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Tracey’s story continues from chapter 8. Justine, Matt and Tracey open a club.

A short recap from Chapter 8:

Kendra looked up and smiled, slowly thrusting in and out of Jill, “Now.” Kelly started filming and Kendra looked into the camera and spoke, “Look babe, I’m fucking Jill. Too bad this is all you’ll ever see of this fantasy.”

Kelly paused the video and handed it to Erica. “Me next,” she said and jumped up onto the bed on all fours, Jill got down. Erica was ready to film; her mother was sliding her fake cock into Kelly.

Kendra nodded and Erica re-started the video, “Look babe, I even get to fuck her daughter too.” Erica stopped the video and handed the phone to her mom.

Kendra looked at the video, it was just a couple of seconds long with blurry shots of Jill then Kelly. Kendra smiled, “Perfect. I’m sending it to him.” Kendra turned to Kelly, “Now I want to fuck you while you eat my daughter out and your mother watches.”

Kelly grinned, “That sounds perfect.”

It had been a big night, Kelly, Jill, Erica and Kendra just kept fucking each other in every position and combination imaginable. They were insatiable. At some point Matt, Justine and I collapsed and fell asleep.

Friday Afternoon — Week 16

Eight weeks had flown by since we had watched that erotic foursome of Jill, Kelly, Kendra and Erica. Justine had managed to secure a warehouse for us. It was the one she liked the best with a large basement area underneath. We had managed to purchase it outright and had been fitting it out for the last four weeks. Kendra had proved a godsend; Justine had employed her as our club manager, and she had taken to it like a duck to water. Completing the design, engaging contractors to perform the building works, organising licensing, she was ticking all the boxes. We were due to open this week. I had invited my mother to come and stay and she would be arriving on the Friday afternoon in two weeks, just as Matt had asked I do. We were in bed together, playing out the same scenario we had been for the last eight weeks. Matt had put a video together that we were watching, pictures and short videos were playing on the screen. I watched as my mother’s face appeared, smiling. Matt began talking again.

“Such a beautiful face.”

“Yes,” I replied.

Another image of Justine, Mom and me appeared on the screen. We were all in bikinis at the beach.

“Such beautiful bodies.”

“Yes,” I replied again in a dreamy voice.

Another image of mom and me in the pool appeared. We were topless.

“Such beautiful breasts to feed on.”

“Yes,” again I was replying in a dreamy voice. “I want to feed on them.”

Matt replied, “Soon babe. Soon you will be able to feed on your mother’s breasts again.”

A short video flashed up. It was of the porn star Shay Foxx. She looked so much like my mother.

The video showed her naked, cleanly shaven pussy. I moaned looking at this.

“Such a pretty naked mommy,” Matt said.

“Naked mommy. Hot mommy.” I was saying this breathlessly.

Another picture of my mother flashed up. She was dressed in a short black cocktail dress, high heels and thigh high stockings. She looked gorgeous.

“Beautiful mommy,” I said.

Another picture, this time my sister, mom and me. All in cocktail dresses.

“Perfect threesome,” Matt said.

I moaned again, “Mmmmmm, threesome with mommy and sissy.”

We had run through these same pictures, same movies for weeks now. The conversation always followed this same path we were following now. Another movie came up. It was a short grab of Shay Foxx again, sharing and sucking a cock with what was meant to be her daughter. I moaned again.

“Pretty mommy. Mommy’s sucking cock with her daughter. Mommy’s sucking Matt’s cock with me.”

I was laying on my stomach watching this and as always Matt slid over on top of me. My pussy was slick now and I felt Matt’s hard cock pushing forward into me as we watched.

“Tell me Trace. Tell me as the images play out what you and your mother will do. Tell me like you have been doing for the last few weeks.”

I moaned and began talking to him. “My mother arrives on the Friday afternoon,” another image of my mother appeared on the screen, smiling at us as Matt’s cock slides in and out of me. “I greet my mommy at the door. Excited I hug her and kiss her on the lips. Mommy is surprised at the intimate kiss but will put it down to her daughter’s excitement. I lead mommy into the kitchen overlooking our pool area.” Another image of Shay Foxx appears on the screen, naked again, lifting weights. Is it Shay Foxx or mommy? They look so similar.

I offer mommy a glass of wine, she thanks me, and we begin sipping from our glasses, laughing and chatting. Mommy is facing out to the pool area behind me when she gasps. I turn to look at what has surprised her. I see you Matt, emerging from the pool completely naked, your cock semi-erect. canlı bahis You smile at us, wave and wrap a towel around you. Your strong muscular chest still on display.

