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A Sex Lesson For Jessica .Part 2A Sex Lesson For Jessica. Part 2After the gig Jessica came up to me and said, Liam, your coming back with us aren’t you? I smiled and said, “You bet ya”, and packed away my guitar then followed them back to the Villa.Jessica was very bubbly and I could tell she had been drinking but she wasn’t totally smashed. Stacey poured a glass of wine for all of us and raised hers in a toast. Cheers she said. Here’s to a newfound friendship and whatever it brings. Jessica and I raised our glasses joining in the toast. Stacey must have anticipated this gathering; she went into the kitchen and in a couple of minutes, returned with a large cracker and cheese platter. I was glad. I hadn’t eaten since 6 o’clock and it was now nearly 1 am.The wine hit like a hammer on my empty stomach and I felt the Buzz almost straight away.Jessica was looking at me and hadn’t stopped smiling all night.Stacey was the first to broach the subject..Jessica, if your going to have sex with Liam and I, Id like you to learn as much as you can while you have the chance.Jessica looked at her mother and said, Yep, I’m all for that. What do you want me to do?Well Stacey said, why don’t you strip Liam down in the most seductive manner as you can think of.Jessica put down her glass, came over and kneeled down in front of me. Leaning forward so I could see down the front of her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I could almost see her nipples. The nice cleavage was a pleasure to look at and I found my self leaning forward for a better view. She looked up at me and smiled. Leaning back she reached out her hands and began playing in a circular batman escort motion with her fingers on my crotch and the inside of my thighs. My belt came undone easily and she unzipped my fly. My cock was hard and it stood up instantly. She ignored my hard member and slipped my shirt over my head. Sliding on top of me she licked my nipples and then kissed me long hard and deep. Her tongue went half way down my throat.I slid my hand up her legs to her buttocks and gently pulled her thong down. I could feel the heat of her pussy as I ran my fingers into the crevice. Jessica moaned and spread her legs so I could insert a finger into her.Stacey had moved from her chair and sat on the floor beside us watching every move. Her breathing was becoming more rapid as she watched Jessica strip me. When she had removed all my clothing, I replayed the compliment by doing the same to her. Naked we explored each other’s bodies. The large leather lounge chair had plenty of room for both of us. I lifted Jessica up on to the armrest facing me so that she could straddle me with her legs open. Stacey had a beautiful view of her daughter’s pussy and arse. Moving in closer, Stacey began to play with her own nipples, as she watched never taking her eyes off Jessica’s beautiful wet pink slit.Using my fingers I began to work Jessica up even more. I used 2 fingers in her then rubbed her hot wet juices over her tight little arse hole untill it was wet enough to take a finger. I was then able to finger fuck both holes at the same time. Stacey groaned with pleasure as she watched. Raising her hand, she took hold of my cock and began to stroke escort batman me. I wanted to cum but held back as best I could. This was too wonderful to stop.After a few minutes Jessica slid down on to the floor beside Stacey. Her breathing was ragged, she was very aroused. Sliding her hand into her mothers dress, she lifted it up over Stacey’s head . She was naked to the waist. Stacey’s nipples were hard and standing stiff, Jessica leant over and took the left one in her mouth. Running her tongue around the Aureole she slipped her hand in between Stacey’s legs and began to finger her while she sucked. Stacey obliged, opening up as wide as she could.I was mesmerized. Up untill yesterday, I had only imagined what it would be like to have sex with a mother and daughter but to see a daughter so intend on fucking with her mother was something else. Stacey quickly pulled off her underwear and lay back with her legs wide apart; Jessica reversed herself into a 69 position. They had forgotten about me. I was left to my own devices while I watched this spectacular sex show unfold at my feet.Jessica rolled Stacey over so that she was on top and I could see the juices running down her hand as she finger fucked her mother as fast as she could. Stacey was tongue fucking Jessica’s cunt and licking all around her arse hole both were totally involved in creating as much pleasure as possible. I had to join in. Stacey’s arse was so inviting as she straddled Jessica. I slipped my cock into her cunt and Jessica slipped a finger in beside it we both fucked Stacey. Jessica worked a finger in her mothers arse hole while I fucked her cunt. batman escort bayan I didn’t take long. Stacey gushed. The smell and feel of that hot liquid pouring out of her all over Jessica was too much.. That was it for me. I couldn’t hold back. My orgasm was swift and urgent. I drove my cock into Stacey with a loud scream and Jessica came at the same time. Stacey convulsed with pleasure as my hot cum squirted into her cunt. Jessica gasped and moaned as her orgasm peaked. Then it was Stacey’s turn to cum. She quickly rubbed her clit for a few seconds to make sure she arrived with us and all three orgasms exploded in a wave of wet juice and loud moans.Together we lay exhausted on the floor untill Stacy reached out for her wine glass. After taking a sip she handed it around and then began to laugh. “Wholly Crap” she said, That was awesome. I think I want to do that again… well maybe in a few minutes she said with an chuckle and got up to pour another round of drinks. Jessica curled up with he head on my chest and began to gently play with my cock. I could feel it getting hard again. You rotten fucking traitor I said to it under my breath. Stacey stood over me. The rivulets of juice showed in the low lamp light where our combined fluids were running down her legs. Her beautiful naked body was enough to make even the most demolished erection come to life. Her breasts were superb. A most exquisite pair of dark brown nipples stood hard and erect. Kneeling down beside her daughter she kissed her long and deep. “Its your turn to fuck him now Jess”.Jessica smiled and softly said, “Yes Mother” in a small mocking voice and they both laughed. Stacey vanished into the bedroom and reappeared a few seconds later with a huge black vibrator.And I’ll help she said!I groaned and wondered which one of us was about to be the recipient of that!I hoped to hell it wasn’t me.

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