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James awoke in the morning and leaned up. His body ached with muscles sore and joints stiff. He glanced around and realized he was not in his own bed. He turned to his side and found his mother sound asleep. He wondered if it had all been a dream. The feel of his mother’s lips. The taste of her saliva, the feel of her body beneath his and on top of him. It was all surreal.

He slid out of bed and crept to the door and quickly got dressed. He put on a pair of faded jeans and a white shirt, performed his usual morning routine and left a note at Claire’s bed stand. He slipped out of the house quietly and unlocked his bike and hopped on. His first class was still hours away but he had something much more important to attend to. He pulled out his phone and dialed out.

“Amy when you get this message meet me at school. It happened. See you soon.” He hung up the phone and started pedaling.

Claire rolled over and when her arm hit empty bed she opened her eyes and leaned up. The bed was empty and she wondered if she had dreamt her entire evening with James. She rolled over and noticed the paper on the table and picked it up.

‘Good morning mom. I’ll be home after classes. I really enjoyed last night. I think we should talk tonight. Love you.”

She bit the corner of her lip and grinned. It wasn’t a dream. It had been real and it had been magnificent. She ran a hand down her breasts and across her stomach and between her thighs. Her pussy was already wet just thinking about James. His body was so strong and his touch had been so tender yet so firm. Her finger ran across her clitoris and between her inner labia.

The opening of her vagina was still sore and raw but with each touch she remembered how it felt to have James inside of her. She couldn’t wait to feel his touch, to feel his lips and his cock. She needed it. Her fingers slid into her vagina and she was surprised how sore she was, but at the same time it felt so good. She reached over and snagged the phone.

“Liz, can you meet me at the cafe? I’ll tell you when I get there. Wonderful, thanks.” She hung up the phone, sat up and started getting dressed.

James stood at the bottom of the stairwell which was blocked from being viewed by a set of larger double doors. He waited for ten minutes but ten minutes seemed like an eternity. Amy rushed through the doors double checking that no faculty had followed her or anything. She closed the doors and locked them with the size three Allen-wrench. It seemed like a faulty design for the doors to lock with a tool used to repair a bike or ikea furniture at that; but who was she to complain. She walked around the staircase and leaned against the wall beside James.

They stayed silent for a few moments. “You did it?” She asked softly. James blushed and smiled. A smile like that of a lover having just confessed their deepest feelings. James could remember every detail of the night and a part of him swore he could still feel it too. He looked at Amy and she turned and looked at him, their eyes met and he wanted her to see and feel the truth of his words. He pushed off the wall and pinned her against it. Their eyes locked and then their lips touched. Softly at first, but then like gasoline being added to a single spark, their embrace heated. A furious need, hot and heavy took hold. Their lips fought for dominance as their tongues wrestled.

James pulled away and Amy gasped. She had never experienced that level of intensity from him before. He was dominant sure, however he had never been so forceful and so…intense. Amy’s lips curled up into a grin. She liked this new dominance that had been pulled to the surface. She looked into his eyes again and saw the blazing passion behind them.

“I told my mother about us.” James whispered, his voice husky and thick as it deepened with fresh testosterone. “I told my mother that I loved her…and that I love you.”

He pressed in again and their lips merged and tongues twisted. Saliva meshed and exchanged and they could taste the strong flavor of arousal from each other. James couldn’t resist the urges that were taking hold. He loved Amy…as much as he loved his mother, if not a little more. A part of him wanted to consume Amy, to draw her in completely and never let her go. Another part wanted to dominate her. To control her and use her in all the best ways.

Amy felt like she was being pulled into James. As if James was a whirlpool of sexual energy and she was incapable of resisting his pull. His hands were in her hair pressing her into him and his lips moved from hers and down her jawline and across her neck. Amy let a soft whine escape her lips as his lips as his mouth tenderly brushed over her earlobe.

“I told my mother everything-” James whispered “-just…before…I fucked her.” Amy gasped as his hand slid down her pants and brushed over her clitoris. James was surprised to find her pussy was soaked and her clitoris was aroused and obviously sensitive.

Claire met Liz at the cafe casino şirketleri and while they usually started their conversations off with a bit of chit-chat, Liz went straight to the point.

