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A Backdoor Afternoon
Well, here I sit in a large college lecture hall that holds perhaps 400 students. This hour there are but about 75 s**ttered about in the semi-circle elevated rows. A TA drones on and on in review for next week’s test. I know the material well and am only here to observe an older female student that is somewhat attractive. I usually wait to sit in the row she chooses and plop down about a dozen seat away. The curved rows let me see when she moves to the edge of her seat and her skirt stays, revealing her legs, usually in nylons, not pantyhose. More about her in a following story…my thoughts today are about going home after class a there will be a big peace demo the next day and classes have been canceled. This is 1969, remember. When Mom found out classes were off, she let me know Dad would be gone to an Ag Conference with a couple neighbors and would be home late on Friday. Being the good son, I offered to do some farm work in the morning.

I was done about the noon with my shovel work and got in the farmhouse about when Mom returned from shopping. We put away groceries and were drawn to each other quickly in an embrace. “This is perfect,” she said, “we have all afternoon. You go clean up now.” I did and resisted the urge to stroke on off, opting to save myself for later. “Hurry up,” came the word from her bedroom, “I want you to undress me!” With an offer like that I thought why get dressed myself…I arrived in her room with only briefs. “I see you are ready,” she noted. It had been a few weeks since our last encounter, so we were both looking forward to the afternoon. I started by unbuttoning her blouse, then unzipping and removing the belt from her skirt. The slip came off next…now I could see the form of her body I had become so enamored with…long slender calves, with large soft thighs, wide hips, narrow shoulders with fleshy arms and wonderfully shaped 34-B breasts, still haltered in her bra. She sat on the edge of her bed so I could unfasten and remove her nylons…I bahis şirketleri took my time as I loved to watch the area where the nylon ended and the soft thigh flesh bulged out for freedom. My open hands enjoyed the contrast of nylon and flesh…and so did my dick. With the stockings removed, Mom stood up and turned for me to unhook he bra and gently free her modest bust, all the while thinking of her delicate pink nipples that would swell and turn bright reddish-pink as she got excited. She turned to me and hugged me tightly and squished those tits against my chest. I was 6’01” and she was 5’8′, and about 150lbs. Now she was almost naked and ordered me to remove her panties and turned to have me release her waist-cinching wide elastic garter belt. Although I admired her slightly protruding tummy, she didn’t think everyone did, so she wore it when wearing a skirt. The garter belt had several hooks and took some force to release and when it did, it fell to the floor. She now took a step forward, spread he feet and bent to pick it up. When she bent over, a chill shuddered thru my body…she revealed that she had a training plug in her butt. We had talked of anal intrusion after our last time together and I knew it might present itself someday.

Her next words, were, “Are you ready for a Back Door Afternoon?” “A good a time as any,” I replied. She then revisited our conversation about how she readied herself for it years ago…stretching, cleaning, etc. I was instructed to undress totally and get on the bed…I noticed her nightstand had a box on it with a condom, a tube of lube a clear plug with a ring and the ever present damp wash cloth. Two pillows were stacked next to me and she climbed on, making her nice wide behind rise off the bed. She spread her legs making the flange of the plug very prominent. “Please take the plug out and insert the other somewhat larger one, please,” she ordered. My trembling hand reached to do what I had never done…it was so tight…I turned it back and fort perabet güvenilir mi and pulled gently with my right hand, while my left hand spread her deep cleavage. I pulled harder and out the plug came, now I saw her relaxed muscle. I reached for the larger, clear plug and saw it hat been already lubed…with much concern I moved to insert it into her. I took a little more force but it popped in …I continued to turn and twist it causing her to moan and groan considerably. I moved closer to her face and she smiled to me and said, “I want your hard-on in there now .” I struggled to remove the clear plug and finally it came out revealing a slightly stretched anus. I quickly pulled on the awaiting condom and approached my goal, but first I though I had better ask, I whispered in her ear, “May I stick my dick into your asshole?” “Sure you may, I waited a long time!”

I looked over the back of her luscious thighs and inviting wide hips, thinking I had partook of this forbidden fruit already, this was just an added treat, me for discovery and her to relive past times. My knob tried to enter as she squirmed to help…finally with a forceful stab I was in! Gently I added more of my length and pulled back slowly. I discovered that it felt like my manhood was gripped by a circular vise! Shortly her muscle became more relaxed and I stroked faster, causing her to make noised I had never heard until now. Mom had fistfuls of top sheet in her hands enjoying the moment and encouraging me to stroke more quickly. Soon I became more comfortable with the act and my dick began to throb, warning of eminent release. Soon I began to fill the condom and collapsed upon her back with total lack of muscle control. I extracted myself from her most private part and lay down beside her. She stroked my face and tanked me and I wiped a tear of satisfaction from her eye. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, I hope we can do it again,” she stated, “ did you like it?” “It was pretty exciting,” I said. perabet giriş

I got off the bed to remove the condom into a tissue…she tossed me the washcloth to clean up…when I was finished, she asked me to clean her up too. I cleaned the residual lube from from around her anus when she said, “Go ahead and finger me there!” I moved closer beside her and inserted my long, slender finger into her forbidden zone. She squirmed and moaned some more, not wanting the encounter to end…in reality I didn’t want it to end either. We looked at each other with pleased eyes and felt the need for slumber…she assured me her sister would not stop for her Friday visit. Mom told her she would be with me at school…some school!. We drifted off for an hour’s nap in each others arms.

When I awakened, Mom had turned away from me and her butt cleavage was just about to consume my relaxed penis. I reached over her nice long hip line and fondled her breasts, rubbed her tummy and began to let my fingers roam in her thick pubic hair I was so fond of. Hers was not curly, but each strand was straight and wavy, making for a large patch. I soon felt her furrow that led to her pussy lips…she wasn’t fully awake yet when she rolled onto her back and drew her legs up, “You want some of that too, don’t you?” she asked, “I see and feel you are hard again, so why not!”

I got up on my knees and spread her lips with my fingers so my dick could gain entrance. She was wet already, or still from earlier so it slipped right in. I fucked her quick and hard as I thought she might want and she just grabbed her legs back and encouraged me all the more until I quickly succumbed to her wiles and climaxed once again. I remained in her until my dick withered until soft. When I removed myself I glanced at the softest part of her thighs near her pussy and decided to do something I had long thought of…I drove my mouth onto the soft flesh and sucked into my mouth as much as I could, even gently chewing with my teeth. “What are you doing,” she asked, marking your territory?” “I’ve always want to do that, I said, She replied, “you needed do that, It is yours for for as long as you need or want it!”

Thus ended another encounter…if the farmhouse wall could talk, oh what a story they could tell…

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