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Jillian Matthews, thirty-four years young, attractive, nice legs and auburn shoulder length hair with hazel eyes and a figure any woman would be jealous of! Jillian was the normal house-wife, with no children, neither her nor her husband Artie could reproduce do to medical problems! Married for Fourteen years to a successful businessman who traveled a lot! Sometimes, Artie would be gone for several weeks to several months, depending where in the world he had to be!

Having a lot of free time on her hands, Jillian had joined the local Health Club in order to stay in shape and meet other people. The only hobby or interest she had was reading and decorating her home and not being one of those

” Coffee-clutching-busy-body house-wife!” Jillian stayed pretty much to herself, except to spend several hours a week at the health club.

Even though her sex life was rather dull most of the time, she never thought about cheating on Artie! When he was home and they made love, Artie was all she craved and seemed to be happy with him and his love-making techniques! {But, deep in the back of mind, she felt that she was missing something in their love-making, like there was more to just kissing, touching and Artie putting his cock into her cunt and jerking off inside her and then rollover and go to sleep!}

One Tuesday morning at the club, Jillian met Allison, who was a striking blonde! Standing a few inches taller than herself, Jillian admired the way Allison carried herself!

Allison owned the only lingerie shop in town and from time to time, would hold private in-home lingerie parties by special invitation! Allison had given Jillian a flyer advertising her parties and that she was looking ladies to host a party for her!

Jillian put the flyer in her duffle-bag and took her shower, dressed and stopped for lunch at her favorite little restaurant in town; being it was on her way home.

Being as how Artie was away and wouldn’t be home for another two weeks! No sense on cooking a meal for one she though! And being it was after two PM in the afternoon by the time she stopped at “Ye Ole Book Nock” which she did on a regular basis! Having spent her hour going through the many old books and finding a novel that appealed to her taste, Jillian left and headed to “Marie’s” for lunch/dinner!

After eating her diner and feeling well fed as usual, Jillian drove home and grabbing her purple gym bag and headed to her bedroom to change into her house clothes, a cut off T-shirt of Artie’s and a pair of satin walking shorts. Removing her dirty sweat-suit and things from the bag, she came across the flyer. Picking it up and reading over it, she started to thinking to herself, “This might be a nice idea, maybe I could find a few things that would make our sex life more appealing to Artie!”

Taking the flyer and her dirty clothes, Jillian went to the kitchen and opened the laundry room door, dropped the clothes on the floor and went to make a pot of fresh coffee. While the coffee was brewing, she picked up the phone and dialed Allison’s number! It rang several times before she heard a female voice on the other end.

“Hello, Allison here, who’s calling>”

“H-I, ah Allison, this is Jillian, we met at the club this morning!”

“Oh yes, the attractive redhead, I remember now! What can I do for you?”

“I was reading over that flyer you gave me and I’ve been thinking about hosting a party for you, being my husband will be gone for a few weeks!

“Hey, that would be great, this is for ladies only!”

” I would hope so!”

“Great, are you busy right now?” Allison was perking now, with the prospect of having another party!

“Ah, no I’m not as a matter-of-fact! Would you like to come over and we can discuss this face to face over coffee!”

“Swell, I’ll bring my stuff to show you what we demonstrate and we can get to know each other a little before the party, give me your address and I’ll be there in about an hour, ok with you?”
Jillian acknowledged Allison and gave her the address and they said their goodbye’s and Jillian hung up the phone. Sitting there with her fresh cup of coffee, and starting to read her new novel! Not paying any attention to time, the doorbell rang twice, bringing her to look up from her book.

Going to the front door and opening it to see Allison standing on the front stoop with two large suitcases one each side of her!

“Well Hi, here, let me help you with one of those and come on in!” Allison notice the way Jillian was dressed and liked what she saw! Following Jillian into the house and around to the family room where Jillian thought would be much better for Allison to lay out and show her stuff!

“Come into the den, there’s much more room here for you lay out your stuff!”

Allison was watching how Jillian’s ass cheeks jiggled slightly under those satin canlı bahis shorts as she walked in front of her! Allison was thinking to herself, those ass cheeks are firm, but soft I bet!

