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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people.

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Chapter 57: Larry Enjoys A Stroll Down Mammary Lane

The good news for all of the horny young girls and guys who’d playing house lately was that with Wayne involved, there was now a parent who was deathly afraid of his daughter’s getting pregnant. Happily Wayne had a friend for life who was a doctor with a practice in an adjacent county. While performing volunteer work, Wayne had helped save the doctor’s home from a century flood eight years earlier. Wayne could handle heavy equipment better than the average ‘dozer jockey’; his ork had rescued a number of homes during that crisis.

Almost overnight, Wayne took his girls to see the grateful ‘Doc’ because the locals all had big mouths. Even if a county doctor or pharmacist were discreet, some hometown clerk or receptionist wouldn’t miss an opportunity to gossip. The truth could be bad enough, but the homegrown tongue-wagglers would embellish any truth into a tabloid headline every chance they got, for good measure. If they were determined to be having sex, Wayne wanted his girls on the pill, but he sure didn’t want people hearing about it.

Doctor Jennings was pretty cool about it. Naturally he examined both sisters. While he had his face between Lynn’s legs, she easily convinced him to see Carly as well. It may not have been necessary to tell him how cute their adopted sister was, but the doctor was a good looking mid-40’s male, so she knew it couldn’t hurt to have him know he’d get to examine another hot young teenage pussy.

Before long all three girls were having their ‘irregular cycles’ treated with low estrogen birth control pills. So thanks to Daddy, three girls and three guys could soon breath a little easier. Now Lynn only had to drive to his office to get a three-month supply for everyone four times a year.

Nearer to home something was up that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Mom was acting differently. Maybe it was my imagination, but from the time Munchkin and I became lovers it seemed to me as if Mom changed somehow. It could be as simple as now that I was having sex, I was becoming more aware of females in general. Yet I swore Mom was dressing more attractively, maybe using a hint of makeup where she didn’t before. It seemed to me she’d begun wearing clothes that showed a bit more of her great figure. Mom was only 36, with her healthy life-style she could pass for a never married twenties-something.

Clearly Carly got her great tush from Mom’s side of the family. When Mom wore the right jeans or dress, her buns would wiggle so enticingly that I understood only too well why Dad would’ve wanted to marry my mother.

Mom ate sensibly and stayed active. She didn’t do much around the farm itself, but she did tend a huge family garden, feed the pigs, rabbits, and a dozen goats. We mostly ate meat and vegetables we’d raised ourselves thanks to her. She also kept enough chickens that we always had our own eggs. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen much of her body, but she did have super legs. From occasional hugs I tell she had a narrow waist and didn’t have an ounce of flab.

Like any young boy, I’d canlı bahis wondered what my mother’s breasts looked like. Lately, I was wondering more than ever. Yesterday she’d worn a blouse that showed there were two nice sized soft fleshy mounds inside. Did her teats look like Carly’s I’d caught myself wondering? Mom’s looked to be slightly larger, but very, very nice. I never cared much for women with bovine boobs; I liked a sleek, feline figure the best.

Another thing; I’d swear was Mom seemed to be finding more excuses to spend a little time with me. I didn’t mind, in fact I enjoyed it. She seemed to be evolving into more of a friend and acting less like a mother.

When I dried dishes the last few times, we’d had nice conversations about school…what I wanted to do down the road, etc. She wanted to hear about my feelings; was I happy, stuff like that. Several times she’d told me if there was ever anything I wanted to talk about, anything at all, that she’d do her best to be straight with me. That was a new wrinkle as far as I was concerned, I could always talk to Mom, but ‘anything’ hadn’t really been on the menu before. Certain ‘areas’ had always been clearly uncomfortable for her, so ‘anything’ surprised me greatly.

The following week I’d told her how pretty she looked. Mom had worn a simple robin’s egg blue dress for dinner, but it’d impressed me. In my opinion, she’d looked very attractive. Honestly thinking she looked extra nice, I told her so while I was drying the final plates. As soon as I’d voiced my compliment, she had dried her hands, then asked me to give her a hug. Setting the towel down, I gave her a sincere two-armed hug.

Firmly, Mom hugged me back; she felt so nice pressed tightly against me. She smelled great too. I didn’t know if it was a hint of perfume, or she just had a fresh scent from a recent shower, but it was certainly delightful.

Our embrace lingered. Mom held me close for a long while before saying, “You’ve grown up so much I have trouble believing the young man I’m holding was once my little boy. Good God you’ll be leaving here before long for a life of you own. Would it embarrass you if I kissed you?”

When I shook my head sideways, Mom rose up on her toes a little way before I reacted by bending down to meet her lips. I was startled by how sexy her breasts felt against my chest as they slid up my front. When our lips met, her mouth was softer than I ever remembered it being. Instead of puckering, I think she simply brought her lips close to mine. I bent my head until the distance closed to nothing.

