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A quickie with JeanHaving had a night out with my wife Lisa on Friday and enjoying some good Porn when we got home, yesterday morning I was as usual naked, watching more porn and pleasuring myself. I was keeping an eye out for my neighbour Jean as she has on several occasions watched me wanking. Because of work and other things I haven’t seen Jean for a while so I was hoping to see her yesterday. Lisa came down about 8 to get a drink of water. She came into the room and watched me stroking for a minute then smiled and said you dirty dog. Thank you I said. Lisa said she was going back to bed. I said ok and told her that I was hoping Jean would see me through the window. Lisa knows that Jean has watched me wanking and finds it quite exciting that a mature, polite woman like Jean Is honest enough to admit she enjoys watching a naked man wanking as much as she does herself. Lisa came over gently slapped my cock and said well you’ll just have to wait and see. She went back to bed as I carried on working my cock. Lisa and I enjoy a really good honest Sex life which does make it so exciting. I made sure the blinds were open enough for Jean to see me if she went into her garden. After 40 minutes or so I was enjoying one of the cumshot scenes when I saw Jean walk into her garden. She came up to the little fence that divides our gardens and looked straight at me through the gümüşhane escort window. I instantly felt my cock harden. I turned to face her and she smiled. I stood there completely naked for a minute letting Jean get a good look at me then told her to come over. She came into the garden through the gate and I went to the kitchen to open the door. Jean came up to door and said is it ok? What about Lisa? I told her that Lisa had gone out with friends and would be out most of the day. Jean stepped into the kitchen and I closed the door. I can’t describe the excitement I felt standing naked talking to my neighbour. I faced Jean making sure she could see my cock and said it’s been a while since we last saw each other hasn’t it. Jean said too long to be honest. She said she had been looking most weekends for me without luck. She said anyway we’re here now and it looks like you’ve already been enjoying yourself. She was looking at my cock which was now standing straight up. I said I have been enjoying myself but I’m sure it will be far more pleasurable now that you are here. Jean said I’m glad you feel that way. As I stood there naked in front of her with Jean looking at my cock the excitement inside me was massive. Jean said so how do you enjoy yourself when you’re here? I told her I usually watch a Porn film while I pleasured myself. What sort of thing do you escort gümüşhane watch she asked. If you want I could show you if said. Ooh said Jean ok. We went into the conservatory and I told Jean to sit down while I put a film on. Lisa and I usually enjoy gangbang films but I thought that might be a bit much so I put on a 3some DVD. The film started and it was the usual storyline. Husband, wife and husbands friend. After 10 minutes the film got interesting as the actors were now naked. Jean sat there watching the film and I was next to her with a really stiff cock. What do you think I asked. Jean said I’ve never seen anything like this but it’s fascinating. I started wanking slowly and Jean turned and watched me. So this is how you enjoy yourself said Jean. Yes I replied. Looking at my hard cock she said you obviously find it very pleasurable. Very pleasurable I said. In fact the only way that this could be even better is if you were to work my cock for me. She looked at me, smiled and said is that right? Yep I replied. She put her hand around my cock and very gently began wanking me off. I could feel my cock getting so hard I thought it would explode. We sat there watching the film while Jean worked my cock and then the 2 guys on the film stood up to work their cocks over the girls. I could see Jean watching the guys wanking and how much she enjoyed gümüşhane escort bayan seeing them Cum over the girl. Did you enjoy that Jean I asked. Very much she said. Squeezing my cock she said well you obviously did. I smiled and said yes I did. Why don’t you do what the 2 chaps on the film did and let me watch you she said. I’d love to I told her. I stood up in front of her and took hold of my stiff cock. I started wanking while Jean sat there and watched every stroke. It didn’t take long and after a couple of minutes I ready to cum. I moved slightly closer to Jean and gave a loud moan of pleasure. Jean watched my cum ooze from my cock and onto the floor. Each stroke produced more and after a minute or so I was finished. Jean was smiling and said did you enjoy that as much as I did? I said definitely if not more. Jean put her hand on my semi erect cock and gently rubbed it for a minute. Thank you she said. I told her there was absolutely no need to thank me and in fact it was me that was grateful to her for allowing me to wank in front of her. She said the important thing is we both enjoy it. I agreed. Jean said she should be going so we said goodbye and she went back to hers. As I went back to the conservatory Lisa was stood at the bottom of the stairs. She said was that Jean who just left? I told her it was. Well she said, seeing as you’re completely naked what happened? I said that we had watched one of our films together and then Jean watched me wank and cum. Lisa smiled and said how very naughty of the 2 of you. As long as Jean enjoys it she said you carry on. Ok I said I will. Looking forward to the next time.

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