“Wow, this is huge and beautiful, did you decorate this room yourself Jillian?” Jillian took pride in her talents and felt a slight flush from Allison’s compliment!

” As a matter-of-fact, I designed this room and decorated the whole house, I went to college for interior design and decorating!”

“I might have to hire you to re-decorate my home and shop one day!; I’m not much into decorating houses!”

“Would you like a cup of fresh brewed coffee?”

” Yes, black please, thank you!” Jillian returned with a seving tray with a pot of coffee and two cups! Pouring coffee into the cups and sitting down on one of the huge couches that decorated the huge room! Both ladies having taken sips of the hot brew, Allison opened the first suitcase and removed a portable clothes rack and began to set it up as Jillian looked on!

Actually, she was watching Allison as she bent over from time to remove articles of clothing from the suitcase!

She wasn’t sure, but, she could almost tell that Allison wasn’t wearing panties under her short green satin dress!

Jillian was feeling these funny little, tingly sensations in her lower tummy every time Allison bent over! To Jillian, this was very strange, she has seem plenty of women naked in the dressing room and shower at the club and never felt these sensations!

Allison was a mossy-brown blonde, about five-foot-eight inches tall, well built with deep blue eyes! Allison was wearing a satin green dress that was short and just barely covered her ample breast! Being as her shoulders and top of her chest was bare, Jillian could tell that she had a nice tan! Allison was at least three or four years older than Jillian!

Having hung up all the clothes and now, Allison placed the other suitcase on the coffee table in front of them! This case contained various adult toys, tubes of various lubrications, leather straps and other items that Jillian never saw in her life!

“Wow, what are all these things?” Allison could tell by Jillian’s response and the surprise tone in her voice, she was very naïve to say the least! Picking up a small silver colored object and handing it to Jillian.

“This is called the ‘Silver-bullet!” Jillian was handling it and looking at it and saw the little button at the bottom and flick it and it started to vibrate and hum in her hands, causing her to drop it in her lap! It startled Jillian at first! Seeing an opportunity to touch Jillian’s thigh, Allison quickly reached over and grabbed the vibrating toy that was down between Jillian’s opened thigh’s!

“Oh my, I’m sorry, it startled me, I wasn’t prepared for that!” Allison, grabbing the vibrator and making sure that it made contact with Jillian’s satin covered cunt before removing it and shutting it off!

Having explained and showing all the various vibrators and dildo’s and other items and explaining to Jillian what they all were for!

By now, Jillian’s curiosity was very aroused, not to mention that she too was slightly aroused! Jillian could not get that mental picture of Allison’s ass and pussy lips out of her mind. And with sitting very close to her and smelling the cologne that Allison had on, was having its affect on Jillian right now! Allison, knowing that she had Jillian in the palm of her hand right, took the opportunity to ask some personal questions of Jillian.

“Well, I’m sure that you never used any of these toys before have you?
“No, although, I have read and heard about them, but never used one!”

“They are really great things to have around when hubby is gone or doesn’t have time or interest in making-love sometimes!”

“Do you use them a lot?”

“Honey, I wouldn’t be without several of these toys; My mother bought me my first one when I was fifteen!”

“Oh my word, your mother bought you one?”

” She caught me playing with myself one night and felt that it be better that I have sex with a vibrator then to have sex with some dumb kid and get knocked up or get some disease!”

Wow, you mother must have been something? I didn’t mean anything wrong by that statement!”

“I know honey, my mother was a cool woman and taught me a lot about “life!” Allison was still holding a vibrator in her one hand as she patted Jillian’s thigh that was now pressed close to her own!

Allison changed the conversation to Jillian’s husband.

“So Jillian, does Artie truly satisfy you during intercourse?” Jillian didn’t expect that question from her, but, felt she should answer it! After-all, they seemed to have hit if off pretty good and she was feeling very comfortable with Allison!

“W-Well, most times I do, b-ut, sometimes, I feel that there should be more and bahis siteleri I should feel more!”

“I see, you feel sort of a let-down after he fucks you?”
Allison knew she had Jillian’s undivided attention now and was hooked!

