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There were four of us. There was me, Megan, usually known as Megs, and then there were Tilly, Lucy and Zara. We were the entire workforce of a cladding company’s office and on this particular morning we had turned up to work only to find we couldn’t get in because of an overnight fire in a neighbouring building. Our office had been deemed unsafe until the entire block had been inspected, and so there we all were milling about on the street outside wondering what to do. Eventually our boss, Mr Lowe, bowed to the inevitable and gave us the day off. ‘Go home and turn in tomorrow’ we were told. Go home? In the middle of a summer hot spell? Don’t be silly. I don’t think any of us wanted to waste an unexpected day off at home.

‘Well.’ Tilly said, looking from one to another of us. ‘I’m going to the beach for a spot of sunbathing if anyone wants to join me?’

That sounded good to me.

Tilly is the oldest of us at the grand old age of twenty-nine, and is the unofficial office senior. She also has coal black hair, smouldering brown eyes, a firm curvy body, and skin with the sort of lovely golden tan donated by genes. I envied her.

‘Good idea.’ Zara brightened, and then frowned. ‘Except that I’m not equipped for sunbathing, and I don’t suppose anyone else is.’

‘No problem.’ Tilly told her. ‘It won’t be busy if we keep away from town, and you can always sunbathe in your undies if you’re shy.’

The various attractions are all clustered around the town’s main beach, and so that’s where families almost invariably congregated. Further out in either direction is often almost empty.

‘That’s not what I meant.’ Zara told her. ‘I’m not shy so I’m not bothered about what to wear, it’s just that I burn easily and I haven’t got any sun cream.’

Zara is Tilly’s opposite to look at. She the youngest at just twenty, very beautiful, very blonde, very slim and very giggly — but actually very smart.

‘And then there’s nowhere to eat.’ Lucy objected. We all tend to use the takeaway just down the street from the office.

Lucy and I stand just about in the middle between the two, in age and especially in colouring, except that Lucy’s figure looks just a bit too top heavy to be natural, although she’s never said anything about it one way or the other.

I quite liked the idea of a day lounging around on the beach, despite the objections. I wasn’t about to let a bad attack of negativity stop us.

‘Look.’ I said. ‘If we take my car we can go right past the headland, there’s never anybody there, and we can pick up sun block, food, water, and anything else we might need, at the mall on the way out of town.’

To get to the beach I was talking about entailed heading a few miles south and then turning off the main road down a very rough seldom used dirt track, but I’ve got a Toyota that’s more than capable of negotiating that. Actually, I say seldom used but it can get a bit busy at night, if you know what I mean.

‘That sounds a good idea.’ Tilly smiled. ‘If we go right out there it’s bound to be empty and we won’t have to worry about what to wear.’

We all knew exactly what she meant, but as nobody objected it seemed that, by default, we had all agreed to go nude sunbathing. It’s a good job that I’m not the shy type either. We grabbed a blanket that Tilly kept in her car for unspecified reasons and set off, calling in for our other supplies en route.

Tilly was right, the beach was absolutely empty, the sky was blue, the sun was glorious and we found a spot in the sun but out of the wind just where the sand began to slope up the side of a dune and we spread Tilly’s sunbathing blanket out there.

‘Nobody’s feeling bashful, are they?’ Tilly asked, reaching behind herself for the zip on her dress.

Nobody was, or if they were they didn’t let it show, and to my surprise everyone slipped out of their clothes without anything more than a moment’s hesitation. My next surprise was to find that Lucy had shaved her pubes. I mean, I trim mine regularly and so does Tilly by the look of things, but Lucy was as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bum. I must admit that it did look nice, although I wasn’t sure what my boyfriend would say if I did that.

We covered ourselves in sun cream, helping each other by doing one another’s backs. I know we’d probably done that countless times, although with different people and in different circumstances, but it seemed very strange this time because we were all nude. I mean to have a girl’s hands on your skin, even on your back when you’re stripped naked, feels just a little bit naughty. Anyway, we got the job done amidst plenty of giggling and then settled down, all four of us sharing the blanket. We were packed a bit close together, but then we had little option because sand and sun cream don’t mix well. I was at one end; Tilly was next to me, then Lucy and finally Zara at the far end, just managing to keep herself off the beach. Somehow the physical closeness made it nicer and so we all relaxed, leaning against the slope of the dune to soak up the sun and have a good güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gossip

Of course the first subject was the fire at work. None of us knew what had happened exactly, although the company involved was rumoured to be having a tough time of it financially, and so we put two and two together and got five. We just thought ourselves lucky that our own humble premises hadn’t been destroyed. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but it paid the bills.

