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Adult Theater Play On My Day OffI had the day off and decided to check out the local ABS down the street. There was only one car in the parking lot and I figured it was a slow day. I still went in just to find out who belonged to that one car. It was very quite in the store and only the clerk was in the main lobby area. I went back to the booth area but there was no one back there. This ABS has two theaters, one straight and the other gay. I went into the straight theater first and found no one. Then I went into the gay theater and saw two guys sitting in the front row next to each other. I guess I found who had the one car out front. I figured that they must have come together and that they were a couple. I sat in the back and watched the porn for a bit and the two up front would turn to look back at me once in a while. I noticed that they were young, maybe into the mid twenties. I am fifty years old and prefer hook ups closer to my age. They were whispering and I could hear a giggle once in a while. I could tell that one of them had their cock out and the other was stoking him. I was a bit disappointed that there was no other mid day action at the ABS and these two were clearly busy with each other. I decided to head home and try again tomorrow. On my way out I passed through the private booths in the back one more time just to see if anyone had come in but it was empty. I turned to head back out of the booth area when I heard voices walking back toward the booths. It was the two young guys from the gay theater and I figured they were going to get a private booth canlı kaçak iddaa together to finish what they started in the theater. I didn’t want them to think I was a dirty old man and that I was stalking them so I quickly walked into a booth and pulled the door closed but did not hook it. I waited for a moment and heard the voices right outside the door. My door opened and my heart jumped and I was caught. The two from the theater stepped and pulled the door closed and locked it. The taller one looked at me and said “Would you suck my friend while I watch?” I couldn’t believe my ears, my heart was pounding and I felt light headed for a moment. I wasn’t sure what to say. I looked at his friend and he was smiling at me. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. It was about 6 inched and cut. It had a nice shape to it and was topped by a nice mushroom head that was leaking pre cum. I never said anything, I just got on my knees and prepared myself to work this nice cock in front of my face. The guy watching told me that it was a big turn on for him to see someone else make him cum. He told me to have my way with his friends cock and to do whatever I wanted. I thought to myself, I must be dreaming. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The guy watching put $5 in the video and selected a hot cock sucking porn for his friend to watch while I worshiped his cock. I am familiar with the booths at this ABS and $5 will last about 20 minutes. In my head I worked on my game plan for this event. I figured because he was already rock hard and leaking internet casino pre cum that he would not last long. I decided to take my time and drive his cock crazy before taking his load. My goal was to take all 20 minutes to work this young cock to the point of no return. I slowly licked the pre cum from his mushroom head and his cock jumped with pleasure. I used his pre cum and my saliva to get his cock nice and lubed. His cock was just the right size and perfect for sucking. I could slide his cock all the way into my mouth so his cock head just touched the back of my throat and I could still lick his balls. I went painfully slow for the first 5 minutes with just my mouth and I made sure that his cock head got most of the attention. His balls were tightening up so I reached up with my hand and gently pulled them back down. I held them in my hand and squeezed them gently as I worked his cock. His legs were shaking and his breathing was getting heavy. His friend told me that I was driving him crazy and that he is getting close. I took that as a warning and backed off a bit to give him a chance to come off the edge. I still had about 10 minutes to worship this helpless cock. I held his mushroom head in my mouth and used my hand to gently squeeze pre cum from his cock. I started at the base of his cock and slid my hand up with a milking movement to get his pre cum to the top. He was leaking pretty good and I could tell that he was holding back a nice load. I started sliding my mouth up and down on his wet and shinny cock. He was having trouble standing and canlı poker oyna he was whimpering. The guy watching had is cock out and was beating the hell out of it. He told me that he had never seen someone suck cock like me and that his friend hadn’t shot a load in a week. I was very pleased to hear that and was looking forward to my reward. I continued working his cock head with my mouth gently and slowly. I still had his balls in my hand and used my other hand to grasp the base of his cock so that I could feel his cock pump as he came. I like to use this technique so that I can feel a guys cock pumping as he ejaculates into my mouth. This was all he could take, his knees buckled and he let out a grown followed by a nice squirt of sperm on my tongue. I kept the tip of his cock in my mouth as he continued to ejaculate. I could feel his cock pulsating in my hand as cum past through his cock into my mouth. It was a nice load and it tasted awesome. I kept his load in my mouth and used it as lube to continue my assault on his spurting cock. He emptied his load with one more grunt and I squeezed his shaft to get that last drop of sperm. He was panting like an a****l and started to laugh. I continued to gently suck and milk his cock until it softened. He said “that was great man!” He put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. The guy watching had blown his load on the floor but I did not see it, I was a little busy taking a load in my mouth. They both said thanks and slipped out the door arm in arm. I couldn’t believe what just happen and I was still dizzy for the event. Once I got my composure I left the ABS and as I was driving home I could still taste sperm in my mouth. What I thought was going to be a dud of a day at the ABS turned into to be one of the greatest blow jobs that I have ever given.

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