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It was a long time before I told my girlfriend Alex about my belly button fetish. Since we had gotten together it had been a long time since I have cum so hard from piercing my belly button in the bathroom and playing with the ring the mirror, before taking it out. I had probably done that seven or eight times before we started dating, but I have a scar from it, and it’s only really noticeable if you are looking right at it.

The night she found out was twelve days before my twenty second birthday, and I was very drunk, had my shirt off, and she asked how I had gotten a scar right on my belly button?

“Have you had your belly button pierced?”

At first I was gonna tell her no, and make up some excuse about my appendix, but we had been dating for almost a year, and maybe it was finally time to tell somebody.

“I actually used to pierce my belly button for fun.”

She kind of laughed, and explained to me how bad getting her belly button piercing was, and that she would never do it again, but ending with “note taken.”

Twelve days later, I get home from work and there is a box in our room and candles decorated around the bedroom. She whispers to me that I’ll understand later. In the mean time she has a few gifts in the living room, ranging from sweaters to decorative cat stuff, all good things.

After we have our dinner and drink our wine I must’ve fallen asleep and ended up in our bed.

When I awaken, the room is lit by the candles, and Alex was at the end of our queen bed. I was fully undressed and spread eagle. The temperature was cool enough to where my nipples were already risen. I didn’t realize I bound until I tried to move.

“Where are you going?” Alex tells me.

“I remember what you said, I wanna make live your fantasy.”

Turns canlı bahis out almost everything you read about my belly button fetish is what I told her.

Her eyes glow as my belly flowed in and out.

Alex moves her finger into, slowly moving it around before telling that tonight she was going to pierce my belly button.

My dick grew to a half rise by that point, eager to see if she would shove a needle through my not so virgin navel.

She grabbed my upper rim of my belly button softly before giving a median squeeze, “seems like a good place to start.” And with that Alex reached for the box lifting the lid, of the decoyed wrapped box, but inside from I could see it was not alone. First Alex pulled out 5 separate small boxes, followed by a longer rectangular box. I could then hear jiggling from box, to then seeing the chain coming out with clamps on both ends, before Alex licked both sides and clamped them to my nipples.

She then began to fondle my dick to a steady perk. My body was ready and began to rub me faster, I was ready to cum, suddenly she began slow down. “You can cum once I’ve pierced your belly button, baby.” Before reaching for the rim of my belly again.

“Are you ready?”


Alex reaches for a small box, revealing the contains by my face, showing a 14g needle, alcohol wipe, and a nicely placed barbell.

“I got you this one so we can match!” Lifting her shirt to show her belly piercing with the same jewel.”

She began to wipe my belly button with the wipe, simultaneously rubbing my penis softly with her palm, “you still want your belly button pierced?” Grinning a cute smile at this point.

“Yes” without hesitation out of my mouth the words come out of my mouth.

She says,

“Anything you for you bahis siteleri baby.” Reaching for the rectangle box on the edge of the stand, removing a pair of stainless steel piercing clamps out of their package.

My penis was 100% hard by the time the forceps closed over the top rim of my belly button, Alex slowly moved the clamps up and down, before settling on a position,.

She brings the needle inches from my navel, before instructing to me breathe in out, and on the third OUT, she pierced my belly button for the first time..

As the threaded the barbell through she told me she pierced her own belly button when she was fifteen, which only made her hotter to me.

After she tight the ball on my new piercing, Alex began rubbing me again slowly and occasionally tapping on my belly button ring.

When I on the verge of cumming she popped up, and muttered, “Hello world, time to pierce my boyfriends belly button again!”

“Wait uh?”

“What, are you afraid of a double belly piercing? That little hole under your belly button begs the differ baby..”

I had only done it once, but as the memory faded in my head, Alex has the next box opened, and the clamps attached, repeating the steps above, this time to the bottom rim, she caught me off guard going on two. And all of sudden Alex has pierced my belly button twice.

I could feel my body start to sweat, and my belly button felt a little hot at this point, but probably not as hot as my nipples under the clamps.

As soon as the second barbell was tighted, she put her mouth around dick for the first time and brought me to near orgasm.

Alex stopped about two and a half sucks too soon. She rolled off the bed, grabbing her boobs, and raising her top above them asking me if I liked her piercings, bahis şirketleri which she knew I did, and it made me mentally realize I was about to get my own.

The first nipple was still sore from the clamps but was soon intact with a new one. This time my virgin nipples were getting pierced.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had your nipples pierced, but I’m doing it.”

“I can’t wait to suck these later, like you do me.”

And then my nipples were pierced.

I was finally gonna cum.

Two nipple piercings and a piercing of a navel two times over.

Until I felt a wipe start going along the sides of my belly button,

Alex says “You know this cute belly button would make a beautiful lil “navel project” for somebody and I think it’s gonna be meeee..”

Box four and five are opened to reveal two different colored barbells for two different sides of my belly button.

Both with their respective needles, and I think Alex sees at this point no holes on either side. “You’re gonna love this.” As the left side of my belly button tastes it’s first ever needle, I lost my breath.

“You can cum once the project is done.”

And the right side wasn’t easier, flesh raised and pierced, as this barbell is placed and the project is finished, Alex tells me its time and begins to rub my cock gloriously and touch my fresh piercings, my cum is about cover them all, until she begins to come to a halt.

“Your belly isn’t pierced yet my love.” Putting her hands in the bigger box to reveal an unused needle…

“I brought seven and no ring to put in this one.”

Before grabbing my cock and rubbing, and directing the new needle through the four barbells crowding my navel, and as the needle reached closing towards the core of my belly button, the closer to orgasm I became, suddenly i felt the heat off my face come to a max and the pressure became so intense in my hole and all of sudden it pierced through with a pop and my cum covered Alex’s face, over and over, and over.

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