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A Clients Perspective on a visit to my home.This is a true account, written by a lovely guy who came to visit in the summer last year.I had been ‘talking’ to Tina for a few months on the Internet, and really got to know her quite well. I am a married guy in my late 20’s and always considered myself as being straight. There was just something dynamic about Tina that always brought me back to chat to her. I had joined her website and therefore enjoyed regular free web cam sessions with her, and each time I got to know her better and better. There are nicer looking transvestites about than Tina, and more convincing ones too – but there are very few who are as sexy.When you look at Tina’s pictures and videos, you can tell that she is a man dressed up, but my God! How she pulls it off is amazing! Anyway, I digress, because I am here to tell you about my first actual meet with Tina, as I promised I would do such a report for her. We arranged to meet at her place at 2pm on a Wednesday. She gave me directions to a community centre in Gosport, and told me to park my car there and then telephone her. I arrived early and called as instructed. Tina’s voice is like her persona! – you can tell its a man on the phone, but she talks extremely feminine, which in itself is a turn on! I was shaking with excitement as I walked the 500 metres or so to her house. As I walked down the path the front door opened in front of me as I was welcomed by the girl I had dreamed of meeting for so long. Tina is very tall and this is the first thing (obviously) that you notice. Second thing I noticed was her fantastic cleavage and thirdly, her amazingly slender girls legs. She had said that she would be dressed feminine but nothing too racy to start with. I would say she looked really sexy in her golden shiny satin blouse, black pencil skirt, black nylons and her patent shoes. Her make up was ultra sexy, with smokey blue and black eye shadow with lots of blusher and red glossy lips. She sat opposite me and crossed her legs, which showed me a flash if stocking top. She offered me coffee, which I declined (probably through nerves) but I said it was ok for her to have one if she wanted. She walked through to the kitchen and kept chatting as she made her coffee. On returning to the front room she asked if it was ok if she smoked. I told her I had enjoyed watching her smoking on our cam sessions and I was looking forward to it very much!She withdrew a menthol cigarette and lit it whilst looking at me in a very sultry way! Her bright red lips enveloping the white filter was a sight to behold. When she withdrew the cigarette from her mouth she held it in the last few centimetres of her rigid fingers – it was so feminine and slutty!She asked me what outfit would I prefer her to wear. I laughed at this as honestly she looked so sexy there just sat smoking, in her very sexy secretary outfit, it was just amazing to think that very soon she would be in my arms. As she sipped at her coffee, she asked me if I was sure I didn’t want any, and to be honest I was now so much more relaxed I decided to say yes.On getting up to go to the kitchen Tina said she would have a treat for me when she returned. My God! Did I! When she walked back in a few moments later with my coffee, she was wearing the most amazing black patent 6″ high heeled court shoes. The sound of the stilettos on her laminate floor alone was incredible, but the way these shoes emphasised her calfs was incredible. After passing me my coffee she again sat opposite me and crossed her legs. This time she pulled her skirt down covering her stocking tops, but she knew I was watching and without looking down she knew she had given me an eye full of her stocking tops and suspender straps. Over the next few minutes we discussed a lot. I brought up the subject of Tina’s incredible cleavage, and she went on to tell me about her puberty age, when she knew things weren’t normal. She went on to explain her late teens and early twenties, and although compelling, it isn’t really necessary, or indeed my place, for me to explain it all here for you now. What I will say is Tina is very sociable and after a few minutes I was very at ease and not in the slightest bit nervous. She is extremely good with first timers, well, she certainly was with me.After a while, it must of been ten or fifteen minutes Tina took out another cigarette and lit it and asked me if I had any deadlines for the day. It was only afterwards (after our physical meet) that she told me she was urging me to get the business side done! I told her I had booked the afternoon off work, and so time was not an issue, but I had only booked for an hour of her time. She reassured me that she didn’t clock watch, and that the hour I was paying for only started after she had been paid. She also at this point made it clear that although she loved the chat and enjoyed very much the chemistry building between us, that at some point she wanted me to join her, next to her, on her sofa. I asked if it was ok if I joined