“How was it? How was he?” Liz asked as she fired off one question after another. “What did he say? Was he big? How long did it last?”

“Liz!” Claire raised her voice and Liz leaned away.

“Sorry. Just…tell me everything.” Liz said.

Claire blushed and nodded. “He basically sat me down on the couch and told me he loved me.”

“What did you say?” Liz asked.

“Nothing at first since we started kissing. But I reciprocated obviously.” Claire smiled and remembered how it all felt. “He was amazing. He did everything on his own.” Claire explained.

“You mean you didn’t have to guide him or teach him any?” Liz asked. “I thought you said James was a virgin?”

“He is…was.” Claire blushed. “He told me that his best friend, Amy, had been teaching him about a woman’s body for years. I guess they’ve been playing with each other.”

“Did he have sex with her before you?” Liz asked. “Does he love Amy too?”

“I think he does love Amy but he told me-” Claire blushed a little harder and felt her inner thighs moisten at the mere memory of her son’s words. “-James said that he had been saving himself for me.”

“Oh my god.” Liz gaped. “That’s romantic as hell.”

“I know.” Claire grinned suddenly feeling like a school girl in love again.

James pressed two fingers into Amy’s vagina as he rubbed her aroused clitoris with his thumb. Amy tried moving and holding him but with his free hand he had pinned her arms above her head. Amy felt his lips traverse her neck and travel down to her chest. She wasn’t sure how, but seemingly overnight he had gotten better. Perhaps better wasn’t the correct word but…more confident. James rubbed her clitoris in tight circles as he slowly finger fucked her tight vagina.

Her virgin vagina. Though he had popped her cherry years previously he had yet to penetrate her completely. James found the spot only a couple inches inside her vaginal canal. Like a rough patch or a small dip it was her trigger point, most commonly known as a G-spot. Amy gasped as he ran his fingers over her G-spot while simultaneously rubbing her clitoris.

“James…Oh James.” Her eyes rolled back behind her head as her orgasm rolled up and over the climax and shot up. Her body quivered and a short rush of cum splashed her pants and his hand.

“So what now?” Liz asked.

Claire furrowed her brows and thought about that simple yet complex question. She had been rolling the question around in her head since she awoke but she wasn’t sure.

“He’s my son. I love him as my son but…I also…love him like a lover.” Claire said.

“But doesn’t he love you like a lover and a mother too? There’s no reason you can’t do both.” Liz said.

“But he loves Amy too.” Claire replied.

“Is Amy nice?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. She’s a delightful girl and I’ve known her for years. Shit, she’s practically like the daughter I never had.”

“So what if he dates her and you?” Liz asked. “Would you feel jealous?”

Claire thought about it. Really truly thought about it. Claire had gone through the dating and marriage and all that. She imagined her son coming home and fucking her and then going out on a date with Amy. Claire’s arousal spiked and she was shocked to find that it aroused her. Liz’s eyes narrowed and a grin slipped across her face.

“You like that idea, don’t know?” Liz smirked.

Claire blushed and drank her coffee.

“Oh my god. You want to be your son’s mistress? His sex toy.” Liz said.

“Shut up.” Claire blushed. It was true. She loved her son and she wanted to be his…to be with him. As a mother she wanted him to love another though too. She wanted him to find love and have a family of his own. She stood up and looked down at Liz.

“I have to tell him.” Claire said abruptly. “He has to know.” She said and walked off.

“Tell him what?” Liz asked. “Tell him what?” She called after her but Claire was already out the door.

James held Amy as she recovered from the orgasm. They sat on the floor just under the stairs. James wanted to tear off her clothes and fuck her. To use her in ways he had dreamed about. But he couldn’t do it there. It would be their first time and he wanted to make it memorable. In fact, he wanted to make every moment memorable with her. He stood up and picked Amy up. She met his eyes and they stared into each other, gazing into one another’s lustful souls filled with desire and need.

But beneath that was something more. They had grown up beside each other. Lived and laughed and cried beside each other. Kissed and touched and shared with one another. James realized something he had probably always known.

“Amy. I love you. I want you with me…always.” He said. Amy searched his eyes and saw the need and hungry desire casino firmalari but beyond that was a fire of love that burned just for her.

“I love you too Jameson. I love when I am with you and don’t ever want to be apart from you.”

