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There was that night, not so long ago, when you lay naked in my arms, your head nestled securely in the valley between my breasts. My right arm draped around your back and rested against your body under your own arm, fingertips caressing the hard plains and coming dangerously close to tickling that special spot above your lower back. My hair was lose, wavy, soft from being freshly washed, the tips of it caressing your skin. My left hand clasped your right elbow, which crisscrossed its way, like wandering ivy, up my body and slept innocently against my chest. My chin rested delicately upon the top of your head.

Here, I wondered to myself, how did we get here? It wasn’t a question that needed an answer really. The ache between my legs and the memory of your delicate hands peeling back my blouse, the feel of those hands cupping the weight of my breasts and grazing a thumbnail lightly across my nipples was enough of an answer. But still my mind raced on further down the journey. Was it the wine? Was in the intimacy of a simple dinner for two amid the candles and the fresh cut peonies on the table? Did the outward trappings of the ‘girls night in’ lead me to you? Was it perhaps the laughter and sharing of frustrations with our men that led us closer and closer, both feeling the anticipation build until you cocked your head towards me and captured the side of my face with your open palm, and my lips with your own? I felt you caress my cheek, slide your fingertips along the line of my jaw, run your tongue across my lips and delve inside me, teasing and taunting me to respond.

We drew back, apart from one another, to where we could see one another clearly: faces flushed, breathing hard, lips slightly puffy and naturally pink with arousal. We both wanted this, didn’t we? You reached out to me tentatively, brushed a lock of russet curls back from my face and let your hand linger there for the briefest of moments. “Jenny?” It was an invitation, for which I thought I had no answer, but a sound broke through the silence, one I think surprised us both, “yes.” Low and throaty, barely a whisper in the room, met with a head on, eyes-wide open stare, I said it. Yes… as in, take me there, to a place no one’s ever been, teach me, show me what I’ve been missing.

I followed you with my gaze as you picked up your wine glass from the cluttered table and took a sip, soaking those luscious lips. I followed you with my gaze as you covered the short distance between the dining room and the living room couch with long self-assured strides, the firm globes of your ass swaying gently, invitingly, as you went. I followed your instructions as you sat down on the couch and patted the empty space next to you. My body moved of its own accord towards you, leaning over you and finally coming to rest on your lap facing you on that very couch, my skirt riding up as my legs bent and I straddled you. With a newfound boldness that I’m certain you must have inspired I cupped your face in my hands and drew your mouth to mine. Warm, full and soft lips teased mine. Heat emanated, rose, and swirled about us as I began to taste you, your sweetness, and the wine we’d shared. I heard you sigh. Encouraged I moved to your neck, kissing, nibbling, licking my way up and down the very soft and thoroughly feminine lines of you. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Smiling, you tilt your head up to me and capture my lips once more with your own. They were exquisite. Though I didn’t know what to expect, I suddenly found you just as I’m sure I would have anticipated. Gentle and yielding, yet demanding your lips pressed against mine. You slid your tongue out and teased me with it. I opened my mouth to you and tasted the delicate honey sweetness of you as our tongues güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri danced around each other in some sort of unfamiliar and primitive mating ritual.

Strong supple fingers began to unbutton my blouse and push it back from my shoulders. I longed to do the same to you, but the fascination of watching you as you discovered every inch of me, stopped me. Your fingers traced the line of my bra, outlined the repeating floral pattern in the lace and finally rimmed my nipples, tugging and twisting gently. “Oh, yes baby, that feels so good.” Through fringy lashes I looked down at you, at your hands deftly manipulating my tits and wondered what it would feel like to have your mouth there, your hot breath and the wet warmth of your tongue on my flesh. Wordlessly, you leaned forward, your mouth forming a perfectly round oh and your tongue jutting forth flicked casually across one taut and straining nipple. I jumped, shocked at the electricity running through me, gasped and closed my eyes at the beautiful torture you introduced. You took that charged nipple deep into the recesses of your mouth and sucked it hard. I cried out your name before I could even think, “Natalie, oh Nat, oh god, don’t stop.”