You enter the room and greet my mother. “Hi Rachel. Sorry, I didn’t realise you would be here so early. You’ve caught me skinny dipping.”

You wrap your arms around my mother and kiss her, ensuring your hardening cock presses up against her as you hug. You pull back, your arms still around my mothers’ waist. Mommy smiles at you, blushing from the intimate contact. Your cock is still pushed up against her pelvis, engorged by the blood flow and hardening. You smile at her and say, “I better go shower and change, I’ll take your bags up with me Rachel.” You walk upstairs to our bedroom carrying mommy’s bags.

More images of my mother flash by on the screen, dressed in sexy outfits, dressed in bikini’s, shots of my sister, mom and me together. A short video of me masturbating with a vibrator. An image of me wearing a strap-on. Another image of mom topless by the pool. Matt’s cock is sliding in and out of me, throbbing. “Tell me more,” he says.

As video of a naked Shay Foxx (or is it mommy?) outstretched in bondage gear begins playing. I begin talking again. “Mommy is looking at me, slightly flushed, she smiles and says it’s great to see her daughter and son-in-law. I smile back and lightly run my fingers down the side of her breasts I say that it’s great to see my mommy as well. I tell mommy she looks gorgeous and again, mommy blushes. I offer to help mommy get settled into her room and lead her upstairs with our glasses of wine in hand. As we walk into mommy’s room, we can see through into our master bedroom directly opposite. The door is open and mommy looks through to see my husband, naked, drying himself with a towel. She blushes again. I wrap my arms around mommy from behind and look over her shoulder. Quite a sight, isn’t he? I whisper into mommy’s ear. My hands slowly move up over her breasts, cupping them. I can feel her nipples are erect.”

On the TV screen another video comes on. It’s mommy and what looks like me sucking on a cock together. It must be another Shay Foxx video. Or is it really mommy and me? Reality and dreams seem to be mixing together

“Tell me more,” Matt says.

“I help mommy unpack her clothes and suggest we have a quick swim before dinner. Mommy agrees that would be refreshing. I stand staring at my mother and ask if she is going to change. Again, she blushes before beginning to remove her clothes. Mommy goes to pick up her bikini. Let’s skinny dip I say and in a dreamy voice mommy says yes. We are both naked now. I lead mommy downstairs holding her hand and you are following, admiring our naked bodies. We splash around in the pool. At some point I feel myself pushing my body up against mommy’s, our breasts mashed together, our pelvises pushing together, our eyes lock and for an instant I think mommy is tempted to kiss me before mommy turns her face away. Mommy is blushing a deep red. I smile at mommy and push back away. We are getting out of the pool.”

More images are flashing past on the television screen. My sister and I naked and kissing. A picture of my mother. Then Matt, Justine and me entangled in a threesome. Another picture of my mother. Then one of a naked Shay Foxx. Or is it mommy? A short video of my sister riding me doggy style with a strap-on. A short video of my mother at a body building competition, her body squeezed into a tiny bikini and glistening with oil as she flexes her muscles. Then a video of my sister and me ass cheek to ass cheek using a double ended dildo doggy style.

I hear Matt’s voice far away and feel his hard cock moving in and out of me, “Tell me more.”

“I’m leading my mother out of the pool and up into our shower. There is a double shower head in our bathroom, designed for a couple to bathe together, and I lead mommy in. The warm water feels good on my body. It feels so right, a mother and daughter showering together. You are laying on the bed watching us through the open door, stroking your cock. My mother sees you as I begin lathering her body with soap. My hands are washing my mommy’s body, roaming over her beautiful full breasts, down over her stomach as I push my breasts up against her back. My hand begins to lather her bald pussy and she moans. Look at my husband I say to mommy. Her eyes go over to you on the bed and she moans as my fingers slide up and down her pussy. Doesn’t his cock look delicious mommy? Again, a moan escapes mommy.”

Matt’s cock is throbbing. I know he is close but trying to hold on. To hear more of this fantasy. The daughter’s seduction of a mother. Such a forbidden taboo. A wife’s seduction of her own mother as her husband watches.

“Tell me more.” When Matt says this his cock slides deeper into me and I moan.

“Mommy and me are out of the shower. I have laid out what she is to wear on the bed. She looks at it, blushes, and looks back at me shaking her head. I say we bahis siteleri are going to the new club after dinner and it’s just the thing to wear. She blushes again, then agrees to put it on. Mommy’s eye’s furtively glance over to you, still laying on the bed naked, stroking your cock.