her now, and she smiled and said ‘of course”. As I got to my feet I pulled out my wallet and gave her my contribution before sitting down next to her. She thanked my for her payment and placed the money in her black PVC purse, and placed this in her hand bag. She then turned to me and leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips. This shocked me, because I had heard that e****ts do not kiss. Well this one does! Slowly, our mouths opened and the kissing became very wet very quickly! Our tongues were lapping at each others as we French kissed for what seemed ages. (But in all honesty was probably a minute or two!)Her left hand was now rubbing my (extremely hard) crotch area, and she took hold of my wrist and placed my hand on her boobs as the kissing continued. Please let me tell you – Tina’s boobs are big! She whispered in my ear telling me she loved having her boobs squeezed as we kissed and I can promise you I wasn’t complaining!Her hands moved to my chest and she started to undo my shirt buttons as the kissing continued. Her hand slipped into my shirt and smoothed my slightly hairy chest as I was in turn massaging her boobs in her lovely black satin bra. The kissing stopped and she almost melted onto the floor – and was now between my legs on her knees güvenilir bahis şirketleri rubbing my cock through my trousers. “I can’t wait to taste you” she said sexily as she began opening my trousers. I helped her unbutton them as they are tight and I wanted to get my cock out so much!As she released me from my boxers she pulled my trousers down a little before taking hold of my honestly now rock hard cock. She looked me directly in the eye as her tongue started to lap at my bell end. In a circular motion she licked round and round the purple head, making it very wet. Then she enveloped the whole of my cock end in her red glossy lips. Looking down it was just tremendous to see a girl who really enjoyed what she did for a living. I have heard so many horror stories about some working girls who just do stuff as they have to do to make a living, but with Tina, you know she is enjoying it. Every moment! Her mouth was now sliding up and down my rock hard shaft. Her lipstick was smeared all over it, providing a lovely red sheen right down to the girth. As she took me deep into her throat she let go with her hands and justworked on me in a head bobbing style. She closed her eyes as she gagged on me. I held her head down on my cock and thrust myself into her open wanting mouth. This made her gag a little, and after two or three simultaneous gags she looked me in the eye and said “I like that”.This was heaven, as I have tried this kind of stuff so many times with my wife, and she will have none of it, and here I was with a girl telling me she likes to have her throat fucked! Unreal. This went on for a few minutes: Me forcing her head down on my cock to the girth, and not releasing her until I was ready. She had tears streaming down her face, and her mascara was starting to run. “Don’t make me look silly!” She said as she bowed forwa
rd for more cock. Silly? She looked beautiful. She asked me to take off my clothes, and this I did. At the same time she stripped out of her blouse and skirt, but remained in her black basque, stockings and hi heels. On closer inspection it appeared that her basque was in fact a waist clincher and black bra. All I can say is she looked absolutely amazing. Once I was naked she beckoned me to get on the settee on all fours, with my bum pointing into the room. She came up to my face and kissed me wet on the lips once, and asked if it was ok if she ran the camera. I told her it was fine as long as she didn’t show my face. “Close your eyes, please” she said in a quiet voice. I heard her setting up the camera, it really didn’t take long. The next thing I felt was her hot breath on my arse. She held my buttocks apart, almost gaping me, and then I felt her delicious wet tongue circle the outer edges of my hole. I have never ever had anyone go near near my arse. Not that I didn’t want that, just that the wife would not do it, not under any circumstances. Anything slightly taboo was off limits in my wife’s eyes and that is why I was here with Tina. She held my hole open and I felt her we tongue enter me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the attention! In between licks she told me how she loved to lick clients arses. “It shows how low I will go” she smiled. She now asked me to turn around and sit low on the settee. As I moved into position, she did not move at all, deciding to remain on the floor. I sat back and she was on the floor in between my legs. She lifted my legs up, and holding onto the backs of my thighs, she once again exposed my arse. Her mouth went to work straight away. This time it was long, full licks of my arsehole that she took, and this time I could see her. Looking down at her at work was amazing. Her heavily made up face: Too much eye shadow and blusher, and again, too much red lipstick and gloss was such a lovely sight. After a few minutes she started to insert her tongue in me again. She asked if I liked things in my arse, and I said I wasn’t sure, but her tongue in there was nice.”You taste lovely” she said “some guys taste of soap, but you have a lovely musky taste to your arse”. