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Sooo…rather short chapter but I’m already working on chapter three. Sorry for the wait. Enjoy honeys.


Chapter Two


Jarred and I were on my motorcycle, cruising up the streets colored with the dark rainbow that we call Manhattan at Night. It was maybe four o’clock in the morning. We had spent the last hours sitting at a table in the club just talking.

“This is the beginning of my courting you, lovely,” was Jarred’s answer to us staying and talking for so long.

“Hey December,” Jarred whispered in my ear, making me shiver.

“Hmmm?” I answered back.

“Which house is closer, mine or your’s?”


“Well, it’s late and if my house is farther away, I don’t want you to go out of your way.” I felt a smile curl up at my lips. He was so sweet.

“My house is closer, but I can take you home,” I replied, suppressing the bubbly giggle that wanted to come out of me.

“Well, I’ll walk the rest of the way, okay?”

“Okay.” We parked in front of my building and Jarred walked me to my door. My apartment had only three floors and three apartments, but each floor had a huge apartment. Each apartment had at least two bedrooms, a living room, an ensuite bathroom and spare bathroom, a living room, and kitchen.

“I’ll see you Monday, Jarred,” I said smiling and slightly reluctant to leave.

“Well…” Jarred started as I looked at Jarred so fast that my eyes almost got whiplash.

“Um…I was wondering….if you’d like to go somewhere t-tomorrow…” I looked at him and I had to suppress a little giggle. He was blushing and looking at the pavement with his hands in his pockets.

“Sure….I’d love to go. Say about three? It can be a lunch date. Is that okay?” I said with a smile. Jarred looked up at me and flashed me the cutest and happiest smile ever.

“Any time and any type of date is perfect as long as I’m with you December.” I bit my lip and blushed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye Jarred,” I said walking into my building’s front door.

“Later m’lady,” Jarred called after me. I greeted Lola, the sweet dumpling of a lady and landlord that lived in the basement floor with her wife Doris, as I walked in.

“You seem happy December,” she said with a smile on her face. Lola was like a second mother to me. She had pitch-black hair that fell down to her waist, hazel-gold eyes that showed ages of wisdom, and a little curvy, petite body that didn’t look like it belonged to a fifty year old woman. Lola could have passed for a new and shiny thirty. canlı bahis Lola and her partner, Doris, were deeply involved LGBT rights activists.

I couldn’t hold in my giddiness when Lola talked to me. “I have a date!” I squealed while bouncing on the balls of my feet.

“Good for you love!” Lola said with a smile that made her eyes warmer and the corners of them crinkle. Lola and Doris were the only ones that knew of my previous dilemma with Jett and my time in being a slut. The reason I even moved out was because my family didn’t like the fact that I was bringing some man home every night or going to their house. Despite my being a selfish slut at the time that only cared about my pleasure, I cared about my family a little bit more. So, I moved out. Lola’s place was my fifth apartment try. I looked such a mess with my leather booty shorts, my almost transparent tank tops, heeled boots, and long shaggy hair that reached to about the middle of my back and make up that always got smeared by the end of the night. No landlord would really want me in there place. Lola was the only one that I didn’t have to beg to let me live there with an oral job. After a small interview with her and Doris, I got my lease and everything. I was damn surprised. After a month of hearing people complain about the top floor tenant’s noise, Lola confronted me. I got a makeover and reunited myself with my family and friends.

I smiled back at Lola and hugged her. I always hugged Lola and Doris out of nowhere. They were my salvations.

“Hey pipsqueak, don’t be stealing my wife,” Doris said in her laid back voice. I liked Doris. She was almost Lola’s opposite. While Lola was excitable and hyper, Doris was more blasé. Doris had dark brown eyes, small curves with a tall lanky body, hazelnut skin, and her dyed hair color of the week was a deep red. Doris had this type of raspy voice that came from years of hard smoking and a tough exterior that she only shed around her close ones.

“Hi Dorito,” I said smiling.

“‘Sup, Ember,” Doris said as she walked towards Lola and planted a kiss upon her head

“December got a date!” Lola said bouncing. I nodded too, excited.

“Awesome. Just…let me check out the guy when he gets here. I don’t want another disgusting son of bitch mother fucker hurting you again…” I smiled and hugged Doris.

“You guys…are just wonderful.” I kissed both of them on the cheek with a goodnight and headed up stairs. Once I entered my apartment and changed into an oversized sweater, I collapsed onto my bed. I rolled around squeaking.

“I bahis siteleri am such a girl!”



I couldn’t keep the ecstatic grin off my face as I walked along the sidewalk. I had a date with December. The night crowd gave me weird looks as I walked down the block chuckling to myself and grinning like a mad man.

