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Ben’s wife was not amused by his sexual antics the night of her birthday. After two nights on the couch Ben was allowed to return to the bedroom but the climate there was definitely chilly and that had nothing to do with the air conditioning.

In the office the day to day routine went on as usual. There was no reference by

Ms. Jackson or Roxanne to the little warm up event they had treated him to before they sent him home to celebrate with Clare.

This suited Ben perfectly because he was finding it hard enough to make any brownie points at home without the distraction of his sexy colleagues waylaying him at work.

It was about two weeks after the ‘birthday’ that Roxanne told Ben that Ms. Jackson wanted him in conference room L-4 at 5:00 o’clock and that he should expect to be tied up for an hour or so, maybe a little more.

There was nothing unusual about the circumstances so Ben appeared on time at L-4 as requested.

When he entered the room he was a little surprised by the setting. L-4 was one of the more casual meeting rooms. There were two or three small tables that would seat groups of four or six people as well as a couple of comfortable couches and chairs.

Ms. Jackson was sitting at one end of one of these couches. On the other end sat an attractive young lady. He would soon be introduced and find out that she was

Mrs. Sarah Goldstein.

Sarah looked to be in her late twenties / early thirties and was wearing dark framed glasses. Her hair was black and turned into an elaborate coil on the back of her head. She was wearing a grey cashmere sweater, pearls, a dark pleated skirt and medium heels. Her hands were folded on her knees. Although she was sitting very primly in her seat there was an air of barely contained excitement about her.

She was a pretty woman but Ben was more interested in the array of technology that was set up in front of her. There were two video cameras on tri-pods set back about twelve feet from the couch and directed at Sarah diagonally from her left and her right. There was a sound boom overhead and two or three of those umbrella light reflectors you saw in photo studios. There were also tele-prompters standing beside the cameras and behind the couch. A significant bundle of cables ran across the floor and over to a nearby table. There, Roxanne was fiddling with a control board and a couple of monitors.

Ben wondered if Sarah might be there to be interviewed about her ‘soon to be released’ children’s book or something.

“Ben. You’re right on time…” Ms. Jackson said, without getting up.

“This is Sarah Goldstein, a client of ours. She’s been looking forward to meeting you. Sarah, this is Ben Clark.”

“Hello Ben.”

“Hello Mrs. Goldstein.”

“Oh please Ben. You must call me Sarah.”


Ms. Jackson continued with her introduction.

“Ben. Sarah recently was granted a divorce from Mr. Goldstein and we were able to obtain what, I think it would be fair to say, is a fairly handsome settlement.”

“You’re being very modest Vickie. I swear that Ben left that court room with a tear in his eye. Oh sorry Ben…” Sarah said turning her smile towards Ms. Jackson’s assistant.

“Coincidentally my husband, ex-husband’s, name is Ben too. That’s part of the reason I was so interested in meeting you.

Ben just stood there with a polite smile on his face, wondering where this was all going.

Ms. Jackson continued…

“Sarah has been through a very trying time but we have finally reached a reasonable conclusion to the legal end of matters. But, as is often the case in a messy divorce, there are still emotional issues to come to terms with. That’s why I asked you to come up Ben. I think you can help. I’ll let Sarah explain.”

Sarah took a deep breath and then turned her full attention to Ben

“Thank you Victoria. Mr. Clark, let me give you just a little history. My husband Ben is considerably older than I am, older and very wealthy. We were married seven years ago and for the first five years everything went along just fine. We had a little girl and a very good relationship, including a satisfying sex life. Nothing fancy but still good.”

“Then, about two years ago, the trouble started. All of a sudden Ben got this fixation about oral sex. He wanted me to give him a blow job. Nothing else would do. He wanted me to go down on him and he wouldn’t stop. We had been perfectly happy up until them. I don’t know what got into him.”

“Every day, day after day, he told me he wanted me to get down on my knees and do him. Now I had made it very clear from day one that I wasn’t that kind of girl. I was perfectly willing to go to bed with him, to make love like two normal, healthy people but that I wasn’t going to do oral sex with him.”

To Ben this was beginning to sound unnervingly like his own marriage.

“He tried bullying me and harassing me and painting me out to be some kind of ice queen. But it wasn’t like that. I thought he was being güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri completely selfish but he didn’t want to hear anything like that from me.”

