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You can judge me if you want, but I’m not ashamed. If I felt for one second that my son-who’s nineteen, by the way-wasn’t participating willingly, then I’d put an end to it. To the contrary, he has always given every sign of enjoying our sessions and has never spoken a word to me of having second thoughts. All the proof I need is to see and feel the steel hardness of his erection when we’re alone together and the incredible sensation when he cums inside my wet pussy.

I guess I can’t really say who’s idea it was in the beginning. We’ve never talked about it. Maybe it just happened and wasn’t anybody’s preconceived idea. However, I can say this from my perspective: There were several times in the years leading up to the first time we had sex where I lusted after my son. But that first day? I didn’t wake up thinking, ‘I have to screw Tommy today.’

I’m forty-one and, yes, I admit to being more than a little concerned about whether men still find me attractive. Well, that is if they ever did in the first place. But I have reason to believe they did, and still do. I’m taller than average, one hundred and twenty five pounds and well-proportioned. I tint my light brown hair and rarely go on a business trip without at least one opportunity to spend the night with some young executive. I’ve never taken advantage of the opportunity.

That doesn’t mean I’m faultless. I flirt endlessly. Possibly, I just need the reassurance when a guy flirts back. I’ve never used my sexuality to advance professionally, but I know I can use it to get my way sometimes.

Why I started to flirt with my own son I’ll never know. Of course, there’s always the possibility that I wanted a young, athletic stud to find me attractive. That would have been enough. But somewhere, somehow, things got a little crazy.

A clue should have been when I felt contempt for the girls Tommy dated. Possessive isn’t strong enough a term for how I felt about him. I figured I was better than those girls and I knew Tommy better than them. He was lowering himself and I was the only one who could save him; the only one who could teach him what it was like to…

I remember every detail of the first time. It was an ungodly hot day. He was walking around the house in basketball-style shorts and no shirt. The glimmer of sweat drew attention to his muscles like a classic statue. It seemed like no matter what room I was in, he was within sight.

I wore a t-shirt and shorts. For the first time in my life, I went into my bedroom and took off my bra with the sole intent of having my nipples show under my shirt…just for him. The low cut neck of the shirt provided ample views of my cleavage and I found myself seeking out new ways to let him see.

I was on fire with lust by the middle of the afternoon. I knew we were going to be alone all day. Tommy sat on the couch, half reclining with his feet on the coffee table, and I was desperate to flirt.

“Is that all you’re going to do all day?” I said when I walked in.

He shrugged. “I enjoy watching you work.”

“You enjoy sitting on your butt,” I replied. “If you wanted to watch me work more you’d volunteer to help.”

“I like this view better.”

“What view is that?” I asked.

He hesitated, seemingly thinking about how to respond. Then he said, “The view of you with no bra on.”


I tried to sound as disgusted as possible to hide my satisfaction.

“You’re not supposed to say that to your mom,” I said.

“You’re not supposed to dress like that around your son.”

This time I had to pause. Before I could answer, Tommy said, “Unless you’re trying to get some type of reaction out of me.”

“Did I?”

I purposely let my eyes focus on his crotch, and let them linger there for a moment.

“Work in here for a while and we’ll find out,” he said.

“I’m tired of working,” I countered. “I need a break.”

My pussy was dripping wet. My tits ached for his mouth and tongue. I stood a couple feet from his position on the couch.

I placed my hands on the sides of my tits and began to slowly massage them through my shirt. I pushed them up until they nearly fell out. Then I slid both hands inside the bottom of my shirt and let my fingers seek out the soft flesh. Tommy watched every move. Then I pulled the shirt higher and exposed half of one breast to him. Then the other. Finally, I lifted the shirt to my neck and let him see them.

By the time I had the shirt over my head and threw it on the floor, his hand was inside his shorts. I grinned and rolled the nipples of my tits between my fingers. I felt a surge flow through my body and into my pussy. The sight of Tommy’s hand slowly pulling on his cock only made it worse.

I took off my shorts and stood in front of him in only my panties. I skimmed my fingers across my pussy a couple times before putting my hand inside the top of my panties. We watched each other masturbate for a moment. Not a word was said.

I pushed down my panties and let them dangle at my knees with my legs tightly held together. canlı bahis Then I let them drop, with Tommy’s eyes never leaving my closely shaven pussy. He pumped his cock faster and I could barely stand up on weak knees as I thought about his erection.

