Merhaba porno hikaye severler için pek çok erotik hikayeyi sizlerin beğenisine sunuyor.Neredeyse google da bulabileceğiniz tüm hikayeleri bir araya toplayıp okkalı bir arşiv yaptık.

A Time to CumSubmissive/Hubby should be trained so that, as he finds himself getting close to orgasm, he should announce that he is close. This gives the Mistress the opportunity to decide “Not yet” or “Cum for me.” By waiting until this very last moment to announce her decision, she maximizes his hope and uncertain yearning.What’s a good schedule of denial to orgasm?Well, the whole point of the tease is that the length of denial must be unpredictable, and therefore unscheduled. At the same time, it is still useful to remember, ultimately, people still enjoy a great orgasm… so use that desire to your advantage.Vary the frequency of orgasms from multiple times a day (yes, even occasionally forcing him to get it up and cum again even when he doesn’t feel like it), all the way up to making him wait weeks or more, and everywhere in between. Alternatively, she can bahis siteleri canlı occasionally make him cum at the very start of the day without any teasing at all, just to add to the unpredictability of it all. Add in ruined orgasms to her repertoire, and the variety of uncertainty is even more unpredictable.As far as prolonged denial, lasting a few weeks or more, this should be a rarity for several health reasons. Normally a man would masturbate to meet his biologic needs if a relationship was not getting him there, but in a Tease & Denial relationship, that is not allowed. His orgasms are not just the Mistress’ privilege, in some respects they are also her responsibility. But on the same token, knowing that she would never make him go for a long time without coming also removes that level of uncertainty and makes the orgasm routine that much casino oyna more predictable. She may find it necessary to delay him for an extended period at some point just to establish that she can if she wants to. Having done that, even if just once, merely reminding him that she’s made him wait a long time before may be enough of a trigger to keep his desperation high, and his arousal intense. He will be hoping that she doesn’t mean to do it again, and that he’ll be allowed to cum again sometime soon. Remember, that hope is the foundation of the erotic tease! If she is particularly cruel, she could make him suffer through a long period with lots of erotic teasing and absolute denial, only to end that frustrating stretch with just a ruined orgasm…For this, he should thank you.It is very important to control the masturbatory customs of men. Your cuckold should canlı casino siteleri not be allowed to masturbate in your FemDom relationship. He will always want to be using his penis too, either by fucking you or by pleasing himself. It will be easy to deny him sex, but him secretly masturbating will be a problem. If you let your husband masturbate, he won’t crave for your pussy and therefore the sexual power you have over him will be reduced. His release must be only through you. Forbid any self-pleasure. Let him know that his penis is your property and that he’s not allowed to sexually touch it without your permission. Definitely realize that he will masturbate no matter what you do unless you put him in a cock cage.Be openly suspicious about his masturbation. Constantly ask him if he’s jerked off and let him know that you’re on the watch for mischief. Also don’t be afraid to spy on him to make sure he is obeying you, even if you don’t suspect anything. Men are notorious for hiding masturbation.Masturbation is explicitly prohibited, his penis belongs to you and he is not allowed to use it.

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