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A BBWS Secret AffairHe sends a text saying “hey”The safe text so prying eyes don’t get suspicious. As soon as his name comes up on her phone the butterflies start. She replies “hi ;)” anticipation builds awaiting his text. Last time was so fun I wonder what he will demand this afternoon. He replies slowly, knowing the build up would drive her wild ” meet me at Bridgetown in 15min I’m finishing a job…. wear a dress” Her heart beats faster as she try’s to come up with a plausible excuse to her boyfriend. ” Hun I’m just catching up with Jane for a coffee I won’t be long”. She rushes to the bedroom changing into a tight short. She goes upstairs and kisses her boyfriend as he plays his video game always taking away attention from her “bye Hun” she says as she walks out the room. Driving her mind goes wild what will he want me to do, will he be gentle the excitement starts to built as she can feel herself getting wet, her clit tingling with the thoughts of what’s to come. She texts him ” I’m here parked on the Main Street” then she waits it seems like an eternity, she slides off her panties and shoves them in her handbag, then her phone buzzes He says ” I’m behind you follow me in your car ” she does eager to canlı kaçak iddaa see where he is leading her. Up this steep street in this quiet suburb he pulls into a unpaved dirt street behind a fire station. It’s quiet but still houses around k**s on their way home from school. She gets out of the car and walks over to him he is tall and strong no words are exchanged this isn’t love this is lust. She kisses him passionately letting him know how much she has missed his cock, her hands wandering on his abs unbuttoning his work shorts. He knows she wants him as he slides her tight dress up revealing no panties he smurks as he slaps her arse and says “bend over” without warning he starts to fucking her dripping wet Pussy with his long thick fingers she instantly moans and says “fuck I have missed that ” As she gets finger fucked she pulls his huge rock hard dick from out of his shorts and spits on it sliding it down her throat trying to fit as much of him as she can, he says ” fuck I have missed my dirty little girl” as she slurps and gulp on his dick open for the public to watch how dirty she is. She tells him to sit on his drivers seat his feet planted on the ground, she bends over sucking his güvenilir casino balls and rubbing his dick as he spanks her listening to her moan with his dick down her throat. He says ” do you want daddy’s dick huh you want it in that tight naughty pussy” She nods. He goes to stand up but she turns around reverse cowgirl and lowers herself onto his dick feeling every inch opening her up she begins to moan as she is sitting on his dick riding it bouncing up and down he pulls her tits out grabbing them and squeezing her nipples. She leans forward her hands touching his feet as she rides him puffing and panting as her legs grow weaker but she continues using the car door for leverage she bounces harder as he moans, spanking her and watching her big arse jiggleHe says “stand up” as he gets off the seat, she complies and knows what is next she climbs onto the drivers seat facing the passengers door she is on all fours arse hanging out he spits on his dick and shoves it in her pussy hard and deep she grips the seat and moans saying “fuck me harder, own me” he goes harder and deeper listening to her screams then without warning he try’s to fuck her Virgin arsehole spitting in it he slides the head into her güvenilir casino as her pants of ecstasy turn to screams of pain he knows he’s hurting her he says “do you like daddy’s cock in your arse, does it feel good ?” As he forces more Of his thick dick in, her legs quiver in pain gripping the seat she replies “yes daddy I love your cock in my arse” As he try’s to fuck her arse more he grabs her long hair and pulls it sliding his other hand into her pussy fingering it then rubbing her clit, he pulls put of her arse and into her dripping wet pussy he fucks her hard and rubs her clit her moans And screams fill the car as she gasps and cums hard on his dick. He says ” did you just cum on my dick my naughty girl” she nods as he still pounds her, switching back to her red raw arse he goes hard not caring how bad he hurts her, she screams ” stop it hurts please” he continues until he can’t control it anymore he slides out and cums in her arsehole. He laughs and says “fuck I have missed you” she slides out and he helps clean his thick white creamy load off her arse she kisses him and says ” till next time ” Goes to her car puts her panties back on, touches up her makeup as he drives off. She drives home stressing about if she smells like sex, she eats a stick of gum and gets home to find her boyfriend where she left him playing his video game she leans in and kisses him as he says “did you have a good coffee” She smiles and replies ” it was great “

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