Their lips met in both a compassionate and hungry desire. She pulled away. “What about your mom?” She asked.

“I love her too. I want her in similar ways that I want you. However, I think…I want to marry you. Perhaps not now but soon and I want to keep loving my mom. Is that alright with-” Amy’s embracing lips cut him off as she kissed him deeply.

“You can love your mom until the day she dies. You can fuck her as often as you’d like. So long as I can have you.” They kissed again.

“I’m taking you home.” He said.

“Won’t your mom be there?” She asked.

“We don’t have to hide anymore.” They smiled at that simple fact and walked out and headed to his house.

After a thirty minute walk home they arrived at his house and neither of them were ready or expecting what they saw.

“Mom?” James asked.

Claire sat on the couch with only a bathrobe covering her and it was only just covering her. The velvety fabric split at the waist revealing her trimmed pelvic hair and her flat stomach. Her cleavage was mostly exposed with just the ends of her breasts covered but her aroused nipples poked through.

James couldn’t help but feel aroused. Claire looked from James to Amy and then back to James. She pushed off from the couch, walked across the room and embraced her son in the most loving and desirable kiss that James had ever felt from her. When she pulled away she turned to Amy and smiled her usual delightful smile.

“James will you give your girlfriend and I a minute?”

James looked from Claire to Amy who looked worried but nodded she’d be alright.

James walked up the stairs leaving them alone. Amy wasn’t sure what to expect from Claire.

“Amy. Come sit with me.” She said and they walked to the couch and sat down. “Amy? You taught my son how to please a woman correctly, right? You showed him the ins and outs of the body?” Claire asked. Amy nodded in return.

“He showed me how to please a man too. We…learned together.” Amy replied.

“You love my son?” Claire asked.

“I do. I will always love him. I have always loved him.” Amy replied.

“Even though he loves me like a lover too?” Claire asked.

“I’m fully aware of his feelings for you and I’m fine with it. So long as I get him too I don’t care. I just don’t see a future without him in it.”

Claire smiled and raised a hand to Amy’s cheek and brushed her finger across her skin.

“You’ve been like a sister to James and I want you to know. I’ve always considered you like the daughter I always wanted.” Claire pulled off her robe and let it fall from her shoulders.

“I want to share my son with you. I want to love him and please him. Can you share him with me?”

Amy stood up and wrapped her arms around Claire and they hugged. Claire’s hands moved to Amy’s shirt and pulled it free. She unlatched her bra while Amy pushed away her pants and panties. Both women stood naked before each other and a surge of hunger and lust struck. Claire leaned in and kissed Amy. That single kiss erupted like a spark and raged to a fire. Their lips swarmed each other and Amy felt herself being guided to the couch. Claire fell to her knees and spread Amy’s legs wide and split open her labia.

Thick clear cum hung from her pussy and thick strands clung to the sides. Amy felt embarrassed and aroused, nervous and excited. Her hands shook and her lips quivered. Claire leaned in and pressed her tongue against Amy’s pussy and she moaned. Amy had always wondered what the touch of a woman might feel like and it was spectacular. Claire worked her tongue in ways only an experienced woman could do. Amy moaned as Claire licked her pussy up and down and slurped up the cum that was oozing from her pussy. Claire stood up and kissed Amy hard while she started fingering her pussy. Amy could taste her own cum transfer from Claire’s mouth into hers. It tasted bitter like a tart cherry. Claire pulled away and stood up. “James is waiting for us.”

They walked up the stairs and into his room and found him sitting on the bed, naked and ready. He was surprised to see both his mom and girlfriend naked.

“Is everything alright?” He asked.

“I fully support you dating Amy and she fully supports you loving me.” Claire said. “Can you love us both?” Amy asked.

“For as long as I live!” James replied.

Claire gently pushed Amy forward and without a second’s hesitation they embrace one another.

It was a comfortable loving embrace that burned with the heat of a thousand fires. Amy felt the pull of his presence and then she felt herself hit the bed. Claire watched her son and his girlfriend make out with the passion that only the hungriest of lovers could know. Claire slid a hand güvenilir casino between her thighs and ran a finger between her labia and touched her vagina. It was sore and wet and ready. Her breathing grew harder as she watched them passionately kiss. In that moment Claire was sure they had forgotten she was even their. James pulled away and kissed his way down Amy’s body. Her thin smooth body quivered against his touch as he kissed her hips and then her legs and thighs. Claire was shocked to see just how dedicated he was to pleasuring her. All of her.

