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Authors note:

All characters portrayed in this fictional story are over the age of 18 years.
This story includes incestuous unprotected sex between a young man, his mother and his grandmother.

I’m Robbie and my mom’s name is Beverly. Mom is from a mixed-race marriage, her dad French and her mom Chinese. Mom inherited the best attributes from both races. She is tall with a thin frame, flared hips and long toned legs. Her breasts are not huge, but larger than her mother’s. Her facial features lean more toward Chinese and her hair is silky black, the same as her mother’s hair.

Yes, she’s hot, but she’s much more. She is intelligent, witty and has a great sense of humor. Her smile can brighten a room when she walks in. She’s compassionate and I wouldn’t want to be with any other woman. I love my mother.

My grandmother attended college in Paris where she met her husband. She married him when she was eight months pregnant with my mother. She was eighteen at the time. Her family disowned her, which bothered her at first, but she loved her husband and had quickly become accustomed to the western lifestyle. After her graduation, my grandfather’s company relocated him to America for his business.

Mom grew up in a mixed language environment. My grandparents spoke mainly English for Mom’s benefit, but she did pick up some Chinese and French as she was growing up. Mom followed Grandmother’s path and ended up pregnant in high school. I was born right after she graduated. Her boyfriend quickly left her, having no desire to deal with the responsibilities of a family.

This left Mom in a desperate situation with no income and a child to raise. My grandparents came to the rescue and we moved in with them. Mom found a job and Gram took care of the house and helped raise me.

I was named after my grandfather. My grandmother changed her name to Carol from her original Chinese name. I’ve never heard anyone call her Carol or her original name. My mother called her Mom and I referred to her as Gram. She spent so much time raising me, that sometimes I also called her Mom. I rarely saw my grandfather as his business required a lot of travel.

Gram was a petite woman, barely five feet tall and she had to weigh less than a hundred pounds. Her legs were thin and her breasts weren’t larger than a softball, but appeared hefty on her small stature. She wore tight tee-shirts and never wore a bra, which didn’t have an effect on me when I was little. Gram and Mom loved being with each other and their conversations would change to a mix of English, French and Chinese. I think they did it when they didn’t want me to understand what they were saying.

When I was thirteen, I heard Mom and Gram having a heated argument. They were speaking in mixed languages, so I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Days later my grandparents moved out and relocated to a city a hundred miles away, leaving the house to my mother. I asked my mom what happened, but she wouldn’t divulge any details, telling me they had to move away due to my grandfather’s business.

This was the time I started to get interested in girls. My mom and I connected closer too, due to her having to take Gram’s place in raising me. She devoted all her free time to me and we were happy to be together. She encouraged me to stay in Boy Scouts and helped me acquire badges and the various awards. We were inseparable the next several years. She took extra vacation time each summer and we’d travel to other states for weeks at a time. Those were my happiest times growing up, traveling with my mom.

My first kiss on the mouth was from my mother. I had earned the God and Country Award in Boy Scouts. The award ceremony was held at the church and it was required that mother and son kiss on the lips during the presentation. It was a strange requirement and most boys dreaded this, but at this point, any kiss was welcome. When we kissed, I lingered on her full, wet lips breathing in deeply, taking in her scent. I didn’t want to part, but I didn’t want Mom to think I was a pervert, so I reluctantly pulled away.

My nightly masturbation fantasy changed to include my mother, reliving our kiss. I also started taking notice of her sexy curved body. Her skirt hemline ended at her knees, so I would only get glimpses of her smooth full thighs when she sat down. On the times she didn’t wear a bra, her larger than average breasts pushed up the material showing no sagging.

I can still remember the first time ejaculate erupted from my balls. It was a mom fantasy involving our kiss and the stolen glimpses of her thighs. Several spurts of hot cum shot out my prick as I climaxed, landing on my chest. It surprised me and I yelled out ‘Whoa’ several times. I could hear Mom’s footsteps coming down the hall. I barely had time to cover up with my sheet before she opened my door and entered with a look of concern.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” queried my concerned mom, thinking I was hurt.

“Nothing Mom, I’m good. I had a leg cramp,” I hastily canlı bahis told her, not having enough time to think of a good reason for yelling.

