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Claire sat alone in her room. The hot sun shone through the window on the sticky May day. The small dorm room was incredibly hot since the air conditioner in the old building had broken and no one ever bothered to really fix it or replace it. Claire was 19 and still excited about living in college away from her parents. The thrill of new people, new experiences, and learning new things all of it was great. She was usually rather shy but her room mate Tori had helped her to come out of her shell. Tori had gotten her to do her first shot, drink her first beer, smoke her first joint, and go out to the party where she hooked up with her first boy at college. While some of the experiences had been better than others all of them were fun if only to look back on.

Claire was finding herself in a position she had never been in during high school, she was free. She had spent most of high school dating the same guy and while it had been good she had never really had time to go out and experience things. Now she was making up for lost time. People were hitting on her and she loved the new found attention. While she didn’t think of herself as pretty she always turned heads when she walked into a room. Her dark hair set off by her soft white skin. Even though she didn’t show off her body too much she had great amble 36-C breasts and a nice round ass that helped to gain the attention of the boys that she met and even some of the girls.

Interestingly enough Claire was currently preoccupied with thoughts of her room mate. They had become very close over the first year of school and already planned on living together next year. Claire sat reflecting on how Tori looked. She had a great figure and while her breasts were not as big as her own she had a killer ass and nice flat stomach that made her ass look even better. Claire caught herself more than once trying to sneak peaks at Tori while she changed. It proved to not be very difficult since Tori never really tried to cover up, ever. She had no problem showing off her body for drinks, laughs, or just for the attention in general. Claire was jealous of how confident she was.

While Claire thought about girls as being beautiful or attractive before she had never thought about it as much as she did with Tori. The more she thought the hotter the room seemed to get. Claire slide off her cloths except for her thong telling herself it was because she wanted to cool off. She figured Tori wouldn’t be back for a while and even if she was it wouldn’t bother her to come back and find her room mate half naked. Her thoughts started to drift back to Tori. She remembered one night when she had brought a boy home and they had fucked while Claire was “asleep”. She remembered how horny it had made her to listen to her best friend cuming and how wet it had made her at the very thought of her friend getting off.

Claire could feel something tingling in her pussy at the memory. Her nipples started to harden as she ran her hands over them. Her thoughts hadn’t exactly formulated but soon she was imagining that they were the hands of Tori on her. She caressed her neck, down her chest over her nipples gently applying a little more pressure where needed.

Her thoughts started off as vague but soon started canlı bahis şirketleri to become more and more detailed. Claire licked her fingers and rolled them over her now erect nipples imagining Tori’s tongue gliding slowly over her. She could see Tori’s face looking back up at her as she sucked seductively on her nipples, her soft tongue rolling back and forth over them.

Slowly her hands make their way down the milky white skin of her stomach, past the seam on her thong. She admired the smoothness of her nicely shaven pussy. Another lick of her fingers and she started to run her fingers over her clit, again the image of Tori’s tongue and face buried deep in her pussy enveloped over her. She could see it as though it were actually happening, Tori’s sexy eyes staring back up at her while she devoured Clarie’s pussy. She started to work her pussy faster and faster getting wetter and wetter as she continued to imagine the sexy exchange.

Claire could feel the orgasm building. She slipped into it letting her fantasy wash over her, replacing reality. She didn’t feel the hot air around her only the body heat of her lover. She didn’t feel the fingers on her pussy only the tongue of Tori working it’s magic. She didn’t even hear the door open as Tori, the real Tori walked into the room.

Tori couldn’t believe what she saw before her. Here was her room mate and best friend ruthlessly masturbating eyes closed apparently on the brink of orgasm and she hadn’t even noticed that Tori had entered the room. Tori was no prude and there was only the shock that the door hadn’t been locked that even made her stop in her place. Tori quietly closed the door and resigned herself to watching the show.

It was quite a sight, Claire sitting there almost totally naked hand buried in her thong working furiously on her clit. Tori had to admit that she was even turned on. Just when Tori thought Claire was about to cum she heard Claire softly moaning,

“Yes Tori, yes please don’t stop…”

Tori gasped. Was Claire actually thinking about her? Claire started moaning softly, obviously trying to contain her excitement so as not to be caught. Tori would have laughed at the fact she had already been caught had she not been so shocked that the subject of Claire’s mid day fantasy had been her.

Claire was on cloud nine. The last waves of orgasm passing over her finally subsiding she started to come back down to earth. Her body was totally relaxed. Her mind however was not filled with more desire than ever before.

“So how was your day? Not that I really need to ask.” Tori said matter of factly.

Claire jumped. Everything was wrong. Questions rushed over her now tensing body. Tori had come in, how did she not notice the door opening? Shouldn’t she have been at class? What had she heard?

“Uh…I didn’t, I mean its not what it looks like, eh…..fuck.” Claire was now scrabbling for her cloths and simply just pulled a blanket over her from her bed.

“Hey Claire don’t worry about it.” Tori felt bad about startling her friend but the mischievous side of her couldn’t resist. “Everybody does it its no big deal, I should have knocked.”

“Yeah, well I guess you just scared me that’s all.” Claire reached down canlı kaçak iddaa to pick up her bra.

Tori considered for a moment. Then before giving herself time to think twice about it started to speak.