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, as I had showered before I left, but perhaps there was still a lingering ‘musk’ as she put it, from my earlier toilet visit.In any case, Tina certainly was not put off by it, in fact I think she loved the ‘non soapy’ taste and smell.I watched as she put her finger in her mouth, and wetted it up. She looked at me as she sucked on her finger like some kind of small cock.Her head then was bobbing once again on my cock. At the same time I felt her finger touching my arse bud. “You like that, honey?” She said as she smiled at me, looking past my rock hard, lipstick smeared cock, which was rubbing her face. The fact is, I wasn’t liking it, I was loving it. She expertly inserted just the tip of her finger inside me, and simultaneously started sucking my cock once more. My God! Can this girl multi task! In complete rhythm, she was gently finger fucking my arse and head bobbing on my cock.My arse was so wet from all the earlier oral attention she had given it, and I think that it is this that helped me take her fingering so easily. It didn’t really matter, what did matter was the fact I adored it, and was so loving my time with this superb, mature transvestite slut. She lay me back on the settee, and I was now lay full length with my feet up. She wanked me slowly as she once again started to French kiss me. She was knelt down on the floor looking over me as we kissed. My hand slid into her blouse and I explored her fantastic tits. They look and feel so full and round. She told me she loved it when I squeezed her tits as we kissed. After some heavy petting and lots of groping she sat down and slowly removed her blouse and her bra. Wow! Her tits looked amazing! I couldn’t take my eyes off them. She leant over and started rummaging into her hand bag, and I watched as she lit a cigarette and then returned to me. She leant over me and cupped my head and literally started to breast feed me with her huge tits. Alternately, they were each offered to my hungry lips. I closed my eyes and concentrated on sucking and licking her hard nipples. She just carried on sexy smoking as I did this, and my God! Was it sexy! A quick note here on Tina and her smoking. tipobet giriş I know whenever she is on cam she loves to smoke and I personally think that it is extremely sexy to see her smoking, and to witness it during a meeting is fabulous, but I know it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. She does say that it is not obligatory for her to smoke, but I really recommend it to those of you that do in fact enjoy seeing a tart smoke. Even the way she holds the cigarette, and all her feminine mannerisms is something so erotic. After she had finished the cigarette and I had had my fill of her gorgeous tits, she said she needed some anal attention. Swapping onto the smaller sofa opposite, she got herself on all fours, and invited me to ‘watch the show’. Soon she had a pink dildo in her arse. It was quite thin and Tina assured me that she uses this one purely to loosen up. It was fantastic to see her use a toy on her own arse. It wasn’t very long at all before she was swapping the toy for another one, this time a bigger and fatter one, in a flesh colour. To Be Continued in Part 2Part two.What amazed me about her with this one was the fact that she did not give a hoot about the brown slime that was smearing the toy as she fucked herself with it. Slowly she withdrew and offered it up to her open red glossy lips “shall I?” She said as she smiled at me. “You know I will…. But only if you want me to?……. It is your show honey?” I knew she would. I’m sure she would do anything I asked of her, but this was a bit too extreme for me, and I declined her offer on this occasion. I’m sure though that some people would use Tina’s services for just exactly that…… Seeing how far or how low they could make her go. I’m not too sure about her limits of depravity, but I know she used to advertise herself as the ‘girl who doesn’t say no’.My cock was now absolutely solid. She got back on the small sofa facing away from me once more and offered her arse to me, opening her honey pot with one hand. “Come and fuck me honey” she said, “use me like the slag I am”. I hate that word, but Tina loves to use it in dialogue a lot. She once told me in one of our many prolonged chats that she felt that she was much more than just a slut and slag was a perfect description of her. In a lot of ways I’d say Tina is a wonderful and nice girl. But as soon as the sex starts…. yes! Slag is ideal! She held her buttocks open for me as I put on my rubber. I watched as her bright red fingernails held open her little opening as I manoeuvred in position behind her. As I pushed my hard cock into her little hole she sighed as the hardness filled her up. “I love anal sex!” She exclaimed. That is a good