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A special party for 5 Episode 1The man who calls himself pervert arranged a special party. He speaks very politely to women, and he knows how to make the smile. He met these girls at a bar the other night and invited them for a few rounds. These girls were Rebecca, Lizmary, Lizvette, Maria, Lizbeth.Rebecca was around 5’4, petite, brown skin, long curvy hair and the face of Pocahontas. Lizmary had lighter skin and straight hair. she had a nice ass and pretty eyes.Lizvette also had lighter skin and straight hair, but she wore glasses, made her look kind of nerdy, but that was hot. She also had a nice pair of breasts.Maria had a small body, but pervert was not dissapointed, a babe like that can be used in many ways.And last but not least was Lizbeth, who couldn’t stop staring at pervert’s crotch, he knew she was the horny girl of the group, the one he didn’t need to persuade to fuck, so he decided to talk to her in private that night.They both took a walk outside the bar and he quickly asked, without wasting time…”I want to fuck you all 5 girls, but I want to start with the ones güvenilir bahis siteleri that don’t want it, I know you want it by just looking at you…”Lizbeth nodded with a smile, she was thinking the same thing…”Yes, these girls are innocent, but I’m a sick whore, I always think about cocks, I want my ass to be fucked until it’s sore and stretched.”Pervert was happy to hear this, so he thought of a plan…”What if you give me their phone numbers? I’ll arrange a meeting at my house, but I have a way of having my time with each of you without interruption, and in the end, it’s the grand finale.”Lizbeth didn’t waste time and she wrote down all of their numbers and handed it over to him. He grabbed Lizbeth by the neck and pulled her towards him, kissing her forcibly, she didn’t struggle, she enjoyed it.On a Saturday he took all of the numbers listed on his phone and called them one by one. He asked each girl to come over his place since he was going to throw a party. What he didn’t tell them is that there wasn’t going to be a party, and he gave each girl a different perabet time to arrive.Rebecca is to arrive at 6Lizmary is to arrive at 7 Lizvette at 8Maria at 9and Lizbeth at 10At 6 pm sharp the door bell rings, and as Pervert opens the door Rebecca stands there, wearing a sexy short skirt and a dark red tank top. He invited her in and offered her a drink. She was wondering where everyone was, but he was quick to say they would soon arrive.She took a few zips of her drink, and in a few minutes collapsed over the couch. Pervert carried her to his basement.Rebecca opens her eyes slowly and there she was, tied up in a bent over position over a large table. Her hands were bounded tight, and her ankles were bound as well, she couldn’t crouch, or move in any way. Pervert touches her ass gently and she screams…”Nooo!!” Pervert laughs at her outburst…”You want this, you’ll like this…” He spanks her hard, so hard it already started swelling up. “It hurts!! Let me go!!” Pervert shook his head with a smile…”There’s more where that came from you little whore.” After perabet giriş he finished that sentence he began spanking her over and over again. She screamed, and in time, her screams began turning into moans. She was hurting, scared, but slightly excited. Why would she be excited? How could she be? What’s going on?”Ah!” She gasps as Pervert rips her panties off without removing her skirt. He positions himself behind her and opens her ass cheeks gently, spitting on her asshole.”Noooo!!!” She screams and Pervert slaps her ass hard.”Shut up and take my cock!”Pervert pushes his hard cock inside her ass, pushing so hard he’s in completely without waiting, without preparing her. This was her first anal penetration. Her gasp was so deep she couldn’t scream. Her head collapses over the table and her body barely shakes from his thrusting. Her binds are keeping her from moving much, but her legs are shaking, as her ass is dripping blood.”Oh…ehh…ahhh…” She’s at a loss for words as his cock breaks her ass.”Oh yeah baby, here I cum!” Pervert thrusts hard as he explodes inside her ass, filling it with his cum, mixed up with her blood.As he pulls back she lets go and shit comes out landing on the floor…”You dirty fucking whore…” Pervert mutters as he slaps her ass hard.-Ding dong-It seems we have a visitor…To be continued…

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