“After about six months of constant battling it all stopped. I mean no more demands for oral sex, no more sex, period. I thought he had come to his senses and that soon we would get back to the normal routine we had had before.”

“I guess I was a little naïve at that point. I soon found out that things weren’t ever going to be the same again. It turns out that Ben had started seeing one on my gym buddies, Mitzi Roth. Mitzi had gone through her own divorce about a year prior to this. The first thing she did when she got her settlement was go out and get a new pair of boobs. Then she went on a manhunt. It was common knowledge around the gym that she had snagged a hot one. But I had no idea at first that it was my Ben.”

“But it wasn’t long until I found out. He didn’t make the least effort to be discreet about it. The next thing I know I’m hearing that Mitzi is on his arm at the charity events that we used to go to. And I guess that’s because she wasn’t as squeamish as I was about getting on her knees for him.”

“So I confronted him and he didn’t even bother to try and deny it. He told me he was going to move in with her because ‘she understood what a man needs’. And his lawyer is telling him he can get a divorce from me on the grounds of ‘mental cruelty’ and he won’t have to pay me a cent.”

“So that’s when I came to see Victoria. When I told her what Ben had done and how he had threatened me, she said that he was sadly mistaken if he thought her could trade me in for a new model just like that. He could walk away if he wanted to but it was going to cost him.”

“And she was right of course. I don’t think Ben had any idea how much it was going to cost him. But now he knows and I’m happy for that. Now I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of a vindictive bitch. But my husband, ex-husband, is a very wealthy man, as I said before. In fact he can easily afford to support two families. Oh he’ll moan about what he has to pay for a while but then he’ll just go on doing what he wants to do, completely oblivious to all the pain and humiliation he has caused me.”

“So there’s something else that I’d like. I’d like to hurt him just a little bit, the way that I’ve been hurt. I talked about all this with Victoria and she came up with what I think is a wonderful idea. I would like my Ben to see me giving the blow-job he always wanted, but not to him of course. I’d like to send him a picture of me going down on someone, just to let him know what he might have had if he’d been a little more compassionate, a little more understanding.”

“I know it’s kind of strange but Victoria said you were a very principled young man and that you might be just the person to help me. I want you to let me give you a blow job Ben. It’s something I’ve never done before. But Vickie showed me a couple of videos and she said she can walk me through it.”

” I know it’s an unusual request and I would be perfectly happy to pay you. Not like you are some kind of male hooker or something. I don’t mean anything like that. It’s just I know a lawyer’s time is expensive and I’m not trying to get something for nothing. Oh God!… This is very awkward… I hope you understand…” Sarah said with a faltering voice, the blood suffusing her cheeks with an embarrassed glow.

Ben just stood there not sure he had heard this young woman right. She wanted to give him a blow job!? He didn’t even know her…and she didn’t know him. Things like this just didn’t happen. Certainly not to him.

And there was the whole issue of the fact that he was married… to Clare. Why did he keep getting put in such compromising situations. If Sarah wanted a video of the occasion then how could he be sure that Clare wouldn’t someday find out about it or worse, even see it.

“Ms. Jackson…Could I speak to you for a minute?…” Ben asked sheepishly.


Vickie got up and led Ben over to the far side of the conference room. Before Ben could say anything she said…

“I know it’s kind of unusual Ben but Sarah’s husband really has been a proper bastard. If doing this will give the poor woman some closure to the matter then I don’t think it’s so very much to ask.”

“It may not seem like much to you Ms. Jackson but you know that I’m trying to stay faithful to my wife. And we’re going through kind of a rough patch right now. I just get the feeling that she somehow knows whenever I do something that crosses the line. Can you understand?”

“Listen Ben. Stop being such a candy ass! Mrs. Goldstein is a very important client. She’s not asking you to commit any crime and neither am I. When you joined this office I thought you understood that you were here to be a team player. So I need you to get on board with this. Otherwise…” and here Victoria’s little hand darted into Ben’s crotch and closed compellingly on his balls…

“Otherwise güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I can make things very…” she said, tightening her clenched fist… “very…” she purred, deliberately grinding his tender spheres together…” uncomfortable for you around here. Do you understand me?..”

A cold sweat erupted on Bens brow as his boss mashed his nuts together. A blinding nausea was sweeping through his groin and it didn’t look like Ms. Jackson was going to let up on him until she got the answer she wanted.