“Oh sweetie, that’s too bad. Let me check it out,” she said as she came over and pushed the sheet off my calf. Her hot hands massaged my exposed leg like she was working out a cramp. I froze solid as my cum was oozing up through the sheet and she had to notice my pungent cum scent.

After a couple minutes of smooth caressing, I told her, “It’s good Mom, it wasn’t a bad one.” Her stroking was having an effect on me and I had to get rid of her before my prick made a tent in front of her.

She got up and kissed me on the cheek and turned to leave. I’m sure she noticed the wet spots on the sheet and the rising lump in reaction to her caressing, but she only smirked and left without saying anything. I laughed, thinking of how my first load of cum was the result from a fantasy of kissing my Mom, from a Boy Scout award. A God and Country award, religion does work in mysterious ways.

I started dating girls my age thinking my mom fantasies would go away as I became more mature. I compared each date to Mom and never found any close contenders, physically or intellectually. My dating slowed up through the months, as I preferred to spend more time with Mom.

Mom always planned something special for certain occasions and on my eighteenth birthday she took me to a play in town followed by a nice meal. Her dress revealed an ample amount of cleavage and her skirt hemline was several inches above her knees. I didn’t pay attention to the play as I was covertly checking out my beautiful mother. She leaned into me partway through the play resting her head on my shoulder. Her silky hair felt wonderful on my cheek and her perfume was driving me crazy.

When we arrived home, she gave me a tight hug for my birthday and I could feel her meaty bra-less tits press into my chest. She released me and lightly kissed me briefly on the lips wishing me a happy birthday. Later I stroked off three times before falling asleep.

I graduated, landed an internship at Mom’s company and continued to live at home. Mom never hinted or discussed why I hadn’t moved out on my own. We continued to spend all our time together, bonding closer and closer. She hugged me tight whenever we’d get home from an outing or before going to bed. It was exciting to hold her and smell her scent and whenever possible I would gently press my hard erection into her. She didn’t physically advance our relationship and I was afraid of initiating anything in case I’d destroy the connection we were enjoying.

My physical relationship with Mom was restricted to my masturbation fantasies. I would get plenty of stroking fuel from stealing glimpses of her bare thighs and legs when we’d go out together. She was content with our situation and never questioned why I no longer went out with any girls. The months flew by and I successfully completed my internship.

I had an interview with the same company resulting in securing a full-time position which would begin in two months. I was elated, not only for the offer, but also looking forward to spending more time with Mom. My nineteenth birthday was arriving and I was looking forward to an evening with her.

I was off for only a few days when my grandfather died. My mother and Gram had rarely talked to each other since they moved out. Gram called and talked at length with Mom after his death. Mom was in good spirits during their conversation and it appeared this event was going to help mend their relationship. Gram asked us to attend the funeral and offered her house so we could spend the night, but Mom declined and decided to get a hotel room. She didn’t want to burden Gram with taking care of us when she’d be busy dealing with the arrangements.

We drove up and checked into a nice hotel. It was fully booked and we were lucky to get the last room. It was a suite with a king-sized bed in the bedroom and a couch in the front room. When we entered I offered to sleep on the couch. Mom pronounced, “No you won’t, we’ve slept in the same bed on our summer trips before. This is no different. Unless you think I’m going to snore and keep you awake.”

It was true. We did share a bed on our road trips, but I was a lot younger and not as horny. I hesitated answering, not wanting to seem too eager to sleep in the same bed with my hot mom. After a short pause I stated, “It’ll be fine Mom. I’ve never heard you snore and even if you do I’m so tired from the trip I’ll sleep through it.”

We went down to the hotel restaurant and enjoyed a nice dinner before calling it a night. She had a few glasses of wine and was feeling no pain when we left for our room. She leaned into me more than usual in the elevator and on the walk to our room. The scent of her perfume and her soft breast pushing into my arm was exhilarating. As we sat on the couch to watch TV, Mom leaned into me resting her head on my shoulder.

