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Neither my sister nor I had a date that New Year’s Eve but we both planned on going out anyway. We both stopped celebrating the New Year at home when we each turned eighteen. For me that was eleven years ago. For Laura it was six.

I was counting on Laura to tell me where I could find a crowd I’d fit in with. This was my first New Year’s Eve since moving back home after my divorce. I had lived the last ten years in the city, with my wife. Then in less than three months, I lost my job, (downsizing) then my wife, (she found someone better) and finally my home, (thanks to the judge).

Thank God for mothers. My mother was thrilled at the prospect of my returning home. I wasn’t thrilled but I was grateful. So I moved back home, found a job selling hardware at the mall and hoped my luck would change, soon.

Laura had never left home. She had a good job, managing a clothing store, and though she had had several boyfriends, she had not found one worth leaving home for. I didn’t know if that made her picky or smart.

Smart or not, my sister was definitely good looking. She was five, seven and had thick, wavy, shoulder length blond hair. Her face was very pretty; big, blue eyes, a small, upturned nose and a small mouth with full lips.

Her C cup breasts were round and full, firm and straight. She had a slender waist, narrow hips and a rounded ass. Her legs were long and slim. Laura had been a cheerleader in high school and she still looked the part.

I guess this is a good place to tell you that my name is Gregg. I am six feet, two inches tall and I weigh two hundred pounds. I was on the high school swim team and I worked out regularly since then, trying to stay in shape.

While we’re at it, I’ll tell you about my mother, too. She and my father had been married for twenty seven years. He died two years earlier of a heart attack. Since then, mom got very involved with the church. She was not born again or extreme about it but working on different committees took up most of her time. That was where she was at that New Year’s Eve. She was a chaperone at the youth group New Year’s Eve party.

I’m sure that if mom wanted a man in her life, she would have no problem getting one. She was five, six and had gray, almost white hair. It had begun turning when mom was thirty two. Her face was pretty, but plain and her expression made her appear as sweet and innocent as she really was.

Though she tried to hide it, mom had a great body. She was forty nine and most women half her age would have loved to be built like her. She had double D breasts that were heavy and full, pulled down by their own weight and supported by their mass. Her waist was thick but smooth and her hips were wide and rounded. She had a great ass and thick, shapely legs. She usually wore loose fitting, baggy slacks and her dresses were all hemmed below her knees.

Anyway, that New Year’s Eve, mom had already left for her chaperone duty. It was a little after nine and I had canlı bahis just stepped into the shower before I got dressed to go out. Just as I reached for the soap I heard a tap-tap-tap on the door. “What?” I hollered.

The door opened and my sister’s pretty face looked in. “Can I come in for a minute?” she asked, “I really have to pee.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

She stood by the bowl and began undoing her pants. “Don’t look,” she said.

“Like you have something I haven’t seen before,” I said.

“Well, you haven’t seen mine before,” she said, sitting down. Her smooth, shapely legs were uncovered from her hips to her ankles. I could hear the tinkle of pee hitting the toilet water.

“Yes, I have,” I told her, ‘We used to bathe together and we skinny dipped together, too.”

“Oh, yeah,” she smiled, “I forgot about that. But, still, you haven’t seen the improved version.”

“You want to show me?’ I asked, only half joking.

“I think that’s called incest,” Laura said.

“Not if all I do is look,” I teased, “I’m improved, too. I’ll show you my improvements if you show me your improvements.”

“I don’t think so,” Laura said, still smiling. With her palm down, she flicked her fingers at me, gesturing for me to turn away.

I looked straight ahead but from the corner of my eye, I saw her stand, wipe between her legs and pull her pants back up. “See you,” she said, stepping out and closing the door.

As I lathered my body, I wondered what I would have done if Laura had shown me her “improvements.” It had been three months since I saw a naked woman and I wondered if I really wanted to see my sister nude or if I was just horny.

I was just about to step out of the shower when I heard it again. Tap-tap-tap. “Yyyeeesssss,” I called.

The door opened and Laura stood in the doorway, wearing a pink and white robe that hung to the floor. “I need to know one thing,” she said.


“Are you just going to look?” she asked, ” or are you going to touch, too.”

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. “I don’t know,” I told her, aware of my stiffening cock, “What do you want?”

“I’m not sure,” Laura told me, “I can’t stop thinking about it, Its been a long time since I did more that kiss a guy. I know I shouldn’t want to fool around with my own brother but I’ve always had a thing for you and I really need…” Her voice trailed off.

“May I join you in the shower?” she asked.

“Yes, please, definitely,’ I replied, suddenly nervous.

I pulled the shower curtain back and stood behind it as she approached the tub. She slowly unbuttoned the robe and nervously let it slide off her body.

“You’re gorgeous,” I told her, “you have improved.”

Laura stepped into the tub and I released the curtain. “You’ve improved, too,” she said, her eyes focused between my legs.

I slowly raised my hands, afraid she’d change her mind, yet wanting to give her the chance to. She bahis siteleri closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as my hands gently cupped her breasts. I could feel her nipples hard against my palms.

