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A DAY OFF THE JOBWith the job transfer also came a change in my work schedule. My days off became Thursday and Friday. I loathed it but got over it when a lady friend I chatted with online stated her ex husband would be taking their daughters out of town to visit their grandparents starting that Thursday. We Both agreed this would be the perfect chance to finally meet in person. We agreed to meet at 19:30, just in case.That morning, I slept in until 10:00, got up and performed my morning Tai Chi regimine. Then ate a healthy breakfast homemade chuckwagon, eggs fried over hard, chicken fried pork steak, kale, toast and strawberry jam. I spent the afternoon with Christian Select, Lawerence Fitzhugh and Paul Owen at this dodgy golf course Owen’s uncle is buying. The course was okay, the decour was cheap & outdated and most of the staff were either on probation or working i*****lly. I met Carmella Hernandez at an Irish pub called Darragh’s yozgat escort wearing black khakis and a purple dress shirt both by Hugo Boss. My sneakers were the cheapest black Vans in the store. Carmella Hernandez was a 40 year old fourth generation Mexican-American woman who lacked any kind of accent. She weighed 77 kg and was 175 cm tall. Her hair was wavy, parted in the middle and not a single one was grey. Her bust was modest but her nipples were enormous, standing out against her scarlet blouse. She wore black leggings that highlighted her meaty thighs, and expensive heels that clearly hurt her feet. We made small talk about our jobs, pop culture, sports and BDSM over five pints before taking an uber back to her place. Our driver is a Morrocain man who wailed against this era of sin and fornication the entire drive; we did egg him on though.Once at her modest three bedroom house, she assures me her three daughters are escort yozgat with their father. She tells me to get comfortable. I sit on the couch while she goes into the kitchen to make us drinks. Unfortunately, she doesn’t keep beer in the house. The only rum she has is an open bottle of Malibu, so I have a screwdriver instead. We joke about Netflix and chill before deciding to watch some hentai. First, I introduce her to tentacle porn, followed by lolicon then ahegao. When then start to kiss and fondle each other. She takes me by the hand and leads me to her bedroom where we rapidly undress. Her undergarments are matching scarlet and moist with anticipation. We 69 until her legs shake tremendously and a torrent of juice from her recently shaved pussy robs me of my senses. She sucked my member continuously, swallowing four, or nine of my discharges. I then climbed on top of her and fucked her like an a****l, first making yozgat escort bayan her bark like a dog then squeal like a pig; ejaculating both times. Then I let her climb on top of me and ride me until she fell off in a shuddering sixth or eleventh orgasm. After a shot of rum, a peppered beef stick and a bowl of OG Kush I climbed back on top of her started fucking her again. This time in the missionary position while whispering degrading epithets and complimentary slurs. The entire time she’s begging me to give it to her harder and scratching my back. I reposition Carmella with her face in the blanket and her fat ass in the air and I try to fuck her as long and hard as possible, but she took it like it was routine. The thought of fingering her cute, hair butthole was too much and I creampied her. Carmella orgasams, stifling her loud profanities with a pillow. We both soon fell asleep in a puddle of our own juices. I awoke about an hour later to an empty yet soaked bed. Not wanting to be there for the awkward morning, I got dressed, put the soaked sheets in the washer and started it. I left $40.00 on the nightstand then walked six blocks to a Am/Pm where I took a Lyft ride home.

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