Merhaba porno hikaye severler için pek çok erotik hikayeyi sizlerin beğenisine sunuyor.Neredeyse google da bulabileceğiniz tüm hikayeleri bir araya toplayıp okkalı bir arşiv yaptık.

A night ill never forget part 2Note: Sorry for the long absence anyway this is the final part of this series im working on 2 more at the same time hopefully ill be able to upload them soon the 1st is titled a mothers discovery the 2nd is titled warrior its a medevil setting kinda like game of thrones theme only centered around a kingdom of female warriors its an ambitious venture but its the longest and i hope to upload all the parts around athe same time.But without further delay enjoy ; )So there i was being lead to the bathroom by my hair i was in a daze what i had just done was more than i expected or rather more than i thought i would allow myself to do. Once inside the bathroom he leads me to a couch bends me over and before i could say anything or even get a condom out he positions himself behind canlı kaçak iddaa me and slides his entire cock inside my almost virgin pussy, I screamed out in pain as i feel his balls resting on my clit his entire 12 inches inside me it was too much. The biggest thing id ever had was my girlfriends fingers and here i was bent over a couch in some random bathroom being fucked by a black guy.He lets out a low grunt as he says ‘ damn girl your the tightest woman ive ever had your friend was right you are a cock virgin’ I felt betrayed my friend knew id never had one in my entire life, he starts slowly sliding out and i can feel every inch it hurts but strangely feels amazing he gets to where just the tip is inside me then thrusts all the way back inside it was wrong i knew it was but i came canlı kaçak bahis harder than id ever before my knees buckled and he kept up this pattern for what seemed like forever.I had collapsed on the couch and instead of hating it i was enjoying being used like this i found myself moaning and telling him to fuk me harder to use me like a whore i looked up into the wall mirror i saw a woman in lust i saw him behind me his big black muscled chest his hands on my shoulders it looked so amazing his skin on mine then he picks up the pace harder and faster than before i feel him tense up then he shootsa huge load inside me the feeling was amazing i came again a final time as he stayed inside me filling my virgin pussy full of his cum.He cleaned himself up i was still bent over i didnt want to move bahis siteleri canlı then i felt his cum running down my thigh he looks over tells me i was the best hes ever had and that id earned the money he puts it in my bag and even puts in 2000 extra he gives me his card and says he’ll call me later. My friend walked in they talked i couldn’t hear them i was in shock i didnt want to believe id just done this she cleans me up and holds me. I looked and saw her shit eating grin i tried getting up running out needless to say it was a walking pace and hurt like hell i got to my car and notice its 3 in the morning.i see my girlfriend left several messeges and calls i started to cry then i realised i had just let some random blck guy cum inside me and i wasnt on birth control i didnt know what i should do i drove home and awkwardly made my way to bed getting into my nightie my girlfriend was already asleep i softly held her as i cried myself to sleep but in my mind i kept seeing myself in that mirror seeing that i had enjoyed every second of it.

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