Mommy and I are still naked and my hands caress the sides of mommy’s breasts as I again say how delicious my husband’s cock looks. Mommy blushes when I say this. I pick up the black leather full body harness and begin fitting it onto mommy. It comes over mommy’s shoulders and forms a cup-less bra as I tighten the buckles on her back. My hands then lightly flutter over mommy’s breasts, feeling mommy’s hard erect nipples as I run my hands down to the stainless-steel ring in the middle of mommy’s stomach. I spread out the lower part of the harness onto mommy’s waist and again tighten the buckle at the back. This time my hands flutter across mommy’s pussy lips and I feel the dampness on them as mommy becomes more excited by the combined feel of the leather and my hands on her body.

I bring the harness around mommy’s lower waist and feed the two straps under mommy’s crotch, tightening and adjusting them. You’re watching us Matt, as a daughter runs her hands over her mothers’ body. I’m ensuring all the straps are fitted and tightened correctly. Your cock is fully erect, and mommy is staring directly at it. I reach around mommy from behind and pinch her nipples, mommy moans. I whisper in mommy’s ear that we are going out tonight and are going to watch an even more erotic show at the club.

Mommy moans again, her nipples hard and erect as I pinch them. One of my hands runs down mommy’s stomach and onto her pussy lips. Mommy’s lips are wet, and I feel how engorged mommy’s clit is as I squeeze it, pinch it. Mommy moans and turns her head slightly allowing me to kiss her lips.”

At this point Matt moans and drives his hard cock deep into my pussy. I feel his cum shooting into me and I look up to see a video playing. It’s mommy (or Shay?) kneeling naked and watching as her daughter is sucking a cock, the cum suddenly exploding out from the end of the cock and then mother and daughter are sharing the white liquid in an incestuous kiss. I moan and cum myself, picturing doing this with my mother, sharing Matt’s cock and the cum he will feed us.

Friday Evening

I hear a phone ringing in the distance. It takes me a minute to realise it’s my phone. I reach over and pick it up. My eyes come into focus and I see it’s Brandi calling.

“Hey Brandi, how are you?”

“Great babe. I’m so excited to hear about the club. I was wondering if you and Matt wanted to come over for a bite to eat tonight and give me an update.”

I checked the time and it was just after five. “That sounds great Brandi. Is seven ok?”

“Seven’s great babe, see you then.”

I hang up, roll over and nudge Matt, “Hey sexy, wake up, we’ve got a dinner date. I’ll jump in the shower.”

Matt rolled over, yawned and nodded.

The hot water felt good and was waking me up. The bathroom door opened, and Matt jumped into the shower with me. We were washing each other off, teasing each other’s bodies with caresses. We jumped out and began drying off.

Matt smiled at me and said, “So, a dinner date with Brandi? This could be interesting.”

Laughing I slapped his butt, “Behave yourself young man.”

Fifteen minutes later we were dressed and next door at Brandi’s knocking on her door. Brandi answered the door in a black mesh see through dress. She had a leather harness on underneath and thigh high leather boots. Her long blond hair had been tucked up under a black wig cut in a bob and she was wearing bright red lipstick. She looked stunning. Matt’s mouth was hanging open.

Brandi smiled at us, “Come in you two. Don’t stand in the doorway.”

I pushed Matt in and we both kissed Brandi on the cheek.

“Now I’m keeping dinner simple. I’ve just made a few pizzas and they’re in the oven so they’ll be ready in ten minutes. Let’s have a drink!” Brandi turned and walked towards the kitchen and we followed. We were both staring at her beautiful ass that was clearly visible through her dress.

“Martinis?” Brandi said, holding up two glasses.

“Yes please,” we both replied.

Brandi shook the cocktail shaker and then poured three martinis’ over olives. We clinked our glasses together and each took a sip.

“Mmmm,” I said. “Nice and strong.”

Brandi smiled at me, “Yes, I’m hoping to have my wicked way with the two of you later.”

We all laughed, the oven timer went off and soon we were enjoying slices of home-made pizza. We chit-chatted while we ate, standing around the breakfast bench. Matt finished off a whole pizza by himself while Brandi and I shared the other one. Once we finished Brandi poured us all another martini and smiled at the two of us.

“So, I’m excited about your club opening and wondered if I could ask a favour?”

“Anything,” bahis şirketleri I replied to Brandi.

