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A JOCKIn the summer of my sophomore year I was home from school stocking shelvesat a small clothing store. I went out for drinks with a woman I workedwith. She’s the only person I’d confided in that I was gay. I had onlyadmitted it to myself recently but had pretty much known it all along.There was no one in town I’d go out with. My high school friends had gonethere own way. Not that I had many friends in high school. I didn’t playsports, didn’t date girls, and always felt generally out of place, nevergood enough to fit in with the popular crowd. At about midnight she got acall and had to leave. I was finishing my beer and getting ready to go whena familiar face walked over to me at the bar. It was a guy I went to highschool with but never really talked to him. He looked at me quizzicallyand slurred, “Did we go to high school together?” Of course I knew hisface. He was with the cool crowd. Pretty girlfriend, very good looking,played 2 varsity sports. And now he was pretty hammered. We handledintroductions and sat and talked, mostly about his illustrious footballcareer in high school. By the time we relived every game since hissophomore year (I hate football but he was nice to look at and I feltsomehow important that I was talking to him) it was 2 am and he was barelyable to navigate to the bathroom. After a brief conversation (if you wantto call it that) I was able to convince him to let me drive him home. Igot him in my car and he passed out cold. I had no idea where he lived so Itook him to my apartment. When we walked in he dove on the couch.”This your place?””Ya.””I can crash here?””Ya.””Cool. Got anything to eat?””I can pop a frozen pizza in.””Great. Do it.”When I got back to the living room he had stripped down to his tightiewhities, turned the TV on and was making himself pretty much at home. Wechatted a little as he polished off the pizza in, what I believe, was worldrecord time. As focused as he was on that pizza gave me time to surveywhat was in front of me. He had a remarkable body, strong, defined, andsmooth. My guess is that even the straight guys he shared a locker roomwith envied his girlfriend. When he finished the pizza he picked up apicture of a female friend and I that was on the table. “She’s hot. Thisyour chick?” “Uh…no. Just a friend. Actually…I’m gay.” Couldn’tbelieve I just said it. Maybe I had too much to drink too.”Really?””Uh…ya.” He had a perplexed look on his face.”Oh. Sorry.”Was this douche offering condolences that I was gay? Christ. “Nothing to besorry for man.” At that moment I was pretty sure he had never (knowingly)been in the presence bahis firmaları of a gay man. Alone. And in his underwear. I waswaiting for the panic to set in, but I think the alcohol dulled the trauma.”So…you wanna blow me?” It sounded part like a question, part like aproposition.”Um…just cuz I’m gay doesn’t mean I wanna blow every guy I see.””Oh.” He looked confused, but I’m guessing this dude spent a lot of timethat way. It was quiet for a long minute. I didn’t want to drop kick thisopportunity. I had admired him from afar my whole teenage life. So I tooka chance. “Although I admit I’d thought about it before…””Thought about what?” Jesus he was gonna make me say it?”…thought about blowing you.”Blank look. “Cool.” Without standing up he hooked his thumb in hiswaistband, pulled off his underpants, gave me that now familiar blank look,and said “Ok man, have at it.” With such a warm proposal, how could I not?I dropped to my knees in front of him and took a good look. I hate toadmit it, but it really was beautiful, even in it’s drunken, flaccid state.Thick, musky smelling, hairy (apparently he didn’t believe in grooming). Itook the head in my mouth and rolled it around. The first minute or so hewas still soft and I began to wonder was he too drunk, was I not doing itright, or could he be spooked by the fact that a guy was sucking his dick.Simultaneously I heard a moan and felt junior coming to life. It was worththe wait. Thick and strong, just like him. His legs spread out and Iincorporated ball licking into the program (a very nice set of eggs onhim). I felt his hand on the top of my head, not so much pushing asguiding. We got into a pretty good rhythm and I went to pull off to lickhis balls, but as I attempted to pull off to head south I felt his handpush down on my head. He wasn’t letting me take his cock out of my mouth.I had kinda felt in charge till now. No more. I continued to suck, thenheard a buzz. His cell. He answered, “Ya…hey…ya…(chuckle)…dude ifI told you you wouldn’t believe me…” (likely in response to the question”what are you doing”) “ya you remember Tom from high school?” I startedmumbling so he let his dick out of my mouth…”It’s Tim…my name’s Tim…””Oh, ya sorry, Tim from high school? Turns out he’s fuckin gay and he’sblowing me right now…no man serious…swear to God…listen…”He held the fuckin phone up to my mouth so his buddy could hear theslurping. “See…what?