James didn’t leave a single part of Amy untouched. Claire began fingering her vagina harder. First sticking her middle finger in and then her ring finger and started moving them faster. She watched her son open Amy’s legs and started eating her out. James licked the edge of her sphincter all the way up to her clitoris and then back down. It was like he was painting with his tongue. Long fluid strokes and each one brought Amy a new sense of pleasure. Her breathing grew more rapid and her whines got a little louder.

Claire watched Amy’s face as it contorted in pleasure. James latched onto her swollen clitoris and started swirling his tongue in long circles, teething it every so often. Amy’s eyes fluttered as her climax grew closer. Claire was impressed with how quickly her son was bringing Amy to completion. James slid his finger into her clenching pussy and lathered her cum on his finger and very gingerly he eased into her tight anus. Amy gasped and moaned and her eyes rolled back as she felt his index finger push into her anus up to the second knuckle and then back out.

She moaned as he slowly finger fucked her tight anus while sucking her clitoris harder. Claire was almost alarmed at Amy’s sudden change of moan and she couldn’t help but start fingering her anus and pussy simultaneously. Claire’s breathing grew to become whining as she watched Amy climax. Her face intensified and her whine grew to a shout and her body quivered.

“I’m cumming! Oh god! Cumming!” She shouted and then arched up and came.

James lapped up her cum and swallowed the tart juices. James felt a gentle and soft touch at his back and turned to find his mother caressing him.

“You did so good baby.” Claire said as she rubbed her son’s naked muscular back. “Let mommy give her grown up boy some pleasure too.” She said and took him by the arm, turned him onto his back and laid him next to Amy who was lost in a post orgasmic sub space. Claire ran her nails over his chest and gently dragged them along his body and slowly wrapped her hands around his cock. A massive, thick and long monster of a cock that made both sets of her lips moisten. Claire wrapped her lips around his head and slowly licked in wide circles. James’ breath grew heavier as he felt

Claire started sucking his cock. She drew in more of his cock slowly. His manly thickness filled her mouth. Her tongue ran over his thick veins and she followed those veins down further. Every inch filled her mouth more until her mouth was forced open completely and his cock touched the back of her throat. James felt her throat barrier as she started sucking his cock harder. She drew up and then slid back down until it hit her throat again.

She could taste the precum along her tongue as his cock pulsed. James groaned as his mother held herself down trying to deep throat his cock. She pulled away and gasped. Thick strands of precum and saliva hung from her lips. Neither had noticed Amy who was up and watching James and Claire with intense fascination.

“Does it feel good when your mom sucks your delicious cock?” Amy asked and gently kissed James who moaned as Claire drew back in and sucked his cock. “I love it.” He groaned.

Claire pushed herself down upon his cock and pressed him against her throat. Amy watched James’ face scrunch and she knew when he was holding back. Amy spread her legs over James and spread her pussy over his mouth. He didn’t hesitate as he started licking her dripping wet pussy. Amy gasped as his tongue roughly flogged her clitoris and his lips pulled at her labia. Amy remained as focused as possible though.

She took Claire’s head in her hands and pushed. Claire jolted as Amy pushed her down and she felt her son’s cock slide all the way down her throat. Over six inches of thick cock bulged in her throat and before she could get comfortable Amy started using Claire as a personal flesh-lite for James who moaned. Amy pushed and pulled Claire’s head shoving it up and down his cock. Amy paused as James sucked hard on her clitoris again.

Unaware that she was still holding Claire down she orgasmed, leaning down, Amy unintentionally pushed Claire even harder down upon James’ cock.

“Fuck! Don’t stop! Don’t…stop! Fuck!” She shouted and started rubbing her pussy along his face and lips as her orgasm wracked through her body.

Claire on the other hand, was quickly losing consciousness. Her lungs burned and her throat ached. She pushed away and as she forced Amy off, his cock hit her uvula on the way out and the vomit rushed up. She ran out and dashed to the bathroom. Amy slid off James and they both exchanged worried glances.

“I didn’t mean to hold her down that long.” Amy said.

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