It wasn’t a long kiss, but it wasn’t short either. Our lips melted together into a soft, tender, warm kiss. Mom didn’t exactly break the kiss; rather she slowly slid back down until she stood flat-footed again. My lips followed hers a short distance to maintain the contact. Her lips slowly peeled apart from mine. I was even more aware of her breasts moving down my chest than I had been as they’d slid up. My body was very aware of how soft they felt.

After an awkward moment if silence, we resumed doing the dishes. A couple times her left breast rubbed against my right arm as we worked, each time it sent an electric jolt from the point of contact all the way to my groin. It was easy enough for to me to get an erection when nothing was going on, it was impossible not to get one at that moment with thoughts about seeing her breasts careening through my hormone soaked brain. Twice I had to turn away so I could adjust my bulge into a more comfortable position.

Two days later it was Dad and Carly’s turn to clean up after dinner. Mom invited me out for a walk. We strolled along one of our farm roads. A clear sky and gentle, warm breeze helped make it a very special time, we had a good talk. Holding hands as we walked, we sometimes put an arm around each other’s waist.

Seems Mom was concerned that I didn’t repeat some of the mistakes she felt she’d made. Nothing tragic ever occurred, she just regretted not having had a plan sometimes. Mom felt at times that she’d just let things happen instead of making them happen.

At that point I wasn’t far from having my own cattle business started. I’d been building up a herd with a first-rate breeding program for several years. I’d gotten into breeding years ago as a 4H project. Instead of selling, I’d mostly held onto my offspring to build a herd. I’d sold a few head here and there, but used the proceeds to acquire more breeding stock when I’d find a real bargain. I hadn’t decided about bahis siteleri college, I had the brains, but didn’t know what I’d want to study.

Being so fortunate to have such a lovely evening, we walked on and talked on. I hadn’t noticed at first, but our hands had slid from our waists until they’d come to rest on the top curve of the other’s butt. I didn’t know what felt better, her hand on my buns, or mine feeling her firm cheek moving beneath my fingers.

As I found myself getting aroused again, my mind reflected upon my mother as a sexual entity. I wasn’t so naïve or ignorant as to not understand exactly what had occurred all those years ago for me to be standing beside her at that moment with my arm around her. My teenaged body was reacting more and more to the knowledge that the woman beside me was likeable, visually pleasing, and had all the right female equipment to coax sperm out of a male body.

We found a grassy spot with a huge tree stump from a once magnificent oak; it was plenty big enough for us both if we sat close together. Putting my arm around her, she laid her head on my shoulder. We watched the sun going down in silence.

Mom’s left hand reached across her front until she covered my right hand, which held her waist. She guided my hand up a little ways so she could reach me better. When she did, my fingers were pressed onto the side of her lower right breast. God she felt soft! Her right arm dropped, trapping my hand against her teat, a trap I didn’t want to escape from I might add. While it was simply my body reacting, still, I soon had a warm, sensitive erection.

Mom’s dark hair felt downy soft against my cheek; its scent teased my nostrils. She used an herbal shampoo that made her hair smell delightful, as if she was a part of the countryside we were savoring. Sitting there felt more like a date with Lynn than an after dinner stroll with my mother.

Man, I was hoping like hell that Carly wanted a little ‘help with her homework’ tonight. I was feeling horny as goat. Hugging her a little closer to me, I used the opportune motion to creep my fingers another inch up the side of her right teat. She didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t speak if I’d had to.

Minutes passed, the warmth radiating into my palm absorbed me. Wanting so much to fondle the tender flesh resting against my fingers, only fear kept my rising lust in check.

“We’d better head back, Honey.” she softly said.

Though slow to release her, we were soon back on our feet. Quickly I put my arm around her the way I’d had it before we’d sat down. This time I purposely let my hand slip lower and lower as we walked. Soon I had my open palm as far down as it’d been before.

Now I wanted more! With each step, I allowed my hand to slip a hair’s breadth at a time. We’d begun chatting again, but it was light stuff that I could field without much effort. My thoughts were concentrating upon feeling my mother’s sexy ass rolling as were strolled.

After 500 feet of minute drops, my hand was a third of the way onto her swaying buns, and a little more to the middle to boot! More! I wanted more! Nevertheless, I kept it there, I had a nice handful of a sexy female butt, any lower, and I could no way pretend it was there casually.

By the time we reached the house I was ready to screw a knothole. I was set to make a mad dash upstairs; my boner was going to be inside Carly’s pussy or my hand very, very soon. Just as I was ready to bolt, Mom turned me to face her. Putting her arms around my neck, she again rose up on her toes to kiss me. Since she’d dragged her soft mounds across my chest again, I didn’t need any coaxing to return her kiss. Again her soft lips awaited my arrival as she said, “I enjoyed being with you very much tonight, I hope we can do more…of that.”

