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A business trip for my hubby part 1I woke up Thursday morning and my husband was getting ready to go to work. He was quickly going into the office to collect a final few papers for his business trip. He left just after 6h00 giving our daughter a big kiss goodbye before leaving. He told me he would be home by 10h00 to finish packing and to leave for the airport at 12h30 for his 15h00 flight. I said I would see him later as he left. I then got our daughter ready for crèche and soon took her and dropped her off. I was back home by 8h30 and ate breakfast before going upstairs to shower. After getting out the shower and drying off, I heard the garage opening meaning my husband was back to finish packing. I decided to lay on the bed naked with my legs spread.My husband called out saying his home and i called back to him that I’m in the room. I heard him walking up the stairs and soon he got to the passage way, where he could see into our room. As he saw me naked on the bed and legs spread, he got a smile on his face and said isn’t that a lovely sight to see a beautiful lady naked on my bed.He removed his shirt as he got onto the bed, making his way between my legs. He said hello as he started kissing my inner thighs. He then reached my wet pussy and started muffing. He licked and sucked my clit giving me great pleasure. We then both stood up off the bed and I undid his pants and removed them as well as his jocks. I sat down on the bed and took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking him. He soon pulled me up and turned me around, bending me over from the waist that I was  standing with my hands support me on the edge of the bed. He entered his hard cock into my wet pussy and started fucking me hard in doggy style. Eventually pushing me forward from his deep hard thrust. Soon I was kneeling on all 4s on the bed and my husband gave me a good fuck, pleasuring me and making me cum from hitting deep against my back walls of my pussy. It wasn’t long after I finished orgasmning that my hubby started to shoot his cum into me. He moaned as he fucked me hard while he came. Once he finished I stood up and faced him, placing my hands around his neck. He placed his hands on my ass and pulled me tightly into and he gave me a big passionate kiss. Our lips aparted and I went to clean his cum from my pussy, as he got into the shower. After he showered he dried off and got dresses, then finished packing his bags before we headed downstairs together. I made him a sandwich for lunch and by the time he finished eating it was already 12h00. He put his bags into my car and we then left so I could drop him at the airport. After dropping my husband off I headed home stopping at the mall along the way. I bought myself a new semi see through red lingerie body suit as I thought to myself I would tease Jen with it tomorrow night and then wear it for my hubby on his return back. I then went to the grocery store and got a few groceries including strawberries and cream. And of course some alcohol for Jen and myself. After shopping it was almost time to fetch my daughter so I headed to pick her up and then home. Friday morning I dropped my daughter off at crèche and then went to gym and home afterwards. Jen message me asking if she needed to get anything from the shops for the weekend, which I replied no to. She said she’d be by me by 15h00 and I said cool that I’d wait for her and then go together to fetch my daughter. Jen arrived just before 15h00. She dropped her bags in the lounge after I closed the door behind us and as I turned around and walked to her she walked to me. We gave each other a kiss hello placing our hands on each others bums. She asked if I was ready to have fun the weekend and I said I am indeed. We headed to her car and she drove me to fetch my daughter. And after picking my daughter up from school she stopped by the dvd shop as she decided to hire a dvd for my daughter. As we were about to leave Nick walked into the store as well. I hadn’t seen him in a while. He was with his new girlfriend Kirsten. He introduced us to her and we then briefly chatted for a few minutes before we headed home. Once home my daughter got her dolls and played in the lounge while Jen and I started making dinner while chatting and sipping on a glass of wine. After the 3 of us finished eating dinner we went upstairs and bathed my daughter. Once she was clean and in her pajamas we went to the lounge and Jen put on the movie she hired for her daughter on for her. I told Jen that I was going to shower quick and if she could watch my daughter for me. She said that was all cool. I quickly showered and then put on my new red semi see through bodysuit and a gown to cover it in the mean time. Once back down in the lounge, Jen then quickly went to shower. On her return after showering we made our way to the kitchen and poured ourselves another glass of wine. We sipped on the wine and chatted until the movie finished. We then went to check up on my daughter and saw that she was already asleep on the couch. I carried her to her bed and tugged her in, while Jen went to the kitchen and poured us another glass of wine. As I walked down the stairs I undid the belt of my gown so that my bodysuit