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After the PartyAround ten o’clock almost all the family members left the party, some of my friends stuck around. Uncle Steve and my dad put the tables and extra chairs back in the garage, the grandma’s and my mom were finishing up with the kitchen and my grandpa’s were watching the ending of the ball game.I asked mom if she needed any help, but she said for me to go be with my friends. A few of my guy friends helped with the chairs, while the others were listening to the radio and dancing. My dad came from the garage and said that we could have the rest of the wine from the three almost empty bottles. I mean almost empty, the six of us barely had any in our glasses. Such a tease in a glass.I went to the garage to get some soda for my friends. I bent over to get the diet sodas from the bottom shelf, when Uncle Steve came from behind and started to grind himself into my ass. I smiled and said his hard dick felt good on my ass. “I know it would feel better if it were tucked deep in your ass” he whispered in my ear. I turned around with a handfull of sodas and told him when my friends leave.Uncle Steve slapped my ass as I walked away from him. My best friend Laura seen my slap and asked what that was all about. I shook my head and said nothing, but she grabbed my arm and said that was a sexual slap, that he wanted you. I pulled her to the other side of the garage and told her we had sex earlier today and I was planning on doing him a few more times before he leaves.Laura said I was crazy for doing family. I told her that my Uncle Steve, my dad and Aunt Dee were all three adopted from different families. So the blood isn’t really family. But OMG if my dad found out I was fucking his brother, there would be hell to pay. Laura laughed and said for us to be careful, I don’t want to screw up my scholarship for mechanic school.My friends were leaving, Laura followed me to my room to get her work clothes. When she went to start her car, it wouldn’t start. I checked her battery, but it was ok. She had this problem all week. I told her to leave her car her and I would check it again in the morning. I told mom that I was going to take Laura home. I asked Uncle Steve if he wanted to ride along.At first he hesitated, but then seen my hard nipples thru my dress and said yeah, he’d like to see the city at night. I ran back to my room to get my purse and keys, then the three of us jumped into my mustang. I drove Laura home, passing the river. Laura asked me to pull in so we could see who was there fucking. Uncle Steve slid his foot under my seat and pushed up, nudging he wished it was us.I looked in the rearview mirror and winked. Laura said who’s cars were there and said the usuals were fucking and partying. We left and headed to her house. I pulled up in front of her house, Laura got out and Uncle Steve moved to the front. I told Laura that I will look at her car and tell her what’s up.I drove out of her subdivision, down the block to the back of the icecream store. Uncle Steve and I started to make out. Hands everywhere, kissing with hot passionate tongue play. My windows fogged up and I had began to jerk Uncle Steve off. I bent over a few times to suck on him, but he wanted to play with my tits, while I jerked.When he was ready to cum, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I bent over to get all his juice in my mouth. When I came up, I had a little cum on my chin, that Uncle Steve licked off. I told him we need to find someplace that we could fuck. We drove further into the city, when I found the “No Tell Hide-Away”. I know the guy who runs this place. Uncle Steve said for us to go there. I walked in, talked with Bob, then came out with a key.Uncle Steve kissed me, then I drove to the back lot and pulled my car into the little garage. I asked for this, incase one of my friends seen my car. I ran down to the soda machine, got us each a soda and grabbed a bucket for ice. When I got back to the room and walked in, Uncle Steve was in the shower. I slid my dress off, then my panties. I walked to the bathroom and tossed my panties over the top of the shower. “MMMM nice panties, they smell of sweet pussy,” uncle Steve said. I opened the curtain and there he stood with a very erect cock. I stepped in, kissed him while I was getting my hair wet and having him caress my tits.I put my arms around his neck and told him, this has been the best birthday ever. He kissed me in a way my boyfriend has never kissed me. I moaned with the passion and touching of each other. Uncle Steve turned the water off as we left the shower. I reached for two towels. One for me to wrap around my torso and the other for him.I began to kiss and lick the water off him, making sure to lick the drippy water from his cock and balls. Uncle Steve towel dried my hair and picked me up. He held me in both his arms, tickling my feet making me wiggle in his arms. He laid me down, took the towel off me and touched my face, then kissed my lips, to my ears, down my neck to stop at each nipple. He sucked each one to reach their hardest peak, then trailed his kisses down to my pussy. He stopped and looked at how nice and smooth my pussy was. He parted my lips and began to lick and suck on me. He tongue fucked my pussy, then lifted my ass to lick my ass on back to my nub again. He slid in two fingers to help me cum as he suckled my nub harder.I screamed out, “Uncle Steve, i want your hard cock to fuck me, Pleassseeee!” Uncle Steve looked me in the eyes and said I needed to have patience. Then he told me I don’t have to call him Uncle Steve anymore, I’m an adult not a little k**. Steve slid another finger into my pussy and fucked me til I came again. He licked my cum slowly making me want him more. I asked him to get on top of me so I can suck his dick. He liked that idea and turned around for him to be on top of me. His long dick filled my throat making me moan. I sucked him hard as he licked and fingered my clit.After my cumming multiple times, Steve lifted from me, turned around and slid his hard cock in my pussy. Once inside me, he grew even harder. He felt so good, that I came instantly. Steve got on his knees and pulled my legs to around his waist. He liked the view of watching his dick slide in and out of my wet pussy. He spread my pussy apart with his fingers to get a more depth view.I lifted myself to be closer to him. I rode his dick to another cumming. My cum dripped down his dick to his ass. I pulled off him to perabet güvenilir mi get on my knees for him to fuck me doggy. Steve licked his lips, then leaned down to