Rebecca whispered back.

“If you need to relieve yourself…I’m not stopping you” Drake watched his mother.

Right before his eyes, this woman who had fed him, bathed him, and raised him to adulthood; slid her hand over her soft belly and into her sheer panties; and with a wet squelch, drove two fingers into her dripping pussy.

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