job, because I had paid my money for anal sex and I wanted a lot of it before leaving. Lucky for me I was not going to be let down by Tina.I held her hips from behind as I bludgeoned her with my rock hard cock. She was talking dirty all the time, saying things like “just use me” and “use me for your sex pleasure”. Tina is very forward about making sure the client gets what he wants, and not to hold back. I recall one on line conversation we had and it was based around her making sure that every client left with no thoughts of ‘I wish I had tried this or that’ or ‘I wish I had got her to do that’.After a few minutes Tina beckoned me to stop fucking her. I slowly withdrew my rubbered cock, and I have to say it was quite badly soiled in her smelly brown sex lube. As I stated earlier, I am normally put off by this, but with Tina everything is on the menu.I stood back as she faced me, and started to rub and play with her heavy tits. She dragged the camera tripod across the floor and ha
d the lens pointing at her upper torso. What a fantastic show she put on as she slowly played with her gorgeous pert tits. She really explored them. Looking down at them, each in turn, and then looking up at me as if asking for some kind of approval. She sat back on the settee and flicked her hair before asking me if I liked her boobs. Let me tell you, they are amazing! They are round, firm and very heavy. She advertises herself as a B/C cup. Please let me say here that she is definitely a C. Leaning forward, she now offered her gorgeous tits to me once again. I sucked her nipples one by one and grabbed at both her tits as I did. At the same time Tina lit another cigarette and held my head as I went from one nipple to the next. She then lay back on the settee smoking, as I fondled her lovely cock. It was absolutely rock hard in her black satin thong. She had told me that she likes to receive oral sex, but prefers it to be called a girl cock as opposed to a clitty I have to say at this point that her cock is amazing. It looks so good encased in her black satin panties. And it is so wonderfully hard. Id say its about seven and a half inches long and is of normal thickness and girth.As I took her in my mouth she placed her hands on my head and although not forcing me down on her hardness, she stroked my hair as I sucked her. Tina really is quite intimate when she gets down to it. She kicked off her panties and got back in position in the sofa, with her legs almost in the air. When my hands were exploring her tits as I sucked her hardness, she held one of my hands. Its awkward to explain, other than saying it is very warming and very close. Odd, I think, for someone who has some quite vile tastes to persue a closeness and connectivity like this. Anyway, I liked the tenderness of her touch contrasting to the hard way I was forcing her cock into my mouth. As she held my last hand, my right hand stroked her stocking tops and flicked at her basque suspender belt clips. For some reason I find the straps such a turn on, and Tina’s black satin suspenders were of the vintage type, with six deep tight straps and oversized metal clips holding her sexy black stocking tops in place. Tina’s cock was rigid hard in my mouth. It tasted so good and was very wet with my saliva. I would not call myself bisexual but then again being with a good looking tranny is not in anyway like being with a man. Tina had often said to me that she had been described as just a woman with a cock, and I think this is a very fitting description.She sort of stopped me by edging up onto the sofa, and she was now back tipobet güvenilir mi on all fours, facing away from me, with her arse pointing up in the air.”Lick my girl arse” she said “please lick my girl arse!”This is something I had never ever done in my life before. Her hands held her buttocks open and I could see her brown bud very clearly. With trepidation I edged my face with extended towards her. I could not believe two things at this stage. 1. I was licking what in effect is a mans arse and 2. How much I was bloody loving it!Tina did all the right things. She really stretched herself open for me to get in deep with my tongue and do the best I could. There was a taste (for all you new to rimming folk!) but it wasn’t a vile taste I had expected. I think Tina’s early description of musky is very apt. I licked at her hole, and she forced two fingers in there and opened up her love hole with like a scissor movement of her fingers. I managed to slide my tongue in between her two bright red coloured finger nails and please her as much as I possibly could. She was now riding on my tongue in a sexy rhythm, at which point I inserted my finger with her finger and she rode the two rigid digits as if it was one fat cock. She removed her finger to concentrate on holding on the back of the sofa with both hands. She asked me to use two fingers on her arse and to “finger fuck my arse”. It was just so intense. Tina gets so carried away with everything sexual, and you can see her becoming more and more adventurous as the meeting envelopes. There