I. Had. A. Date. With. December.

No matter how much I said and thought those six words, I couldn’t believe it. My phone playing Christina Aguilera’s “Oh Mother” interrupted my reverie.

“Hola Mami,” I said as I picked up my phone. It was a weird habit that me and my mother had. We only spoke in Spanish to each other.

“No me importa mierda ‘Hola Mami’! Usted no ha llamado en casi una semana, ni ha visitado. Suerte yo no he empujada empanadas de la abuela por su garganta aún!”

“Aye! Aye! Lo siento Mami. He estado muy ocupada con la escuela y crap. Amo?” Mother chuckled.

“Disculpas aceptadas. ¿Ahora cómo han sido, amor? Conoces que tus primos están aquí?”

“Los gemelos?”

“Sí.” I loved the twins. Nina and Trina were like my sisters, but they lived in the Dominican Republic.

“Lo siento mami, pero Imma tienen para verlos en domingo. De cierta manera, estoy muy ocupada…uh…mañana.”

“What type of busy?” my mother spoke in English for the first time in our conversation.

“A date…with this boy I really like.”

“Is he the February one?”

I sighed. “No Ma, his name’s not February – its December.” We continued to talk until I got home. I finally compromised with the raging Dominicana and said that I’d come see the twins after I dropped December home.

I took my keys out my pocket and was about to enter my apartment when I saw a heap of a person on the floor. When they looked up at me, I felt the overwhelming serpents of anger and sadness wrap themselves around my soul and heart. It was my ex Rhailey. I was enamored with Rhailey once, but that was then and this was now. His luminous green eyes looked like throw up compared December’s and his brown hair that once reminded me of a chocolate river now reminded me of mud. Even his soft mocha skin that once reminded me of melted milk chocolate made me disgusted. I nudged the boney body that used to be full of firmness and life out of the way of my door. I unlocked my door and kicked away the hand that weakly grabbed my ankle. I walked inside and slammed the door.

“Jaaaaarred! Baby, open the door. JAAAAARRED!!!” I tried to ignore the whiney voice that used to turn me on in bed. bahis şirketleri I heard scratching and banging on my door.

“JARRED! OPEN THIS DOOR! Please baby! I’m sorry.” I dropped to the floor, leaning against the door as I pulled my knees to my chest.

“Shut the fuck up! Go away Rhailey. I’m done with you two piece crack whore ass.” The venom in my voice even poisoned me.

“Jarred….You son off a bitch! Of course I had to get a fix! Your half assed dick didn’t do shit for me! I busted a nut faster just giving someone a blowjob for my shit.” He sounded like he was sobbing. His voice was dry and scratchy, thick with tears.

“THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE! THIS FUCKING CUNT OF A MAN IS SHIT FUCK IN BED! JARRED! Open this goddamn door!” His voice was shrill…like a harpy’s. My first love…became this. He became this monster, yet I found him completely, irrevocably hard to leave behind.


I woke up the next morning a mess. Rhailey was in my bed. He spent two hours sobbing out my name mixed with how much he loved me and hated me while banging and scratching at my door like the worthless cat he was. I looked at him with pity and disgust. His face was gaunt and marred with cuts and dark rings under his eyes. The corners of his mouth were split along with his lips being chapped. I had had sex with him. The first love that killed my heart was the same person I just had sex with. Yet, as I remembered last night, I couldn’t get anything but December out my mind. Not only had I had sex with a person that I can say, from the bottom of my heart, I hate while trying to build a relationship with someone, but I had used Rhailey and thought of him as December.

“Mmmm, baby lastnight was wonderful,” a naked Rhailey said as he woke up. He tried to grab me and kiss me, but I stopped him.

“Ya…Y…You need to go,” I said, my voice ragged with fear and unshed tears.

“What? Is that anyway to treat your bitch?”

“Get. Out. Please.”

“Jarred, honey, you don’t want me…”

“GET OUT!” I interrupted him. Fear passed through Rhailey’s eyes. In a flash, he grabbed up his clothes and the door slammed after him. The only evidence of Rhailey being in my apartment was the scent of sex and guilt and, now, tears.

To Be Continued~

Spanish Translation (Dominican Spanish)

Hi mom

I don’t care about “hi mom”! You haven’t called in almost a week nor visited. You’re lucky I haven’t shoved your grandmother’s empanadas down your throat yet!

Hey, hey! I’m sorry Mom. I’ve just been really busy with school and crap.

Apology accepted. Now how are you love? Do you know your cousins are here?

The twins?


I’m sorry Mom, but I’ll have to see them on Sunday. In a certain way I’m very busy…uh…tomorrow.

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