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“I will make sure your mother and sister are well taken care of. Tell me, have you ever loved anyone else?”

Arsenios flexed his battle weary and calloused fingers through the sitting young male’s hair.


Arsenios gently unplaited the braid wrapped around the young man’s head, allowing his shaggy oak brown locks to fall in his face.

“Look at me, dear youth. You are too beautiful to keep your gaze downcast.”

Jaw clenched, the male peered up at Arsenios with fierce hazel eyes. His eyelashes were thick and made his eyes appear even brighter. His face was angular and lithe, much like the rest of his body. His skin was taut and sun-kissed, with the only flaws being numerous fresh scuffs and scratches from falling from his horse earlier that day.

He made a strong effort to ignore the heat emanating from Arsenios’s loins, which sat proudly in his face. The only shield that kept his penis from springing free was his brilliant red chlamys, and even then the fabric tented against his erection. Arsenios smiled at his indignation and stepped closer to him. The boy turned his face away.

“Tell me your name and age again.”

“My name is Heron. I am of twenty years.”

“I do hope your family accepts the apology and handsome offer.” He cupped the young man’s face, making him flinch.

Arsenios backed away and began peeling the chlamys from his shoulders, revealing a large oiled chest and waist. His track record as an Olympian wrestler showed on his body, with bountiful scars and welts that faded over time. His skin tone, rich as terracotta from his innumerable hours of training, stretched over his hulking frame and strongly contrasted against his clothing. He smoothed down his jet-black hair that fell in long loosely curled tresses to his shoulders. His mane framed a picture of masculinity, with high cheekbones and deep-set eyes the color of coal. His jaw had the stubbly makings of a beard. He was a man of thirty-five years, fully proud of his tenure as a well-versed athlete.

“Stand up. I want to see all of you.”

Heron complied without a word and stood up from the bench. His chiton was tattered and filthy, showing that the scratches continued down his toned bare legs. He stood at six feet even, yet was still dwarfed by Arsenios’s sheer size by at least half a foot. His body was well kept and tightly muscled due to his years of farming.

“Let me see your body.”

Heron froze momentarily, but silently unpinned the chiton from his shoulder, allowing the fabric to settle at his waistband. His exposed torso was lean and hairless, causing Arsenios to sigh approvingly. Heron approached his prior seat on the chaise longue until the Olympian stepped closer.

“All of it.”

Heron stared at him incredulously while Arsenios’s face remained unchanged. Knowing he was in a losing battle, the youth untied the waistband. He chose not to look up, but saw in his peripheral view Arsenios undressing at the same time. By the time Heron’s ensemble was pooled at his feet Arsenios was methodically stroking himself. Even from blurred peripheral vision, Heron saw that his cock hung low between his thighs. Heron himself stood semi-erect out of fear.

Arsenios noted Heron’s size, and felt his cock beginning to leak at the sight of him. He had fucked many eunuchs during competitive downtime, but seeing this young man’s endowment had him craving more. He stepped in front of Heron again and stared at him with hooded eyes. The youth made no visible reaction toward his languid stroking.

“You are as lovely as Ganymede himself. I’ve been needing to touch you since you arrived,” he cupped Heron’s testicles in his large hand and squeezed lightly.

They both exhaled. Arsenios then allowed his engorged cock to drip hot precum on Heron’s thigh. The boy’s lips parted as he bahis firmaları fought to keep his wits about him.

“We are both men. I know what touch arouses you. You could feel this way all the time if you let me.” He gathered Heron’s cock in his hand as well and gently clutched until he twitched in his grip. Heron’s hips thrust involuntarily as the larger man jerked and stroked his balls. His jaw slacked and let out a breathy gasp.

Arsenios released his grip and lie back on the chaise, his penis lying rock solid against his thigh. His testicles were large and hanged heavy.

“I want to come in your mouth, boy. Get on your knees.”

Heron once again complied, hesitantly settling himself between the Olympian’s legs. Arsenios opened his legs wider to allow closer access.

“Although you’ve never done this, you’ve likely thought of my maids sucking your cock. Just treat me how you’d want to be treated by them.

He was shamelessly apt and Heron made no attempt to deny it. He lowered his head and let his tongue meet with the angry tip, tasting salty precum. He tasted earthy and musky as if every pore of his body seeped testosterone. He wetly laved his entire penis with his tongue, circling the balls and tracing each engorged vein at a painfully slow rate. His feathery bangs brushed against the statuesque man’s stomach. Arsenios hissed loudly and propped himself up on an elbow, fully enjoying the view.