Tommy leisurely sat up and leaned back on the couch. His long legs nearly reached me. The tent in his shorts caused by his hand and cock was almost comical.

I stepped forward. He separated his legs slightly and I took my place between them. Getting onto my knees at the edge of the couch, I stared at his crotch. Tommy stared at my tits.

I reached for the top of his shorts and grabbed the waistband. He lifted his ass and I pulled down the shorts. I nearly gasped at the size of his luscious cock. He let his hand fall to the side as I got him naked and I contemplated what to do next. In the end, instinct took over.

My hand touched him and my fingers gently rolled under the massive erection. I let the warmth of his skin soak my palm. I wrapped my fingers around him and felt the blood rushing through his throbbing veins. I was totally enthralled in the tantalizing prospects that lie before us. Or would one of us balk at any moment?

I leaned forward. I kissed the head of his cock; the large, pink head. The cock twitched at the touch of my lips. I let the tip of my tongue slide over the head and an inch or two down the side. Then back up. Soon, I was licking the entire length of his cock.

I felt strangely guilty, or somehow isolated in my actions. I took one of his hands and put it on my tit. Tommy instantly squeezed my breast and played with the nipple. I continued licking his cock and felt more at ease as both of his hands attacked my tits.

It was fairly easy to make the next move. I’d never wanted so badly to suck a cock. With my mouth at the end of his cock following a long, slow slide up with my tongue, I put it between my lips. Tommy stopped playing with my tits the moment I took him in my mouth. I suppose the understanding that I was actually going to do it made him want to concentrate entirely on the pleasure I was giving his cock.

I’d done this plenty of times in the past, just not with my son. I always wanted it to be good, but this time I wanted it to be great. I sucked harder than ever. I used my tongue with more force. I took him deeper and held him there longer than any man before him. In return, I was rewarded with a long, hard cock that pulsed with stimulation.

Not long after my head began to bob up and down on the shaft, Tommy moaned with delight. His eyes were closed, but he reached out and placed his hands on the top of my head. His efforts helped me to suck him with even more energy.

Soon, sweet precum landed on my tongue and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I debated my options: let him cum in my mouth; let him cum on my tits; let him masturbate and watch. Ultimately, the cock never left my mouth.

“Oh God, Mom. I’m…I’m…going to…oh my God,” he groaned.

I never slowed down. He muttered something I couldn’t understand. His ass rose from the couch.

And then he came. God did he cum. Shot after shot of warm cum filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could and let the rest drip down my chin. When I thought he was done, he grunted louder and filled my mouth again. It dripped onto his balls and down onto my tits. When I tried to breathe, a long spurt hit my cheek.

Finally, he collapsed on the couch and I let his semi-erect shaft fall onto his stomach. My pussy was burning with a need for his cock to be inside me, but that wasn’t going to happen right away. I rubbed my clit very lightly just to satisfy a little bit of my horniness. Tommy watched for a moment. Then he sat up.

“Wow,” he sighed. “That was, um, really good. I mean really good, Mom.”

“Was it better than just watching me work?”

“Way better.”

I smiled. “You’re still watching.”

My fingers never stopped and his eyes never left my pussy. Eventually, he looked up.

“Do you need help?” he said.

“Oh, NOW you ask,” I said playfully. “But since you volunteered…”

I backed away from the couch a few feet and leaned back until I was lying flat on my back. I stretched out my legs and spread them slightly. Tommy didn’t need any more hints.

He got on the floor between my legs and bent forward so that his face was above my chest. I saw him looking at my tits.

“Go ahead, Tommy. You can begin by cleaning up some of the mess you caused.”

He leaned down. I put my hand on the back of his head and guided it to my left breast. He sheepishly licked a drop or two of his cum off the side of my tit. I applied more pressure and his mouth pushed against my skin. His tongue sought out my nipple and I let him do the rest. Quickly, he was sucking on it and pulling on it with his teeth. I moaned with delight and his mouth engulfed a large portion of the breast.

For several minutes, he assaulted both breasts and nearly drove me to an orgasm with just his tongue and lips. I urged him on, but I’m not sure he needed bahis siteleri much encouragement. Any inhibitions he might have had about being with his mother seemed to vanish once he realized he had free reign over my body.

And it was another part of my body that I needed him to attend to.