“Y-Yes I do more than most times!” Allison now had her hand resting on Jillian’s upper thigh, not doing anything that would alarm Jillian or make her push Allison’s hand a way!

Either Jillian wasn’t really obvious to Allison’s hand or she liked the feel of her hand on her thigh!

“Well, that’s why I have these parties and sell many of these toys to women whose husbands lost interest or only think about their own satisfaction!” Jillian’s eye brows rose at that remark!

“You mean, a lot of women buys these things to replace their husbands thing?”
“Yes baby, in away, but not as a replacement for the real cock, just to add a different feeling to things before hubby shoves his cock in you! And when you’re horny and need a cock, it satisfies you temporally!”

Allison, figuring she nothing to loose at this point!
” Why don’t you try one, see how it feels!”

“Y-You mean right now, right here?” Jillian was taken back a bit with Allison’s remark!”

“Why not, it won’t hurt you and I’m right here to help you!”

“I-I don’t know about that, I mean, right in front of you?”

Allison, not wanting to miss this opportunity, placed the silver vibrator in her right hand and put it on Jillian’s lower tummy and had it on low, so it was vibrating!

“Here, let me show you, spread your thighs a little!” As if in a daze, Jillian spread her thighs to allow Allison to slide the vibrating toy down between her parted thighs and over her satin covered pussy!

Allison knew exactly how much pressure to apply and how to use the toy! Sliding the vibrator slowly downward between Jillian’s thighs and applying just the right pressure so that the vibrations were doing its job on Jillian’s clit through the material of her shorts!

Taking the vibrator out for a second and turning the power up, returned it between Jillian’s thighs that were now parted even more! The higher speed of the vibrator and the sound of the humming was doing its job on Jillian! Allison was busy too, with her left hand now down between her own spread thighs and rubbing her own clit, she too was getting very aroused! As she looked over at Jillian who now had her head back and her eyes were closed, knowing that she was enjoying the new sensations on her clit and pussy! Allison, seizing the moment to take full advantage of the situation, removed the toy and told Jillian to stretch out on the long couch as she got up and pushed the coffee table back!

As if she was lost in another world, Jillian did as she was instructed, swung her legs up on the couch and taking her left leg, placed it over the back of the couch! Allison, quickly returned to rub the vibrator on Jillian’s covered pussy that she knew was getting hot and wetter! Allison, with her free hand, placing in on Jillian’s exposed tummy, just under her breast and slowly rubbing her fingers on the skin of Jillian that was now hot and flushed!

Allison could tell that Jillian was getting more aroused and soon would climax with the rise and fall her her tummy and breast as she drew air into her lungs. Jillian was now omitting little cooing sounds and moans as Allison continued to massage Jillian’s pussy with the vibrator! Slowly, Allison slid her hand under the hem of Jillian’s T-shirt and gently cupping one of her breast and massaging it and and taking the nipple that was now rigid and poking up between her thumb and forefinger! Jillian didn’t resist the strange fingers that caressed her hard nipple as she let out a louder moan and told Allison how good it all felt!

Allison knew she had Jillian where she wanted her and didn’t want to miss this opportunity to conquer another naïve woman! Pushing the T-shirt up to expose Jillian’s breast and placed her mouth over the nipple that she was caressing! Jillian, who was now lost in the realm of total ecstasy, placed her hand on the top of Allison’s head and pushed her face down harder on her breast! Allison removed the vibrator just long enough to slid her hand under the waistband of Jillian’s satin shorts and down between her thighs that were spread wide apart now, allowing Allison’s fingers to find what they were searching for!

Having found her clit and rubbing it gently at first and then harder and then sliding a finger into Jillian’s cunt hole. Allison could feel the heat and wetness of it! Removing her hand from Jillian’s cunt and pushing on the waistband of her shorts, pushing them down her hips, Jillian got the message and lifted her ass high enough and helped Allison to remove her satin shorts! With the shorts removed now, Jillian’s pussy was totally exposed to Allison’s gaze and mouth! Taking her hand and bahis şirketleri spreading the lips open, Allison could see the cunt juice as it ooze from the hole and how red and puffy the lips were! Wasting no time, she bent her head down and stuck out her long red tongue and made contact with Jillian’s clit that now stood up like a tiny erect cock and licked it several times, bring more deeper moans and groans from Jillian’s throat!