Taking the Olympian’s cock in his mouth with a loud slurp, Heron began to suck him off taking as much of him as he could. His size was almost the size of his forearm.

Arsenios groaned loudly throughout the chamber, goading the youth on.

“This is what you fantasize my maids doing?”

Heron’s eyelids fluttered and he moaned briefly.

“Perhaps you are not as pure-minded as I thought…”

He thrust upward and tangled his hand in Heron’s hair as a makeshift rein. His balls tingled as he watched Heron’s full rosy lips surrounding him with his long bangs framing his strained face. The youth choked twice before attempting to move away. Arsenios roughly pulled him off by his hair and glowered.

“You will not stop unless I permit you to.”

He snatched Heron’s face back to his cock and stared at him until he tentatively continued.

Heron’s stoicism crumbled as he came to terms with his situation, hearing Arsenios repeatedly call him ‘his beautiful little whore’. He felt his own penis beginning to throb at the encouragement and despised himself for it. His eyes watered, his jaw ached, and his head throbbed from the merciless pulling, and he prayed that the man would be finished soon. One particular thrust knocked him off guard, causing him to rest his free hand on the man’s thigh for leverage. Arsenios pushed down on his head until his lips touched the hairy base and his balls touched his chin. Heron choked at this man’s penis shoving well past his tonsils, but Arsenios kept him in place.

“Do not move,” the older man’s voice was ragged and vicious, “You will get used to this.”

Soon after Heron felt a stream of hotness spraying down his throat. He shut his eyes tightly as hot tears fell down his face. Arsenios came, watching contentedly as semen filled Heron’s mouth and ran down his cock.

He grew hard again within seconds.

He pushed the boy backwards and watched him sputter and catch his breath. His face red, lips swollen, hair tangled, and sniffling loudly as streaks of cum ran down the corners of his mouth and chin. He started to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand until Arsenios grabbed his wrist. Heron looked at him with puffy eyes.

“No. You look the most beautiful this way. Get up.” Heron stood dizzily, his cock now hard and bobbing in front of him. His shoulders slumped at the discovery and he prayed the Olympian would miss it.

A kaçak iddaa pregnant pause filled the room while Arsenios sat up and assessed his view. Heron stood silent with his eyes fixated on a scuff on the floor. If he could detach himself from his settings…

“So you enjoyed your lesson as much as I did. Is that right?” He grinned wickedly and inched towards him. He held him in place by grabbing his thighs and swiftly slurped the youth’s entire cock into his hot mouth. Heron stiffened and stifled a pained groan. He’d never had this sort of pleasure before, only receiving such from his hand when his mother and sister were asleep. Now suddenly he’s miles away from home, receiving gratification from someone else…from an Olympian hero, no less…

Arsenios growled hungrily and grabbed his ass, milking him of his semen and resolve. There was nothing gentle about his touch; his grip was commanding as he lifted the boy’s cock, sucking and juggling his balls before taking him into his mouth again. Heron emitted tiny satisfied grunts as the athlete sucked him feverishly. He laced his fingers gingerly in the larger man’s hair this time, enjoying the contrast between his silken hair and adamantine physique.

“I…I c-cannot…endure much more…Ah…!” Heron’s hips jerked erratically as he held onto the Olympian’s head. His mouth hung open in ecstasy as he struggled to breathe. His body broke out into a sweat as he cried out loudly into the chamber. Arsenios pulled back, swallowing all of the boy’s excess.

“In time you will be able to do the same to me. Lie down.” He then got up and stepped into another chamber.

Breathless and feeling weary, Heron lie down on his stomach and closed his eyes. He felt sick forgoing his family’s safety for his own physical desires.

I must get home…I have nothing, but there must be a way to–

He felt a hard slap on his buttocks causing him to flinch. Three more followed.

Heron winced and stared over his shoulder, spotting Arsenios standing at the end of the chaise, rubbing his newly hardened cock. This time it had a slick oil coating over it. He parted the boy’s legs wider and palmed the mounds of flesh. Heron flinched as he tried to part his ass farther than he could.

“Firm and nubile…You are indeed a male, but your flesh is soft like a woman’s…you will be popular with my other consorts.”

“What–?” Heron felt the chaise’s cushions sinking in further as a large mass hovered above him. One of Arsenios’s hands rested on the cushions near Heron’s head, with his other burly arm curling around the boy’s waist. He positioned him so his upper torso ground into the chaise and his ass sat up high in the air. Heron began to panic as a slick blunt force pushed against his anus. His teeth ground and eyes widened at this invasion, inching inside slowly as Arsenios planted his other hand on the opposite side of Heron’s head.