…ya hang on.” He pulled the phone away from hismouth and pulled his cock out again. “Hey you mind if my buddy comes overfor a blow job?””Um…I…uh…””Ya dude he’s perabet güvenilir mi good with it.” He gave him the address. Me and Dan lit up ajoint and took a break. Fifteen minutes later I was back on my knees.Then I heard the front door opening up behind me. It was Dan’s friend Rob.I definitely remember Rob. Big guy, had football (linebacker I think)offers from mid-major D1 schools till he blew out his ACL the summer beforehis senior year. Made him violent and angry. Make that more violent andangry than he was before. He’d beat up a few guys on a bad day, and on agood day he’d give out atomic wedgies for kicks. One of my friendsactually stopped wearing underwear to school because of Rob Hollins. Hewalked in and took a good look at his buddy being serviced. “How does hesuck?” “Like a Hoover man. You want a turn?” “Nah man. I can get headwhenever I want. I wanna take his ass.”This wasn’t part of the deal for me. I had tried anal a couple times andwasn’t crazy about it. Besides, who knew what these drunk, testosteroneladen assholes were capable of? But at 140 lbs and a dick in my mouth Iwasn’t really in position to take charge. I felt my knees being lifted offthe ground with the force of Rob pulling my shorts off. When they came offI felt a hard slap to my right butt cheek. “Oh ya,” said Rob, “this’llwork.As I heard his clothes dropping to the floor I heard Rob saying “…alwayswanted a tight ass pussy…if she won’t give it to me…”. I was trying topush Dan’s dick out of my mouth to tell Rob to go easy, but Dan wasdetermined to keep his dick in deep. I was a little scared but a littleexcited too. Suddenly I felt a finger jam up my ass and heard Rob yell,”HELL YA BABY WE GOT A TIGHT ONE HERE!”. I had remembered hearing Rob’shigh school girlfriend telling people that Rob was crazy but in bed he wasa wonderful lover. I learned in the next 15 minutes that Rob’s high schoolgirlfriend was fucking delusional. I’ll give him the fact that he eased itin, but once there, he was like a freight train. The only time he let upwas when he’d pull my head back by grabbing my hair (I was in the freakindoggie position) and say “BEG FOR THAT COCK BITCH”. Once Dan was satisfiedthe begging was sufficient he’d shove it back in my mouth, Rob would shovehis back in my ass and the party continued. I’d even hear them occasionallygiving each other a high five. At one point I heard them mumbling to eachother but couldn’t make out what they said. Suddenly they both pulled out,Dan laid back on the couch on his back, and Rob lifted my naked body on topof Dan, who was holding his tipobet stiffie straight up in the air…and Rob waslowering me onto it. For the next 5 minuets or so they laughed while I rodeDan’s cock. Then I felt Robs hand on my back, pushing me down toward Dan’sface. When I heard Rob say, “Now…
let’s see how many our boy here cantake”, I knew what was coming and I knew I was in trouble. But like I feltbefore, there was nothing I could do. Dan stopped pumping me from below.Rob held me in place. And slowly, very slowly, Rob started pushing hiscockhead in my asshole, the asshole that was already housing Dan’s cock. Iwas getting DP’d. Holy fuck. If anyone tells you it doesn’t hurt, they’refull of shit. Cuz it does. Once Rob was inside Dan stayed still in me butRob picked up the pace. He wrapped his arms around me from behind so Icouldn’t even brace myself. My face was lodged and helpless in nape ofDan’s neck. Ironically it was Dan’s dick I felt convulsing first andseconds later he let out a yell and I could feel his juice filling myalready full ass. Once he finished all 3 of us laid there a second, almostsurprised by what had just happened, and I guess not knowing exactly whatto do. Finally they both pulled out, Rob with a bone and Dan with a justspend semi. I was exhausted and just laid there on my stomach till I heardRob say to Dan, “Oh man look at that cummy asshole hahaha”. I immediatelyclosed my legs as I didn’t want my hole to be a source of amusement. Danwalked around so they were both behind me and Dan slapped my ass and said,”Come on, open up, lemme see the little guy hahaha.” But I wouldn’t givethem the satsifation of seeing my spent hole. Rob then reached between mylegs from behind, grabbed my cock with authority, and puuuuuuuullllllledit. Holy shit that hurt. I heard Rob behind me saying to Dan, “See, youjust have to pull his little tab and his while asshole opens up like aflower hahaha. Here, grab a handful of your cream off his hole. Let’s seeif he likes cum.” I felt a hand run down my slick asscrack (no idea who’shand it was), then felt the hand get shoved in my face. I closed my eyesas I was getting pinned down. I could smell the hand as it was gettingcloser and I heard Dan saying “Eat my junk. Eat it right off your hole.” Idid. Every drop till they were done. At least I thought they were donetill I heard Rob say, “suck the stank off my cock boy”. He shoved it in mymouth, deep like Dan’s. I never had to move. The fucker freakin powerfucked my mouth the way he power fucked my ass. When he started to cum hepractically yelled “DRINK FROM THE TAP BITCH”. It was on my face, in myhair, and down my throat. I laid there on the floor hoping they’d go. Iwas spent. They got dressed and noticed my damn erection as they werewalking out. Dan said to Rob, “Should be beat him off or something?” Dansmiled and said “Maybe next time.”

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