Knowing that Jillian was close to climaxing by the way her breast and tummu rose and fell with each breathe and her hips were now bucking from all the attention her pussy was getting from Allison! Allison, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer and Jillian would explode her hot pussy juice and it would flood the couch, didn’t want to allow that to happen. Got up off the floor and got on the couch between Jillian’s legs and pushed then back till they touched her breast and placed her face right in Jillian’s exposed pussy and began to lick at her clit and stick her tongue inside those puffy red , wet lips nad every now and then, she would lick down the crack to Jillian’s asshole and lick it, pushing the tip of her tongue into the tight brownish hole!

Jillian was real close now and Allison knew it. Jillian was now rubbing and squeezing her own nipples as Allison ate her pussy for all she was worth! Jillian was moaning and saying all sorts of nice things to Allison at this point, she was in another world and feeling things she never felt with Artie when he would lick her pussy! Jillian didn’t want the feelings to stop! Jillian’s cunt was soaked now with pussy juice and Allison’s saliva and was about to

climax as Allison poked her tongue into Jillian’s asshole one more time before feeling the flood of cunt juice as Jillian bucked and let out such a loud moan and the cum just flowed as if a huge dam just burst!

Allison was no slouch at eating pussy and licked every drop of Jillian’s female cum, drinking every drop! Allison continue to lick at Jillian’s exposed cunt and asshole, making sure she had cleaned every drop of cum from Jillian’s climax! Slowly, Jillian’s breath returned to somewhat normal, but, Allison on the other hand, was still licking and playing with Jillian’s pussy! She had grabbed the silver vibrator and had it turned on to medium and was slowly pushing it between Jillian’s pussy lips, making sure to make contact with her clit!

Placing the head of the silver bullet at the entrance to Jillian’s love-canal, Allison slowly pushed it in, an inch at a time! She could hear Jillian moaning again and telling her to please don’t stop, it felt so good! Allison told Jillian to grab hold of the vibrator and work it in and out herself. Allison stood up on her knees and removed her dress, exposing her well tanned naked body to Jillian’s gaze! In comparison to each other, Allison’s breast were fuller with smaller nipples and the aurora’s were darker; where Jillian’s were firmer and smaller with larger nipples and dark aurora’s. Their pubic hair was much the same color, only Allison’s was much less and trimmed neatly in a heart design! Jillian’s was full and thick, although, she kept it trimmed, it looked nice!

Jillian had now removed her T-shirt and was totally naked as was Allison! Allison had sat back and was watching Jillian fuck herself with the silver toy! Reaching over to her suitcase and grabbing a toy she liked, turned it on and started to rub it on her clit and down into her own cunt that was as wet as Jillian’s right now! With her free hand, she was rubbing and squeezing her nipple that seemed to grow larger and more erect!

Allison, knowing that she had control over Jillian now, told her to come lay between her legs!

Jillian, not wanting to offend Allison, did as she was asked! Laying atop Allison, their cunt’s touching and, Allison put both arm’s around Jillian and pulled her close and kissed her on the lips, gently at first,! The next kiss was more pronounced and intimate as Allison pushed her tongue between the lips of Jillian’s! Jillian was a bit hesitant at first, but, gave into the probing tongue as Allison inserted her tongue into Jillian’s mouth! At first she felt a bit repulsive to having a woman eat her pussy and now, tongue kissing, Jillian was now lost to the new worlds of girl/girl love-making and finding that she enjoyed it!

Allison instructed Jillian what to do to her and Allison enjoyed the same pleasures now as Jillian did from her love-making! Jillian was a quick learner and soon discovered that she liked the taste of another woman’s pussy cum! It was a new and totally different experience than she ever knew! A world that she always thought of as “Taboo and Forbidden” by society! Now, she enjoys love-making with Allison and a few other ladies in the neighborhood, who, much like herself, suffer from the lack of proper attention from their husbands!

Jillian now enjoys her new collection of toys and enjoys playing with them by herself, with Artie and with Allison and their friends! Jillian has certainly discovered a whole new world of making-love!……………The End, or is it?

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