“Ahhhh!…O. K.!…O. K.!…Please!…Let gooo!…I’ll do it!…” Ben whispered, rocking back and forth on unsteady legs. He thought he was going to pass out.

“Is everything all right?…Ben will you help me?…”

It was Sarah asking with a concerned look on her face.

“Smile and nod Ben!…Smile and nod!…Do It!…” Victoria hissed, giving his nuts a vicious twist to hasten his response.

Ben turned his head towards Sarah and gave her a feeble grin. Then Vickie released his cringing testicles.

“Oh yesss!…” he hissed and Sarah gave him a pleased smile in return.

Ms. Jackson too gave him an encouraging smile.

“That’s fine Ben. I knew you would do the right thing in the end. Now why don’t you step over by the cameras and wait there for a minute. You can start thinking happy thoughts while we finish getting things set up. I’ll let you know when we’re ready for you.”

And with that Vickie reached up and caressed Ben’s face with her cool palm before she went back and resumed her position on the couch opposite Sarah. Ben then realized that she was sitting just out of the cameras’ view.

Vickie put on one of those headsets with a microphone. She explained to Sarah as she did so…

“This is a sound isolator. It will make it possible for Roxie to remove my voice from the sound track of the recording. She’ll also add some mood music to enhance the finished product. You can do that can’t you Rox?…”

“Piece of cake…” said the tall blonde, still adjusting her controls.

“We’ve taken the liberty of writing some dialogue for you both that will appear on the tele-prompters. Sarah’s lines are in red and Ben’s are in blue.”

“Now Sarah, this is your message to you ex-husband so feel free to say anything you want to him. But if you get stuck you can take a quick look at the prompters for ideas.”

“You too Ben. You should both be spontaneous but we don’t want too much dead air. I’ll be making suggestions of my own as well. But Sarah, I won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, I promise. Now remember both of you, eyes open and smile. You’re having fun!”

“So Roxie…If you’re ready?…”

“Just a second…”

Ben noticed the room lighting dim a little while the light focused on the couch grew just a little brighter. A small red light on top of each camera blinked on.

“O.K. Let’s do it…” Roxie said.

Victoria nodded toward Sarah and the dark haired woman turned her eyes toward the tele-prompter next to the camera to her right. Smiling warmly she began…

“Hello Ben. I imagine you’re a little surprised to be hearing from me like this. But now that our divorce is final there are one or two things I want you to know.”

“First, it was never about the money. I think you should know that. I would have happily settled for much less. It’s unfortunate you didn’t want to discuss the matter with me before you went running to your up-town lawyer. But there it is.”

“Next, I want to say that I forgive you for running off with that skanky tramp Mitzi Roth. I hope you’ll be very happy with her and her fake tits for as long as she’ll put up with you. But, just a friendly warning dear, I wouldn’t be surprised if you come home to clean sheets every time you return from one of your business trips. You might want to keep an eye out for that.”

“And there’s just one more thing. It’s about that blow job you always wanted. If you had been a little more loving, a little more patient, I would have done it for you. I may have even grown to like it. Well, in fact, I’ll be honest. Since you left me I’ve become a different person Ben. Different in so many ways. One way, which I think you’ll find interesting, is that I have developed a certain talent for giving head.”

“I realize you might find that a little hard to believe. So I’ve asked a friend of mine to stop by so I can show you my new skill. I think you’ll be impressed. His name is Ben by the way. The same as yours. Isn’t that ironic?…” Sarah said with a girlish giggle.

Ben was amazed at how totally at ease this young woman seemed in this very clinical setting.

“And here he is now. Right on time. Hi Ben. It’s good to see you.”

Ben hesitated and Victoria said…” Take your mark Ben. In front of Sarah.”

Ben looked down and saw a piece of duct tape on the floor immediately in front of Sarah’s knees. He took a deep breath and walked over to his position. He glanced at the monitor güvenilir bahis şirketleri behind the couch and started to read…

“Hi Sarah. Of course I’m on time. You know how much I love it when you go down on me…”

‘Oh God…’ he thought, hardly able to believe he could say such a thing to a total stranger.

“Well aren’t you sweet. Now I know you told Clare you’d be home early. Are you sure she’s not going to suspect something if you’re a little late?”

Ben was aghast when he heard Sarah mention his wife. But there it was printed plainly on the tele-prompter. This had to be Ms. Jackson’s doing. He didn’t know what to say so he just continued reading.