I moved one hand down slightly so that her breast was between my thumb and fingers. I lightly squeezed the firm flesh as I lowered my head and sucked the nipple into my mouth

“I guess,” Laura said, “you’re going to touch.”

“Do you mind?” I asked..

“Do you?” she asked back as her fingers encircled my cock. She stroked my erection as I sucked her breasts.”I hope you don’t mind,”Laura said, as she sank to her knees, “but its been a long time and I can’t wait any longer.” She ran her tongue over the crown twice, then took as much of my cock as she could into her mouth.

“Jesus!” I muttered as the warmth of her mouth engulfed my cock.

She pulled back until just the crown was between her lips then she moved her head forward again, until her mouth was filled with my cock. This time she pushed forward, harder and harder, until the crown entered her throat and her nose and lips pressed against my pubic hair.

Laura pulled back, gagging, but deep throated me again and again. Thick strings of her saliva dribbled down her chin, falling on her breasts and stomach. Finally, she pulled her mouth away and rubbed the shaft as she looked at me, gasping for air and smiling. Her other hand moved up to caress my balls.

“I love doing that,” she said.

After a moment, Laura began licking the crown and shaft, then my balls and even the flesh under my sack. All the time she rubbed my cock, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

She moved her head back and took the crown in her mouth. She sucked on it as her grip tightened and her hand slid back and forth faster.

My entire body was tight, tense, begging for release. “I’m cumming,” I told Laura, ” I’m going to cum! OOOHHH SHIT! SUCK IT, BABY. SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT!!!”

Laura let my cum flow into her mouth, over flow her lips and dribble down her chin. Long strings of cum and saliva decorated her breasts and one string dangled from her nipple.

I turned the shower on and washed Laura’s body. Her breasts were velvet sacks filled with honey. Her skin was smooth, tight and firm. Her pussy was hot and wet, firm lips and tight inside.

“We may not get out tonight after all,” I told her, as I slowly slid two fingers in and out of her cunt.

“That’s alright with me,” Laura said.

“I really want to fuck you,” I said.

“That’s alright, too.” She turned around and bent forward, putting her hands on the wall and offering me her ass. “I love doggy style,” Laura said, as she reached back and separated the cheeks of her ass.

It had not been very long since I came in Laura’s mouth but, seeing her ass, displayed before me, made me hard again. I could not believe that my baby sister liked deep throating and fucking doggy style.

I pushed my cock bahis şirketleri into Laura’s pussy, the hot, wet walls of her tight channel squeezing, almost sucking my long, thick pole. We fucked slowly, at first, then faster and faster until Laura was screaming and I was shooting stream after stream of hot semen into my sister’s belly.

We stood together, under the shower, rinsing and laughing and enjoying each other. Then we dried each other and went to her bedroom.

We lay on the bed, still recovering. After a couple minutes, I propped myself up one elbow so I see Laura’s body. She was on her back, her large breasts flattened by gravity, the nipples still erect. One leg pointed straight down, the other leg bent outward at the knee. She had her right hand between her legs, playing with her pussy and the cum that dripped out of it.

“You really cum a lot,” she said.

“Its been a long time,’ I told her.

“You must think I’m really slutty,” Laura said, “first I suck you off, then I let you fuck me and now I’m playing with your cum, hoping you’ll fuck me again.”

“I don’t think you’re slutty.” I told her, “I just wish you weren’t my sister.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Laura said, “You’re the first guy who ever made me cum the first time he fucked me.”

“Would you like me to try it again?” I asked.

“I told you I was hoping you would”,” Laura said.

We moved into each other’s arms, our lips pressed together. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth as our hands explored each other’s body. I kissed her face and neck, her shoulders and chest. I sucked her breasts and left a trail of kisses down her flat stomach and belly, ending between her legs. I wrapped my arms around her waist and turned our bodies, so that she was on top of me, her bare pussy just over my mouth,

Slowly, I moved my tongue up and down her slit, pushing into her channel and sucking on her clit. I kissed her inner thighs and pulled her hips down so that I could lick and probe her ass hole. Laura kissed and licked and sucked, until every square centimeter my cock and balls was covered with her saliva.

She turned herself around and straddled my hips. Holding my cock straight up, she slowly impaled herself on it, until the entire length was inside her. She sat straight up, pushing down with her hips, as I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb.

Finally, slowly she began to rock her hips, moving them back and forth as well as up and down. Faster and faster she moved as my own hips strained upwards in an attempt to increase the sensation.

“I am going to cum,” she said, her eyes closed, “Ooohhh yes! I’m going to cum!! YES! YES!! YYEEESS! OH, FUCK! I’M CUMMMIIINNGGG!!!”

Her body tensed and trembled then slowly relaxed. She fell forward on top of me, both of us breathing heavily.

“Happy New Year, baby.” Laura said,

“What time is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Laura answered. Our bodies were pressed together, our arms encircling each other, my cock now flaccid but still in her pussy.

“It may not be New Year yet,” I told her.

“I don’t care,” my sister told me, “The New Year can’t make me any happier than I am, right now.”

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