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The rest of the Christmas party at Brendan Albertson’s grandmother’s house was as boring as the first part.

But his grandmother was decidedly not boring. Not now. Not after what had just happened.

His grandmother, Katie, 67 years old and a stunning, silver-haired fox, had taken him to a back room of her house and titty fucked him. It was that simple and simply incredible.

Brendan had been having a horrible night at the party, populated by farty old aunts and uncles, having been dragged along by his parents. But Grandma Kate, looking fabulous for her age in her clingy, revealing red dress and matching nylons, had sat with Brendan, agreeing that the party was boring as hell, and hugged him to her ample bosom to console him.

Brendan had hoped the party would end so he could get to another more suited for his age, where a classmate, Maria, a dark-skinned horny Latino girl with whopping tits had more-or-less promised him a go at them. And at 19, more-or-less was all the enticement Brendan needed to go and hope for the best, be it a grope, a lick or something much better.

All thoughts of Maria went out the window, however, as Brendan found his faced pressed into the incredibly sexy cleavage of his grandmother, whom up to now he hadn’t given much sexual thought to.

But now, with his breathing curtailed in the sweet suffocating warmth of his grandma’s ample, perfume-scented bosom, his eyes drinking in every succulent wrinkle and sexy freckle, it’s all he could think of.

Kate noticed, and understood, being the extremely liberal and open-minded woman she was, a hippie given to sexual exploration in her youth. She read Brendan’s body language, casually brought him to the back room, locked it and allowed the boy to feast on her thick, fleshy and inviting boobs.

Which included a happy ending titty fuck that caused the young man to blow the load of his life all over his grinning grandma’s face, into her superbly sexy neck wattle and of course, all over those grinding, meaty tits clamped around his dick she’d taken the liberty of greasing up with baby oil.

He kissed her after, Kate delighting in his refreshing eagerness to taste his own sperm, and promised to spend the night with her, to take care of her as she’d taken care of him.

And that’s where it stood now, the party droning on after they’d returned from their incestuous tryst down the hall, the conversation numbing to them both. They wandered around the party, making small talk, and eyeing each other with lascivious looks, winking and pondering what lay ahead once the party was over.

His grandmother was driving Brendan nuts, his cock hard in his dress pants though it had just shot a mind-blowing load not too much earlier. She noticed his urgent looks and teased him by occasionally pulling down her dress top, out of sight of everyone but him, giving him a fleeting glimpse of her beautiful boobs and hardening his cock all the more.

“Everything OK, honey?” she asked, wandering over to where he sat in a corner sofa of the living room, leaning on the arms and watching his eyes grow wide at the sight of her humungous titties swaying in her dress.

“Oh, God, yes, it is now, Grandma!” he gushed, happy not to have to furtively look at her giant boobs, free from the bonds of secret perviness and just devouring her fleshy mams with his eyes. “God, yes!”

“Later, lover,” she cooed, kissing his forehead, and in doing so, scraping her freckled, wrinkly cleavage against his face, making him gasp. “And try not to cum in your pants, save some for Grandma – again!”

She winked and walked away, Brendan’s eyes riveted to her incredible ass pressing out against her tight red dress. He snapped back to reality when his dowdy mother, Linnie, flopped down next to him.

“How you doing, honey, having a good time?” she asked, patting his knee, making him jump.

“Uh, yeah…yes and no…, you know,” he mumbled, looking off to the side where his gorgeous granny mingled with guests.

“Yes and no, what’s that mean?”

“It’s just that…God, Mom, I’m the only kid here, how am I supposed to feel?” he grumbled. “But it’s OK, Grandma and I have been talking, she’s pretty cool…”

“Yes, she is, I’m so glad to see you two getting on so well, but you always have,” Linnie smiled. “You two have always been close!”

If you only knew, Brendan said with a sly smile, which his mother mistook for being happy to be there, which he was now but only because he’d just had his way with his granny’s wonderful tits.

And suddenly, on the other side of him, his delicious grandmother plopped down.

“Hi, Mom, Brendan and I were just talking about how close you two are, and have always been, I think that’s just lovely,” Linnie grinned.

“Oh you were, were you?” Kate smiled back, looking at Brendan blushing between them, hands folded over his crotch as he strived not to stare into his grandmother’s alluring cleavage. “Well, that’s true, we’re very close, and getting closer all the time!”

They canlı bahis made small talk around Brendan, Kate putting her arm over the back of the sofa, swinging her tits in his direction, taunting him with teasing glances down her dress front. He wasn’t hearing any of what they were blathering about until his grandmother mentioned his mom’s tits.