could show and I walked into the kitchen. As Jen saw what I was wearing she said that’s a hot new sex outfit and she walked up to me. She said she needs to see more of it as she placed her hands on my shoulders and moved my gown off dropping it to the floor. She ran her hands down my back till reaching my ass as she said it feels sexy in it. Her lips then met mine and we kissed, our tounges massaging each others for a while before she moved away. She took a look at the bodysuit walking around my body and then she told me it’s really sexy but it would look better on the floor. I laughed at her comment and said then we should finish our wine and make our way to the room. She agreed and we down the wine that was left in our glasses. I opened the fridge and passed Jen the whipped cream that I bought and the fresh clean strawberries. She said this looks like it’s going to be a lovely dessert as she gave me a naughty smirk and turned away and started walking up to the room. Once in the room Jen squirted some whipp cream onto her lips. I moved to her and kiss her, licking the whip cream off her lips, then our tounges met again and we kissed as we started undressing each other. I laid on my back and squirted whipp cream on my nipples and down my belly to just above my clit. Jen went down between my legs and first started tekirdağ escort licking my pussy before licking up the cream off my belly and once reaching my boobs sucking the cream off my hard nipples. She then kissed me again while moving her hand to my pussy and started rubbing up and down stimulating my clit. I soon started moaning as she brought me to orgasm. She then laid on her back and took a strawberry and placed it in her pussy with just a little bit of it still out. I went down to between her legs and opened my mouth, putting it over her pussy as she push the strawberry into my mouth. After chewing and swallowing the strawberry I started to muff Jen, licking up her lips and stimulating her clit, she started moaning from the pleasure and it wasn’t long then she started orgasmning as I muffed her. After Jen finished her orgasm we laid next to each other and switched the tv on.I eventually fell asleep and Jen and I was woken up by my daughter the next morning coming into my bedroom and onto the bed to lay with us. We were both under the sheet naked and my daughter insisted that she wanted to lay in the middle of us. I switched the tv on and we laid watching the morning cartoon shows for a while before deciding that it was actually time to get out of bed and make breakfast. Getting out of the bed naked my daughter saw us but to my suprise didn’t say anything. I put on my gown and then walked with her to her room. Jen then got out of bed and covered herself before meeting my daughter and I in the kitchen. While eat cereal we discussed what we were going to do today. We decided to go to the mall and shop togethe
r the 3 of us. After breakfast Jen got dressed while I dressed my daughter. I then got dressed and soon we were in my car and on our way to the mall. At the mall we walked around looking at clothing. I bought my daughter a few new summer dresses and underwear. We soon found ourselves in Le Senza lingerie store and Jen and I bought a few pairs of sexy lingerie.And while we were busy paying for it we said that we couldn’t wait to see it on one another. We continued walking around and then we ran into my husbands parents who were very happy to see there grandaughter. She was happy to see them too and they offered to look after her for a while, while Jen and i shopped and also for her to sleep over the night. My daughter look at me and gave me a long pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee and I said yes that’s fine. We chatted a bit and then i told my parent in laws that Jen and I would come past later the afternoon and drop off some clothing for my daughter. We said bye and then Jen and I went our separate ways to my daughter and my in laws. We didn’t shop for too much longer and we soon were in my car and on our way back to home again.As we were driving past a smaller shopping centre, Jen saw a sex shop and said we should stop and go in. Which we did. After walking around in the store for a while, chatting, laughing as we looked at all the sex toys, Jen asked the store attendant for assistance to look at a strapon dildo. It was a black strap which came with 2 pink dildos. One with a vibrating option. After a short discussion with the store attendant she asked if I was willing to pay half for the strapon dildo. I thought about it for a few seconds and then replied saying I think it will be a fun idea and I didn’t mind paying half. We bought the strapon dildo and some water based lube and then headed off home. On the way home we discussed that we would dress up a later in the evening for each and then have some great fun pleasuring one another. We got home after 13h00 and we made ourselves lunch. After lunch with it being rather hot, we got changed into our bikinis, poured ourselves a drink and then went and sipped on it in the pool. We sat on the step in the pool where we relaxed and chatted for a while. We finished our drinks and then Jen moved to sit on my lap. We looked each other in the eyes and Jen said she couldn’t wait for tonight. I