“Well, I know you told me the basement was setup for private shows. I was wondering if maybe Erin and me could put on a little show? You know a little mother/daughter BDSM? It’s would be such a turn on doing it in front of our friends but the thought of doing it in front of complete strangers, having them know it’s a real mother and daughter performing for them, well, it’s just so hot, so erotic. I guess it just brings out the exhibitionist in me.”

Matt and me looked at each other, then back at Brandi.

“I think that would be hot Brandi,” I was saying to her. “Just the kind of thing to really show the customers what our club is going to be about.”

Brandi put her glass down, leaned in and hugged me and Matt together, “Oh thanks Trace, thanks Matt. Erin is going to love this.” Brandi leant back and was beaming. “There’s something else I want to ask you. Do you like my look tonight?”

Matt and me looked at each other and then back at Brandi and we both nodded our heads yes.

“Well there’s something I’d like to do, something a little bit kinky,” Brandy said smiling. Then she looked at me straight in the eye’s, “I’d like you to call me mommy tonight.”

Matt almost choked on his drink. “That’s hot,” I replied in a dreamy voice. “So that’s why you have the wig on. From the photos you’ve seen of my mom?”

“Yes,” Brandi replied. “And I know your mom is coming to visit in two weeks. So, I thought maybe you could practice your seduction techniques on me?”

“Oh wow,” I said, my voice sounding far away and dreamy. “I’d love that mommy.”

Brandi and I had our eyes locked together. Matt was looking back and forth at us and he said, “This is so hot. This is so unbelievably hot. You even look like Rachel with that wig on.”

Brandi spoke, still staring at me, “You’re going to have to guide me through this baby girl. It’s all so new for mommy. So, forbidden. Can my daughter guide me?”

“Oh yes mommy, yes I can. Down on your knee’s mommy. I’ll guide you.” Brandi dropped to her knees and I guided Matt over in front of her. My arms wrapped around him from behind and I unzipped his jeans. His cock was hard and erect, taking it out I bent it down to Brandi’s face.

“Hands behind your back mommy. Time for dessert.” Brandi leant forward and her mouth engulfed Matt’s cock. Matt moaned in pleasure. I looked down at Brandi, still with my hand wrapped around the base of Matt’s cock.

“Mommy,” her eyes looked up at me, “Do you like sucking my husbands’ cock? Do you like sucking your son in laws cock while your daughter feeds it to you?” Brandi’s eyes lit up and a smile formed round the edges of her mouth.

“You do, don’t you mommy.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, it was so naughty, so forbidden. This was much kinkier than playing with my sister, this was next level kinky. I was beginning to understand why the daughters so easily fell into the role of seducing their mothers. The way I could direct and control my substitute mommy just made me so wet.

“Stand up mommy.” Mommy’s mouth released Matt’s cock and she stood in front of us. “Take your dress off mommy.” Mommy removed her dress. Her beautiful body was now on display, restrained in her harness, her breasts where pushed up and out. “Come mommy. Let’s see what you have upstairs that we can play with.” My substitute mommy led the way. We entered the master bedroom and from the centre of the ceiling hung a rope with leather cuffs attached. I held them up, “Is this what you want mommy?”

“Yes,” was my substitute mommy’s reply.

I put the wrist cuffs on mommy and pulled the rope higher, stretching mommy up, and tied the rope off on the wall. I looked at Matt, smiled and said, “Let’s get naked babe.”

We both stripped off. Matt lay on the bed and began stroking his semi-erect cock. Mommy was facing him, and I was behind her. I picked up a short leather whip from the bedroom sideboard and began flicking it up and down, testing it out. Mommy moaned as she heard the whoosh of the whip through the air. Matt licked his lips, his eyes fixed on Mommy’s restrained body.

I swung the whip and it whooshed through the air striking mommy’s back with a satisfying smack. Mommy moaned and said something that turned me on even more.

“Thank you, baby girl, please make mommy cry in ecstasy.”

Matt was smiling wickedly as I swung and brought the whip down on mommy’s back again and again. His cock was fully erect, red and throbbing, matching mommy’s lashed red back.

Mommy was moaning louder and louder each time the whip struck her back.

“Whip mommy harder baby girl, don’t be afraid to hurt mommy, I want to be your mommy slut, your pain toy.”

I whipped mommy harder and harder, Matt was stroking his cock faster and faster and mommy was sobbing, crying and moaning, saying “Thankyou baby girl,” each time I struck her.

Mommy’s moans got louder, “Cum for me mommy, cum for me.” I was saying.

With one loud moan mommy came. I could tell she came as she squirted everywhere.

Matt just kept saying “Oh fuck, oh fuck” and then he came too.

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