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By six a.m. Alex was out of the tent and jogging down Anderson road toward Williams Road to explore the summer countryside of Maine. At that early morning hour it was quiet and peaceful. On his return, he took the part of Anderson road that hugged Bunganut Lake. When he re-entered the campground he passed by campsite B1; Steve’s location. He slowed.

Out in the water he saw two small wakes disturbing the surface of the water. He stopped. The waves ran parallel to the shore. Alex watched, recovering from his run, catching his breath and feeling the sweat drip down his back. The water was inviting but his impulse was to hide. From the shadow of a tree, he watched the two swimmers turn toward shore. Perfect, almost synchronized strokes beat the surface creating white froth. When it was too shallow the two mermen, Hirsh and Fred, stood and emerged onto the beach. They grabbed towels left on a tree trunk and dried off their slick bodies. As they approached the one large tent on their campsite the men stripped off their wet speedos and flung them on a tree limb to dry. For a brief moment, Alex stared as two beautiful male specimens, lean and muscular, were bathed in early morning light. They were primal and raw and powerful but also graceful. Then they slipped between the tent flaps and they were hidden.

Alex swallowed hard and instinctively a hand roamed to his crotch. He escaped the tree shadow and walked quietly toward the tent. ‘Where is Steve?’ he wondered but he was also considering what Fred and Hirsh might be doing naked inside the tent.

When Alex was within ten feet Fred popped out of the tent flaps dressed in bicycle riding gear and noticed Alex’s stealthy approach.

“Hey, can I help you?” Fred asked in a low and annoyed baritone.

Alex looked around nonchalantly in an attempt to hide his more sinister espionage. He was failing at it and he knew that he was failing.

“Um, well, I’m wondering – is Steve around?” he finally asked hoping the answer would be no because he really didn’t want to face the bearded man.

“Oh,” Fred said slightly more relaxed. “Nah – he was only here during the day yesterday. Say – are you that kid – that runner?” A small smile curled on Fred’s lips as he took two steps toward the nervous young man.

“Run- runner? I don’t – I mean – no – no I’m not that runner.” Alex stammered.

Fred eyed Alex up and down and suddenly Alex realized that his sweat-soaked tee-shirt, runners shorts, and prized ASIC shoes betrayed his denial. He also realized that Fred was talking about athletic running and not the ‘I am enjoying kissing a bearded man too much’ kind of running.

“Well, I do run,” Alex said in a monotone as he stared at his shoes. When he looked up Hirsh had joined Fred outside of the tent and both men looked imposing in their skin tight bike shorts and shirts with helmets in hand. In a moment they had evolved ten thousand years, from being primitive homo sapiens with naked bodies worshipping the sun to becoming modern day soldiers of the asphalt with space age suits and scientifically designed helmets.

Fred patted Hirsh’s abdomen and pointed to Alex. “This is the kid Steve was talking about. He’s supposed to be pretty fast.”

“Hey,” Hirsh grunted as a greeting. “I’m Hirsh.”

Alex paused and then realized it was his turn. “Hey. I’m Alex.”

“Well – you may want to check back later today or tomorrow. Steve said he might stop by again,” Fred offered and then both men turned toward their bikes.

“Do you ride?” Hirsh asked over his shoulder as he straddled his mountain bike.

“I don’t ride bikes,” Alex answered and then realized Hirsh might be thinking that Alex rode other things, like the hips of men as they had their way with him. “I mean, I don’t have a bike like that,” Alex answered again but this time more loudly. He gestured like he was grabbing bike handlebars but his hands looked like he was jerking off two men. Hirsh threw him a quizzical look then took off on his bike and Fred followed.

The next morning Alex was up and running again. This time, he didn’t exit out on Anderson Road. Instead, he chose to do laps around the graveled driveway of the campground. The mile loop led to all the individual sites, including B19 and B1.

On his 6th pass he saw them out on the lake. The two wakes of water approached the shore and then the wakes turned into men as they rose up from the lake. Like yesterday, they walked to shore, stripped naked and ducked inside the tent. But on this morning they didn’t immediately exit. They remained in the tent. Alex ran another loop and when he passed B1 the bikes were still leaning against the trees.

Alex stopped running and moved to his hiding spot from behind a tall and fat oak. He pretended to be recovering from his jog in the case of passers-by but kept his eyes focused on the immobile tent. He wasn’t sure exactly why he stopped to spy. He appreciated their expectation of privacy. What did he care what the two naked men were up to canlı bahis anyway? Plus, what did he expect to see – or hear – sitting thirty some feet away from the red and yellow igloo looking abode. Still, he was drawn to the secret.