After that we went through all the usual subjects, from pop music to boyfriends, especially ex-boyfriends, and then we shared a sandwich, drank some water, rubbed sun block into each other again, with Lucy making Zara squeal in counterfeit terror by pretending she was going to do her front as well as her back, and then settled back into a comfortable silence. Until, that is, Zara suddenly pointed at Lucy.

‘You’ve had a boob job!’ She exclaimed excitedly. ‘I can see the scars.’

‘Yes.’ Lucy replied simply, not at all fazed. ‘I had them done about two years ago. Do you like them?’

I must admit I was surprised that Zara hadn’t realised that Lucy’s figure had been “enhanced” as they say. I’d thought that for ages, although I’d never been sure. But then I’d figured it was none of my business anyway.

‘Yes, they look really good.’ Zara replied, cupping her own pert little ones with her hands. ‘Maybe I should get mine done?’

‘No. They wouldn’t suit someone your size.’ Tilly told her. ‘Yours are just right as they are.’

There was a chorus of curious questions for Lucy after that, everything from “did it hurt?” to “does it make you feel top heavy?”, but it was Zara again who asked the question that sent us all off on an entirely new tangent. ‘Do they feel different?’

‘Do you mean to me or other people?’

‘To other people.’

‘Have a feel, see what you think.’

I almost gasped in surprise at Lucy’s casual offer, but Zara wasn’t bothered, she just reached over to feel Lucy’s breast, gently digging her fingers in to test the texture of the implant. It seemed strange watching one girl touching another one’s breast, but of course it wasn’t touching in the erotic sense, although it must be said that she did seem to be taking longer than might be expected just to find if it felt any different.

‘Actually.’ She announced eventually. ‘It feels a lot nicer than I thought it would.’

‘Actually.’ Lucy teased her. ‘I agree.’

‘What?’ Asked Zara, sounding confused before she jerked her hand away as understanding struck. ‘Oh you! I wasn’t feeling your tit like that.’

‘I know, but it was still nice.’

Zara giggled and then reached over again, glancing anxiously at Tilly and me as if to try and convince us of her innocent intentions. Tilly watched for a few moments, but then as Zara openly fondled Lucy’s breast, she reached over too and began to feel the other one. I rolled onto my side and looked over Tilly’s shoulder as she deliberately squeezed and caressed Lucy’s augmented boob.

I watched, a bit surprised at what was happening and not sure what to make of it. There seemed to be some faintly erotic undertones to it, especially from Lucy, who just rested quietly with her eyes closed and let the other two girls fondle her. But even more surprising was the fact that I found myself wanting to join in, mostly from curiosity but, I hate to admit, also because it looked so distinctly naughty.

‘Does it feel natural?’ I heard myself ask.

‘It does to me.’ Lucy answered ambiguously without opening her eyes, making Zara giggle self-consciously.

‘It feels a little bit different.’ Tilly told me over her shoulder. ‘But I don’t think you’d notice if you didn’t know.’

‘Let me feel.’ Perhaps I should have been surprised at my own request, but I wasn’t.

Tilly gave a last squeeze and somewhat reluctantly moved her hand away, resting it on Lucy’s abdomen while I propped myself on one arm and reached over her to find out how a boosted boob actually felt. Up until that moment the only breasts I’d ever touched had been my own, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and she felt firmer than I had imagined, though maybe that was just the effect of the implant. I gave it a gentle squeeze, unexpectedly liking the sensation of her nipple on my palm and the soft warmth of her flesh. But then I was abruptly conscious of my own nipples hardening in response and of them pressing into Tilly’s back. I felt a sudden flicker of embarrassment at my pleasure.

I know I ought to have just given Lucy’s breast a couple of quick squeezes, enough to discover what a boob job felt like and no more, but I didn’t. I carried on playing with her breast long after any time that I could have justified, still taking pleasure in what I was doing. But then so did Zara. She was openly playing with Lucy’s other breast with a smile on her face, not even pretending to be checking how it felt but doing it now simply for fun. Not that Lucy seemed to mind too much; she looked as though she was enjoying the attention. Her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri eyes were closed but her lips were parted and I thought she was breathing more heavily than before.

‘Hey, how about this?’ She laughed uncertainly. ‘I’m being touched up by three girls.’

‘You should be so lucky.’ Tilly told her, despite the fact that her hand was idly stroking Lucy’s stomach.

