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A very nice trip of commission in train :-P very good these two videos also i have had a good situation like in these two videos in a nice commission trip by train with my sister. It was late summer, September, I remember, and there was a tepid weather, I’m very happy to take a trip with my sister for to can stay near to her 😛 because it was from a bit of time that she makes at me very excited to the maximum, not that I didn’t knew before of having the sister hottie :-P, but in that last period i, without embarrassment, i had started to have good thoughts about my sister :-P, also caused by her of course :-P, which had led me to peek her during that last months and in that summer, in way very consistently, especially at home, and in particular when she wearing nice tunics for the home for to peek her especially in middle at the legs and then of course from the others parts like the ass and with the downblouse :-P, so, after to have spending a nice season between end-spring and summer, thanks to her, with beautiful peeks of panties, or half-views of panties, Pant enough big :-P, downblouse :-P, ass tight in the tunic, and other like the view of her from up toward down that she was sitting on a chair with the view of she frontal with a tight urfa escort tunic that ended a bit more above of her knees and her legs nude and white were open wide or well spread apart and bended and with the feet bended above the tiptoes and the calves at balls :-P, so, like I said before, I’m very happy to take a trip with my sister, her clothes they were, for this occasion, from above she had a cotton sweatshirt with a jacket put between her hands 😛 and under a beautiful denim skirt that ended more or less at the center of the thighs, and flat shoes like mocassins and a beautiful black-transparent pantyhose, so, when we’re sitting on the train, me and her, we were front each the other 😛 because I was sitting, purposely, namely having had the opportunity, front to her (and not that I was anxious before that we got on the train to have this opportunity because if I hadn’t had it this opportunity I would have been the same glad to stay close to my sister thank at her beautiful legs and her nice stockings, I would have enjoyed the same at to see her legs and pantyhose from the up downwards if I was sitting beside to her :-P), so, sitting front to her, i pretending obviously of nothing :-P, so i take advantage of her beautiful clothes, like I have describe them before, and then she had also put her jacket and bag on the other seat beside for comfortability escort urfa it’s obvious :-P, so I can had a good way to peek during the trip, the trip was quite substantial, and so I am was able to peek satisfactorily :-P, so, when she had the eye busy between mobile phone and magazines, I did not loose time for to watch at every her small opening of legs, or also if she keeps them normal :-P, and so I succeed at to see her beautiful panties, that was gray and dotted, and then, ahead at the panties the pantyhose was detached from the panties namely it was hanging between the beginning of her thighs and this obviously had maked me very glad and emotioned 😛 over that to the rest :-P, and so, like I said before, it was right a nice trip, at having my cock always nice hard and wet, i don’t know if she realized that i seen always to her because at a certain point i’ve putted the sunglasses when the climate it was cloudy :-P, and because, obviously, my look was always fixed there in middle at her legs :-P, so at the end of this trip of going, when we got up, apart from a big stain 😛 that had wet me all the front of my boxer and up to the beginning of my thighs, i walked like a lame because my cock not melts never :-P. on the trip back always in the train I was always quite rocky and happy, and always sitting in front of her because the urfa escort bayan opportunity was there for me and I naturally took advantage of it, and then she seemed at me always unawere 😛 (or maybe at she not did matter this fact more of much? :-P).

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