“You know, I heard you moaning my name.”

Another wash of anxiety came over Claire again. Busted. Her first lesbian fantasy caught by the very object of her affection. How could she explain this, more importantly how could she make it so she didn’t lose her room mate and best friend.

“I’m sorry I just…”She didn’t even get the comment out before she was interrupted.

“Don’t worry about it Claire. I take it as a compliment. It’s kinda hot knowing that I can get off a girls as well as guys.”

“Are you sure?”

“Actually I’m curious as to what you were thinking, exactly.” Tori started to play with the bottom of her shirt bringing it up and down, giving Claire the sultry look that she had seen Tori give so often to boys she wanted to fuck.

“I can’t tell you that.” The statement was idol. When Tori gave anyone who lusted after her that look they already belonged to her. They would undoubtedly do whatever she said.

“Sure you can.” Tori pulled her shirt up just bellow her breasts, teasing the already half naked girl in front of her. “Don’t be embarrassed.”

“Well I was thinking about you, taking off those cloths and giving me all the pleasure I had to give myself a minute ago.” Claire couldn’t resist it anymore. She was already burning with desire again.

“Well in that case…” Tori removed her cloths slowly teasing with every movement of her curvaceous body. Then she moved over to the bed. “How was I giving you that pleasure exactly?”

“I think you can use your imagination.” Claire’s talk was cut off by Tori’s lips pressing against hers. The light kiss quickly turned into a deep passionate embrace each woman’s hands exploring the others. Their hand’s roaming over ever curve and piece of smooth skin. Tori broke their kiss and began to lick around Claire’s ears, and down to the sensitive skin on her neck. Claire let out a soft moan as Tori’s tongue maneuvered in little circles over her skin. A tingle shot up Tori’s spin as she started licking up and down and knew that she was driving her friend wild. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise that they were crossing this line. They had always commented on how attractive they thought the other was and they had made out at parties to get the guys going but part of Tori had always enjoyed it and apparently, it had been mutual.

Claire was in disbelief. Here she was with her best friend about to fulfill her every fantasy. Each stroke of Tori’s tongue and each embrace was electric. Tori was now working her way down to her nipples. Claire longed now for the fulfillment of her earlier fantasy of Tori licking her nipples.

Tori felt Claire tense up the closer and closer she got to Claire’s breasts. Tori had always been considered a great lover because she was able to read body language and hold off just enough to get her partner wanting more. She had found what she Claire really wanted and was going to hold off just long enough to drive her crazy.

The suspense was driving Claire mad. Her nipples were longing for the touch canlı kaçak bahis of Tori’s tongue. Each moment they weren’t there was more torturous, and yet delicious. Time seemed to drag on and on. Claire tried everything, she started playing with Tori’s nipple hopping she would get the hint that that was what she wanted. She tried bringing her chest up every time Tori’s face got close to them, each time denied as Tori moved on. Finially she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Lick my nipples.” She breathed half panting with desire half trying not to shock her new lover.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you said.” Tori said between licks.

Claire didn’t repeat herself, she just grabbed Tori’s head and forced it down to her waiting nipple. Tori didn’t argue and took the queue that now was the time to give her lover what she wanted. Tori worked her expert tongue over Claire’s nipple driving her wild. Then she moved to the other giving each equal attention, rolling the other between her fingers.

“You like that don’t you?” Tori said looking up from between those prefect breasts. “Well now its time for me to do something that I’ve wanted to do since I walked in that door.” With that she ran her hands down the sides of Claire’s body and grabbed the thong that she was still wearing and pulling it down over the long legs of Claire’s and discarded it.

Without another word Tori started to work her tongue on the smooth shaved pussy of Claire. Slowly she started working around and around her pussy increasing her speed as she went on. Claire didn’t even know what to do with herself. Her body was a torrent of lust and pleasure. Still there was something more she wanted even more than the pleasure she was receiving. She wanted to give back to Tori.

“Get that pussy of yours up here so I can taste it, your not going to be the only one who gets to have all the fun.”

Tori swung her legs up around her best friends face into the sixty nine position. Claire couldn’t get over how intoxicating the aroma was. She greedily began to lick Tori’s clit for all she was worth. Tori gasped into Claire’s pussy surprised how well she had worked up her new lover. For both of them not being experienced with other women they were doing wonderfully, each working the other with the skills of an expert.

Claire couldn’t hold on any longer she knew her orgasm was near. She began to buck, and grind Tori’s face as she got closer and closer until finely she was in the midst of the most powerful and erotic orgasm of her life. She screamed as she buried her face into the sweet pussy in her face and licked madly. Tori couldn’t believe what was happening. She had never felt anything like this; it was like five orgasms rolled into one.

The two of them just erupt into orgasms almost simultaneously, neither one of them knowing what to do. After a while they just sat there panting still embracing. Sweat dripping from their bodies. Neither of them spoke for quite a while the incident that had just occurred replaying in their heads.

Tori was the first one to break the silence after moving up so they were face to face.

“That was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever done.”

“Me too.” Was all Claire could manage.

“I hope I can help you out like that again sometime.”

“You better”

“Hey, what are friends for?” Tori laughed.

“I don’t know about you but I need a shower.” There was a pause as a smile came across Claire’s face. “You mind helping wash my back?”

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