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A 25 year old straight male is lead to believe the he is going on an out of country business trip with his 50 year old male manager who also is the CEO of the company they work at. Little does he know that his manager has different plans for their “business” trip. By the end of this trip this young guy will have been stripped of his clothes, his passport, his freedom and will be thrown into a world of sex slavery.

Chapter 1 – Prologue:

Mike Hernandez recently started a new job at Prima Technology Corporation as a systems help desk administrator; although he was quiet and shy, he was well liked by his co-workers. He also had the fortune of becoming the personal choice technician of the company’s CEO, Theodore Wilson; or Ted as he preferred to be called. Ted insisted that only Mike support his technological needs, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when Ted asked Mike to travel with him on a two week business trip to Germany to provide IT support. Mike always wanted to travel the world but never had a chance, so he was very excited about the prospects of traveling to Germany with his boss.

Mike had just turned 25 years old; he was of Latino/Italian decent; he had medium-tan complexion which was the envy of many people, he was shorter then average at 5’4 tall. He wasn’t very muscular, and he was also very skinny. One thing he did pride himself on was his flexibility; he started taking yoga classes a few years ago and his instructors were amazed by how well he could stretch and bend.

Mike had few obligations at home. canlı bahis He was currently single. His ex-girlfriend of seven years left him for another women; she had been cheating on him for almost two years. Although people would describe him as friendly, he wasn’t very adept at making friends; in fact he didn’t have any friends at all. Mike had no living relatives, no pets, he didn’t even own a plant. His life was quiet and simple, just the way he liked it.

Chapter 1: Early morning delight.

Mike woke up a few hours before his fight, it was still early and the sun had not risen yet. He had already packed his bags the previous night, all that was left was to eat breakfast, take a shower and catch the cab to the airport.

Mike was feeling a little tense; he had never been on a plane before and he was also worried about what he would talk about with his boss during the flight. A hot shower was just the thing to ease his tension. Taking a shower was Mike’s favorite part of the day; he loved taking very hot and long showers; even during the summer. It drove his girlfriend insane, but he was single now and could do what he wanted. Mike stripped down naked in his bedroom and went to the bathroom mirror to look himself over. Mike thought he was weird because he liked to look himself in the mirror nude; he didn’t understand why, but it kind of turned him on. Mike didn’t have any body hair, he kept his legs, arms and underarms shaved because he thought it looked better when doing yoga. Mike also kept his pubic hair very short because it made his package bahis siteleri look larger. He turned his backside to the mirror and thought to himself that he had a very nice ass, very firm and defined, he gave himself a small slap on his behind.

Having been satisfied with his appearance in the mirror, Mike started the water and waited until the room filled with steam before he stepped into the shower. Mike’s favorite position in the shower was with his back towards the shower head allowing the water to stream down his back while he closed his eyes. Mike washed himself in all the usual places; however when he came to his ass he decided to separate his butt cheeks and allow a stream of hot water to tickle his anus. Doing this always made him horny and he figured that a quick jack-off wouldn’t hurt. The stream of water hitting his anus sent a tingling sensation from his tailbone all the way up his spine. Mike could feel himself getting erect as his spread his anus larger allowing the water to go in deeper, he hadn’t done this in a long time and the sensation made him stand on his toes in pleasure. The water trickled up his anus and he slowly gave himself an anal massage allowing the tip of his finger to go deeper each time he circled around. As he continued to massage himself, he could feel is scrotum throbbing and the shaft of his penis growing longer and harder. Mike’s anus was now accepting the entire tip of his finger and he was pushing deeper and deeper until he had his entire index finger in his ass.

Mike took deep breaths as he slowly bahis şirketleri moved his finger back and forth, he continued to finger himself for several minutes until his dick demanded attention. He quickly pulled his finger out letting out a quiet squeal as he pulled out. Mike put his left arm on the wall to support himself and moved his right hand to grab a hold of his already erect penis; he began to stroke slowly back and forth swaying gently with the motion, he then opened his eyes and looked down to watch himself stroking and he started to thrust himself harder against his hand. He kept thrusting harder and faster nearly losing his balance, he closed his eyes, he could feel it coming, but he held it in, his entire body was shaking as he continued to stroke. He bit his lip and held his breath, he closed his eyes and denied himself what he so desperately wanted. He was now thrusting his entire lower body, he was ready to cum and he finally allowed himself to release, Mike moaned loud; much louder then he expected, his body jerked uncontrollably in ecstasy and he felt his load shoot out across the shower. After it was over he kneeled down in the shower, the water still spraying on his head, he closed his eyes and took long deep breaths, his penis was still sensitive and he could feel water dripping off the tip of his penis. Mike took a few more minutes to compose himself, and finished his shower. After drying up he threw himself onto his bed laying face up spreading his legs and arms out as wide as he could. He felt the cold air run across his sensitive penis, the air felt great against his naked body, his eyes were closing, he was drifting off to sleep, but just as he was about to fall asleep, he turned over and saw the clock and realized he was going to be late for his flight.

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