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A good score for a girls night outI used to party alone when I was horny and my loving hubby was away from town for business trips.Sometimes I would accept my girlfriend Helena’s proposal to join her at the local bar to pick up some guy for spending a nice night…That Thursday night I sat quietly at a lonely table playing with the gold ring on my finger. I was just watching Helena swaying her tight body and dancing with a handsome black guy.Part of me was excited at the prospect of sharing my bed that night with someone new; but another part of me felt guilty for being there while my loving husband was out…Even if nothing more came out of this, I loved to dance and that is what I was going to do. One of my favorite songs began to play and then I decided to join everyone else doing a line dance there.I moved my booted feet in time with everybody and swayed my hips to the music. I watched the men around me; there were several guys I would not mind letting fuck me until I could not walk…One of them was dancing in front of me. He was tall and good built.When the song ended, I went to the bar to get a drink before going back to my table. When I arrived at my seat, the blond man I had been watching on the floor was sitting right there; along with Helena and the black guy.He smiled at me, asking if it was my seat. I said it was and then he politely he could find another one. But I invited to sit with us…My sweet girlfriend introduced them as Jeremy, her black handsome partner and Phil, who could be all mine tonight…A slow song began to play and Jeremy quickly dragged Helena to the dance floor. I saw Phil look at me as if he was asking me to dance; I acted like I did not notice. But then before I could even know, he was dragging me out to the floor.Phil swayed with me at the music and he whispered in my ear what was I doing out alone there, as he pointed at the gold ring in my finger. I felt a bit embarrassed but I finally answered him.I told him I was looking for a little much needed fun.Then I began to feel my pussy getting wet and beginning to ache just from his arms around me as I danced. He looked down at me and smiled, as he pulled me to him a little closer. As we danced, I could see Helena and Jeremy were already making out in a corner. Phil’s hands canlı bahis soon found my ass cheeks and later just sitting next to him, his hand stayed on my knee. When last call was announced, he ordered us another drink and kissed me softly on the cheek.Then he said what about continuing this party back at his place.I accepted his idea and then he kissed my lips very deeply. Our tongues danced together in that amazing heated moment. When we arrived to the front door, he surprised me asking if I was married. Of course I nodded yes. But Phil insisted, asking if my loving hubby knew about this.Again I nodded yes and told him not to worry about my husband…I felt my pussy tingling and the wet heat growing…Phil lowered his hands to my buttocks, pulled me up toward him. Then I could feel his fully erection. My hands were around his back, but then I lowered them to his ass, and pulled his hips into me.His hands explored my back and ass. One of them found its way up my blouse and fondled my loose round boobs.He found my erected nipples and he ran his thumb over them, sending tingles through my body. Then he removed my blouse over my head.Now I could feel how excited he was getting. His cock was hard and it felt very large. He ran his fingers around my hard nipples, before taking one of them in his mouth and sucking it gently. Then he stripped of as I watched him.After standing naked in front of me, he led me to the back bedroom.There we stood close to the bed and Phil slowly removed my boots before he moved up to my skirt. He unbuttoned it and then he pulled it down over my hips and off my ankles…I was not wearing panties, so he saw my glistening shaved labia. Then he bent over and began to softly kiss my tummy all the way to my glistening slit. He made me spread my legs and slid his tongue between my swollen pussy lips, finding my clit and licking it.I let out a soft moan, as he explored my sweet cunt with his tongue. He tasted every inch of it, sliding his tongue deep inside me, running it over the bare folds and gently sucking and licking my clit. It did not take long before I could feel an explosive orgasm rising inside me. I gripped the sheets under me and lifted my hips to him, pulling his head into my crotch. His mouth covered my swollen bahis siteleri pussy, as his tongue flicked across my very hard clit. My legs quivered, as he hit the most sensitive spots. My pussy began to erupt with spasms of pleasure, as I surrendered to my orgasm. Phil looked up at me with a pleased grin across his face. I wrapped my arms around him and begged him to fuck me…He asked if I was sure; I smiled and dropped to my knees as I unzipped his trousers. I pulled his cock out and squeezed it to get him hard.He stood above me and dropped his pants to his ankles presenting his huge erect cock for me. I was a bit amazed by its size, almost scared to let it near me. I watched him struggle to remove his jeans from around his ankles. I wrapped my mouth around his cock; then pressed my hands against his ass and made his cock shove into my mouth as far as I could. Phil moaned and I continued to suck harder and faster on his cock. The more I sucked the longer his cock got. My fingers could not wrap completely around it. I could not wait to feel it inside of my aching pussy. Then I felt his dick begin to ooze into my mouth. It was warm, thick, and now his length had become about nine inches. I stood up and his fingers found my pussy and slid deeply inside. He moved them around preparing it for his hard cock to enter me. I guided him toward the bed, laid him down on his back and stroked his cock for several minutes with my hands until it became hard.I climbed onto the bed and straddled his lap. Then I looked at him in the eyes and began to position his thick head into my open lips.Then I settled onto his cock head. I could feel my pussy open and begin to be filled and my clit pushing against his cock. As I slid it completely inside me, I leaned forward and began squirming forward and backward, sliding his cock inside me and out, until only the head of his cock was in me.I did this for as long as I could, which caused me to have an intense orgasm within just a couple of minutes, as it held my pussy so widely spread. Phil began to push his hips upward not allowing me to hold his cock out of me. My cunt started to pour fluids onto his cock. As he continued to shove his cock back into my pussy, he lifted his back off the bed and he began to squirt bahis şirketleri his warm semen into me. He continued until I was doing nothing but giving him uncontrollable moans and allowing him to ride me until he looked to be spent.But then Phil surprised me, when he rolled me over, pulled my legs over my head and kept pounding me with his still rock hard cock.He continued for several more minutes and he made me cum twice before he would come for the second time. I could feel that new load of hot seed trickling and running down between my legs. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my swollen pussy lips. He rested just some minutes; then I begged him to fuck me again. I guided the head of his cock to my reddish slit and Phil pushed forward against my lips, slowly pushing his way inside. He lifted my legs and placed them across his arms giving him more access to my warm wet cunt. With a quick thrust he was completely inside me. I gasped in pain but soon it was completely replaced by pleasure, as he pumped his cock deep inside my womb…Our pleasure continued together until the early hours of the morning. He fucked me more times than I can count and I came almost as many. He bent me over my hands and knees as he entered me from behind making me cum three times before he could come…We fucked in many different positions.As I was on my hands and knees, I noticed the sun coming up.I advised Phil I had to get home soon. He understood and quickened his pace, quickly coming dee
p inside my pussy. I got up and dressed, thanking Phil for an amazing night. He then drove me home.I quietly entered the house and made my way down the hallway to our bedroom. But Victor was there, sitting at the bed, waiting for me…He asked if I had enjoyed a nice time.I laughed, as I finished stripping off my clothes and climbed in bed beside him. I did not tell him many details of my night fucking a total stranger.Victor was hard and ready to fuck me like he never had before. Soon he shoved his cock inside my swollen sore pussy. He complained about my wetness and asked if I had him come inside me. I could not answer with more than a moaned yes. My hubby fucked me hard and fast, climaxing quickly inside me. He did not stop, but kept pounding my pussy until he was hard again and bringing me to an orgasm. We fucked until I couldn’t do it anymore and then once I recovered, we started all over again.As we recovered breathe, my loving Victor told me I should have another girl´s out night very, very soon again…

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