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A wild weekend Part 2The morning started out great the curvy babe named Lexi I picked up in the hotel bar the night before woke me up with a great hummer form which she swallowed as a thank you for a great round of sex last night.We got dressed and rode down in the elevator together and she gave me a peck on the cheek before leaving by the service exit.I turned to see my three friends looking at me as I slapped her ass when she walked away. They cheered and applauded as I walked to them.The breakfast was filled with the previous nights exploits as Rick, Jason and I had all gotten laid. Bill had gone to his room and watched porn until two am.After breakfast we did some sight seeing and wound up back at the hotel around three. We all decided to go to our rooms and relax for a couple of hours before going to dinner and the strip bar.Rick however did not feel like resting so the two of us went to my room and cracked a bottle of scotch. We had a drink and Rick told me his mission tonight was to find either a woman of native, Indian, Asian or Swedish background for hot sex in his room. I told him I would help when I was not busy trying to score myself.After we all met up and had dinner we went to a strip club called The Hoe Down. Awful I know but they had the best dancers in the city.It wasn’t long before we were buying the groom lap dances and drinks and just having a fucking great time. We were not drinking much we were there for the women no contest. It so happened that Bills ex was a dancer and she was working so they kept going off to talk and at about eleven he announced he was taking her back to the hotel for some ex sex we all clapped and cheered.About half an hour later Jason picked up a women who was there with a lesbian bachelor party and thought it would be fun to take the straight girls to a strip club so Jason turned on his most charming self and talked her back to the hotel.Again it left just Rick and I but this time we had our eye on the same girl. She too was part of the other party. She was this wonderful petite Asian girl. About five-five long straight black hair, green eyes and tons of little freckles. I put her at about a c cup and they were contained in a red push up bra you could see through her partially undone long sleeve white blouse. On the bottom she wore a tight red skirt and a pair of cowboy boots with what looked like black silk stockings. She kept looking over at us and we would do our best to flirt with her. “dude” Rick said. “I think you and I want to fuck the same girl”“I think you’re right my friend” I looked at Rick and smiled. “wanna share her like we did that Greek chick in University?”“why the fuck not” We toasted then set out to get her back to his room.We waited until she was outside having a smoke and we went out and lit cigars. We struck up a türkçe bahis conversation with her to get one or both of us into her panties (assuming she is wearing any).We flirted a little bit when I decided to take a more aggressive tack. ”just follow my lead” I said to Rick.“excuse me Miss” I said approaching her taking the stogie out of my mouth noticing for the first time her lower chin and nose piercing. “can you help my friend and I”“sure why not my name is Mimi” she said exhaling a long stream of smoke. “anything for a couple of handsome men”“cool” I said taking a puff of my smoke. “well Mimi my friend Rick here, thinks that all Asian woman shave their pussies. I however think he is wrong and that it would be more likely that most Asian girls are trim maybe but more likely growing wild. Can you settle the bet for us?”She looked at us like we were weirdos for a few seconds as she inhaled another puff from her cigarette. Blowing out another long trail of smoke she smiled and stepped out her cigarette. “well I can conform that not all of us shave ourselves. That is a myth created by the adult entertainment industry to sell porn“It would be like me saying that all black men have bigger dicks than Asian men. Not true.”“but how can you be sure” Rick prodded.“ I know because I have a hair on my box” she winked and lit another one.“Are you saying the biggest dick you have had is on an Asian man?” I asked.“yes, seven inches and it filled my hairy pussy good”“seven inches hunh, I can beat that” Rick said“me too, I got eight and half actually” I chimed in. She looked at us both and smiled as if she did not believe us. Looking like a little girl with a big curiosity she flicked the ash from her smoke and took another puff. “you got eight inches?” she asked Rick.“yeah close seven and a half ” Rick said. “are you willing to prove ya have hair down there?”“what are you boys asking me?” she leaned against the wall and took another drag.I explained to her that Rick was about to get me married and I promised him a last weekend of debauchery before he settled down into eternal monogamy. Also since my wedding was only a few months away I was using it as my last chance for some sport fucking as well. She held up her hand and showed us her engagement ring and told us that it was three of a kind. So Rick stepped forward and put it to her. About how we both wanted to take her back to our hotel. She could choose one of us or take us both on.It turned out she was thinking she needed a little strange from a stranger as well. She took Rick’s cigar and took a long pull off it and savored the flavour.“tell ya what boys you prove to me that one or both of you are packing big cocks and I will take you both on.”“what here on the street in front of a peeler bar?” Rick exclaimed.