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A surprise meeting with other Xhamsters.It was supposed to be just another photo shoot in a country park near where we live. However, little did we know that we would be joined by another couple that put their images on xhamster.We reached the park and Dee was excited that she would be able to walk awhile in her coat, knowing that her attire underneath would not be exposed until we got to the picnic area. The picnic area we chose was in a sort of k**ney shape with tables and benches placed at either end so that when you sat there was a certain amount of privacy. Dee stood at the entrance to the grassy area and told me to walk ahead and get my cameras ready on the table, then darted back a bit to hide herself from me. At that time I had little idea what she was wearing under her coat, so to say I was excited would be an understatement.I walked to the bench, had a quick look round and saw we were on our own. Put one camera on the tripod and set it to video and the other two, I had one round my neck whilst holding the other ready to see Dee re-appear. Her entrance was stunning. Dee was dressed in my favourite red. Half cup bra where her nipples stood proud above them, her boobs accentuated and almost spilling out of the cups. Her red 6 strap suspender belt held her naughty red fishnets and between she wore a very sexy thong that exposed her hairless pussy, well at least the camel toe part of her pussy. Dee then proceeded to walk towards me, thrusting her hips back and forth, cupping and tweaking her nipples, then running her hands down her sides, along to her hips before slipping one hand between her legs and rubbing her pussy, before lifting her fingers and seductively slipping them between her red lipstick lips and gently sucking them into her mouth.By now she had reached the table and I lifted the camera off and placed it pointing back to the picnic table. Dee then stepped up onto the seat and sat herself down on the table. She then opened her legs and I close in on her wet pussy. Posing for a while she turned and knelt up onto the table and pointed her ass at the camera, looking towards the camera as she pulled open her ass cheeks to expose her bum hole. Pulling her cheeks hard so that her bum hole stretched and almost gaped at the camera. Then she stood again and stepped down from the bench and onto the grass before she daringly walked towards the centre part of the picnic area. She then posed a little more, lay on the grass and then suddenly froze. She was looking over to the other kuşadası escort part of the k**ney area, hidden from where she had posed on the bench. I walked quickly towards her, my camera still clicking away. I stopped at her feet and looked towards where she was looking. There sitting naked on the bench I recognised straight away as the wife of “Skylock”, one of our friends on xhamster. Dee who had obviously recognised her as well quickly stood up and walked towards her. He saw her immediately and took his camera from his face, then stood bemused as Dee advanced quickly towards his wife. It was only when Dee was just a few steps away from her that she turned to see. Had Dee not been dressed as she was, I think she would have panicked at her nakedness, but instead she just sat there as Dee went and stood in front of her before, before bending down and reaching out for her boobs. Dee’s hands massaged her boobs and then she leant forward and they kissed. She then put her hand behind Dee’s head and they started to kiss deeply, before Dee broke away and slid her tongue over her naked body before kneeling in front of her and started licking at her exposed pussy. At this point I ran back to get my other cameras as he continued to take photos of the two of them getting on. I guess at this point I should point out that we didn’t know their names and for that matter still don’t. When I returned he had now got his hard cock out and was massaging it with his free hand and had moved forward to just a few metres from the girls. His wife’s head had now fallen back as Dee worked her pussy with her tongue and Dee’s ass was now arched upwards and he had a perfect view of all that was exposed.Then Dee stopped and moved onto the bench and just said “Your turn.” She got up and knelt down in front of Dee and returned the favour. I too by now had my cock in hand and was furiously wanking myself. We carried on taking photos until she came up for breath once more and quietly said to Dee “I think the boys need a little held.”Dee stood and went towards him as she came towards me. Dee then knelt and kissed the end of his cock, his wife knelt in front of me but looked on at Dee and her husband, then looked up at me as her mouth engulfed my throbbing cock. The sensation was incredible as I watched my wife suck on a complete stranger. I watched as she sucked and licked his cock, then her tongue travelled down his shaft to meet his balls where she tickled and circled them, suck each one in turn kuşadası escort bayan into her mouth. Meanwhile she was unbuckling his jeans and pulling them down