‘Damn.’ She joked. ‘Just when I thought I’d pulled.’

We all giggled at that, but I don’t think any of us, Lucy included, was absolutely sure if the remark was intended entirely in jest.

Zara caught my eye and smiled. ‘Actually, this is quite nice.’ She whispered over the other two. It was as much a question as a statement, wanting me to agree.

‘Yes.’ I answered, nodding quickly, feeling more embarrassed.

‘Yes.’ Lucy echoed, her eyes still closed but a tiny smile playing around her mouth. ‘Oh, and so is that.’

For a moment I wondered what she meant and Zara’s confused look said the same, but then we both noticed that Tilly’s hand had moved from Lucy’s stomach. Now she was softly stroking Lucy’s quite pronounced shaven mound.

‘I just wanted to see what it felt like shaved.’ She told us innocently, making no attempt to move away.

‘And is it nice?’ Zara asked, gently squeezing Lucy’s nipple with her fingertips.

‘Very.’ Answered Tilly, her fingers drawing gentle circles around Lucy’s shaved pubes.

‘What’s brought all this on?’ I asked, still fondling Lucy’s breast.

‘I don’t know.’ Lucy answered in a whisper, glancing up at us before letting her knees drift further apart. ‘But I’m not complaining.’

For a few minutes we all carried on playing silently, lost in thought about what we were doing and, it must be said, just enjoying the sinful pleasures, but then Tilly took her hand away and leaned back against me, pressing my boobs more firmly into her back. Perhaps she was feeling a little guilty about what we were doing, perhaps she just wanted to watch Zara and I, but the effect was to make it difficult for me to reach over her to Lucy. Whichever it was, I used it as an excuse and I left Lucy’s boob and cupped Tilly’s instead.

‘Cheeky.’ She whispered over her shoulder.

‘I just wanted to feel a natural one to compare.’ I told her, in some semblance of truth.

‘And I believe everything I’m told.’ She replied, a smile in her voice.

Suddenly she pushed back at me and wriggled around until somehow she had turned until she was seated between my legs with her back to me. It was blatantly obvious what she intended even before she spoke.

‘There you are.’ She giggled. ‘You can try both of them now.’

‘Now who’s being cheeky?’ I murmured into her ear, my hands threading themselves around to her front to cup both of her breasts. It felt unexpectedly nice, and surprisingly erotic, and I’m sure she thought the same. But it didn’t seem to matter. She relaxed back against me and let me fondle them, her hands resting on my knees to either side of her. I couldn’t help but feel conscious of the intimacy of our arrangement, suddenly aware of my legs held apart around her body and my pussy vulnerable if she should run her hands along my thighs. Part of me wanted to cover myself, protect myself, but another part wanted to risk what might happen, not believing that it would. I felt her move against the soft skin of my inner thighs as she wriggled herself into a more comfortable position, leaning back against me, her spine oh so nearly resting against my pubes. My heart beat faster from excitement, the thrill of the possibilities. I cupped her breasts, digging my finger into her flesh as if testing its texture, but really just mauling them for pleasure. I knew it shouldn’t, but it was beginning to get to me.

Even though they are natural, Tilly’s breasts felt heavier than Lucy’s, each a soft and lovely handful. I squeezed them, kneaded them, played with them, making no pretence of any comparison but just enjoying what I was doing and listening to Tilly’s breathing.

‘Look at them.’ Tilly suddenly whispered to me, indicating with an urgent nod.

I looked and gasped in surprise. Zara had leaned down and was kissing Lucy’s breast, her lips wrapped around the nipple as if she was suckling, while her freed hand had moved down Lucy’s body and was stroking her mound just as Tilly had done before.

‘Looks like they’re enjoying themselves, doesn’t it?’ She asked with a smile.

I nodded silently in reply and then realised Tilly wasn’t looking. ‘Yes.’ I agreed, fighting down a sudden surge of adrenalin at what I was seeing.

Now there was no denying the sexual undercurrent in what was happening now, but the strange thing was that no one seemed to mind, myself included. Even when Lucy was unable to contain a low moan of pure pleasure nobody seemed fazed by it. But then I don’t think any of us was deliberately acting out suppressed lesbian inclinations; rather at that point we were all just caught up in the thrill of doing what we shouldn’t. Certainly güvenilir bahis şirketleri my heart was beating so hard with illicit excitement that I was sure Tilly must feel it through her back.

‘And so am I.’ Tilly added after a pause.

