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A Father’s Dream 3deleted deletedI was eagerly waiting for these two years for that day. I and rakesh went to station to pick him. Within these two years my son has changed a lot. He has grown up and his body has build up to some extent. While coming we were really in a good mood and I forgot the thought our little secret. Even my son was happy and was engrossed in talking with talking with his brother. His mom welcomed him with the same motherly warmth. They were normal mother and son that day. They behaved as if nothing has happened before. There was no uneasiness between them. We enjoyed that day.Days started to roll on. I never touched on the topic with my son or my wife. Even when I and my son were alone we never discussed about it. I thought he might have gone out of that obsession. So I thought it’s good for his feature. Even my wife started wearing conservative dresses at home in the day. I thought now everything was normal. But I could never guess that there was a surprise waiting for me.It was around 12o clock we were about to start our lovemaking session. I removed her. Then suddenly I heard a knock on the door. At first I ignored but it knocked again. I lazily without any expectation went to open the door only to find my son rajesh standing at the door. I looked at him puzzled.Rajesh (son): dad can I join you people to night?He asked without any hesitation in voice. I looked at him for a moment and all I could do was open the door for him and gave him the way as passed across me. As he entered the room, my wife took the sari and put it across her boobs and folded her legs. I closed and turned to them. My son sat on the edge of the bed looking at his mother. I looked at my wife. She seemed to be a bit taken aback by the sudden development. I didn’t say anything and went and sat on the sofa. She was looking at both of us alternatively. It was my son this time that started first.Rajesh: mom you said that we could do it if I get a good rank. And I got it. Today I want to start again. Please mom lets do it. I waited for this moment for the two years.His voice was crystal clear. My wife was looking at him blankly. Saying this he moved towards her and got close to her. He put his hand on her shoulder and then started moving his hand down along her hand and when his hand came to her waist he left the hand and took her by her waist and pulled her towards himself. Pulling her towards him he was trying to embrace her, but her hands holding the sari to her chest is avoiding him from a tight embrace. He didn’t make any attempt to remove her hand. He was delicate. He is not in a hurry. He started to kiss her neck. He moved slowly from end to end. Then he moved his lips to her chin and opened his mouth to take her chin. He took it and gave a gentle bite and left. As his lips started to move further, she started to resist a little bit. He didn’t mind it. He canlı bahis şirketleri allowed to move and resist but adjusted himself to her body language. Finally slowly he kissed squarely and gently on her lips. Then he gently took her lower lip and stated to kiss it. Then he took the upper lip. He is taking them alternatively. Then he started to increase the pressure with which he is kissing the lips. Slowly he made her hands free and removed the sari. The he laid her properly and got on top of her. Then he again back to his kissing business. He is not in a hurry. He taking his own time and enjoying her lips to the fullest extent. His chest was crushing her boobs. Her hands were still. His hands took her waist and started to move hands on it. I was watching them leisurely. After kissing her for 10 minutes, he moved down to her boobs. They have grown in size in these two years but they haven’t lost their stiffness and tightness. She is at the peak of her prime age. Her blouse was a bit conservative. It exposed only a little part of her boobs. But a 3 inch line where her boobs were meeting was still visible and he slowly started to move his lips along the line. Then his hands moved on to her mounds and started to caress them gently. Then he suddenly came to her stomach and pulled the petticoat a bit down so that her hole in the stomach is clearly visible. Then after a gentle kiss he started to move the tip of his tongue on all over her stomach. She was trying to stay calm but his tongue is experimenting on her stomach while his hands still caressing her mounds. This was making her move in her place. Her hands were moving on the bed restlessly. It can be easily made that she is trying hard not get her hands onto him. I can say is enjoying but her mind cannot take that her son is doing this. Then he moved his head down to her feet through the line made by the two legs above her petticoat.He took her tender cream colored leg and rubbing a finger of her right leg with a hand took it into his mouth. He sucked it then he took it between his teeth and bit it a bit. She suddenly jerked a bit moving her head side by side. He did it to all the fingers of both the feet. Every time he bit the leg she used to jerk. Now he again came back to her stomach and started to kiss all over her stomach and also kissing on her waist. Later he did the same to her finger. He was doing it slowly. Then he increased the pace of his foreplay. His hands started to maul her boobs and stomach and waist. After 50 minutes of foreplay he removed her blouse and then her petticoat. She was nude. Then he also became nude. His manhood is straight and good in size. It was like a pole. Now he looked at her straight and with both his hands he separated the legs and made space for him. She just looked at him blankly. He positioned himself and started to enter her in missionary position. canlı kaçak iddaa As his manhood entered her, he moved forward towards her. When he entered completely he kept