“Tommy, I want you to lick me,” I told him. “All over. Please make me cum.”

Further instructions, or pleadings, were unnecessary. He immediately moved between my legs and began to touch the inside of my thighs with his fingertips. I spread my legs for him. He licked completely around my pussy but never made contact with my clit. I lifted my hips in an effort to force him to take it, but he teased me for another minute or two.

I shrieked the first time I felt his mouth hit my swollen clit. Tommy put his hands under my ass, lifted me up, and stroked me with his tongue. I begged for more in practically incoherent terms and his mouth surrounded my clit. As soon as he felt my body quivering on its way to an orgasm, he moved down and drove his tongue deep inside my pussy. I cried out and, after a few seconds, he was back at my clit.

That was all I needed. I pushed my body onto his face and started to cum. Without a doubt, knowing it was my son making me cum added to the ecstasy I was already feeling. His tongue was everywhere: my clit, my pussy, anywhere he thought it might keep my orgasm alive. Of course, what he thought was one long orgasm was a series with virtually no break in between.

In the end, I was exhausted. As I lie on the floor recovering, Tommy moved up and took advantage of my tits…again. I’d never felt to satisfied.


The episode went unmentioned for the remainder of that day and into the next. That was fine with me. Neither of us probably had the right words to say, anyway. I watched for signs that he was either mad or embarrassed and saw none. In fact, if I hadn’t been there to participate, I wouldn’t have even known anything happened, just by watching Tommy.

That evening, my husband was doing yard work, including mowing our rather massive backyard. I was in the bedroom and could hear the riding mower start on its extended mission. The bedroom door was half shut as I changed shirts. I had lost track of where Tommy was.

Sure enough, he walked past as I stood in my bra and shorts. I saw him look in as he strode past. Then I heard him stop just past my door. My heart jumped at what he might do, and I watched the door as I stood at the dresser.

His face appeared. Then the door opened slightly and Tommy was in the doorway. He stared at me.

“Why the bra?” he asked. “Just because Dad’s home I don’t get to see your tits?”

After a pause, I said, “After yesterday I thought you’d seen enough.”

“Never,” he replied. “C’mon. One more time.”

“Not now.”

Tommy entered the room. “Yes, now. We’re alone.”

I glanced quickly to make sure the shades were pulled on the windows, especially the one looking out the back.

“Really, Tommy. I don’t think…”

He walked behind me. I felt his hands on my skin just before the hook of the bra was released. I instinctively reached up to hold it in place, but his hands came around and, with considerable force, pushed my hands and the bra above my breasts.

“Drop it,” he said emphatically.

I threw it on the bed as Tommy began to fondle me. I could feel his cock push against my ass and begin to harden. He rolled my nipples roughly.

“Tommy, stop it!”

“Are you getting wet, Mom?”

I tried to pull away, but it was useless. His bear hug only got tighter.

“Yesterday was nice,” he said. “But I think you want more, don’t you?”

“Let go of me,” I said with gritted teeth.

“Feel how hard I’m getting. Just think how good it would feel.”

With one hand still on my tit, Tommy’s other hand sank down to my shorts and easily slid inside the front. He stopped at my clit.

“We have half an hour,” Tommy said calmly. “And you know it.”

He rubbed my clit and I gasped.

“Take off your shorts,” he demanded.

“No. Not now. Not here.”

“Get naked, Mom. Do it…fast.”

I was nearly in tears as I opened my shorts. I pushed them down when Tommy removed his hand.

“Now the panties,” he said.

Free of his grasp, I wanted to run; hide; anything to escape him. Yet my body screamed out for him. My pussy begged for his cock.

I took off my panties.

His body was touching mine again. His hand was on my damp, warm pussy. He whispered in my ear, “Bend over and lean on the bed.”

I refused to look back at him. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t resist. My mind was so filled with contrasting emotions it was worthless. I reached for the baseboard of the bed…and bent over.

I heard Tommy’s zipper.

“Spread your legs.”

I obeyed and felt his hands on the cheeks of my ass. I remember hearing the steady roar of the mower’s engine just as Tommy’s cock touched my pussy. I closed my eyes and seconds turned into hours.

I honestly can’t bahis şirketleri tell you how long he stood there. Perhaps five seconds. Long enough for him to reach under and take one of my tits in his hand. It seemed like all night to me.

