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Age Difference (MF)Age DifferenceI was 20, having dinned at my grandmothers, with my roommate, my mom, her best friend, and my grandmother. Raquel, my mothers friend, was recently divorced after?10 years of marriage, and was quite inquisitive on the dating scene that my roommate, Ron, and I were part of. Neither my roommates went out much to clubs or bars to meet women, and were of little help in offering her good sources for meeting people. Blah Blah Blah diner goes on, and about 20 minutes after we got to our apartment, I get a call from Raquel; she wants to go out for a drink with me. She is calling from her car, and asking for directions to pick me up. My roommate and I are stunned at the implications of her offer. After having a beer, she had a vodka tonic; she drives back to my place, where she asks to use the toilet. Sure. I fix giresun escort her another vodka tonic with some Stoli from the freezer and offer it to her as she emerges from the bathroom. She tells me you don’t need to get me drunk to get me in bed.After the moment of awe passed over me I embraced her and kissed her neck, along her chin, to her lips. She leaned back against the wall, and we furiously, passionately, made out for what seemed to be an eternity. We moved to the c couch where she pulled off here top, unzipped my pants and began going down on me. It was incredible, the way she really sucked on me, trying to take it all in her mouth. She gagged and pulled off, but never losing her grip, and said that I had the biggest hardest cock she had seen. I thought that was ether a line (that worked) or a fact of being married giresun escort bayan and with one man for so long. We went into my room, completely undressed, god she was gorgeous, lithe, tall, and she had beautifully erect nipples. I was drawn to them instantly; trying to pay attention to each equally was difficult. I proceeded to reciprocate her favors given, and kissed my way down to her sweet scented vagina. I had her coming close to orgasm so rapidly; she pushed my head away, and pulled me up so that I could penetrate her moistness.I slowly worked my way in her; she was surprisingly tight, penetrating more with each thrust. When I could easily slide a bout 3/4 in I started building up a rhythm, but never fully penetrating. She started to work her hips in unison, building up her to her eminent climax. Now I gave 100% of escort giresun my hard length, bring on her creaming orgasm, and shortly after my own eruption, which I pulled out and shot all over her abdomen.After a few moments of post coital bliss, she asked me why I pulled out, I told her I didn’t want to get her pregnant, she laughed a strange laugh, and told me that she couldn’t get pregnant, and that next time she wanted to feel me cum inside of her. Next Time! That was not so far away. Shortly after falling asleep in each other’s arms I woke up to her fingering herself and playing with my balls. This time round she straddled me and mounted my renewed harden. She continued to finger her clit as she humped up and down with great vigor, as she could see that I was close, she planted herself firmly against my hips, and proceeded to milk me like never before. She contracted her muscled in such a fabulous way I could not control my ejaculation, she literally Look it from me, and began her own powerful orgasm. I will never forget that night I slept with a woman 18 years older than me.

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