Our lips met. Soft, so very, very soft. I saw flashes behind my closed eyes when I felt her body mold against my throbbing erection.

“My God does she feel my boner? Is she going to scream? Is she going to think I’m a pervert?” Those and more panicky thoughts raced through my head. Still, I managed to remain outwardly calm and maintain the lingering kiss.

When she backed down, her eyes found and locked with mine.

“Say young man, you’re getting to be a good kisser. I’m going to have to be careful around you.” With that she smiled, gave me another quick peck, then spun around to head into the house. I was so turned on I almost walked into the screen door as my eyes followed the sensual roll of bahis şirketleri her buns walking ahead of me. “My Dad is a lucky man.” I thought. “I wonder how often he makes love to that terrific body.”

Thank God Munchkin was interested and available. I freely admitted to being ready to explode. Bless her heart, she said I could just go for it as soon as I had changed. While I hurriedly put on a robe and pajamas, Munchkin donned a nightgown. In a flash I was soon standing in her doorway. Carly lay on the floor, a couple books open as usual. As soon as she was in position and watching me, I opened my robe wide. I was fully clothed in my PJ’s, except I hadn’t buttoned my fly so my erection and balls jutted out for the entire world to see.

“Oooohh, nice boner big brother.” giggled Carly softly. As I walked behind her, she rolled onto her back, pulling her knees up to her chest. As her legs went back, the nightgown lifted then fell onto her chest. The sight of her raised crotch greeted me. Her hairless pink slit pulled open inviting me to enjoy her body.

“I’ve been playing with my pussy while I waited. Just eat me until I’m wet enough, then dive in. I see how ready you are! You poor baby.” She was teasing me with her voice, but her body was offering me sincere relief.

Plunging into Carly’s slit, I ate Munchkin like a starving man at a Thanksgiving feast. Within a minute I had her vagina slick and my drooling penis at her opening. Running myself up and down her length a few times, I swirled my tip into her entryway. As soon as she seemed slippery enough, I tried a series of small strokes to test her. Deeper, ever deeper I sank.

Satisfied she was ‘good to go’; I rested my weight on top of her. My tongue wormed into Carly’s mouth. Once we had a good ol’ sexy kiss going, I sank my entire shaft into her lean body. We groaned into each other’s mouth as our coupling commenced.

Hormonally I was in such a bad way that I was utterly grateful Carly understood my urgency. Right out of the gate I began pounding long strokes into her warm body. Damn! I was almost there, yet we’d just begun. My tip was swelling already. Even as I had mounted my sexy sister, I’d had to struggle not to come, but I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Already I felt sperm loading up; plus the tender, torturous tingling that builds as an imminent orgasm is held in check.

“God, I adore you Carly.” I hissed as the first stream of hot, thick semen gushed into her body. Ungh, ungh, ungh… I drove and spurted time and again. Carly made wide circles with her hips, exciting my penis even more. Ungh, ungh, ungh… I pumped as much sperm into Carly as I ever had.

It was a long time before I stopped moving. Long enough that Carly was even able to enjoy a mild climax herself. Even after I finally became motionless, I stayed hard enough for Carly to screw herself around my shaft. To help her, I locked my hips at a three-quarter withdrawn position until she reached a second, even better climax.

Holding each other, basking in the afterglow, we were just beginning to catch our breaths when footsteps on the stairs sent us into our fire drill. My robe whipped closed! Munchkin’s gown flew down! We were on our tummies with a book in front of us when Mom appeared in the doorway. She stood there just smiling a few moments. Damn but I swore she looked directly my way when she said, “Everything coming along OK? Anyone want anything to eat?”

“Everything’s just fine, couldn’t be much better, thanks.” I said.

“We’re about ready for a break, we’ll go down for a drink in a couple minutes, thanks anyway Mom.” Carly added.

“OK. If either of you want anything just ask me.” Mom stayed in the doorway smiling at us briefly. “Larry, since Carly and your Dad are running errands all day tomorrow could I count on you to help me in the garden for a couple hours tomorrow?”

“Sure, glad to give you a hand.” I smiled, feeling pretty mellow for some ‘strange’ reason.

Taking a deep breath, Mom smiled at us as if she was thinking about something pleasant then headed to her bedroom.

Alone again, I asked Munchkin if she needed ‘anything’ because I knew I’d gone off so quickly. My hand slipped under her hem so I could finger her wet slit and clit. She gave me a looooong sweet kiss, but said she was “fine, thank you very much.”

Showing one of her finest evil grins, Munchkin did request I get a good night’s sleep so she could maybe enjoy a quickie in the morning before she had to leave for Sears and all.

“Anything to help a lady in distress, ma’am.” I drawled returning her grin.

* * * * *

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