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I opened the glass front door to our house and motioned for Katie to enter. She slipped by me “accidentally” brushing her hip against the front of my running shorts as she went by. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a red v-neck Abercrombie tee that accentuated her pert young breasts, especially as she wore no bra that I could see.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee?” I offered as she sat down in my oversized leather chair in the living room.

“Light cream and two Splenda’s” she replied.

I went to the kitchen and prepared her beverage. Hearing the front door close I called to her,

“Katie, you still here?”

As I turned the corner from the kitchen to the living room, I nearly dropped the mugs of hot coffee as my eyes drew immediately to the naked lower half of Katie’s teen body on my chair. Her denim skirt lay crumpled at the base of the ottoman and her legs spread across the large arms of the chair, revealing her clean shaven pussy. She let a finger lazily slide up and down her glistening pussy as she sat looking directly at me.

“What’s all this about then?” I stammered, unsure of what exactly was happening.

“Put those coffee mugs down before you spill them” she said. She leaned in and picked up her mug taking a long satisfying smell of the 100% Columbian aroma before taking a sip.

“I know you were watching us last night out by the pool” she continued.

“You saw everything and now we have to be sure you wont go running to the authorities.” she finished before reaching to the coffee table and retrieving her mug.

I sat down on the sofa adjacent to the chair and tried to figure out what to say. Obviously I was busted and now I had something on them. Should I play that card now and be a dick or wait and see if this was going to work out in a more civil and sexually satisfying way for me? Should I admit what I had seen? How should I react to a half naked teen in my living room? What if my wife walked in right now?

The questions roiled in my head as I tried to get a bead on my next move.

“You have two choices of what you can do at this point” she offered. “Turn us in or play along”.

This young woman was incredibly savvy and mature for her age and she hit the nail right on the head. I had two choices and I had to decide.

“It looks like your cock is deciding for you” she said as her eyes roamed down my hairy chest to the leg of my running shorts. There with head poking out proudly stood my 8″ cock, red, thick, and swollen.

Unable to say anything, let alone think anything that made sense I just sat there staring along with Katie at the throbbing protrusion from my lap.

Katie put down her coffee and made her way to the sofa. Placing two fingers down between her legs, she split her wet pussy lips open and straddled my lap. Her pussy found my cock head and as she descended, my cock slid effortlessly deep into her hot folds, she was so wet! She reached down and tugged up the hem of her tee and there before my eyes was her beautiful set of young güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri breasts. Her nipples rock hard and her areola’s swollen into puffy cones.

I leaned in like a zombie and began suckling her tit. Its full shape filling my mouth as my tongue played across the rigid nipple. Katie arched her back as she began bouncing up and down on my throbbing cock. I was entranced by this nubile young beauty and nothing could draw my attention away from her body, nothing that is with the exception of the front door of my house opening. Fearing the worst, that my wife had come home early from her running club, I picked Katie up off my lap, scrounged around for her clothes and tossed them to her as I motioned for her to move towards the back of the house.

Katie simply stood there, clothes in hand and didn’t move a muscle. In through the front door walked Katie’s dad, Bruce. He strode in, his lean muscular frame covered in only sweat pants and Asics gels. He was perspiring and obviously had just finished a run. He looked at Katie and inquired

“Is he on board?” motioning to me as he asked.

“He’s a little jumpy, but, yes he’s on board.” She stated.

Then without another word, she simply dressed and walked out the front door. Bruce turned towards me, and with a sly grin, kicked off his running shoes, pulled off his socks and let his sweat pants drop to the floor. He reached down and grasped the now growing shaft of his cock and began to stroke it as he looked me in the eye and said matter of factly,

“Let’s you and I go take a shower.”

Bruce headed to the bathroom and I could hear the shower turn on and the curtain draw. I was hard again and eager to feel the pleasure of a mans body, as it had been such a turn on last night watching him with Katie’s boyfriend as they stroked each other.