His eyes went wide, staring to his left at the beaming Grandma Kate.

“Honestly, that dress just makes your boobs look great, honey!” Kate said to her blushing daughter.

“Oh, Mom, stop,” Linnie laughed. “Well, I got some big ones, thanks to you, these things run in the family, I guess!”

Brendan’s mind was a fog now, looking from his granny’s huge tits over to his mother’s, her own cleavage quite sexily displayed in the plunging neckline of her blouse.

“Fuck me, no, no, no,” he thought to himself, gulping, trying like hell not to notice his own mother’s impressive rack, the flesh much smoother than his grandmother’s, realizing that for 45, his mom was pretty well built, something he’d not thought of before.

But that was before he was given the gift of his grandmother’s tits. Now he was framed by two generations of incredible boobs left and right and he had to force himself to look dead center at a pair of fat old aunts blabbing away at the far side of the room.

“Well, anyway, thanks for taking care of my boy here,” Linnie cooed, squeezing Brendan’s thigh and making him snap his head back around to look at it, and on the way, eyeing his mom’s heaving bosom for good measure. “He seems much more relaxed now…”

“We had a little talk,” Kate sighed, squeezing Brendan’s other thigh instantly creating the fantasy in his mind of being lost in both pairs of tits at once with both of them stroking his cock. “We had it out, it’s always good to get these things out in the open, expose it and handle the problem.”

Brendan swung his eyes up to his granny’s, smiling weakly at the parade of double entendres that only they got.

“Whatever it was,” Linnie said, pushing off the couch with a laugh, “it worked!”

She waltzed away and Kate stood, winking at her grandson.

“Mom’s quite stacked, huh?” she giggled.

“GOD, Grandma, really? Mom?” he whispered, looking around.

“Frightfully warm in here, doncha think?” Kate said, walking away. “I’m going out on the deck to cool off. Join me?”

He started to stand up and slumped down again, casually adjusting his raging hard on down the leg of his slacks. Kate giggled.

“Did I do that to you?” she growled, leaning over to wiggle her tits at him. “Or was it MOM?”

He groaned as she walked away, toward the back deck. He followed, after a moment to try willing his cock down a bit.

It was a seasonably cool southern California evening, and Brendan welcomed the temperature change from inside the house as he stepped out onto the huge deck of his grandmother’s house. Where she stood, leaning against a railing, smiling at him. He looked around. They were quite alone.

She looked at him, then past him, through the deck’s sliders where the crowd was thinning out in the living room past the kitchen. She winked, smiled and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, peeled down her dress top, shucking it over her smooth, sexy shoulders, allowing those insanely beautiful old tits to bounce out.

The nipples were long and erect, the flesh around them pink in the dark, those hanging, thick tits creamy white, crossed with delicate blue veins he could make out even in the dim light. He licked his lips.

“Come and get ’em, baby,” she cooed.

She lifted both in her hands, cupping the flesh and as she’d done in the bedroom earlier, flickered her long tongue over each nipple, sucking one and then the other, noisily and wetly. Brendan’s eyes glowed wide and white in the dark as he walked toward her, bending his face to her offered treasures.

He stopped, looking back over his shoulder nervously. She laughed and wiggled her tits as he turned back to face them.

“I can see into the house, don’t worry, boy, you just suck ’em,” she snarled.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

He cupped his trembling hands to each thick titty, mauling the heaving flesh, marveling in the patchwork of wrinkled flesh that erupted beneath his fingers, attaching his mouth to one and growling as he suckled it.

“Mmm, yes, that’s it, that’s it, my boy, suck ’em..suck your granny’s big old tits!” Katie hissed, eyes fluttering as his tongue washed over her sensitive nipples. “Suck ’em alllll up…”

He did, moaning and then gasping as she ran her hands between them, stroking his hard cock in his pants. He gulped, fighting the urge to cum under her madly stroking fingers, his face lost in her warm cleavage, lapping at the freckled flesh and up around her huge boobs, seeking nipple and finding one to suckle.

“God…Grandma…please…,” he groaned, sweat breaking out on his face despite the chilly air that seemed to make her nipples bigger and harder. “I…you’ll make me…oh, bahis siteleri GOD, Grandma!”

“It’s ok, baby, cum, cum in your pants, cum,” she cooed. “You got plenty more, you young ones ALWAYS have plenty of cum!”

He was losing the battle and was just about to give in and jizz his pants as he madly sucked his grandmother’s incredible tits when her hands stopped, darting up between them to push his face away and pull up her top.

“Grandma, what the…” he groaned, eyes begging hers to continue.