Then the head of his cock spread my pussy apart. I held my breath as he pushed harder. I exhaled a groan as the full width of his thick cock entered me. Without warning, Tommy drove his cock into me until our bodies met with a smack.

“Ahhhhhh fuck,” I howled unconsciously. “Tommy!”

“Hang on, Mom. Just cum like you did last night.”

With that, he began fucking me with a steady, unrelenting series of strokes that made me wetter and wetter. The bed shook as he rammed his cock into me and I eagerly took in every inch. My refusal to believe what was happening was overwhelmed by my need to cum.

The slapping of his legs on my ass combined with my moans to fill the room with undeniable sounds of sex. All other thoughts temporarily took a back seat to the fucking my son was giving me. He was truly huge, but the juices from my pussy lubricated us perfectly and I concentrated on the sheer delight inside my body.

I wanted to cum. I wanted him to fuck me all night. I didn’t want us to get caught. I didn’t care. I tried to quit thinking and just have an orgasm. Tommy made it easy.

He put a finger on my clit and I cried out with glee. I clung to the bed, knowing it wouldn’t be long. My pussy clamped down on his cock even harder.

“That’s it, Mom. Cum for me. Cum for me nice and long and hard,” he urged.

My body shuddered with expectation of what was about to happen. I lifted my head and squealed, “Now. Now, Tommy! Harder!”

Each of his grunts was matched by a firm, deep thrust. Slowly, methodically he made me cum.

I muttered “Oh my God” under my breath and my orgasm began. Tommy massaged my clit and banged me faster. I attempted to muffle my cries, but orgasm after orgasm overcame me. He gripped my ass and clenched my cheeks tightly between his fingers. The pain and pleasure only prolonged my climax.

Finally, I had to tell him, “OK. OK, Tommy. Stop before I fall over.”

In fact, the baseboard was the only thing keeping me upright. I rested my forehead on it and then felt Tommy pull out. I managed to look back and saw him stroking his soaking wet cock in his hand. I felt the head on my ass for a moment, and then I heard him groan.

Shot after shot of semen streamed over my ass and lower back. A pool collected in the crack of my ass and I knew Tommy was spreading it with his cock, continuing to dump more cum on me with each guttural moan. For nearly fifteen seconds he deposited his sweet cum on me and I felt it sliding down my body.

A sound outside brought me back to reality. The mower stopped just below the window.

“You better get cleaned up,” Tommy said. “And get dressed.”

He grinned as he left the room. It was a very satisfied grin, I thought.


From that moment on, I knew I needed my son as often as I could possibly get him. I wore the sexiest clothes I owned when he was around and made no secret of the fact I was willing to do anything he wanted whenever we had the chance. Unfortunately, that wasn’t as often as either of us wished for.

My husband was always getting in the way or Tommy’s schedule just didn’t match mine very well. Ironically, it probably benefited my husband the most. I was constantly horny and our sessions in the middle of the night were better than ever.

But he wasn’t Tommy, in so many ways.

I lost count of how many times I was in a room with my son and I saw the erection in his pants and we couldn’t do anything about it for fear of being caught. So we simply waited for opportunities and fucked liked crazy when we could.

Easily the most memorable of those early sessions occurred at a place and time I least suspected. One of my closest friends lives just a couple miles away. Her name is Bridgett and she’s a couple years younger than me. Bridgett is so cute. She’s only about five foot four, kind of skinny, but with a great body. I’ve always been so jealous of her.

Where we live, everybody owns two or three acre lots. It used to be all farmland. Bridgett lives in one of the original farm houses, which she fixed up beautifully. The property is about ten acres altogether, with some really neat old farm buildings still standing behind the house.

Tommy used to go down there quite a bit, I think because he liked Bridgett’s daughter, but she was younger than him and they kind of went separate ways. Tommy would still walk or ride his bike there occasionally to work on old equipment they had in the barns.

I decided to stop at Bridgett’s one day on my way home from work. I’m self-employed so my hours are very flexible and I have a tendency to drop in on people at strange times. It was late afternoon when I pulled into her driveway.

Her car was there but I saw no other signs of visitors. I knocked on the side door and got no answer. I walked around back and tried the storm door going into the kitchen, but again nobody was there even though the main door was open. I looked around the property and decided to check the nearest barn where Bridgett sometimes worked on her pottery craft stuff.

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