Your hand snaked up my bare thighs and under my skirt. I lifted my hips and watched as you pushed my skirt up around my waist and out of your way. You shifted me on your lap so my thighs parted further. Totally exposed to you now, feeling the fingers gently tug aside the lacy edge of my panties, I arched my back, wriggled my hips and waited impatiently for those fingers to find me, discover how wet you made me. The fabric was soaked through, slippery and hot. Your fingers skimmed the silky material, teased and taunted me, and when I didn’t think I could take much more, a finger slid inside to stroke my lips gently, like the softest whisper in the midst of a violent storm. I moaned my pleasure into your mouth as you reclaimed my lips with a passion and intensity that sparked fire anew within me.

I felt myself slipping, sliding off your lap as you shifted, laughed wickedly at my awkwardness and finally forced me to stand before you, half naked with my shirt completely off, bra pushed up to bare my breasts, my skirt hiked up above my hips and my pussy clearly visible through tiny white soaked panties. I didn’t understand what was happening, why you stopped making love to me, as we both stood and faced one another. It never occurred to me to be embarrassed by the state of things, you fully dressed and me quite the opposite, but none the less, the worry must have been evident in my face as the laughter went silent and a comforting smile crossed your lips. When you reached up to caress my face and smooth away the frown lines, I think I was even more confused. What were we doing here? And why did you stop?

“You are so amazingly beautiful.” I heard the words and never thought anyone would be saying them to me.

“I knew you would be, Jen.” The voice became a whisper that I strained to hear, not sure that I understood correctly.

“Your passion comes straight from your heart. It’s so innocent, so childlike, I almost feel like I’m corrupting you.”

I began to shake my head no. Me, childlike? It’s not a phrase I ever thought would be descriptive of myself. A grown woman, used to making her own choices and paying the price for her mistakes, I thought I’d grown up, away from the innocence and the naivety of my youth.

“Come.” It wasn’t so much a command as it was an invitation we both knew I would take. And I followed, down the hall of family photos, past the kitchen full of country charm and sweet summer memories, though the den where we played family Scrabble last week, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and finally I came full circle and back to looking up into your face as I perched on the edge of the wide and inviting bed with the eyelet coverlet and the fluffy profusion of decorative pillows.

Pushing me down on the bed, urging me to lift my hips you tugged my skirt and panties down and whisked them away. Your hands work their way up from the soles of my feet, rubbing and caressing, to the muscles in my calves, kneading and massaging to the insides of my thighs where you tease me with light, feathery strokes. I struggled to sit up, to watch you, but you wouldn’t have it. Flat on my bad, I scooted closer to the edge of the bed and closer to you. I wanted more. I wanted to feel so much more. The warmth of your breath on my thighs as you pushed my legs up and my knees apart, yes that was the direction my mind was headed. Your face was so close to my pussy it was almost painful, the waiting for you to finally touch me there. My back arched and my thighs parted as your firm hands held them down and away. I wished I could watch as your tongue flicked about and made contact with my super heated flesh for the first time. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open as the pleasure hits and I feel you drag your tongue up the length of my slit. Moaning and breathing turned ragged, your hands caressed the insides of my legs when you tongue began to dance for me. Fingertips slid in and out of the wet and slippery folds, holding the outer lips open for your inspection and my pleasure.

A single finger pushed its way inside me. My head fell back and I squeezed my eyes shut, blocking out everything except the feel of you, savoring your touch, the finger curling forward and pressing up against that one special spot only another woman knows. As quickly as they found their mark, I felt those fingers leaving me. I tried to grip them and squeeze them, not wanting them to go. I heard the soft sounds of your laughter as you began to enjoy this little teasing game of yours. Your tongue flicked against my clit. Lightening shot across the bedroom window panes, or was it all in my head? I’m overwhelmed by the myriad of sensations. Your fingers, two or three of them now, were stroking me, moving in and out of my pussy, faster and with more force. Your tongue seemed focused intently on my hard throbbing little bud, circling and nibbling until my legs are trembling. My hands were gripping the bed sheets wanting desperately to prolong this and yet itching to tangle in your hair, push your mouth closer to me and lose myself in fucking you. I was on the edge, at the verge of seeing stars when you pulled back a bit. “No,” I moaned out of breath and sounding much like some other woman. I grabbed for you, caught the smoothness of your back as you moved deftly away from me for a moment. Disappointment flooded me. “Wait for it.” Softly, I struggled to hear you, not opening my eyes, not wanting to know where you were going.