told her that nor could I and I think we should go drop my daughters clothing off at my in laws so we could get started earlier, which she agreed to. We got out the pool and dried off and headed upstairs to put dry clothing on. I collected my daughters clothing and then we headed to the car. We quickly drove and dropped off the clothing and had a drink with my in laws before we made our way back home again. Once home Jen said that i should go to my cupboard and take out my outfit for the night and put it in my daughters room, to get dressed there to suprise her, as she would need to go through my clothing so she could pick something interesting to wear for herself. I put my clothing in my daughters room and then call Jen to join me in my room. On her arrival to my room we both stripped down and got in the shower together. We washed each others bodies, trying hard not to start pleasuring each other yet. We somehow managed and soon got out and dried off. We blow dried each others hair quick before I left my room to go to my daughters to get dressed, closing the door behind me for Jen to choose what she wanted to wear. I put on a sexy black lingerie set. With a mini skirt,And a semi see through white top.With white leggings and hills which I put on downstairs in the lounge.While waiting downstairs for Jen I pour us a glass of wine and a shot of tiquila.She eventually came down dressed rather sexy in my smart black pants with hills and a blue button up shirt of mine. As she saw what I was wearing she called me a sexy slut. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples were prominent through the top she was wearing, she walked up to and placed her hands on my ass. Looking each other in the eyes she asked if I was ready for her to punish me, as I was dressed like a whore. I said I am indeed. She asked why I would have such a short skirt and I answered her that I bought for my hubby to tease him. We took the shot of tiquila and then Jen pick up her glass of wine and told me to follow her. She made her way to the lounge where she sat down on the couch. She told me to sit on the coffee table in front of her and spread my legs so that she could see what I had underneath the skanky skirt. I spread my legs for her and she said that’s a sexy thong. She told me to stand up and come and stand in front of her with my legs apart. Her hand went up my skirt and she rubbed her finger over my thong and asked why am I so wet. I told her I’m rather excite for the fun we about to have and asked if she was to. Jen stood up and said tekirdağ escort bayan I’m not sure, that i would have to feel her to find out how excited she is. I put my hand down her pants and G string and I ran my finger between her pussy lips and she most definitely was real wet. She pulled my hand out from her pants and licked my finger as I told her that she’s extremely excited as well. She turned me around and then pulled me into her, my back against her chest. She pulled up my short skirt and slipped her finger past my thong and started rubbing my pussy. She suddenly stopped removing her hand and then told me to lead the way to the bedroom. As I started walking up the stairs she placed her hand between my legs from behind, pushing up onto my pussy and ass as we made our way to the room. On arrival in the room there was a silk scaff on the bed, Jen took it and used it as a blind fold on me and then told me to sit on the edge of the bed. She sat down on top of me in cowgirl position and took my hands and placed them on her sexy tight ass. She pulled my head down to her breast and told me to suck her hard nipples which I did. Then Jen stood up and took my top and bra off, and walked to the bedside table. As she returned back to me she told me to put my hands together. She had got another of my scaffs and now tied my hands together. She then moved me to lay comfortably on the bed and tied the scaff to the headboard. She then sat on top of me and placed her hands over my boobs. She started massaging them but soon moved to pinching my erect nipples. She then leaned down to kiss me for a brief moment before standing up. I could hear she was getting undressed, and soon her hands went under my skirt and removed my thong. She made her way between my legs and started muffing me. She licked and sucked my pussy and clit for a long while making me orgasm from the pleasure. She crawled up over my body and soon kneeled over my face. She lowered herself down onto my face and told me to lick and suck her pussy. I did as she said while she moved her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy over my face. She then stopped and turned around, she sat down on my belly and I could feel her wet pussy on my skin. She pulled my skirt up and started rubbing up and down on my clit. Soon bringing me to another orgasm. After cumming again Jen then moved the blind fold off my eye and I watched as she put on the strapon dildo. She took the lube and drizzled I little on my clit and allowed it to run down onto my pussy lips. She put some lube on the dildo as well and then laid down on top of me. She moved the blind folded back over my eyes again as she asked me if I was ready to get fucked. I said I am indeed and she then slowly started entering the dildo into my wet pussy. She thrusted back and forth, fucking me rather rough. I was soon screaming from pleasure and started to orgasm for the 3rd time. She exited my pussy with the dildo for a short while and then on re-entering she stopped as the tip of the dildo was between my pussy lips. She had put in the vibrator adjustment and switched it on. It sent shivers through my body as she first moved it up and down my pussy lips and clit. She soon stuck the strapon back in my pussy and fucked me rough back and forth again, hit