with his pants following. Then she took hold of his hips and twisted him around. She now faced his bum and took a cheek in each hand and spread them apart. She looked closely at him and then turned to me, a wry smile on her face, I knew what she was going to do, one of my favourite treats. She looked back at him as her tongue wormed away at his bum hole. His body shook as her tongue rimmed and penetrated his ass. His wife meanwhile was still salivating over my cock. That is until she looked over at Dee and her husband. I guess there must have been a touch of jealousy, because she then copied Dee, pulled my jeans down and got me to turn around, although this time she got me to squat on all fours, pulled my ass cheeks apart, wetted a finger and then slip it deep into my bum, whilst her other hand pumped furiously on my cock. This was sensational. Her tongue then mingled with her finger, wetting my ass with more lubrication as she twisted her finger deep inside me and setting me off to a point of no return. But sensing my desire to cum she stopped. Slapped my bum really hard as she shuffled herself round kneeling on her knees and shoulders and spread her ass cheeks apart. “Fuck me, fuck my ass, please.” She called out; a finger of each hand had slipped into her ass hole and was pulling it invitingly open. I turned and looked down at her and as I did so Dee and the guy came over to watch. Dee scrambled underneath the woman, her head between her open thighs and her pussy below the woman’s head and from this vantage point grabbed my cock and pulled it towards the woman’s gaping ass hole. Then she proceeded to feed me into her ass. I slipped in easily into a well used ass. When I was fully in I felt Dee’s tongue lap at my balls, she was alternating between them and the woman’s pussy. Meanwhile the guy was being sucked by his wife, taking up the position at the other end of the girls. Dee arched her back up so that he could take turns to fuck her whilst his wife sucked him. The camera on the tripod was still filming us when I groaned aloud and my seeds piled into her open ass. Almost instantaneously, she sqealled and I felt her involuntarily squirting her juices over my balls and Dee’s face, soaking her as Dee lapped gleefully at her soaked pussy. On seeing this, her husband too came, pumping his seeds once escort kuşadası into Dee’s pussy and the rest over his wife’s face. I slipped out and watched my cum gurgle from her pulsing ass hole, dribbling down her pussy and into Dee’s waiting mouth, before she squatted her ass and pussy into her face and her head disappeared and started eating at Dee’s wet pussy. We stood back and watched the girls enjoy our cum together. The girls broke away from each other and rolled onto their sides, they looked up to us both, smiling and giggling. Then she turned to Dee and spoke “I’m desperate for a pee now, do you mind?” she asked Dee and she simply said, “I’ll join you.”The girls stood up and Dee pointed to the bench where they both scampered over to. Then the bo
th clambered onto the table top and spread their legs on the bench. They both in turn then spread their pussy lips with their fingers and looked at each other’s gaping holes. A dribble first from the woman, then she gushed. This set Dee off and both of them released a stream of hot piss. It sprayed out in front of them, splashing across the grass as we both stood and stared, both our video cameras catching the action. Dee’s pee started to puddle and made and loud splashing noise, but the woman stopped this by placing her hand into the stream. The piss splashed back onto both of them and the giggled with excitement, so Dee did the same to her. They both stopped together and in turn they rubbed each other’s pussies. “Your turn boys, we want to watch you too!”So we both pointed our cocks at the wet grass and both started our own streams. With this the girls jumped off the bench and ran towards us grabbing our cocks and allowed the piss to fly in all directions, then Dee pointed his cock at her and he splashed his pee over her belly and pussy, spraying her red stocking and thong. The woman followed suit and did the same with mine, it sprayed her naked body. So we too finished and they let go of our cocks, they both lent forward together and took our cocks into their mouths to clean us, sucking our cocks back to semi hardness. They continued to suck us until I could not hold back. My second load of cum exploded in the woman’s mouth. She kept her lips wrapped around my cock as my cum filled her mouth. I looked over and he had also cum in Dee’s mouth. They both then sat back and opened their mouths so we could both see our cum resting in their mouths. They turned to each other and French kissed. Our cum mingled together in their mouths. When they broke away they had swallowed all, kissing themselves lightly on the lips and cupping each other’s boobs, tweaking their nipples, before breaking away. “Let’s go back to our place; I want to fuck you on the bed. I don’t suppose the guys will mind watching us.”

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