“We got company, lover,” she said sweetly. “Behave now.”

He turned around just in time to see his mother coming through the slider, his eyes not wanting to be drawn to her gleaming tits in her blouse but unable to look anywhere else. He quickly sat on a deck chair, his dick about to burst in his pants.

“Hey guys, just checking on Brendan, everything OK?” Linnie asked.

“Oh my God, Linnie, stop being a helicopter parent, will you?” Kate laughed, picking up the wine glass she’d brought out and left on the deck table and sipping it. “He’s fine, for heaven’s sake, we’re just bonding!”

“Oh, I know, I know, I just worry about him, that’s all,” Linnie said as quietly and privately as she could to her mother, despite Brendan clearly being within earshot. “I’m just a protective mother, that’s all.”

“Honey, relax, I’ve raised kids too, ya know, you included!” Kate smiled, holding her daughter’s shoulders and spinning her around to slap her ass and send her back inside. “We’ve got the matter well in hand, trust me!”

“OK, OK, I’m sorry,” Linnie sighed, disappearing into the house. “If you need anything, if you need me to lend a hand, lemme know!”

Kate turned to face Brendan, who stood up, cock clearly outlined in his pants.

“Wow, imagine that, MOM lending a hand?” she cooed, boldly peeling down her top again, her tits, still slick with his saliva.

“Oh God, Grandma,” Brendan moaned.

She got behind him, hugging him tightly, pressing her bare tits to his back. He could feel her erect nipples against his flesh as she ran her hands down his belly, unzipping his pants and deftly pulling out his hard cock.

“Oh shit!” he gasped as she stroked, tucking her mouth to his neck and licking her way up to his ear, his body shivering as her tongue lanced into it. “OH SHIT!”

“Feel good, baby?” she hissed, biting his ear, stroking his cock with one hand, squeezing his bloated balls in the other. “Like Grandma jerking you off with her big…bad..old..TITS pressing into you?”

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” he gasped, eyes fluttering as he tried keeping them open to see if anyone would come out to interrupt this incredibly forbidden moment, his grandmother’s proficient hand smoothly stroking him faster and harder.

“You wanna cum, lover, hmmm?” she whispered hoarsely. “You know you do…you can’t help it, can you, boy? I mean first you had my titties, and then you couldn’t stop staring at MOM’S titties, you have to cum now, doncha? Think about it, baby, think about sucking MOM’S big titties, think about your mouth and tongue all over those boobs!”

“…” Brendan groaned, fighting the urge to cum and losing, feeling his balls knot in pre-orgasmic twitching. “No..not Mom..please, Grandma…not Mom!”

“Oh, but sucking your GRANDMOTHER’S big tits and sticking your cock in them and cumming all over HER face and neck and tits, that’s OK, but not MOM’S?” she laughed, picking up the pace, her fingers slick with his precum, the squishy sounds of her masturbating hand noisy in the dark.

She jerked him faster, harder, licking his ear again and quickly putting him near the point of no return. He looked down at the bare arms around him, fleshy and jiggling as she jerked his cock, arms that he previously had thought old and gross but now looked sexier than anything he’d ever seen, the muscles flexing under the wrinkled skin.

“Think about it baby, think about it,” she cooed, licking, stroking. “Think about sucking Mom’s tits…or ONE of Mom’s tits…her hand on your nuts…my hand on your big hard cock…and ME SUCKING MOM’S OTHER TITTY!”

“OHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Brenda gasped, body stiff as his dick, nuts boiling over at the visual of his sexy grandmother sucking his sexy mother’s tit as they both jerked him off.

If the orgasm in his grandma’s boobs was a whopper earlier in the evening, this one dwarfed it by two. He never came so hard in his life, thick, arching ribbons of cum exploding out of his spasming cock head, his grandmother’s hand rapidly stroking and squeezing, fingers pulsating around it. His mind was consumed with the image of his mom and grandmother now, and he could only watch the never-ending streams of his cum rocket from his dick to the deck, pooling in an incredible gleaming puddle of white six feet away.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” Kate cooed, slowing her strokes and then dropping her hand from his wilting dick. “You came reallll good, look at all that cum!”

“Oh…my…God, Grandma,” Brendan sighed bahis şirketleri dreamily, letting his grandmother shake his dick and slowly stuff it back into his pants, zipping it up.

She laughed and turned him around, showing him her cum-laced fingers – and then slowly wiping them on each nipple. He groaned and attached his mouth to them, sucking up the cooling gobs of sperm, lavishing each nipple with long, lingering swipes of his tongue. Kate laughed, holding his head in her hands as he worshipped her huge boobs.