‘What?’ I asked, confused momentarily.

‘Enjoying myself.’ She explained. ‘Are you?’

‘Yes.’ I admitted, my eyes fixed firmly on Zara’s hand as it slipped down between Lucy’s legs.

Lucy groaned again, louder this time, wrapping her arms around Zara, one hand on the blonde girl’s head to press it on to her breast. Suddenly my mouth had gone dry and it felt as if my pussy had also opened ready for an exploring hand. A low noise came from my throat, an unexpected and unprovoked sound of arousal. Instinctively I gripped Tilly’s breasts more firmly, making her gasp and then groan with satisfaction too.

‘That’s it, squeeze them.’ She instructed hoarsely, making no attempt to hide her own pleasure. Her head came back and she arched her back, her hands clamping themselves over mine, forcing me to grip her harder, as if she wanted it to hurt. I squeezed them again, deliberately this time, digging my fingers into her and pulling on them at the same time, trying to give Tilly what she wanted.

I was becoming distinctly turned on by it all, especially when I looked at the other two girls and saw Zara’s knuckles working as she openly played with Lucy’s pussy. I almost wanted her to do it to me. But then, as I watched, Lucy pulled Zara’s head from her breast, tugging at her hair. For a moment Zara looked bewildered, wanting to return to Lucy’s breast, until Lucy leaned forward, pulling Zara towards her until the blonde girl understood and they came together and kissed.

I watched in awe, still fondling Tilly’s breasts as Zara played with Lucy’s pussy and at the same time kissed her long and hard. I stared unbelieving, not noticing that Tilly had stopped pressing my hands into her breasts until I heard her gasp her astonishment.

‘My god.’ She said. ‘Look at them.’

We stared openly; Zara and Lucy were so involved with each other that they didn’t even notice.

‘Megs, have you ever kissed a girl?’ Tilly asked me finally, her voice husky.

‘No.’ I told her truthfully. ‘Have you?’


She fell silent for a few seconds.

‘Have you ever wanted to?’

‘Yes Tilly.’ I whispered, also truthfully, although it had been a long time ago during my adolescent fantasies.

She twisted her upper body around until she was almost facing me, taking one breast out of my reach. ‘So have I.’

There was another silence while she looked into my eyes. My heart began to pound even faster. I knew what was coming.

‘Can we try it?’

I didn’t answer, my mouth had suddenly gone too dry for that, I just nodded and leaned forward, twisting slightly so my face could meet hers and draping my free hand over her shoulder.

I expected to give her a single, simple kiss and back away, but her full lips felt so soft and so nice I just kept kissing her. Our mouths were slightly open but soon they opened further and out tongues joined in, tentatively at first but then more and more, probing, tasting and fencing each other. I still had one of her breasts in my hand and I couldn’t help squeezing it – hard. She groaned into my mouth and her arms went around me, holding me to her as much as our strange twisted position would allow. It was beautiful. I heard myself moaning softly with pleasure and I shot a glance to the side, wondering if the others had heard me, or if they were watching what we were doing. In the edge of my vision I saw Tilly’s eyes follow mine as if she was also worried about what the others thought of us.

We needn’t have worried. Zara and Lucy were fully involved with each other; they had turned to face each other, still kissing, but now both of them were reaching between the other’s legs. I could see by their movements that each was rubbing the other’s pussy, giving and taking as much girlie pleasure as they could. Once again I was surprised by their lack of inhibitions, but this time I felt a little envious too. I definitely wanted it done to me now and that realisation shocked me more than anything. Still kissing Tilly I groaned again, thrusting my tongue further into her mouth and rolling her nipple between my fingers in the hope that I might encourage her to touch me as well. I didn’t know why, I didn’t expect to be, but I was so turned on it didn’t really matter to me that the people with me were all of my own sex. It just didn’t seem to be an issue, nor did it matter that they were my workmates who I was going to have to meet in the office tomorrow. I didn’t care, I just wanted to be touched, played with, and made to come.

Tilly made pleasure noises in response to my actions, but nothing else. I wanted more; I wanted her to put her hand between my legs, just as our friends were doing to each other. Maybe if I did it to her she would take the hint? I took my mouth from hers and my hand from her breast, seeing surprise and alarm flit across her face. I smiled encouragingly and reached down, letting my hand slide down her body, over her stomach until my fingertips found the short hair of her trimmed pubes. She understood what I intended and sighed deeply, burying her face in my neck as I pushed my hand down to feel for her pussy.

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