A squeak of bedsprings and the sound of a drawer being quickly opened and slid shut, you returned to me. A none too gentle sigh escaped my lips. The disjointed sound of something vibrating had my eyes flying open as I tried to roll over and look at you. You were back between my thighs pushing my legs back where you wanted them before I could even blink. Again those supple fingers skimmed and danced a line from my knee to the apex of my thighs. Sighing and still breathing hard, I threw my head back and once more gave into the sensations you were bringing me.

The juices were pouring from me, soaking the bed sheets, running down my thighs. I felt your hot breath again as you returned to taste and lap at my drenched güvenilir bahis şirketleri folds. Your fingers once more held me open, a thumb rubbed circles alternately with your tongue across the super heated flesh of my clit. It was begging for release, twitching and throbbing. You were quickly bringing me back toward that peak of pleasure. I didn’t know how much more you had in store for me of how much longer I could hold out. The buzzing sounds grew louder and then suddenly muffled as you took the object of my curiosity and slid it into my throbbing pussy. It felt round and smooth, I flexed my pussy muscles to take it in and hold it against that spot you found earlier. You pushed a little and I began to rock against that vibrating orb trying hard to keep it inside me. Higher and higher you were taking me, flooding my senses and bringing me to the pinnacle where I couldn’t hold out any longer. My hips were bucking. My head was thrashing. My pussy began to clench down harder around that amazing toy and I was grinding against your sweet tongue, pulsing and begging for release. With my back arched and my eyes squeezed shut I finally found that place somewhere between sanity and sheer madness and let myself fall over the edge into that abyss, pushing hard against your mouth, coming even harder all over your hands, your face, soaking the sheets even further and crying out-loud with the intensity of my pleasure. Oh dear god, I so needed that.

You allowed me a few silent moments to regain some composure as you slipped quietly from the bed, slid the toy back into the drawer and then settled into the bed next to me. There were no words for what I felt anyway and it seems you felt the same. When I could breathe, think straight again, I rolled towards you and smiled. “I’m not sure where that came from,” I said softly gesturing at the mess we made. You smiled and motioned me to you, gathering my body around you. Nestled against me now, with your back slightly to me, limbs beginning to intertwine and wriggling lightly to get comfortable I heard you whisper it. “Straight from your heart. It comes from your heart.” Gently stroking your arms and pulling you in closer to my soul, I was left to contemplate what transpired between us this amazing evening, as you started your journey toward sleep.

I have no memory of how long that peaceful pose of intimacy held between us. Minutes? Hours? The quality was far more important than quantification. It was a night of firsts for me. I began to regret a bit that I had taken so much from you and given nothing in return. It occurred to me, with a smile, that come morning I could certainly make that right. I just really remember the feeling of floating, of existing weightless and yet held firmly, of feeling safe and secure yet not smothered for the first time. Slowly I felt it as your breathing crossed over from the conscious to the un and your body melded into mine, transitioning from the transitory doze to the semi-permanence of slumber. I felt the tingles as my right arm took a cue from you and fell to sleep. I remember the moment the numbness and the prickles took over. I looked down over the top of your head and smiled to myself. You just never cease to amaze me. I left you briefly with my left hand to work a bit of the crisp cotton sheet and the thin woolen blanket up around us. Before you could stir I replaced that hand, back around your right elbow, back where it belonged.

The room was dark, devoid of a light source, but the inky blue of night on a dazzling full moon provided me shadows and highlights of you, of a satisfying evening. I pressed my chin a bit tighter to the top of your head, breathed deeply your special scent; the mixture of exhaustion, hard work, passion and lust that I craved tonight. My arm tingled beneath you in protest and I heed it not. Most would have moved their arm, I supposed, as I kissed the top of your head. But I’m me and not like most. In the moment before slumber over took my soul as well, I was acutely aware that I’ve lived a lifetime for a moment like this.

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