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“Catch you later!” she called out to the rest of the office staff, as she slung her bag over her shoulder and headed out to the truck to go home for the night. Ailiana knew that that would be her last human interaction until the next day.

Settling into the drive home, her painted on smile slowly faded away, into a frown. Her husband was working overnight, yet again, and that left her alone all night. He worked more nights that she thought he ever would, and that played a big role in her unhappiness as a wife. She was a young wife, 25, and had been unhappy for a few years now. Ailiana felt trapped though; the mortgage, dogs, marriage. It all played a big role. She loved her husband, that was a fact, but lets just say that the sex life left much to be desired.

Honestly, unless she pleasured herself on the nights he was working, she would never get off to orgasm. She learned to just let him fuck her when he got home, and then go finish herself off in the bathroom after he fell asleep. It became routine, and not one she looked very fondly of. Yet, for the most part her life was ordinary.

Ailiana lived in a gorgeous house. Double story cape, huge wrap around porch. To some, she was considered spoiled. If anyone ever knew what she had to deal with in order to have these luxuries, then they may reconsider the comments.

Pulling into the driveway, she got into the house, and checked her voicemail. No one.

Tossing her handbag aside on the kitchen island, she glanced at her watch, 6:30pm.

It wasn’t too late, but being mid-March, the sun had already set, and the moons glow was filling the darkened house with silver beams.

Ailiana let her hair down, out of the bun it was in all day for work. Her hair has grown much longer lately, and her golden brown loose curls fell down her back. Ailiana was dressed in a sheer white camisole, covered by a soft tweed overcoat. Her plump breasts accentuated the shirt which she removed, and placed in the washroom. At the same time, she started to remove her pants. All she had underneath, was a tiny black thong. It fit her very nicely, and just left the perfect amount of her ass showing. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, the 5’6” girl admired her scantily clad body. She felt a quiver in her lower region.

It was almost as if her body knew the assault she was going to do to it in just a short bit. What her body didn’t know, was that someone would be joining her in the fun.

Ailiana grabbed the half open bottle of wine, a glass, and headed into the bathroom. She closed the door, dimmed the lights, and began to fill the tub with warm soothing water.

You see, the house had a full wrap around porch, and the tub was right next to the window by the front door. Sheer curtains covered the two large windows. Steam began filling the room, with the candles burning softly off to the side. She added a touch of scented oil to the tub.

Slipping her thong off her canlı bahis body, and unclasping her bra, she let her normal sized tits fall out. She wasn’t real big, 34B, but still they were perky and soft. For her size body frame, they complimented her. Her nipples were tingling gently, her thoughts had started sliding into the dark side.

Getting into the tub, she felt the warm water embrace her body. Starting with her feet, to her long legs, then settle right around her shaved pink folds. The water continued its cling and embraced finally around her tight little belly. Her breasts just settled on top of the bubbles, and her nipples stood at hard attention.

Ailiana let out a little moan, as she felt the warmth the tub was offering.

As she lay in the tub, her thoughts raced about the day earlier, and how her and her boss, George made love on her desk. She felt her pussy get moist, and not from the tubs water!

Closing her eyes, she let her hands start exploring her body. They traced down her neck, which was covered in steam droplets. They traveled further and started massaging her round globes, taking caution not to tease the nipples too bad.

She was abruptly startled when she heard a sound, a creak if you will, from the other room. She sat upright, and listened. A minute or two passed, and nothing reoccurred.

“Silly girl, stop being so self conscious!” she thought to herself.

Lowering herself back into the tub, she let her hands resume position again, and she went right back to her round breasts. Moaning out loud from her own touch, she let her fingers finally start touching the nipples. Grabbing and pinching them firmly, she wiggled in the tub. The pleasure was building to great things to come. No pun intended!

Ailiana rubbed her nipples in circles, while her other hand slid further down her belly.

It was soft, covered in the slippery bath oil mix.

She began to smell her sex mixing with the light bath scent.

She finally let her hand rub further down, and she finally approached the mound.

With a firm hand, she rubbed her clit. It had been slightly showing, from under its protective pink hood. The pleasure filled her body, and the bubbling vibrations from the tub was just enhancing her pleasure. Ailiana’s fingers searched lower, finally finding her opened up folds, and she inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Her body bucked with the sensation, while her thumb continued rolling her clit.

Pulling her body closer to the tub jets, she let the vibration thrust water hard against her gaping hole. She felt the water thrusting around her pussy, and in a fiery passion, she bucked wildly as her clit released the most incredible orgasm on her body. She felt her pussy cream seep from her cunt and mix with the tub. Falling backwards in relief, she simply kept diddling her pussy and enjoying the after shocks of what just happened.

Ailiana rested for a moment with her eyes bahis siteleri closed. Her hand still clasped over her pussy. She was slightly dizzy, party the wine and steam, and extreme orgasm, which is why she didn’t feel the second hand cover hers, and start helping massage her pussy.

Amazed, but in a daze, Ailiana’s eyes opened. She was taken aback, and her heart began racing.

There stood her neighbor, lit only by the candle light.