lick my pussy and my ass. His fingers filled my pussy as he licked my ass. I cooed when he slid a finger in my tight puckered opening. He asked if I wanted him to slide his hard cock deep inside.I turned to him, kissed him as I stroked him, then got up to get my purse. He looked with wonder, then smiled when I had a tube of lube. I crawled over the bed to be kneeling over his chest, laying the tube on his chest, then kissed my way to his dick. I kissed his head, down his shaft to his balls, then his inner thigh. Steve moaned as I teased him, then started sucking him with light sucking action. He grabbed my head and pushed me down. He held my head there until I began to gag from no air. When he let go, I sucked him until I felt the precum on my tongue. I sat up on my knees and said that I will let him fuck my ass with a lubed up hole.I got on my knees for him to drizzle the lube into my hungry hole. He slapped my ass a few times, then worked his hardness in. Slowly he filled me. He slapped my ass a few more times, when I began to beg for him to fuck me hard. He held my waist and rammed my ass harder and faster. He slowed down to lay his sweaty body on my back, grab my tits and continue fucking me slowly. I told him to lay on his back and I would sit on his dick. I lowered my ass on his dick and fucked him. Steve pulled me to lay on his chest. I got comfy as he held my breasts and sucked my ear. He then lifted my legs up and fucked my ass. I giggled and told him I feel like a porn star, getting fucked this way.He let my legs down as I lifted t
o turn and face him. I settled my ass back on his stiff cock, then began to grind my ass on him. I then squatted and pumped my ass up and down. Steve pulled me forward and fucked me fast. When he was ready to cum, he pulled from my ass, then slid in my pussy again. He held onto me and rolled me over to my back. He fucked my wet pussy, held my tits and filled me with his hot ribbons of cum.When Steve pulled out of me, his cum began to dribble out. Steve rolled over grabbed his phone, then took a quick video as his cum came from within me. I told him I wanted to see the video. He lay next to me and did a play back. I told him how I love to have his cum drip from me. He asked if I let my boyfriend cum in me. I told him that I had a pregnancy scare last Christmas, then we both swore off of him cumming in me. That’s when I got on birth control and he uses condoms everytime we fuck. Steve asked where do we fuck, knowing that we can’t at my house. I laughed told him at the river, his house and his older brother’s place. I told Steve that his brother has joined us a couple of times.I’ve sucked his dick while my boyfriend fucks me. Once when my boyfriend passed out on the couch, we fucked like bunnies in his bedroom. My boyfriend never found out and never will. Steve asked if I was a slut, if I liked to fuck around. I told him not really, but I have fucked a few guys. “But, I prefer fucking my Uncle Steve”, then I began to kiss him as i straddled his waist.I began to grind my pussy on Steve’s dick hoping tipobet he will get hard another time, before we have to leave. Steve rubbed my back and slapped my ass a few more times, before working his dick back into my wanting wet pussy. I sat up and ground myself harder, circling my hips as his balls were nestled in the crack of my ass.It didn’t take much of me to grind and pump his dick, when he got off again. Steve said he didn’t have the will power to fuck longer after he had already got off a few times. I laughed and asked if that was due to old age, then i busted out laughing. Steve laughed, then pulled me to be bent over his knee and began to slap my ass. He said he wasn’t old and that he will show me tomorrow how young he was.I could feel the sting in his slaps on my ass, when he would rub each cheek. Steve bent forward and kissed each cheek, then lifted me so he could suck my nipples. I told him I really have enjoyed our sex sessions, and I will miss them when he’s gone. I told him that my boyfriend’s dick is no where the length nor the width like his. Steve raised his eye brows and asked how big he was.I told Steve how thick and how long my boyfriend was, Steve busted out laughing. He said the boy will grow some more as he gets older. I told Steve that him and I won’t be a couple when fall comes around. He’s going to Washington State and I’m not sure where the car dealer is planning on sending me. I told him I really enjoy working on Gramps’ old Ford truck. The man has shown me how to do different things.That’s when I told Steve that I’m hoping they send me to school in Florida. Mom had told grandma and grandpa that I was hoping to go to school down there. Grandma said I could live with them, considering they live just twenty miles from the campus. I shook my head and said I really don’t want to live with them. I’d rather live on campus and meet some new friends.Steve said he lives not too far from the campus. He didn’t offer for me to live with him, but instead he said it would be nice for me to live there and we could play all the time. I like that idea, having his dick at a phone call away. We got ourselves dressed and cleaned up some, before leaving to go home. I checked my phone to see who was blowing it up. Mom had called four times and texted me like crazy wondering why we were at. I called her as we got back in the car. I told her we stopped at the diner and had an iced tea and ice cream, then drove around town. She said that shouldn’t have lasted two hours.Steve could hear her yelling at me through the phone. He just smiled and shook his head. I blew him a kiss and stuck my tongue out. He didn’t lower his voice when he said, “I know what you can do with that tongue.” Mom asked what he just said. I told her he was laughing and commenting on a billboard sign. I told her I thought I lost my phone, but it had fell under my seat.I pulled in the driveway, turned the car off and looked at Steve. I told him thanks so much for making my eightteenth birthday the best. He said he was happy he was able to get off work. I can’t wait to go into the dealer on Monday and ask if they will send me to Florida for my schooling. I’m sure they will be okay with that. I leaned over and gave Steve a full blown out open mouth kiss.His tongue darted in and out, then his tongue traced my lips. I giggled and said he’s making me horny again and I really would love to suck his dick some more. I touched between his legs and felt his dick was hard. He pulled my hand away and said that will have to wait til tomorrow.

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