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A friends friend gives me a night to rememberI was just coming out the other side of a bad period in my life. I’d spent a long time being messed around by someone, but now life was good again and I felt like socialising again. My friend asked me to come out with him and his girlfriend as she was singing in a competition at a night club. I figured why not. Her friends are coming out as well mate he told me, so maybe you’ll get lucky. I went in assuming I wouldn’t. I was wrong.My friend and I met up at four and got straight into drinking. By 7 I was full of enthusiasm and confidence for the night. His girl and her friends took ages to turn up, by that time we’d moved on to vodka. As they walked ahead of us to the bar he pointed out one girl and said that’s a guaranteed pull tonight for you mate if you play it right. From behind I could see she was somewhere between slim and a muffin top, not too bad. Not the best dresser in the world and her hair was a bit drab, but she was female and available so I figured I’d not break my back but just see what happened. Until I saw her from the front.Now I’ll be straight up her face was disappointing. I knew straight away I wouldn’t date her seriously, but seeing her tittles out on show made my cock twitch as we talked. Every time I made her laugh the top of her orbs would shake like skin canlı bahis coloured jelly. They looked fantastic. I spent some time chatting to her and when we were alone I went in for the kiss. She responded hard and passionate. Her tongue groping into my mouth. She was keen.After the competition was over and everyone was finished dancing we made our way to the door. I told my date “hey you can come back to mine if you like”. “Yeah she said I think a few of us are thanks.” “Great”, I said. Dammit my friend thinks he’s sleeping at mine, plan ruined I thought. So we trudged back, my friend, his girl, my date and another girl who was friends with the two girls. We stayed up a while chatting and drinking, before long I grabbed sleeping bags and duvets for everyone. My date and I shared a duvet and were lying out on the couch. My friend was snoring on the second couch with his girl, and the third girl was on the floor in a bag, blocking my moves as she was so close to us.After the light went out we got down to some kissing. My hand slid up to her breast feeling the round expanse beneath my fingers. She let out a giggle as my finger gripped her stiff nipple. Her friend let out a derisive snort and tut. I had to see these and get laid I decided. I suggested in a whisper that we move into my bedroom. “No” she said, “I don’t want bahis siteleri to rush things, why don’t you finger me?” At that she grabbed my hand and moved it to her crotch which she’d exposed by hitching her skirt up and sliding her gusset to the side! This girl was filthy! I fingered her while we kissed but as I felt her pussy start to clamp onto my finger in orgasm I stopped. “O fuck it come one then” she said getting up off the couch and leading me out of the room.As we entered my bedroom I grabbed her top and brought it over her head in one motion she turned to me and unfastened her bra, letting it slide to the floor. Her boobs were round and large. Too big for one hand to hold, but not drooping down, her nipples were like pointing fingers, they were dark and brown in colour. Her nipples were hard and long and she had big areola with stiff hard areola spots responding to the cool air. I slipped my top off as she tugged at my belt and threw my trousers down with my boxers exposing my bouncing cock. She moaned seductively as she wanked it in her hand, pulling my foreskin back to expose the throbbing red bell-end. I felt her hand slide all over the swollen head as my pre-cum helped her glide.I pushed her tits together as we kissed and pulled them hard by the nipple. She tightened her grip on my dick as I did this bahis şirketleri throwing her head back so I could kiss her neck. My other hand found her wetness beneath her panties, my finger sliding over her greasy clit as she came back up to orgasm. She pushed me away letting my cock bounce again. She turned around and without saying a word climbed onto my bed on her knees and shoved her panties from her slit. I walked up behind her and guided my stiff prick into her waiting wetness. It felt tight and amazing around my shaft. My bell end was sliding smoothly over her wet pussy lips and inside her. It was the best feeling ever. My legs were shaking in the ecstasy of it. And she moaned as she cupped my balls in her hand tickling my perineum with her finger. Her sticky pussy wet was flowing over my crotch I could feel it creeping up my stomach as it met her ass.My hands were all over her dangling tits, her nipples were responding to my twiddling. I pulled out my now soaking member and tapped it on her asshole. She pushed back indicating what she wanted and easily as entering her puss I was into her ass. It was the tightest feeling ever and I knew I wouldn’t last five minutes at this rate. It ended up being quicker than that! She groaned as she fingered herself beneath me and came into her own hand. “Spunk on my tits” she said pulling herself off me and turning onto her back. I pumped my cock a few times and shot the biggest load all over her nipples and tits. She licked her lip as some flew onto her face. I collapsed next to her and fell asleep.

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