“Uh-oh,” she said suddenly, pushing him away and pulling up her dress. “Mom again…”

“Christ,” Brendan groaned as he straightened himself up, then looking at the deck and gasping “OH FUCK!”

His mom came out with a glass of wine and a smile – and stepped right into the gleaming puddle of her son’s cum, legs splitting as her right foot slipped in it, wine sloshing over the edge of her glass, her face morphing into an astonished look.

“What the hell?” she growled, righting herself and looking down at the puddle, and thefoot that had just slipped through it. “What the hell is that?”

All three stared at it, two of them knowing its origin, one of them fearful and shocked, the other sporting a sly smile.

“Oh, just some mayonnaise, I think,” Kate said off-handedly. “I was…making sandwiches for the party before, and had a little accident, I guess…you know those squeeze bottles can be a little tricky sometimes…”

“A LITTLE accident?” Linnie said, leaning on the railing and curling her foot up for a better look at the cream-streaked sole of her shoe in the dark. “God, how much of the stuff did you squeeze out, Mom?”

“Quite a bit, quite a bit,” Kate sighed, winking at the astonished, wide-eyed boy behind them. “Here, let me see…”

To Brendan’s horror, his grandmother grabbed Linnie’s shoe and slipped it off her foot, holding it to her face and sniffing it.

“Yup, mayonnaise,” she smiled.

“Jesus,” Linnie growled, turning around to get a better look at the puddle. “That’s a helluva lot of mayonnaise…”

To Brendan’s added horror, his grandmother, out of the sight line of her daughter, lifted the shoe to her mouth, extended her long tongue and lapped the length of the sole, slurping up the entire smear of cum into her mouth and swallowing it. Brendan shook his head rapidly side to side, registering his displeasure, but unable to fight the sensation of his cock hardening in his pants at the sight of it.

“Here ya go honey, I cleaned it off for you,” Kate said, tapping her daughter on the shoulder and handing her the shoe..

“We should clean that up,” Linnie said helpfully, then to Brendan’s shock, sniffing the shoe sole. “Funny, doesn’t smell like mayo…”

She shrugged and put it back on, walking toward the house.

“Guests are leaving Mom, we should say goodbye and get going ourselves,” she said. “You guys coming in?”

“Yeah, we’ll come,” Kate said, shooting Brendan a sly out-of-sight wink. “We’ll CUM soon.”

“God, Grandma, you’re so bad, you’re…dangerous, you know that?” Brendan said with a grin as his granny hugged him.

“Dangerous is good, baby,” she snarled, snaking her cum-stained tongue into his mouth to share. “Mmmmm, tastes good, doesn’t it, cum from Mommy’s shoe!”

“Amazing, just amazing,” Brendan sighed, kissing her back deeply and wetly.

They broke the kiss and waltzed back inside, saying goodbye to various guests until just Brendan and his folks remained, his dad impatiently waiting in the car in the driveway.

“Thanks Mom, great party, Merry Christmas, we’ll see you for dinner at our house tomorrow, right?” Linnie said, giving her mom a hug. “Ready Brendan?”

Brendan and Kate looked at each other and smiled.

“Brendan said he’d like to spend the night here, do you mind?” Kate said sweetly and quite grandmotherly. “It’s been awhile since he’s done that.”

“Oh, OK, sure, sure, why not?” Linnie said brightly. “So nice to see you two getting on so well, as always, that’s nice, nice.”

She gave Brendan a hug, his face lost in his mom’s tits, his resultant groan audible only to him and his nearby smiling grandmother.

“Now you do whatever Grandma wants you to do, you hear?” Linnie said in motherly tone. “We cleaned up best we could, Mom, but whatever you need cleaned up, you have Brendan do it, OK?”

“Oh, he’s got some work to do tonight, that’s for sure, don’t you worry about that, I’ll train him well,” Kate laughed.

“Yes, please do, lord knows he could do some work for me sometime!” Linnie laughed, walking out the door. “And tomorrow, make Grandma a special breakfast in bed for Christmas, Brendan!”

“Oh, he will, he will, honey…he will,” Katie smiled, closing the door and turning to face her smiling grandson. “Very special…”

She walked to him slowly, putting her arms around his head and drawing his face to her cleavage. He moaned, going weak in the knees, embracing the lack of air and sweet smell of her perfume and the warmth of the wrinkled flesh of her massive boobs.

“Now, about that cleaning up,” she hissed, pushing him away and walking toward the stairs. “Give me 10 minutes and come to my bedroom. You got work to do, boy!”

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