Kassie had a look of lust on her face, a crazed just enthralled look. Before Ailiana could talk, Kassie placed a single finger over lips, as if to say “hush”.

Kassie was gorgeous. A few years older than Ailiana, but at 30, not bad at all. A tall slender 5’9”, with long dirty blonde hair. She had amazingly gorgeous cinnamon eyes, and big pouty lips. Her tits were obviously bigger than Ailiana’s, easily a 36D, and it fit well on her frame, a tight thin body.

This body of Kassie’s was revealed quite intensely, seeing that somehow she was seated on the edge of the tub wearing nothing but a tight lacy bra, and a matching g-string panty.

Her breath was quick, her chest heaving in rhythm, and in the candle light, a glistening fluid was formed between her thighs.

Ailiana whispered gently “Kassie, what are you DOING here?!”

Kassie replied in a soft hush “I came by to drop off some mail I got at my house, and the door was slightly ajar. I knocked, but no one answered, I saw the lights, so just let myself in.”

Apparently, she was going to just leave the letter on the couch, but heard some moaning. It was the curiosity that led her to peek into the bathroom. When Kassie saw Ailiana in such an overpowered orgasm, she couldn’t help but be enthralled.

As she watched Ailiana, her own hands had removed her clothes. Kassie had been manipulating her pussy just as long, as Ailiana. Her sex covered her fingers, and the smell was obvious in the air.

Kassie was herself married, but as her and Ailiana had talked about before, just as an unsatisfying sex life.

Motioning her into the tub, Ailiana slid across, and allowed Kassie to join her in the wet bubbles. Giggling a bit, she noticed Kassie was still in her panties.

Without a single word, Ailiana moved towards Kassie. Her eyes locked in Kassies, started kissing her cheek. Her hands moved freely across her neighbors back and unclasped the bra supporting her mounds of warm flesh. Her tits spilled out, and Alianas eager tongue took over. Sucking on each nipple, she woke them up and made them rock hard. Kassie groaned with appreciation.

Kassie’s hands began to wander more as well, touching Ailiana’s breasts, but more focused on her tight swollen pussy lips. Kassie’s fingers traced the already assaulted clit.

Aliana followed suit, her hands tracing Kassie’s belly, and right down to her sopping wet G-string. She helped slip off the wet panty, and tossed it aside.

Looking through the tubs cloudy bahis şirketleri water, she could faintly see Kassie’s pussy. She had a small bush, clearly a true blond, but her lips were freshly shaven. Her pouty pussy lips were opening with the vibrations and pleasures she was experiencing.

Ailiana assisted Kassie’s hands by placing them on her own tits. Helping her massage the tender spots. A groan seeped from Kassie.

Ailiana could see the frustration, and didn’t want to leave her craving an orgasm that bad. She gently reached for Kassie’s legs, and spread them wide, letting Kassie’s feet straddle one on each side of the tub.

In the candle light, Kassie was spread wide open for the hungry Ailiana. Ailiana had only fantasized about being with a women. Never would she imagine, she would ever have one in such a lusting position.

Kassie began softly bucking her pussy up towards Ailiana’s hungry mouth. She wanted relief, and badly.

Ailiana licked her lips, anticipating for the first time what another women would taste like.

Diving her face between Kassie’s spread out delicacy, she plunged her tongue into her awaiting pussy. The taste filled Ailiana’s senses. It was delicious! Just sweet enough, but musty enough to remind her how passionate Kassie was at that moment.

Her tongue dashed in and out of the puffy hole. Kassie’s juices were filling Ailianas mouth. She lapped them up without question. Finally, Ailiana moved her firm tongue strokes to Kassie’s clit. Her hard tiny clit revealed itself. Ailiana thrust softly two fingers into Kassie’s pussy. Kassie in return thrust her pelvis further upwards, and grabbing Aliana’s head, wildly pushed her face deeper into her hole.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum so hard on your pretty little face…oh eat my pussy, I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl…” Kassie cried out.

In moments, Kassie came hard. Pleasurable cream filled Ailiana’s mouth, and even squirted out the sides.

“Amazing!” Ailiana thought. She had no idea someone could cum that hard, or that much! It was thick, and pasty and filled Ailiana’s tongue.

Kassie quickly retracted her legs, and kissed Ailiana whole on the mouth. The sex taste filling each others senses.

The sensations rocked her body, it was more than she ever thought it could be.

They held one another for what seemed like hours. The water began to cool down.

Kassie quickly retreated out of the tub, slightly guilty of what just happened. Ailiana got up, and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around Kassie’s sensual body. Kissing gently on her neck, she whispered that it was okay, and that she really enjoyed it.

Kassie was grateful she wasn’t alone in her thoughts. They looked over at the digital clock, and saw that Kassie’s husband Phil might be home soon, and that she should get home and clean up.

She tied her damp hair up, and towel tried her most personal areas. Replacing her clothes, Ailiana escorted her to the door.

Grinning, Ailiana spoke. “Maybe Phil and you would be interested in coming over for, umm, dinner next week?!”

A smile raced across Kassie’s face. Certainly she thought. Dinner…….

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