He was about to move to a closer spot when he heard the crunch of gravel under shoe and turned around.

Steve stood ten feet away and was walking quietly toward him. “Hey Alex,” Steve said in a conspiratorial whisper, “did you lose a contact or something?”

“Oh – huh – geez!” Alex exhaled in surprise then stood up straight. “No – what – contact? I’m just catching my breath.”

“Uh-huh,” Steve offered with a knowing grin and walked closer. Alex pressed himself up against the tree.

Steve wore his bike gear and Alex was immediately struck by his appearance. It made him look solid and strong but also lithe; like a cheetah ready to pounce. The white shirt with black and yellow trim seemed shrink-wrapped to his body. Each muscle, rib, and his sizable pecs were outlined under the white garb. A dark gray picture of the Eifel Tower spanned his abs and chest. The tip of the tower split his chest in two and pointed up toward his chin. ‘Tour de France’ was scrawled in cursive on his rib cage with a red white and blue French flag waving in dynamic glory. Tight black shorts with yellow trim outlined more of his muscle in great detail and Alex flashed to the hand job he had given Steve a couple of days earlier. He had an urge to reach out and touch the powerful member again.

As Steve walked toward Alex the young man in baggy tee-shirt and loose fitting shorts held his breath and suddenly felt under-dressed. Steve’s hand went to his beard and he played with the hairs while eyeing Alex with thought and a little suspicion. He was about to pass Alex when he stopped, turned his face towards Alex’s cheek and whispered, “If you want to see what two men do while camping, I have a better spot for you. Follow me!” Steve walked along the edge of the beach just in front of Fred and Hirsh’s tent and disappeared into the woods on the other side. He didn’t look back.

Initially frozen in place, Alex quickly scampered forward, following Steve’s footprints to join him on the other side of the beach, and the other side of the tent. Steve had moved further into the woods but closer to the tent and stood behind two trees not more than ten feet from the tent flaps.

Alex paused and then quietly joined his fellow spy. Steve made room for the young man who positioned himself in between the two trees. The trees created a perfect hiding place. Their width easily hid their bodies. But the tree trunks formed a narrow ‘V’ as they reached for the sky. By looking through the split a person had a perfect view of campsite B1 and the tent. Alex stuck his head in the ‘V’ and leaned against the trees with his hands and shoulders.

“Now, you have to be very quiet,” Steve whispered. “They’d be pissed off if they caught us.”

Alex just nodded an obedient yes. Then he heard and felt Steve move behind him, presumably to get a better view of the action over Alex’s head. Alex leaned down slightly. Steve pressed forward and leaned intimately against Alex’s back. Alex looked over his shoulder, he gulped, then looked forward again. Steve was not just crowding his personal space, he was occupying it.

Steve’s beard fell on Alex’s neck and shoulder. It tickled but also felt comforting. “Now the thing is,” Steve whispered. The words caught Alex off guard and he shivered. He swallowed hard again and his body twitched. Steve noticed the reaction and settled in that much closer. “The thing is,” Steve continued in a soft slow tone directly into Alex’s ear, “Fred and Hirsh have known each for a long time. They are like brothers. They competed in various track and field events since grade school. They know each other very, very well. They support each other. In fact, Hirsh is engaged to Fred’s sister.”

Alex stiffened at the revelation but was pressed up against the tree by Steve’s body. Steve chuckled. “You mean – he’s cheating on both of them?” Alex asked stunned at the news and he wondered if this was normal for adults in Portland, or for gay men for that matter.

“Well, no,” Steve said amused at the misunderstanding. “Now, like I said you have to be very quiet. Don’t make a sound, agreed?”

Alex nodded yes and felt the tickle of beard. Steve continued. “Good. You won’t see any sexual acts coming from that tent because Fred and Hirsh aren’t gay.”

Alex stiffened again and felt his blood turn his skin on fire. Then Steve kissed Alex’s exposed neck. The beard brushed up against his skin like a soft cloth and Alex sucked in a deep breath. Steve’s lips parted and a soft meaty tongue licked and played with the skin in small circles. Alex felt Steve’s spit lubricate his nape and the sensation fired off nerve endings that coursed through his body. Many of the electrical charges found their way to his crotch and he felt his cock come to life.

