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A true story: me and a transvestite man – part 2OK this is the second part of my true story. I think I’d best point out that beyond the (I’m told) common early sexual experiences most straight men have as youngsters, with other men of their age, I’d not had any experience of men. You won’t, of course, get many straight men who admit to this. But I’m not like most men.However, this early experience was enough to leave me curious as to what it would be like to have fun with a cock. As you may have read in part one of this story, I was rapidly finding out, and loving it!So, part one ended with me sitting on a sofa, and the lovely TV Toni stood in front of me. I was enjoying the look and feel of her stiff, slightly curved, and completely shaved cock, and lovely smooth balls.I’d licked my way down and back up her shaft, and finding and tasting some pre-cum, I gently squeezed the head of her cock, opening up her slit. Hmm, more pre-cum for me to enjoy…It’s several years ago now, and I don’t recall, but I may well have left some of Toni’s pre-cum on my tongue, and kissed her, so we could both enjoy it. If it didn’t happen, I wish it had, and in the same situation, it’s something I’d definitely do!Having now had a very pleasant introduction to Toni’s cock, it was time to get to know it better: I wanted escort ısparta it in my mouth, so bad. I opened my mouth quite wide, and then it just seemed so natural, and so right to take that beautiful piece of (wo)manhood in my mouth, and move my head slowly back and forth.I began to combine moving my head and using my tongue around and underneath the tip of her lovely sensitive cock.Well, I was enjoying this sexual adventure, and Toni certainly seemed happy!Then, Toni started to move her body slightly back from me, and I somehow knew this to be a cue, that she wanted to suck me. I knew, since I could feel it, that I was making loads of pre-cum myself, and I hoped Toni would enjoy mine, as much as I’d enjoyed hers.So, I stood up from the sofa, and Toni knelt in front of me, and pulled down my jeans and boxer shorts, freeing at last my own stiff cock. I was quite nervous, but I’m glad to say that the excitement was winning, and I was keeping hard!I watched, disbelieving, as this beautiful and exotic sexy girl took first the tip, and then the whole of my shaft in her mouth. Yes, the whole of my shaft… for the first time, I’d been deep-throated! What a feeling, so warm over the whole of my cock.Toni was no stranger to giving oral pleasure, it was obvious. She knew all the things ısparta escort bayan that felt good, and seeing her looking so sexy in her lingerie, and with her own cock still so hard, it was like half-a-dozen fantasies all coming true at once.One little detail I remember is that Toni had put on some music before we’d gotten into it; it was Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’, you know the one with the Abba ‘riff’? Well, it’s not my kind of music, but now that tune has a special place in my affections.Back to the action…Toni and I now began to swap back and forth, sucking and licking each other’s cocks, me trying to take as much of her in my mouth as I could, not knowing how to deep-throat. I’d surely have done it if I’d known about the ‘mouth closed yawn’ that apparently helps to open up your throat. Next, time, if there is one…I remember at one point that I’d put our two cocks together, as we faced each other, so they were side-by-side. I could then work both our cocks back and forth. Then I remembered something that I wanted to try, something half-forgotten that I’d read about years before: ‘shunting’.My understanding is/was that it’s something that gay men do, where the men put their cocks tip-to-tip, and the two cocks ‘share’ a foreskin. The only other word I’ve heard that may describe ısparta escort something similar is ‘snoodling’.Anyone help me with a definition? (Or a demonstration!)Since Toni was cut, and I wasn’t, I pushed the shaft of my cock up towards hers, so that my foreskin rolled over and past the tip of her cock, and then back.The pre-cum from our two cocks must have merged. I wish I’d thought to taste that cocktail, I’m sure it would’ve been delicious!I don’t know if she knew what I had planned, or if she’d even done it before; just one of the things I’d meant to ask but didn’t.After a while of shunting, kissing, and enjoying each other’s cocks, Toni said in a low, sexy voice “Would you like to fuck me?”. I quickly – and with a bit of a wobble in my voice – said “Yes!”.Toni then reached for a condom in its wrapper on a nearby low table, and started to hand it to me. Now, I don’t know about you fellows, but I tend to lose my erection as soon as I see a condom, and find it a desperate fiddle trying to get them on.So I asked Toni if she’d help, which she obligingly and expertly did. Then she put a good amount of lube on my cock, turned to face the sofa, and I moved around behind her. I was expecting her to move to a doggy position, kneeling, but instead she leaned forward while standing, supporting her upper body by putting her hands on her upper legs.Before the anal action starts, here’s a little break! I hope you’re enjoying reading this as much as I am remembering it. Read part three to see how my sexual adventure ends. Or should that be ‘climaxes’?

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