ting my back walls as will as my g spot. My body soon started tensing up as I started to reach climax for a 4th time. My moans became louder and on this occasion it felt like I needed to pee. Jen pulled the strapon dildo out my pussy and rubbed it on my clit as I on the vurge of cumming. The vibrations on my pussy and clit sent shakes through my body and as I started cumming, I squirted juices out of my pussy, all over the strapon dildo and Jens body. It felt so amazing having a great orgasm like that. After I finished squirting and orgasmning. Jen switch the vibrations off and removed the blind folds. She said you lucky bitch you squirted. And asked me how it felt. I told her it was amazing but can’t really explain it. She untied my hands and I moved to give her a passionate kiss. Our tounges massaged and exchanged saliva for a while before I told Jen that I think we should have a short break and get a glass of wine to quench my thirst from the amazing orgasms she just gave me. She agreed and we went downstairs to the kitchen.It was already after 20h00 and we decided to hop onto the pool to cool off as we were pretty sweaty and hot. I quickly remove the remaining clothing off my body and We took our wine and glasses and got into the pool naked. We sat next to each other on the step and had two glasses of wine and chatted a bit before deciding to dry off and go back upstairs. I told her to lead the way this time, as walking up the stairs behind I now placed my hands between her legs and my middle finger slipped into her pussy, as we made our way up the stairs. Once in the room I told Jen to kneel on the bed upwards facing away from me. I stood behind her and I placed my hand between her legs. I started fingering her rubbing her pussy up and down. My other hand was on her chest holding her up and against my body while I stimulated her pussy. Soon i could feel her legs shaking as she started moaning and soon she started to orgasm. Once she finished her orgasm I pushed her down onto the bed and told her to lay on her back. I made my way between her legs and started muffing her. Licking her pussy up and down as I listen to her moans. I soon started moving up kissing her belly as I entered two of my fingers into her pussy. I soon reached her firm boobs and sucked on her hard erect nipples while I rubbed my fingers over her G spot. She started moaning again as she approach climax once more, putting her hands on my head and telling me to suck her nipples harder, which I did and she started orgasmning again. After Jens 2nd orgasm i told her to sit on the edge of the bed so she could watch me put on the strapon dildo. Once it was on I squirted lube into my hand and rubbed on the dildo, jerking it off like a man would do to his dick. I then walk towards Jen and told her to get onto all 4s on the bed. I slowly started entering the dildo into her pussy as I asked her how would she like it. She replied, fuck me good. I started thrusting back and forth with the strapon, fucking Jen rather rough as she moaned loudly from the pleasure. I looked down as I was fucking her and then I realised why guys enjoy doggy style so much. I was able to see the dildo going in and out of Jens pussy as well as her tight bum hole. I decided escort tekirdağ to do what my husband often does to me and I placed my thumb on Jens bum hole and massaged it in a circular motion while I continued to fuck her.She then started screaming from pleasure and soon she was at climax and orgasmed again. I continued thrusting back and forth into her during and after her orgasm until her legs and arms became lame and she fell to her belly. I turned over as I switched on the dildo to vibrating and re-entered it into her pussy and started fucking her in missionary position now. It was a few seconds when her body started to tremble, and she moaned as she reached climax again, she started having multi orgasms as I fucked her with the strapon. After she finished orgasmning I removed the dildo and rubbed it up and down her soaking wet pussy and clit. She continued moaning and very soon her body was trembling again as she orgasmed. She asked me to stop afterwards as she need a moment or two to recover. I laid down next to her and she said that was great. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t squirt but was more than satisfied. We relaxed chatting for a while as I told Jen my thoughts I had while fucking her in doggy. She said really? And that she wants to try it tomorrow on me so she could see. She then mentioned that she thought I was going to finger her bum when I place my thumb there. I said no I wasn’t  and asked her if she wanted me to. She replied she was rather curious to know what it would feel like. I said a bit later or tomorrow morning before we fetched my daughter and she said that tomorrow could work as she’s exhausted now. And so was I.  and not long later we  fell asleep next to each other. The next morning I got woken up to Jen rubbing my pussy and clit. It wasn’t long after I opened my eyes that she moved down between my legs and started muffing me. Licking my clit I soon started moaning and soon she brought me to cum. After I finished orgasmning she kissed me up my belly until reaching my lips to give me a morning kiss. I told her that was a wonderful way to wake up, and asked what made her so horny at this hour in the morning. She replied seeing me squirt and the multi orgasms we had last night, that she wants as much time alone together before having to fetch my daughter. I said I liked her thinking and then I asked her if we were still going to stick to our sexual plans from last night. She said definitely and then started kissing me again. I placed my hands on her ass as we kissed soon moving my middle finger into her bum hole and started to massage it. Our lips aparted and I told Jen to lay on her belly with her legs open. I took the lube and squirted it onto her bum and my finger. I slowly rubbed her bum hole and soon entered my finger into her ass. She moaned softly while I fingered her ass and she then asked me if it get more pleasurable when I guy puts his cock in. I told her it does if you ready for it and lube up properly then it can be rather pleasurable. She ask me if I would gently try fuck her in the bum with the strapon dildo and I said sure but you need to stop me if it hurts. She said that’s perfect as she wants to know how it feels and know I will stop and not be offended, if she’s not enjoying it.I then squirted more lube on her ass and soon entered a 2nd finger into her bum. After a while of loosening her bum.I told her to lay on her back. I put on the strapon dildo and lubed it up. I slowly made my way to between Jens spread legs and placed the dildo by her bum hole. I looked her in the eyes as she put her hands on my ass and started to pull me into her. Soon the dildo was altogether in her bum as I broke her anal virginity. I laid on top of her while till she became accustomed to having a dildo in her ass. We gave each other a few soft kisses on the lips and then I slowly started moving back and forth with the dildo in her ass. She said that it’s not hurting and I could try go a bit hard. I thrusted a bit harder in and out her ass and eventually she said it’s nothing special. I told her with a guy it’s likely more pleasurable as it’s the thoughts of pleasing their sexual desires that makes it pleasurable for me. I gave her one hard thrust in her ass before I removed the dildo. I took her hand and then lead her to the shower. Switching on the water we both got in to wash the strapon which I was still wearing and to wash the lube off Jens ass. I then bent her over in the shower and entered the dildo into her pussy and started thrusting back and forth. I was hitting up against her back walls and Jen was soon moaning as she orgasmed. I removed the dildo from Jens pussy and she turned around and told me that she was now going to fuck me like a bitch. She switched the water off, we got out and dried off. She removed the strapon from me and put it on herself. We headed to the bed and she told me to kneel on all 4s, which I did
. She kneeled behind me and soon entered the dildo into my wet pussy. She started thrusting and soon she said she can see what I meant regarding why I think guys love fucking girls in doggy style. She fucked me hard hitting up against my back walls and soon I was moaning as I orgasmed. Once I finished my orgasm Jen removed the dildo from my pussy and I told her to lay on her back.I got on top of her and lowered my pussy onto the dildo in reverse cowgirl position. I asked how’s the view in this position and she said it’s lovely to see your pussy sliding up and down the dildo while being able to look at your sexy ass. I then sat down all the way on the dildo and started riding back and forth while putting my hands between Jens legs. I was just able to finger her while she had the strapon on and I rubbed her clit while I road back and forth on the dildo. Jen soon started moaning and not long later she orgasmed. After her orgasm I removed myself off her and the dildo. I took it off her and put it one side and then laid down on her and said thank you for an amazing night and morning. She replied no thank you and our lips met for a passionate kiss. We then got up and got dressed and by the time we got downstairs it was already 10h30. Jen decided that she was going to head home when i left to fetch my daughter so she collected all her things that she brought with her and her bag from around the house as well as the strapon. And we then said goodbye to each other with a kiss. She left for home and I left to my in laws to fetch my daughter.I could feel I was well used by Jen and I definitely enjoyed every second of it. And that was the end of part 1 of my hubby’s business trip.Please note that I tried posting pics in the story, IF THEY DO SHOW, none of the pictures posted are of me or Jen. They were just random pics to show what was worn. Thanks for reading.

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