In a panic, bahis siteleri Alex used his hands to push against the tree in an attempt to move Steve backward and fashion a quiet escape but the stone of a man was not budging. Instead, Alex just pressed further into his rocky flesh. Alex was suddenly aware of every bump on Steve’s torso. His chest pressed into his shoulder blades. His abs breathed in and out against the small of Alex’s back. And pressed against his fleshy ass was the unmistakable hardness of Steve’s prick.

“Shhh,” Steve whispered then resumed the soft kissing.

Alex had a choice. He could resist and leave. He could yell. Two large men were just a few feet away and surely they would come to his aid if confronted with the rape and abuse of another heterosexual. Alex could escape if he wanted to. But then he would have to abandon the warm powerful planet that sucked him into its orbit. The soft beard caressing his neck and cheek would no longer tickle and delight. And to Alex’s great surprise, he felt a sudden longing for the hard muscle pressed up against his ass cheeks.

Alex didn’t call out or seek the help of Fred and Hirsh. Instead, he leaned into the feeling. He cocked his head to capture more of the wonderful beard against skin. He parted his feet a bit and bent at the knees, and he pressed his ass backward into Steve’s hard midsection. And Alex closed his eyes and let out a long exhale that sounded like a moan of satisfaction.

Steve was quick to rebuke Alex’s timid outburst. “Shhh,” he offered again but now more urgently and his hand grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair to pull his head back an inch to prove he was serious.

Alex gulped but understood. He tried to apologize to Steve with his eyes, but the older man would not raise his head enough to make contact. Instead, he just breathed into Alex’s ear and pressed his hips into Alex’s hips. Alex felt an odd emptiness at the inability to communicate his sincere regret and his breath quickened then he desperately pressed hard against Steve as an alternative method of apology. This one Steve accepted with his own pressing and Alex felt his hands cut deeper into the bark but he didn’t care; he held his ground and felt the rod slide in between his cheeks.

Steve kept one hand on Alex’s shoulder but dropped the other and it wrapped around to massage his breasts. It was a surprising turn on and the men ground harder into each other. Steve’s large palm and fingers groped with slow and powerful grabs. Then the hand on Alex’s shoulder slipped around his neck and Alex was held in place with a gentle choke hold. The result was a tighter bond as Steve used his strength and power to pull Alex into his chest and for a moment Alex felt like he was melting into the body. He felt each of Steve’s deep breaths and tried to match the rhythm.

There was a rustling and Steve stopped his motion and held his breath. Alex looked forward wide-eyed, expecting a man to emerge from the tent. A moment ago that man would have been his savior. Now Alex regarded the men in the tent as his foe and his adversary. They could ruin everything.

‘Ruin what exactly?’ Alex wondered. His secret gay crush? Ruin his future wedded bliss with Kim? Last night he had made love to Kim. It was good. It was fine and he barely thought about Steve or his beard or his cock. And Alex considered that maybe there was still time to be saved – to be plucked from this dalliance and wayward curiosity to rejoin the club of heterosexuals. He opened his mouth. He expected himself to say something, to yell out, or at least offer a mild squeak.

Then Steve kissed his neck and ground into him and Alex closed his eyes. He gave into the power but also wished it to be over. If he stayed quiet, if he did what he was told, if he gave into Steve this one last time, then perhaps no one would ever know. He’d leave for school, he’d see Kim on weekends. He’d chalk this up to a grand experiment. He ground deeper against Steve hoping that he could dry fuck him to climax. The master could get his glorious rocks off and Alex could return to his campsite. But Alex was rewarded with a surprise. Steve’s hand stopped kneading and rubbing his breasts and shot down in search of more tangible muscle. The hand easily found it in Alex’s crotch poking up against the thin material of his running shorts.

Alex opened his eyes wide again and tried to turn his head but Steve’s hold kept him looking forward. Alex gasped. ‘Oh my god,’ he thought to himself and understood this was getting real. A man was jerking him off; getting him ready. And as Steve rubbed his dick through the material Alex became aware at the stiffness of his erection. It almost hurt as Steve pushed it down to Alex’s thigh and created friction between dick head and lean upper leg. It seemed to be longer than ever and stretched down to almost escape the hem of his shorts.