“Relax,” Arsenios panted before slamming inside of him once, “I’m not going to be easy on you. I know you can take it. You remind me of my fellow men…”

He sped up once he felt Heron start to accommodate his size. He ignored the youth’s quiet weeping pleas and then mounted him, leaving a stinging trail of bites along Heron’s neck. His dark hair cascaded over his shoulders into both of their faces, and the savage power of his thrusting drove the tinier male’s upper body into the cushions. Aching all over, Heron’s face was stuck in a silent scream. He felt his cock hardening again, however, and precum leaking unto the cushions. He frantically grabbed onto the edges of the chaise, trying to gain some stability over the man’s ruthless onslaught.

The only sounds that echoed in the chamber were wanton rasps and the slapping of flesh, loud enough to attract the occasional wandering eunuch and maid. Arsenios caught the kaçak bahis eye of a wanderer and held her gaze. His eyes were wild with lust. Her face remained composed as she held her water vase.

“It appears we have an audience…Meet Heron. You will be seeing him a lot in the future,” his voice shook from the force he put behind each thrust.

He sprawled a hand through the young man’s hair, forcing him to make eye contact the female.

“Heron, meet Zenia. She is one of my favorite consorts…She will keep me company while you heal.”

Zenia was older, perhaps near her later twenties. She had wavy waist length chestnut hair that was pinned back with an olive branch. Her oiled skin shimmered in the candlelight, offset by large opalescent eyes. Her yellow chiton hang loose with a plunging neckline that display her bountiful breasts, the material thin enough to show her nipples and areolae. Her hips splayed outward from a tiny waist that diverged into a pair of powerful legs. Heron’s cock stirred.

“She is a goddess, is she not?” Heron nodded and let out an anguished cry. “Perhaps you can enjoy her soon.”

Zenia made no immediate reaction to their exchange, instead filling up her vase at the nearest basin.

Heron’s face was covered in agony and arousal. There he was, nearly torn in half by an Olympian and being watched by one of the most beautiful women alive. His grunts increased in volume, spurring on the larger man. He buried his face in the chaise’s cushions to quell the shame building in his gut.

“Feel no shame, boy…She has…seen and heard much worse…”

Heron felt Arsenios’s giant hand tugging at his cock, causing him to spasm. His back bowed and fingers gripped the chaise for dear life. His grunts turned into desperate hiccups. The athlete also felt himself coming close. His corded thighs shook beneath him as beads of sweat ran down his body unto Heron’s back. He grinned as he heard a single loud cry, followed by a stream of ejaculate spilling in his hand as Heron’s orgasm froze him in place. Arsenios sat back on his haunches and pinned the Heron’s hips into the chaise, fucking him with reckless abandon. His confident taunts became little more than slurring of words while his neck muscles constricted. His hips bucked madly and his balls tightened. After a loud roar, he quickly pulled out, pumping himself and spilling his copious seed onto Heron’s backside.

Time slowed to a standstill at that moment, and Arsenios’s head was swimming. It wasn’t until he felt a tiny hand stroke his chest that brought him back to reality. It was Zenia. He stood up under shaky legs, his cock finally flaccid and streaked with hints of blood. He peered down at the woman, of whom he dwarfed by more than a foot.

“I have prepared a bath for you.” Her voice was low and husky.

“Did you enjoy what you saw?” He ran a thumb down her plump bottom lip. Zenia looked over at Heron, who lay just as Arsenios left him.

His thick mane was mussed and stuck to his slender face as he panted in staccato. She assumed his lips were swollen from fellating his new master, with heavy evidence running from the corners of his mouth. His back was slick with perspiration. She noted his many superficial scars trailing downward to his lean hips and ass. His legs were spread wide enough offering a glimpse of his phallus, which still sat at an impressive size, even while soft. Her eyes travelled along his legs that displayed tight muscles under his golden skin. He was covered in Arsenios’s markings, yet undeniably masculine in form to make her inner walls quiver. She wondered how good he was on the giving end…

“I will bathe and clothe him once he comes to.”

“Are you jealous? I plan on sharing him between us.” His lips curled devilishly, already imagining the numerous future sessions between them.

“Where did he receive all of those scratches–” She was hushed into silence by a pinch to her nipple.

“That is none of your concern, dear girl. Come, bathe me.”

And with that, they exited the chamber.

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