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A peaceful place in the woodsThat Tuesday at midday I decided to change the usual way I had my lunch at office. Instead of walking just to blocks to a fine little Italian restaurant, I decided to get my car and spent that free hour close to the lake banks. It was surrounded by a pine wood and the view around was nice and peaceful.I opened the driver’s door all the way and put my feet outside.Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence and the peace around me.A sudden noise made me open my eyes and then out of nowhere a bearded huge man came up to my side and reached through the door, grabbing the car keys out of the ignition.I smacked his arm; but he showed me a sharp knife and told me to be quiet, or I could be hurt…My heart raced out of my chest, as he said he wanted a blowjob.I asked him if he had gone mad; but then he stuck his knife against my neck and told me to open my mouth…He stood outside as I was still sitting at the driver’s seat.The bastard pulled his trousers down and showed me his half hard cock. I gasped when I saw it was really huge, about nine inches…He smiled when he noticed my astonishment look and asked what I was waiting for. I could not get the strength to say anything.He then took his cock and pressed it against my red lips. I did not open my mouth; but then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head toward his now hardened dick.When I open my lips to say “no”, he slid his cock in my mouth.He started fucking my face because I would güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri not suck it. I felt his cock grow harder and harder in my mouth. He slowly eased up on the pressure on the back of my head, that’s when I realized that I had started going down on him without his help.I was willingly blowing this stranger man and my emotions were bouncing wildly around in my head; because I felt anger, shame, fear, disgust and excitement all at the same time… I could taste the pre cum, coming out of his rock hard cock head. I knew he would be coming soon in my throat. He started to rock his hips back and forth fucking my face as I went down on him. He was in perfect rhythm with me, as if we had done this before. The bastard started to moan and groan; then his cock erupted, shooting his hot load into my mouth. It seemed like he shot about a cup of his cum into my mouth, as I was struggling to swallow.When he finished he did not say a word; he just grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the car. He was walking fast and I was having a hard time keeping on my feet. I pleaded with him to let me go, but he did not even hear me…He dragged me from a path in the woods to a small opening. There was a blanket spread on the ground, he pushed me onto the blanket firmly, but gentle at the same time. He made me lay on my back and reached up under my skirt and ripped my thong off me. He took a piece of cotton cord and tied it around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my wrists. Then he pulled my arms above my head and tied the cord to a pine tree.I pleaded with him to not do this, but he never answered to my pleas. He stripped down naked and stood over me like a statue. He told me I was a sexy blonde married bitch and that the blowjob that I gave him was the best he had ever had.He dropped down to his knees and tried to spread my legs. I cried in tears and pleaded no, trying to keep my legs closed, but he just pushed them apart very easily.I closed my eyes and just hoped this would not hurt and it would be over soon. He pushed my thighs farther apart as he smiled.Then he climbed on top of me and positioned his cock against my pussy lips. I felt wet; my own body was betraying me.All of a sudden, with no warning, he thrust forward. His hard dick slid into my soaking pussy with no effort at all. I felt he was hard.He said I was a nice slut bitch; he found my cunt wet and ready.The bastard was right; my pussy was dripping wet and I had never expected that my slutty cunt would be lubed up and inviting.He slowly ran his cock in and out of my warm cunt, his cock getting harder with every thrust. Then I found myself relaxing my legs to allow him easier access to my womb.He was pumping me pretty hard when I felt myself starting an orgasm was being built inside of my betraying body.I could not believe güvenilir bahis şirketleri it; that bastard was taking my pussy at his own will and I was enjoying it…I fought it for a few minutes, but his steady thrusting and my dripping wet pussy sounds were more than I could handle. I could feel my insides begin to pulsate, my hips started to rock with every thrust he was throwing me. I began to moan in ecstasy. He noticed it and began to fuck me harder and faster. I felt him tense up his body and he shot his hot load into my hungry cunt.I let out a moan, as I was coming myself in such a wild manner.He slowly eased his body down on top of me. He whispered in my ear that I had been the best married bitch he had ever had…I did not say anything, but I knew he was right.Then I felt his cock slowly went limp inside me and eased out of my dripping, fulfilled pussy.He stood and cleaned his dick with some paper towels.He then got dressed and untied me.When I finished wiping his semen from my thighs, he grabbed my hand and took me back to my car. I could feel my legs still weak and shaking from the intense fucking I just got.He gave me my keys back and said he would come every day to that same place; in case I wanted a second round…Then he turned and ran back to that path in the woods.I started the car and drove back to my office building as fast as I could. My mind was racing, I had just been taken by a total stranger, but I felt exhilarated and well satisfied… I went directly to the bathroom as I reached to the office. I saw in the mirror my hair was a mess and my pussy was still dripping semen.I could never tell this situation to anyone; not even my loving hubby. As I was putting my make-up back, I just thought about going to that same point in the woods on the next day…

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