The time went fast as Mom rested, her hot bahis siteleri soft body against mine. In an attempt to get more comfortable, she squirmed and snuggled in closer. I hadn’t noticed before but the top few buttons on her blouse were undone and a gap opened giving me a clear view of her sexy bra. I openly stared at her barely covered breasts heaving in her restful state. The edge of her dark nipples were barely visible hiding beneath her silky blue bra. I wrapped my arm around her and held her tight enjoying the moment together. After an hour of bliss, Mom stirred and straightened up pulling her blouse together not saying anything as I leered. Her smile conveyed approval and then she broke the mood saying it was time for bed.

She told me to shower and get in bed, then she’d follow. Once I was under the covers and Mom was in the shower, I took off my tee-shirt and threw it to the floor, as I liked sleeping in shorts with nothing else. Mom had turned off the room lights before going in to take her shower. When she came out, the bathroom was dark except for a nightlight. It was dim but light enough I could see Mom was dressed in a thin nightie. Her long bare legs were on display as her sleeping attire ended a few inches below her panties. Her full bra-less tits were pushing up the material but the light was too dim to show her nipples.

She crawled in, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek telling me goodnight. She turned over so her back was facing me. I was rock hard and getting to sleep was going to be a struggle. I thought I should get up and relieve myself in the bathroom, but didn’t know how to get by Mom without her seeing my tented shorts. I decided to turn on my side with my back to her to try to sleep. I eventually drifted off reliving several of my favorite fantasies.

I woke up around six feeling overheated. I didn’t remember the room temperature excessively hot when we went to sleep. I soon discovered why as my mom had turned over in her sleep and had snuggled up next to me. One of her smooth long legs was draped over my legs. Her bouncy breasts pressed into my back and her arm was wrapped around my bare chest. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and her nightie-clad soft breasts heaving with her deep breaths as she slept.

My prick quickly hardened and found it’s way out of the slit in my shorts. I was careful not to make a move so I didn’t disturb her. It was more than sexual as I felt so secure and relaxed with her body molded to mine.

I could have remained in this position for the day, but after an hour Mom woke up. She lowered her hand to remove her arm from my chest. She went too low and her arm hit my exposed spongy prick head. I thought she’d jerk away, but instead she gently pulled her arm back keeping contact with my prick as she pulled away. My breathing stopped as Mom scraped my stiff prick along the length of her arm.

She slid her leg off mine and rolled over, getting out of bed to go to the bathroom to get dressed. It was light in the room and I rolled over to steal a glimpse of her as she walked away. The backs of her bare legs were erotic and I lustfully watched her walk away. When she got to the bathroom door, she turned and smiled saying, “Good Morning Robbie, sleep good? I hope you didn’t mind using you to keep warm. I got cold during the night.”

She turned enough to show a side profile of her full perky breasts proudly pushing up her thin nightie. I had a hard time moving up to connect our eyes, but eventually did saying, “Slept like a log, Mom. I didn’t notice anything.” She paused and made no attempt to hide her near nude body as if she were displaying it on purpose.

I wondered if she was teasing me or hesitating because she had just woke up. In either case, it had an effect on me. I hardened fast as my eyes traveled up and down her thinly covered body. My eyes connected to hers and her look told me she knew I was lustfully leering at her.

Her smile grew wide, as she turned and closed the door to change. I got up and threw on my clothes and was ready to go when Mom emerged looking radiant as ever. We left the hotel and went to the funeral services. Mom and Gram hugged each other in their grief and they had a lengthy conversation. I was hoping they’d get back together as I could tell Mom missed the talks with her mother. Gram hugged me tight telling me how much she missed me and was surprised at how much I’d grown. I told her I missed her too and kissed her on the cheek.

On the way home, Mom teared up a few times. I tried to cheer her up as I hated to see her in a depressed state. As we neared home, Mom told me she was overcome with emotion, not from her dad’s death, but from connecting again with her mother. She missed the close relationship they enjoyed when she was younger

Their brief connection at the funeral resulted in Mom and Gram talking more frequently on the phone. After a few weeks, they were talking and laughing together at length on a daily basis. Mom was happier than ever and we had a marvelous dinner bahis şirketleri for my nineteenth birthday. At this point, my love and lust was solely focused on my mother. My fantasies were strictly of her and I would openly admire her sexy assets when we were together. She never scolded me for staring and her skirts were becoming noticeably shorter.