Steve pressed his hips forward while pulling Alex’s hips backward and Alex dropped his head against Steve’s forearm almost choking bahis şirketleri himself but it didn’t matter because he was barely breathing. Alex shivered as Steve’s stroking continued, pressing cock between fabric and leg. Then Steve adjusted Alex’s dick to point up and the waistband of the man’s shorts held the head in place so that it pointed upward to his stomach that was heaving in uncontrolled rhythm.

“Ungh,” Alex exhaled and was rewarded with a tightening of the chokehold and a “Shhh,” exhaled into his ear. The closeness and powerlessness were beginning to overwhelm Alex. He was feeling his groin tighten. His skin was on fire. His knees began to grow weak and he let himself be held up by Steve’s powerful embrace.

Steve now used his massive paw to rub the still hidden underside of Alex’s cock. His hand reached down to grab and tease his balls then drew up the shaft as if coaxing Alex’s semen to come flying out of the muscle. At the waistband, Steve’s thumb paused and teased the exposed tip of Alex’s ‘Eifel Tower’ before wandering back down to the base of his balls to repeat the groping.

Alex lost track of how many times Steve pawed at his crotch before he felt the shudder. It started in his toes and the shot up through his legs. His balls constricted into a knot tighter than he had ever felt before. Then he thrust his hips back and forward and back. He felt Steve’s own massive hard-on resting between his ass cheeks and he yearned for it to be closer so he pressed into Steve’s hips as hard as he could. Feeling the hard rock on his ass and the massive paw teasing his shaft was the final straw and his knees gave out. Then hot white spunk came flying out of his exposed dick head in a massive and electrifying orgasm. Large strands shot up and landed on his tee-shirt and his stomach. Other’s dribbled on the crotch of his pants and some landed on the roots of the tree at his feet. Steve held a firm hand on the hidden dick while it convulsed which served to maintain and intensify the sensation. Alex lost his footing as blood drained from his body to some unknown spot but Steve kept him close and kissed his neck with bearded lips.

Then Steve loosened his chokehold and Alex found tepid footing. Steve turned the young man around and leaned his back against the tree. Alex was breathing heavily. A cocktail of post-orgasmic feeling flooded through his mind. It was an incredible feeling, to have a cock and a wall of muscle leaning into him while being brought to climax. He felt gratitude and a strong intimacy with his bearded mentor. But he also felt guilt. Was this the final straw? Did this make him gay? Can he ever come ‘back’ from this act to be ‘normal’?

Steve leaned into Alex and gave him a long passionate kiss. Alex reacted with an open mouth and waited for Steve to penetrate his lips with his tongue but it never came. Instead, Steve sent a hand under Alex’s tee-shirt to grab one of his breasts and then to pinch his nipple. Alex winced but also felt another surge of electricity flow to his cock and it twitched. Steve repeated the tough pinch two more times, each creating a more powerful spasm.

Alex was confused and he wondered what Steve wanted out of this. He reached a hand down to grab Steve’s cock and found it engorged and hard as he expected but then Steve pulled away and the muscle was out of reach.

“That was for the hand job the other day,” Steve whispered to Alex who just stared back not completely comprehending. “It took some skill to get me off in the middle of the lake. I thought you deserved it, don’t you?”

Alex didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you?” Steve added without a hint of a smile. Alex swallowed hard and looked down at the mess on his shirt and shorts. His cock was still poking up over the waistband and he moved a hand to release it but Steve stopped him. Alex looked up and made eye contact again. Steve’s entire demeanor required Alex’s attention and he couldn’t move.

Steve drew closer – within an inch of Alex’s face. Looking down at the shorter man he continued. “Alex, to deserve to be fucked you have to want it. You have to give in completely to cock. You wake up wanting it in your mouth; to feel it’s weight in your hands.” Alex started sweating. “You lie in bed wanting to put your legs up like a little bitch and have a cock plow into your ass. So Alex, is that what you want? Do you deserve to be fucked?”

Alex looked away. Tears welled up in his eyes and the sweat poured from his forehead. ‘What did he want? What did he deserve?’ he thought to himself while holding back the tears.

“This was nothing,” Steve finally continued. “Guys jerk each other off all the time and go back home to their wives and families – and the secrets are just that – secrets.” Alex looked at Steve and took a breath. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. ‘This can’t be true,’ he thought. If this was true then he was just – well – he was just another maladjusted adult male. ‘No big deal,’ he told himself.

“And so far,” Steve whispered, “all you’ve proven is that you can give and take a handjob like 99% of other men. But that doesn’t mean you deserve cock. So I’ll ask you again, Alex; do you deserve to be fucked?”

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