“thats the deal”“okay” youwin giriş I stepped forward. “it would not be the first time I had my dick out in public” I stepped around the corner out of the direct line of people driving by. “but while you are getting a hand full of my dick, you have to let Rick confirm you have hair on your cunt”She smile and bit her bottom lip. “fair is fair, c’mon Ricky you can get a mit full too”We stepped about ten feet into the alley and I undid my pants. Rick stepped up behind her and ran him hand up under her skirt as she pulled my cock out and gave it a few pulls to get it hard.“she has a trim little rectangle above her little pussy and no panties” Rick said happily.“Well then I will go back inside and let my party know I have not been k**-napped and that I am leaving and we can go have some fun”In five minutes she was back and took an arm form both of us and we walked back to the hotel. On the way she mentioned that she had her back and arms covered in tattoos. Plus her tongue, nipples and clit were pierced. Turns out her soon to be husband was a tattoo artist and she was his canvas. “I feel very lucky” she said playfully. “ one of the things I have always wanted to do but never had the chance was to be double penetrated. Closest I have come was a dick in my pussy and a finger in my ass.”We arrived at the hotel and as we rode the elevator she and Rick made out. As he searched for his room key card and unlocked the door it was my turn to feel her tongue ring in action. Upon entering the room Rick and I took our shoes off and told Mimi to leave the boots and stockings on. We walked over and I began stripping her out of her skirt and Rick removed her blouse and bra as I licked her neck. She undid my pants and I stepped out of them, I pulled my shirt off as she turned to do the same for him. As they kissed and she helped him disrobe completely I got a great look at her tattoos. Her back was one big tat of a samurai embracing a geisha girl with the sword still in his hands. her arms looked like a Zen garden that went to her wrists on both arms. I kissed her neck and played with her breasts as she grabbed both our dicks and slowly jerked them. A few turns of her nipple rings and she slid down to a crouching position and started sucking me off while playing with Rick’s balls. Then switching to suck him and playing with me. We let her mouth fuck us back and forth for a few minutes until Rick grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet an
d threw her across the bed. Spreading her legs he knelt and used his thumbs to part her pussy lips and began licking her Clit and leveraging the piercing.Her head hung over the edge of the bed so I dangled my nuts at her lips and she eagerly began sucking them as I tea bagged her.She jerked me off as youwin güvenilir mi I twisted her nipple rings and listened as her pussy received a enthusiastic tongue fucking.“ya know how to show a girl a good time guys. Fuck Rick I want you in my pussy”Rick kissed his way over her tummy and sucked a nipple just before she pushed him onto his back and straddled him sinking quickly onto his dick. She began a slow hard grind as I stood on the bed and let her suck me completely hard. “time I lube up I think” She looked up at me with my dick in her mouth and smiled a naughty smile. I climbed off the bed and got a tube of lube from the bathroom. Rick said he had used it the night before to fuck a chick in the ass. I coated my eight inches generously with the lubricant and massaged some into her tight little hole pushing my thumb all the way in causing her to gasp and moan.I pushed her onto all fours and crouched behind and jammed myself into her tight puckered starfish. She screamed with ecstacy as I slapped my hands onto her hips and gripped tight as I took long deep strokes up to my nuts in her.Rick who had hands full of tits kept sucking her nipples because they were dangling in his face and within minutes she was having a screaming good time being double teamed. She came and came and came. None too soon as she finished Rick cried out he was close too, so he stood up at the edge of the bed and I left her on all fours and re entered her loosening ass and grabbed her hair and pump fucked her as she sucked Rick’s dick fast and furious. “like the taste of your own come and cream Hunh bitch” he gasped as he slapped both hands on her hips and pulled her forward as I pulled her by her hair backwards. As we used her like like a pump car he exploded in her mouth causing her to gag and spill come form her mouth.“ah fuck yes clean my come up baby” She ran her tongue ring along the bottom of his shaft and licked up all the spend as I began to feel that special tingle in my balls. I stood on the other side of the bed and grabbed her ankles turning her over and pulling her across the bed and sitting her up and began face fucking her. She slurped and sucked and noisily took her face fucking like a porn star. I pulled out to let her get some air and she grabbed my dick and jerked it hard and fast. I stepped back and pointed my cock down and shot all over her tits and neck.“holy shit girl” I said letting her hair go. “you have some mouth on you”“thanks big boy” she said sucking my come off her fingers and dick. “I may not walk right for a while though” she wobbled to the bathroom to clean up. I looked over at Rick who was already half asleep. She came out of the bathroom drying her face. I sat at the edge of the bed putting on my pants.“Going somewhere?” she asked.“thought you would be leaving” I said “I got off I am done”“what about Ricky there?”“hey if you two want round two be my guest but do it quick he is ready for a big sleep soon” I kissed her on the cheek thanked her then left. I suspect they just went to sleep but had a little morning after delight.

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