I still had a few weeks before I started work and was looking forward to advancing my relationship with Mom. I was thinking of various ways to seduce her, when I heard her talking to her mother with a mix of French, Chinese and English like they used to do. I heard my name mentioned several times as I tried without success to understand their dialogue. After Mom hung up, she called me in to the kitchen to talk to her.

She explained that her mother needed someone to help around the house and was feeling lonely with the passing of my grandfather. She offered my services for a week. This threw a wrench in my seduction plan and she saw my disappointment. She pleaded and I couldn’t resist her seductive smile and told her I’d be glad to do it. She promised she’d make up for it during the free time I’d have when I got back by taking us somewhere nice.

On my way out to go to Gram’s house, Mom hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips. This was a progression from the usual cheek kissing. Our lips lingered together longer than the usual peck. I breathed in deep taking in her familiar scent which always made me hard. Was she advancing our relationship, or was she conveying to me she would miss me? We parted and she smiled sexily while telling me goodbye.

Driving to Gram’s my thoughts were monopolized with the recent events with Mom. The warmth of the sensual parting kiss still lingered on my lips. The sexy near-nude display she openly offered at the hotel and then the accidental scraping of her arm across my hard cock were images keeping me hard. Her smiles had transitioned, more like wanting or lustful, or was it my horny imagination running away. My destination town quickly appeared as I continued to think of Mom.

I arrived and knocked on Gram’s door, not entirely sure of how she would treat me after our lengthy separation. We were close when I was younger and fun memories flashed by as I waited for her. Gram answered the door and hugged me tight. I forgot how small she was and as she held me her head was on my chest and her hard bra-less breasts pushed into my stomach. My hardening prick slammed into her midriff. I had to quickly back off to avoid embarrassment.

She looked much younger than her actual mid-fifty years. Her skin was smooth and she had maintained her thin build. She was wearing shorts and as she gave me a tour through the house I admired her legs. They were much thinner than Mom’s, but still sexy. She was wearing a tight tee-shirt like she did when I was a child and her nipples were pushed out tight against the material. I doubt if she owned a bra, not needing one to support her small perky breasts.

After I got situated in my room, I met her in the kitchen and we discussed the jobs she had for me. I could see a lot of Mom in her facial features. She had the same cute china-doll smile that kept me hard while she talked. I hadn’t noticed how sexy she was when I was growing up. I pictured how she would look riding my cock, but was worried at the same time of breaking her, as she looked so delicate.

I began working on the jobs the next day and she’d help me through each one. She was more touchy than I remembered and hugged me repeatably and kept telling me what a handsome young man I turned out to be. She pampered me and our relationship quickly returned to the close affectionate state when she was raising me. Nothing was too good for her grandson.

I was surprised at Gram’s lack of grief for Granddad’s passing and wondered if they had emotionally separated long ago. She never mentioned him and her mood was vibrantly happy. She dressed much less conservative than Mom, showing off her bare legs and midriff. She’d wear a short robe in the morning and it was open enough to show the insides of her small breasts when she’d bend down to pour coffee.

I was never reprimanded when I openly stared in her robe, sometimes seeing her aroused pink nipples proudly standing out. After working hard all day, she’d give me a neck and shoulder massage after my shower and her tiny hands felt wonderful on my sore muscles.

The days were hot and we both wore shorts. Our legs touched while working and I suspected she was intentionally making as much skin contact as she could. After a particularly strenuous day of work she told me she’d give me a nice massage before our showers.

We changed to our robes and I laid on her bed face down. She positioned herself so her knees were pressed to the outside of my legs. She pulled my robe off and threw it to the floor. I was nude as Gram began massaging my shoulders and back with her hot tiny hands. She worked lower until she got to my ass cheeks. She gripped them and mauled them like I had imagined massaging Mom’s breasts. She pushed them up and I felt cold air hit my ball sack as it was exposed. I heard her breathe deeply and sigh, keeping my pelvis elevated while checking out her grandson’s balls and shaft.

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