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all for the money’what the fuck’ ‘hi stepdad good morning ‘ i smile sweetly at him’whats going on why am i chained to the bed stop fucking about and cover me up you can see everything”hm well its like this my mom fucks you all the time and you buy her expensive gifts and give her money but she’s tight and doesn’t like sharing so its my turn its only fair , my turn for the money i mean no way you get to fuck my tight sweet pussy’ i laughi turn on his laptop point the wecam at him and start recording’ok so i need the password and login details for your bank account please”what no way fuck off you wait til i tell your mum”oh did she not tell you shes gone away for a few days we have this huge house to ourselves”well you won’t get anything from me you bitch”you should watch what you say to me you will pay for that’ i pick up an object from next to the bed and show it to him’whats that ?”i think its called a fleshlight it goes over your cock like a fake pussy for you to fuck’his cock is limp and lifeless i take hold of it and start stroking him’come on don’t muck about let me go i’ll give you a few quid”no i don’t want a few quid i want a lot and you will give it to me”what are going to do come on let me go you cunt”i told you to be nice you will pay for that as well anyway looks like your cock is having fun’his cock is hard now and twitching in my hand i take hold of the shaft in one hand pick up the fleshlight in the other and start to push it onto his cock’please thats a bit tight and very dry’ he groans as i push the fleshlight all the way over his cock until his balls touch the end’login details and password ?”no way’i pull the fleshlight up so only the tip of his cock is inside then ram it back down to his balls up down up down up down he’s starting to sweat now’do you like it is it as good as fucking my mom?”please its to tight and you are to rough please stop it hurts”really ‘ up down up down faster harder ‘your cock is rock hard now i really think it likes it’i pull the fleshlight off and start jerking his cock with eskişehir escort my hand’is that better ?”god yes thats really nice ‘ his hips rise up off the bed with my downward strokes pushing his cock into my fist precum is dribbling from the end of his cock’don’t want you enjoying it too much and besides looks like you have some lube now’i take the fleshlight and push his cock into it again straight up to the balls then pull it out then push it all the way in again and again and again his precum is dripping all down his cock now’is that better now with some lube ‘ i smile’yes but not as good as your hand’ he gasps’do you want to give me the password and login yet ?”god no what are you going to do stop ? ‘ he laughs’that would be to easy for you wouldn’t it no i’m not going to stop until you give me what i want”how do you think that will work you keep going i cum i want to cum now”so cum shoot you sticky load in the fleshlight imagine its my moms cunt fill it with your jizz’he gasps thusts his hips forwards forcing his cock into the fleshlight groaning fucking it himself he gasps gives one final thrust then i see some cum dribbling out around his cock’did you enjoy that ?’ i say pulling the fleshlight up to the tip of his cock then pushing it all the way down again hard and fast updown up down’wait please what are you doing’ up dow up down faster harder ‘ i came pleaase stop”do you want to give me the password and login yet ?”what no please stop ‘up down up down i’m getting a nice rhythm going now his face is red he’s sweting badly now ‘ i told you i don’t stop until you tell me wht i want to know at lease this times its lubed with you cum”you bitch fuck off please stop its really tender”there you go calling me names again’i pick up my phone still fucking his cock with the fleshlight’don come upstairs please i need a hand”come on don’t get him up here donna i can’t have him see me like this’don enters the room’what the fuck sis what the hell are you doing”i’m fed up with mom getting all the treats from fucking eskişehir escort bayan this guy i want his password and login details so i can take his money”how is you wanking him off going to help?”well he came a few minutes ago”wow thats got to be hurting now good idea what can i do to help?”take over for a few minutes please keep the rhythm going i need to pee’don takes hold of the fleshlight wanking his stepdads cock the way he wanks his own ‘be a bit rougher use the whole length of his cock and the whole length of the fleshlight don’t be gentle ‘i take a glass from next to the bed pull my panties to oneside and piss into the glass’keep your eyes on his cock don stop looking at my pussy’i put the glass near step dads mouth ‘you are going to drink this its punishment for being nasty to me”no way fuck off bitch”don fuck him harder with the fleshlight as hard and fast as you can and grab his balls squeeze them as hard as you can”please stop please it hurts”nod you head when you are ready to drink my piss don will keep fucking you but will leave your balls alone’he nods’ok don back to a steady rythm now let his balls go’i put my hand behind his head and tilt it forward then put the glass to his lips’down in 1 stepdad no spitting it out or you get to drink don’s piss instead”please i’ll give you the details now”not until after you take your punishment now drink it down ‘i tilt the glass slowly pouring it into his mouth ‘don’t forget to swallow’he gulps my piss down as i pour it into his mouth’oh my god he’s cumming with your piss pouring into his stomach ‘ don laughsthe glass is empty now’say thank you ”thank you”don don’t stop yet keep going keep his cock hard don’t let it go limp”give me the fleshlight wank him with your hand’i put the fleshlight in front of stepdads face’you may not know this stepdad but everytime you lick my moms cunt out before fucking her she always has cum in it she says you only have a small cock but loads of money so she fucks guys with big cocks then comes home to you and makes escort eskişehir you lick her cunt before you fuck her so i want you to show us theres 2 loads of your cum in here stick your tongue in there and lick it out while don wanks you off again after your third cum you can tell me what i need to know and we set you free”fuck off i’m not eating my cum thats disgusting’dons spare hand takes hold of his balls and squeezes them again i put the fleshlight over his mouth ‘use your tongue and don lets your balls go’stepdads tongue come out and laps at the cum dribbling from the end of the fleshlight don lets his balls go but keeps wanking him’don’t swallow it ‘ says don ‘i want to see you with a mouthful ‘ he keeps wanking stepdads cockthe cum stops coming out of the fleshlight ‘sis take over this is making me horny and he needs to be punished again for telling you to fuck off’i take over wanking stepdads cockdon takes his pants off his cock is standing to attention’wow thats much bigger than stepdads cock”keep your mouth open don’t swallow that cum yet i’m going to fill you up a bit more 1st’ don starts wanking his i try to keep the same rythm don is doing on stepdads cock don must really have been horny as it doesn’t take long’swallow your cum now ‘ gasps don then open your mouth againstepdad swallows his cum then opens his mouth don shoves his cock in and starts fucking stepdads face he puls back and sprays load after load into stepdads open mouth far more cum than both stepdads loads together , stepdad comes again in my hand’ i think he likes you cum it made him cum again a nice big load , you can swallow dons cum now and say thank you’he swallows the fresh load of cum ‘thank you’, i hold my cum covered hand in front of his mouth ‘you know what to do’he sticks his tongue out and licks his cum from my hand’swallow it down’he swallows’one last thing before we take your money i need a piss ‘ says
don’please no i’ll tell you everything you need to know”of course you will’ i say rubbing my fingers over the end of his very sensative cock ‘now turn your head to don open wide and don’t spill any’he turns his head to opens his mouth don aims his cock and starts pissing into his mouth ‘swallow fast i need a big piss’ don says laughingstepdad swallows and swallows and swallows until the stream dries up

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