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A real pain in the butt.
Rebel sport advert read ” 50% off everything in store “. I arrived at the big Christchurch store about 15 minutes before it closed. Most of the staff had left as they had been there since the store opened early this morning. Tonight two tall athletic blonde women were tidying up the chaos left by the bargain hunters.

I was here for 50 percent off. I wanted them to be bottomless. No tight fitness leggings or shorts. I had sussed out that a particularly tall lithe blonde had no problem wearing her leggings without any panties. Also she had nice tight pussy lips that spread and clit rubbed against the fabric. She was currently right at the back of the store unseen by the CCTV . I knew this because I installed it. This woman gave me grief the whole time I was there. Time for some payback!

“Hi Gloria. Remember me?” I asked.

She was pushing a stock trolley towards the stockroom door.

“Here let me help” I stood behind her put my arms around her and steered her and the trolley through the door in to the stock room.

“Hey. What are you doing?” She replied nervously.

I grabbed her hand, bent her arm behind her back lowering her to the floor. She put her other arm out to stop her upper canlı kaçak iddaa body hitting the ground.

“What do you want?” She asked panic starting to show in her trembling voice.

“Relax I won’t hurt you. As long as you do as I say”

“Okay” she said calm restored.

“Now I want my 50 percent off ” I grabbed the hem of her leggings and pulled but she held them firm.

I grabbed a pair of scissors that were sitting handily on top of a carton. Pinched the crotch of the leggings and cut a little hole. Enough for two fingers. I pushed two fingers through the hole and met her moist pussy lips.

“Hmm somebody is getting turned on ” I observed.


I worked my fingers in her cunt as I twisted them and moved my wrist in and out the bitch began to whimper.

“You like being taken”

No reply. I slapped her ass.

My fingers roughly pumped her now wet pussy.


I removed my fingers from her pussy. Put a finger from each hand in the hole and pulled in opposite directions ripping her leggings down the crotch seam. The bitch actually moaned in pleasure.

I grabbed her ponytails. One either side of her head and guided her head to my crotch.

Eager to please she actually waited for instruction.

“Done pinbahis this before” I enquired.

“No. But I …”

“I know you read xhamster stories about submission”


“How do I know you ask”

“Well you were stupid enough to use the work WIFI didn’t take long to figure out which device”

“Pull my track pants down ”

“Yes Mark”


“Yes Sir” she put a hand on either side and pulled my pants down to mid thigh.

A smile crossed her lips then back to a reluctant smirk.

My bulge was stretching my undies as my hard cock was horizontal to my left hip.

“May I”

I slapped her face gently. A look of affirmation from her eyes.

“May I Sir”


She pulled my undies hem out and down my big fat cock sprung out going vertical like a flagpole.

“Hands behind your back”

A smile then she opened her gorgeous big lips. I held the shaft, pointed the head at her open mouth and put the circumcised head in her mouth. Her lips closed and her tongue swirled around the head. I reached across her back and put my two fingers back in her dripping wet box. A loud moan escaped her lips as my thumb pushed against her brown rose bud.

Her head bobbed eagerly up and down my shaft. I didn’t have much time pinbahis güvenilir mi as she absence would be noticed. My cock had her saliva coated over the first few inches. I spun her around dropped to my knees and licked her butthole while rubbing her clit.

I stood and said “What do you want slut?” My cock pressed against her butthole.

“Fuck me in the butt. To be clear fuck my little asshole with your big fucking cock Sir”

“I don’t mind if I do” I grabbed her little puppy love handles and she moved her bum toward me easing my big fat cock up her butt inch by inch. Fucking anal slut. Once she had my cock buried up to the hilt she begged me to fuck her.

“Buttfuck this anal slut sir. As hard and fast as you can”

I buttfucked the Rebel sport sales girl as hard as I could.

“Oh god yes. Spank your anal bitch and grab her bangs sir!”

I did what my anal slut wanted and she started moaning louder. I put her hand in mouth to muffle the noise. I couldn’t take much more of this pleasure. She was probably enjoying this more than me. Her body trembled and shook as she came. Her convulsions squeezed my throbbing cock and I shot my load of warm seed deep in her bum.

I pulled out. Yanked up my pants and walked out of the stockroom, passed the checkout.

“Come again soon” said the salesgirl standing at the entrance as walked out the door.


My wife walks in.

“How was your day?”

“Great! One customer was a real pain in the ass!” We both start laughing.

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