still for a minute and looking at her face he moved slowly sliding over body as her boobs crush below his body. He took her lips and started to kiss her. Some times he used to maul her boobs. Slowly he increased the pace. The way pace took up was amazing. Even I couldn’t imagine. Within 8minutes he took her to a rhythm that she is moving very fast in the bed. I could not imagine the pace. There was never a slow down in the middle. When reached to their peak speed, he suddenly collapsed over her. They laid still. My wife’s hands gripped to the pillow slowly relaxed. After five minutes they came back to senses. He held her and kissed her hardly. Then waited for few more seconds and got up. He went to bathroom and by the time he came back my wife already wore her sari. As he came out she left to the bath room. My son got dressed and when my wife came, he went straight to her and took her by her waist and kissed her hard for a minute and said ‘I love you dear’. Then immediately he left to his room. My wife stood there looking in the direction in which he left as the door closed behind him.After he had left I went to her and lay down on the bed along with her. After a few minutes I put my hand across her. She didn’t respond. She didn’t even move. After a few minutes I moved aside and soon slept. I don’t remember weather my wife slept all the night or not but by the time I got up I could hear her morning chores in the kitchen. I saw my son sitting in the living room and scanning the channels. Suddenly a kind of guilt surged into me. I felt very rude for my behavior in the night. So I moved towards the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen I could see my wife fresh bathed as her white waist exposed in the beautiful yellow sari. They were mixed and hard to differentiate. There were a few droplets of water on her waist which glistened with sun rays of early twilight making it more beautiful. I have never seen more beautiful thing than that. I think she might not have recognized my presence. I slowly went behind her as her eyes intently watched at the tea kettle on the stove. I suddenly took her by her glistening waist. Her body jerked at this sudden action of mine and she turned her head to see me. Then she suddenly fell silent and still. Her hands moved silently on the edge
of the stove. I pushed my groin to her smooth back thus moving hand forward from her waist to her stomach and clasped both my hands tightly and held her to my body. She didn’t make any moment of restriction nor did she respond. I moved my lips her on her shoulder and neck nape and moved towards her ears. I took her soft ear lobe in my lips, smoothly pulled them and left them. The keeping my lips on her ears canlı kaçak bahis and kissed her on her ear and whispered into her ear ‘I love you Shobha’. She stopped her hand moving on the stove. I made my hold tight and embracing her back to my body. As the sweet smell of the familiar shampoo along with the nights smell of jasmine flowers touched my nostrils I said in a sincere and honest tone ‘I love you Shobha. I love you very much’. For the first time she responded and put her hands on my hands. Taking this as a cue, I turned her towards me and looking straight into her eyes, placed my lips onto hers which became a lip lock soon. We were like that for the next few minutes. But disentangling herself from she moved away and said ‘its time everyone is wake up’. I didn’t force her. I moved to the living room where my son was scanning through the channels. He looked at me and gave me a naughty smile and I can understand the meaning of the smile. I returned his smile and then immersed myself in the newspapers as my wife joined us after a few minutes. It was Sunday. After the breakfast I had asked my sons to go for an outing and to watch movie. I told rajesh not to return before seven in the evening. He readily agreed and with in an half an hour they left outside. That day we made the best love of our life. We did it for four times. It was the first time since our marriage early years we did that.After four times of love making till the evening, we lay in the bed naked below the blanket as our bodies touched each other, all tired. For the first time we spoke after a long tiring silence.Me: I am sorryShe looked at me puzzled.Me: for yesterday night…..Shobha: no, its not you. It is rajesh who made me upset. I thought he would get over it but I didn’t expect him yesterday night.Me: so you don’t like it. You want me to stop him from all this. I thought you will enjoy it but I can’t do this any more. I can’t enjoy singly. Yesterday I felt selfish and rude.Shobha: its not that I am not willing. But the thought that I am doing it with my son is killing me.Me: do you want me to stop him?Shobha: do you think you can do that really now? I don’t think so. I think my son has become a man now. Don’t you.Me: yeah….then how? I can’t see you suffer for me.Shobha: no, that will spoil his future. You can’t be rude with your k**s. I love them. I can’t hurt them.I kept quite. We lay there in silence for some time and in the one hour we had a very erotic session. Later we got refreshed with both us together. Our sons have arrived when my wife has prepared the dinner. We all ate together as our sons shared their day’s enjoyment. We receded to our rooms. That night I expected my son to come to us. But he didn’t come to us. The whole week he didn’t come to us. He was avoiding being with us generally. He used to do his breakfast, lunch and dinner with us and he used to be with us for a casual chat. He reduced his staying at home. He made a few friends outside and used to spend his time with them. Day by day we were puzzled by his behavior. Finally we decided to discuss it one day with him. In fact we were worried about him.To be continued……………..

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