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Alessandra Autobiography 4 All Alone (Photos!)Alessandra, all alone, masturbates more and moreAlessandra, is she attractive in your eyes? She is super critical about her bodily beauties. See her three photos.Alessandra’s social situation gets another big blow, while she desperately tries to stabilize. As an autistic teen, she has to attend weekly meetings with a psychologist in a group of other younger people suffering similar setbacks. Lovely looking Linda Love is her only close friend from their youngest years in the same nice new neighbourhood kindergarten. She sees her several times a week. In the weekend they stay often together for the night, in several sleepovers every month. Just like in the good old days of being together every day at basic school and afterwards.Alessandra can’t imagine to admit how often she erotically enjoys fantasies of kissing and hugging her. Feeling up each others private parts. As she does so often to herself. Alessandra loves to feel her hand on her mound. She playfully pulls sweetly at her pubes, before she allows a finger to dive down deeper, to slide softly along her love lips. Secretly she whispers to herself “Linda Love, make me wet and want you. I need you now. Please, make me come.” Alessandra is all alone. She dropped out of school. Finds salvation in masturbation.Alessandra accepts, first fine day of Linda’s school summer holidays, her proposition to take their bicycles and bake a bit browner at the banks of the river, just outside their town. Linda loves to be there, watching many more tasty teens as them. Both get a turn-on. The warmth of the sun, those many curious looks from others. Their own giggling and exchanging opinions on who looks hot or not. Alessandra is aware of their differences in taste, but kaçak bahis hesitates to disclose to her best friend, that actually. Linda is her love. She does not dare to disagree. Alessandra does not cool down as the sun sets. They pack and ride back on their bicycles. She sits down at her saddle eagerly, as it provides her pussy the same sort of stimulation she remembers from sitting on top of highest horizontal pole on their playground, about a dozen years back. Alassandra isn’t analytic about it, but to me it is clear, that her cunny’s cushion is comfortable, producing her pube an awesomely attractive bit of bouncing up and down. During dinner her thighs involuntarily squeeze together, till it’s time for further privacy, back in her bedroom.Alessandra and Linda undress and compare their sunburns. Being a blonde beauty, Alessandra’s soft skin is reddish, except her private parts, where the brunette dark-haired teen turned from a bit bronze to almost brown. She hands Linda her camera and poses for picture, as she sits at the edge of her bed, with one big burning question at the back of her mind for a few years, which she hardly can hold back now, being as hot she is.Alessandra looks up to her love Linda, all excited: Alessandra blushes, a deeper hue of red than her skin, as she blurts out: “Linda, I love you! Let us kiss and hug. Feel each other’s tits and pussies. I hope you love me as much as I do you!” … Alessandra doesn’t remember exactly how her Linda Love answered. Only that her response is only one big NO! … Some more bla-bla about boys. Alessandra tries to hide her disappointment. Usually they chat and giggle for a few hours. This time she reaches for her double dose of mental bets10 giriş medication and dozes off … Probably into virtual reality, where all gorgeous girls are her hot foxy friends … And other, more adventurous, even dirtier daring dreams.—————————————————————————————————————————————————Alessandra feels all alone after being turned down. What else to do, except much more masturbation?Alessandra alineates and is mostly all alone, although she keeps close contact with Linda, who is all into men. Alessandra is all alone, halfway her teen years as a yummy young blonde beauty. Most girls her age turn their focus outward, she turns the other around, inwards. As it happens at that time in life, her reaction is extreme. She can’t bare to see herself in the mirror. Alessandra only has an eye for how ugly she is. Second sign of the time in life she is in, is being extremely self-critical at times. Seen by others, a simple lack of self-confidence. Which is very common.Alessandra bans mirrors from her bedroom, as she barely survives a long look at her looks in the big bathroom mirror. The top-down verdict: slightly squint eyes, above a nose which is clearly too thick, just like her thighs. While her tiny tight titties lack the proper size. Alineated from her best friend – in terms of relations – and from her own body – in terms of approval, Alessandra still secretly plays her pussy, whenever she is on her own and the door is locked. Alessandra also shoots several sexy selfies, to study the severe setbacks of her bare body in every dirty detail. A few years later, they land everywhere in the net, after she gets her own lap-top and starts to look bets10 güvenilir mi around for virtual friends for some support. Alessandra’s squint eyes, thick nose, tiny tits & turn-on:’s thick thighs hide a fine fat furry fanny: is always attractive at all her pretty pictures, by being a bare blonde beauty and excitingly excited!Alessandra is as lonely and vulnerable, as she deserves some support from us. Don’t You agree, dear reader?—————————————————————————————————————————————————Alessandra begins to build a comeback in confidence by making many friends in the internetAlessandra slowly rebuilds her self-confidence, from a few fine friends and sexy supporters in the internet, in the years to follow. Which is the way in which we meet as well. Her public personality in virtual reality differs a lot from her reality in private life. Our dear readers will notice – in our next installments – that her sexuality is at least as complicated, as the rest her of her life as a tasty teasing teen, trying to keep afloat by surfing and swimming around, in internet in order not to drown in her deep depressions. Alessandra hides her hesitations about our autobiography in her only reaction till this moment: “Hehehehe”. Please, dear reader, be gentle to her in your response to this intimate installment from my many interviews.————————————————————————————————————————————————–Aleesandra is awesomely attached to recognition by others, dear readers. Please react & support her here.Alessandra is likely to get into a good mood by your ‘likes’, sweet ‘smileys’ and – at best – your comments!All RIGHTS at Prof. Poet-PETER, ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, Amsterdam, Sun. 17-06-18

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