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A FRIEND INDEED IS A ……I liked Tamara,Tammy for short and for friends,since high school,more then 16 years ago.I had a crack at asking her out a few times,but knocked me back,but what we did have was a well established friendship instead,We kept in contact through out the years,birthday calls and the just touching base calls a couple of times a year.I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of around 4 years,and decided to take a trip to get away.Tammy invited me to her place in Sydney for her birthday.Tamara was of European heritage Italian in descent she stood tall,around 5’7,5’8 took pride in her self with regular trips to the gym,and a active healthy lifestyle, mousey light blonde long hair that had a natural curl to it so with out putting her on scale she was a very high 8.5/9(ooops i just did)in the eye candy department.We had a great weekend,although it was plutonic and nothing happenedAbout a month later,Tammy decided to return my visit,and in that month of calls we joked and laughed with a little bit of that old school yard flirting,so picking her up at the airport she was hard to miss and as i write i still have such a vivid image of her walking towards me light blue heels in a pair of white jeans in which she looked like she had just been poured into them, a matching light blue tank top and a white hip length white denim jacket,and i had a sneeky suspicion that she was kinda happy and pleased to see me cause as she wasnt wearing a bra and her nipples were like on high beam and i must of looked like a deer in her headlights.As Tammy had had a long week at her work and so had i ,we were quite happy to chill out and of course grabed some local Italian take away and a bottle of Cab Sav and found what we could find as a movie or two on Movie on DemandAnd we were always comfortable in each other personal space happy to hug touch each other with a certain bond but as we were watching the movie Tammy sought of snuggled up next to me.It was a nice feeling and was a little bit exciting,and i wasnt sure how long between drinks her last intimate encounter was, i never realy discused her personal life unless she brought up the topic.And having her sidled up next to me led to the flirty tickles game and..eventually led to me getting a great back rubAs the weekend went on ,we flirted and teased each other like a pair of 20 somethn’s non stop,until Sunday night,we were laying in bed together,teasing mercilessly.I was ready to explode,i wanted to go on futher but,concerns crossed my mind that it would wreck our frienship,were holding bahis siteleri me back somewhat.Tammy was only wearing her panties and a T,and again those little high beams have me stuck in the head lights again,but her whole nipples were evident through the cotton,and i was only in my silk black boxers with a obviosly visable wet spot and a semi hard cock.i slowly changed my caressing to emphasise her stunning and very pert and full 36c’s all the while kissing her gently on her face and neck and inhaling the perfume thats seems to be permenantly with her every hour of the day.As the passion between us grew,we started thrusting together,i was on top amd she slowly teased and edged her hand under my boxers and started to let me feel her running nails and tight grips on my glutesI grabed her and rolled her over so she was on top,and started playing her at her own game,easing my hands under the elastic and grabing my own feel of her sexy tight and very peach like ass and as we had been to the beach she has a great tan ,not too fond of tanlines is Tamara..and she has a typicaly Mediterranean complexion that is just as smooth as Gelati,as i work my fingers around under her panties wanting to feel a soft touch of her pubic hair occasionaly.Slowly i started working her panties down revealing fine whisps of fine blondish fur and on a touch start to stand on the goose bumps that are forming on soft skin and she cottoned on to my ploy,and she quickly ripped them down her long legs and off,exposing the gorgeous trimmed triangle that highlights the moist sheen of one hell of a pretty pussy that has a mound that looks like a volkswagons hood.Our tempo is on the increase with a hasty rythym, as i run my fingers through the dark patch with my fingers slighty tuging and pulling them in between my fingers as her own sexy long fingers make their way into the opening to my boxers as she cups a feel of my growing wood,she was growing hotter and hotter and and suddenly exlaimed”i think your horribly over dressed for the occasion honey”and i could offer no resistance what so ever as she removed my jocksWhen she whispered in my ear,asking me if i wanted to stop,she was thinking more or less along the same lines as to what might happen too it as well “if you want to stop i respect your decicion sweet heart and if you want to thats cool”and as she sighed slightly and a smile that just made my heart skip 2 or 3 beats “i dont want you to stop baby”she cooo’sWe kissed with intent, her sweet pout tasted like the strawberry lip gloss that glistened on both mobilbahis top and bottom lips,and im starting to guess that her own sexual drought