I was with two fingers hard up her arse as she rode them like a big cock. She was so turned on, her cock was absolutely rock solid. She moved off my fingers and asked me to put them in her mouth. I moved the glazed fingers to her face and she looked at me in the eye as she started to lick the ends of them and began teasing them with her hot wet mouth. It was just so sexy to see her looking at me intently as she did this. Soon she was completely bobbing up and down on my fingers whilst my other hand she put onto her cock. Slowly I pulled her sexy foreskin back and forth as this oral show continued. “I want some cock now!” she said. “Do you mind fucking my mouth?” Did I mind? That was an understatement! Just as I got up on my feet to force my hard cock into her mouth, she said she wanted it ‘juicing’ first. “Juicing?” I asked. “Give it some flavour” she said as she once more offered me her arse. “You want me to give it to you bare back?” I asked her quietly. She told me that was my choice, and that she didn’t mind too much with clean men like myself.I was unsure at first, but quickly thought I would not miss an opportunity like this, and she told me right at the very start that she wanted me to leave here with no stone unturned so to speak. I began fucking her like a machine. I was really smashing her arse and Tina was obviously loving it by the moaning she was doing. “I fucking love anal sex!” She exclaimed. “Use me! Hurt me!”I leant forward and reached around her front and felt her gorgeous tits that were hanging and bouncing as I was pumping her full of my hard cock. I began slowing down my thrusts, concentrating on deep penetration with gaps in between the pumps.Then I started to withdraw my cock all together, and watched as her gorgeous smooth white arse hole gaped open for me in between fucks. She asked if I’d get the camera shot of her gape which I did. Her hole was reddened at the edges and the cavity was wide and deep. It looked extremely good through the lens of the camera also. I was now dying to shoot my load. It had all become a little too much for me! She was right when she had said earlier that she didn’t want me to leave having wished I had done something. The only thing I hadn’t done (what I was interested in) was some water sport action. I love watching films of guys pissing in girls mouths, but to be quite honest, I just wanted to cum now. I was simply too excited. I told Tina of my desire to spunk, and she looked at me with those tarty eyes, cupped her boobs and said ‘where do you want it honey?’I smiled as I replied ‘in your mouth’. She quickly applied another coat of thick red glossy lipstick to her over painted lips. She looked amazing as she took position underneath me, her mouth wide open. It didn’t take me more than ten or so wanks for the first spurt of hot fresh spunk to splash across her face. I completely missed her mouth as the jet went straight passed it and landed in a diaganol line from her cheek, across the corner of her eye and into her hair. The second jet however landed right where it was intended: into her mouth. She smiled with her mouth open, as the cum oozed out of me, filling her up to the brim. Like a porn star she faced directly in front of the camera and opened her mouth wide, showing off her mouthful of cream. Then she closed her lips and with one gulp, she swallowed the lot. She then reopened her mouth to show that fact to the camera as well as me. She then started to pull the cum from her hair, and scoop it up with her fingers. As she got a full load of it she began lapping at her fingers and sucking them to savour every last drop. I know some girls will do ‘the cum thing’ but I have never ever seen anyone do it with such genuine desire. You can tell Tina absolutely adores being a cum slut. Well, that was about it really! Afterwards Tina offered me a drink and came back from the kitchen in a sexy very short black satin robe. She looked so good even after sex!We chatted briefly
over our drinks and she once again smoked sexily. She crossed her legs as she sat next to me and licked her hair!.. It was so sexy it’s untrue!I had to go and very soon she was at her doorstep kissing me, saying goodbye. I will be honest and say that I have been back to see Tina on 4 occasions since this one I have described here. She asked me to write a few words to describe the feelings of a first timer, and this I have done. As I say, I have visited a few times since, and I’m very pleased to say that I have ticked my ‘water sports’ box, and my! Tina did not let me down there. As expected, it was just amazing. I have also had my arse fucked by her (only very briefly), but this again – is just incredible. The feeling of her soft stockinged legs and rock hard cock rubbing on me from behind was just un real. Then the actual penetration was like nothing I have ever felt before. So people, if you are like I was – thinking life is too short, then do it. Get on the phone now, and book your ultimate fantasy. You will not be disappointed!

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