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I’m thinking about seeing you again. I can’t wait for our weekend together.

I wonder what I’d do if I was already there in the hotel room and looked out the window and saw your car pull into the driveway.

I can imagine you walking into the room and seeing my clothing lying on the bed. You wonder where I am but then you notice that the bathroom door is open slightly and you can hear the shower running.

You put down your suitcase and take off your coat and your shoes. You walk into the bathroom. It’s dimly lit by a few candles and full of steam from the hot shower. Hesitantly, you pull back the shower curtain, just to make sure that it’s definitely me in there waiting for you.

I am standing under the stream of water facing you. I am completely wet. The water is running down my breasts and I smile at you. You smile back and without saying a word, you take off your clothing, leaving them on the bathroom floor as you step into the shower.

Your skin is cold from the outside air but I pull you up against me and wrap my arms around you as I kiss you. You shiver at the feeling of my warm body and the warm water against your skin.

I pull you under güvenilir bahis the stream of water with me, still kissing you deeply. My hands begin to slide down your back, coming to rest on your small firm ass. I cup it with my hand, squeezing gently and hearing you moan quietly, your voice full of desire.

We stay like that for a while, just kissing and touching under the hot water until finally I turn you around to face away from me towards the back of the shower. Kissing your neck, I pour some shampoo into my hands and gently wash your hair as the water runs down your back.

When your hair is clean, I take the shower gel and begin to wash you, starting with your neck and then moving my hands down across your chest, caressing your perfect petite breasts and playing with your hard nipples.

I slide my hands down further, dropping to your stomach and gently brushing across your pubic bone. When I do that, I feel you move your legs apart slightly. I press my body into your back even harder, and move my fingers down between your legs.

You moan as I begin to stroke lightly and teasingly across your outer labia lips with one hand, cupping your breast with the türkçe bahis other hand and pressing kisses into your neck.

Slowly and gradually I increase the pressure of my fingers until finally they slip between the folds of your skin and brush against your clit. I can hear your breathing becoming heavier and feel your legs spreading even more to allow me better access to you.

As I slide one finger gently inside of you, keeping my thumb on your clit, you reach out and grab the shower railing and I know it’s time to get you off your feet.

Reluctantly, I pull myself away from you and turn you around so that you are facing me again. There is a built in shower seat right beside you and I gently push you down so that you are sitting just out of the reach of the shower spray. Still without saying a word, I drop to my knees in front of you.

With the hot water spraying down my back, I lean in to kiss you passionately, then slowly move my mouth down across your chest and take your breasts in my mouth, one at a time; tasting them and swirling my tongue around your nipples.

Your hands are on the back of my head now and I know what you want me to do. Looking güvenilir bahis siteleri up at you and smiling, I move lower until my face is between your legs. Slowly and deliberately, I taste you for the first time in what feels like forever.

I close my eyes, losing myself in this amazing moment as I hear you moan and feel your fingers tighten on my hair. Wanting even more of you, I push my tongue inside of you and then pull it back out, flicking it across your clit.

I look up at you and you are leaning against the shower wall with your eyes closed. You look so beautiful and in that moment all I want to do is please you.

I find a firm rhythm with my tongue and I can tell it’s working for you because you are moaning now. I move my hand down between your legs and slowly slide first one and then two fingers inside of you.

With your hips at the very edge of the shower seat and your legs spread as far apart as they will go, you are pushing my head into you now, and I increase the pressure on your clit with my tongue as I move my fingers inside of you.

All too soon, I hear you gasp and feel you contracting around my fingers as your hands grip my hair. I stay between your legs for a moment more, still savoring the taste of you and then slowly, I raise myself up to look at you and kiss you gently.

Only then do I break the silence and say, “Hi. I’m really glad you’re here.”

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