“Well. She was a little upset. It is her birthday after all. But when you called me this morning and said you needed a partner for this recording, and that it was going to involve some serious oral sex, well… you had me when you said ‘oral’. I haven’t been able to think about anything else all day.”

“Oh my Ben. You’ll make me blush. I hope I can live up to your expectations. Well let’s get started so you can get home to your lovely bride. Why don’t you loose those pants and shorts. Hang them up somewhere so they don’t get all wrinkled. Wives notice that kind of thing.”

As Ben started to awkwardly undo his pants, Sarah went to take off her glasses but Victoria stopped her…”Don’t…Leave the glasses on. And use this…”.

She held out a bottle of lip sheen. Sarah reached over outside the field of view of the camera and took it from her. She pulled out the applicator and started to apply a thick layer of the brilliant red gloss. Ben watched her and was amazed that this simple make-up adjustment seemed to transform Sarah from a modest librarian to an alluring temptress.

Ben folded his pants as he had been told and put them on a stool behind him. The he stepped back to his line

Sarah handed the lip gloss back to Vickie while staring with great interest at Ben’s fully exposed organ. His cock was completely flaccid and hung loosely at his loins. She glanced toward the camera and then back at Ben’s crotch as if inviting her husband to enjoy the view with her.

“You have such a gorgeous cock Ben. I love to feel it getting hard in my mouth. I want to do you every way you can think of. Why don’t you let me suck your balls to start.”

Ben had absolutely no idea what to do.

“Put one foot up on the couch beside her…” Vickie instructed.

Ben did what she had said.

“Umm Hmm!….That’s it!…A little closer…” Sarah purred looking up at Ben with an encouraging smile.

Ben shuffled his feet to move a little closer.

“Pinch his knob with your thumb and forefinger, lift it up and get in there and lick his balls…” Victoria instructed.

And that’s what Sarah did.

Holding his cock up, Sarah leaned way forward and started washing Ben’s balls with the flat of her tongue like she was eating an ice cream cone.

“Ohhhh…” Ben groaned quietly. The blood started to rush into his prick at the feel of Sarah’s lewd ministrations.

“Now turn your head and suck his lower ball into your mouth. And keep at him with your tongue…” Vickie prompted.

Sarah did. She must have been quite limber to get her head turned up under him like that. She slurped half of his hairy nut bag into her mouth with an audible …’Shluckk!’.

“Ohh Goddd!…” Ben moaned again as the moist heat of her mouth bathed his responsive flesh.

“Beautiful. You’re getting to him now. Now open up and get both his balls in your mouth. You don’t have to suck them. Just close your mouth on him and use your tongue on them…”

“Umm Hmm!…Ummm!…”

This time it was Sarah who was doing the moaning. She seemed to be enjoying herself. And why not. Ben’s cock was almost standing up by itself now as he responded to her skilful teasing.

“Now hum something…”

Sarah cut her eyes questioningly towards Vickie.

“Anything…I don’t know…’The Star Spangled Banner’!…”

And so Sarah started with a husky…”Mm mm mm mmm mmm mmm!… Mm mm mm mmm mmm mmm!…Mm mm mmm mm mm mmmm!…etc.”

Ben stiffened up all over when she did that. The throaty vibration of Sarah’s humming sent electric shock waves of excitement crashing through his loins. Glancing at the monitor he gasped…

“Oh God Sarah!… You…you do that so well!…Umm!… Nobody sucks my balls as good as that!…Only you!…Ahhh!…Yess!…”

Sarah kept at it for a few long moments more and then she backed off her task long enough to look over at her monitor and ask…”Am I as good as your wife?…As Clare?…”

Ben was shocked to hear himself reading…”Don’t stop!…Clare would never do that for me Sarah…She hardly ever goes down on me…” in fact she never went down on him… “and when she does she isn’t nearly as good as you!…She couldn’t be!… Nobody gives head like you do!…Oh please baby!…Go back and do it some more!…”

Sarah seemed poised to do just that but Vickie said…”Don’t!…Look up at him…Smile… Now slowly…reach in with your right hand and close it around the base of his shaft… Pull him down a little…Yes!…Hold it to your lips like it’s a microphone…That’s it!… Perfect!…Read your lines…Smile…Eyes up…Ben put your foot back on the floor…”

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