is about to be broken.My tongue was ready to go explore like on some type of reconnaissance expedition, so as it traced it way from her mouth to her ear lobes down the nape of her neck as i tuck her hair away,i get on topof her and lay my body across her as she feels my manhood being pressed against her toned belly ,and raised her T just up over her hard nipples letting them feel my breath as they react to the touch and the flick that just teased them pinching the other one as i look up at her with head on the tilt and soft slight moans as she runs her fingers through my hair letting me know she needs them to have plenty of attention My moth greadily oblidged,taking a nipple and as much of her left breast i could consume in a mouthfull and squeezing and kneading the other like im making bread,as i leave a siliva trail accros her deep cleavage and take the right on just as hadr and deep holding it my hand stuffing all as i could.As we slowly ground our bodied into each other i slid the T up over her head and tossed it to the floor where her panties had been discarded too.”I want to taste your cock”as she rolls me over and just runs her tongue down my skin which is now responding with my own goose bumps and the body flinch as she finds that sweet spot,just to the left of my groin.As i lay back and watch her eyes lock on to my meat laying flat on my stomach,takes my hard-on in hand and and watch her tongue start to flick the swelling bulbous head,like a serpent seeking out its prey,twrirling the clear precum on the very tip of her wet tongue,as she takes a firm grip and starts to suck and stroke giving the veiny shaft its first coat of clear gloss.Hips i thrust on each down stroke and she opens her mouth so my cock has a groove to slide in and out holding the sides of her gorgeous face and then in one deep gulp takes me balls deep and the hold on her head just got firmer,at this stage i felt my nut was about to be nutted so i threw her over and”my turn”and she layed herself flat out and spread her legs apart and as i kissed and tounged her inner thighs placesd two fingers on either side of her swollen gleaming cunt and parted her labia exposing a pretty little pearl and a very tight pink tunnel that i swore gave me a wink as i flicked and licked the pinkish aroused slit,and she also held me by the back of my head and made sure that she was grinding and mashing my mouth mobilbahis güvenilir mi as far as she could gind her wet triangle that is starting to get very matted with bodily fluids.Licking my fingers i part the cunt and i take her clit between my teeth and genty tug on it as she holds one leg withher hands behind her knee and i slip 2 fingers knuckle depth into her tightness and as i did i then knew that it has been a little while since last been laid,,she was soooo tight.Sqeezing and grabbing her own tits twirking on nips she is withering in pleasure as my fingers get her making wet sqelching sounds as we kiss deep and she
is searching with her hand for my boner and wanting to line it up with the enterence to the pie and take a hard plungeAs my cock found the target she arched again and with a “fuccccck meeee”, i got on my knees as i took hold of her hips and stuck my 45 degree angled erection and entered her pussy plunging deep and slowly withdrawing to the red swollen tip and burrowd back in balls and all.As i pumped to me heart content her legs parted wide as she allows my cock full access to hercunt thats dripping and creaming up on every throbing dip,as my cock is now getting its second coating of clear cock and cunt lacquer, i can feel her nails digging in to my back which im pretty sure she is drawing blood but having her body and the tight pink enterence to it, im feeling, i postion her into a scissors postion so i can hold one leg to the roof and she can hold the other one pointing to the wall and tap and tease the slit and clit with a good cock slapping and agian she lets out a “fuccccck meeee,stick it my slutty hole and do me hard”and pound it i did, as i used her raised leg as leverage and the sheen and cunt juice that i was expelling from her sticky kitty was getting me close to the brink ,Tammy said that “seeing where going bare back, honey i may as well make the most of it” I want it deep in her and she is about to feel about 6 months.. for me, build up and then in a horny Italian accent she is calling for me to fill her hole and with that i arched my own back held her inner thighs and held her took her sexy toes in my mouth and let the paulsating member spew its load inside her pussy walls and im feeling her own cunt contractions as it makes sure every drop of pearl is being milk dry and with a mighty sigh of my own gratificatoin she opened her pussy back and let all the semen drip from the delicous sweet pie and i wasnt going to waste a drop of it my self as i went down on her and the reacton of her body and the squeal that followed she too was complete and as we looked at each other and giggled and laughed she said lets just lay here and soak that up and we will dicsuse it in the morningwe did and and we are catching up soon no problems with the friendship

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