I walked into the bathroom and dropped my running shorts and with cock standing proud, pulled the opaque glass door back to reveal my guests completely soapy body. Bruce bent over slightly away from me and reaching back slid two fingers deep into his own ass.

My cock throbbed at the sight and I stepped in and was immediately drenched by the multi-head shower system. I placed a hand on Bruce’s taught ass and slowly rubbed his cheek. My other hand found the bar of dial and began rubbing my chest with it. Putting the soap back down I reached my soapy hand to my cock and stroked it, causing the slippery soap to cover its bulging head and throbbing shaft.

Leaning forward, I placed the mushroom head of my cock up against Bruce’s ass-pounding fingers. He slipped his fingers out, grasped the slippery shaft of my cock and pulled me into him. My cock slithered deeply into his shit hole and reaching forward, I grabbed his hips in my large manly hands and pulled him to me completely. I began a slow fucking motion, my balls bumped against his as I easily pumped his butt. Reaching around, I took his rigid cock in my hand and began stroking it in time to the fucking motion I was working. He grunted and groaned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri from the stimulation and I could feel his anus squeezing my cock in time to the beat.

The feeling of his hot tight shitter wrapped around my already eager cock was becoming too much for me and I knew I would be cumming soon.

“Fuck me, fuck me, I’m gonna cummmmmmmm!” Bruce moaned as I felt his cock begin to spasm in my hand and warm wet jets of his creamy white spew splashed onto the shower tile and dripped down my pumping fist. The feel of his orgasm squeezed my dick so much that it forced me over the boiling point and I unloaded my balls deep into his anal crevice.

My spent dick slipped out of Bruce’s ass thanks to a final contraction of his sphincter. Bruce turned and knelt down, grasping my now noodly dick with his hand and popped it into his mouth, sucking the last of my jizz from the shaft and then cleaning it thoroughly with his tongue. Then he stood and began washing my body for me, his hands covered me completely and only stopped for a brief moment to see how open my asshole was to digital probing. I’ve never been fucked in the ass before and my o-ring’s reaction to his finger was enough to tell him as much.

We finished washing each other, rinsed our bodies, turned off the shower and began to dry each other off. As we exited the bathroom Bruce asked if he could borrow some clean shorts and a shirt. He followed me into the master bedroom, and as we walked in I dropped the towel I had wrapped around my waist and stood in complete awe of the scene before me. I was dumbfounded!

There on the bed was Bruce’s daughter Katie naked, facedown with her head firmly planted between the creamy white thighs of my wife Rebecca.

Rebecca is what you call a statuesque woman. She’s almost 6′ tall and has long flowing red hair. Her skin is pale white and her tightly trimmed bush is as fiery red as her flowing locks. Something about redheads always got me hot, but seeing the brunette Katie sucking and licking my wife’s hot red snatch was a whole new thing. My cock swelled immediately, as did Bruce’s which I only realized when I felt the head of his dick bounce up against my ass cheek. I hadn’t realized how close he was standing behind me.

“I’m glad you boys finally decided to join us” Rebecca said with a wink.

I couldn’t move, I just stood gazing as the sexy teen licked and sucked my wife’s obviously swollen clit. I felt Bruce brush by me, and watched in a trance as he climbed up on the bed behind his daughter and slid his pulsing shaft right into her slippery wet snatch. His groin thrust eagerly against her back side as he fucked her at a solid and repetitive pace. I could see her push back against the hard thrusting cock of her father as he pounded her pussy.

All the while Rebecca moaned in ecstasy as Katie continued to assault my wife’s hot twat. Feeling a dripping sensation on the top of my foot I looked down and realized that my achingly stiff cock as drooling pre-cum as I watched this insane vision güvenilir bahis şirketleri of sexuality and lust. Broken from my trance, I climbed up near Rebecca’s head and placed the slippery, salty head of my dick against her pouting supple lips. She parted her lips and engulfed my head and shaft down to the balls. Her tongue playfully slipped out over the underside of my veined pulsing rod.

I looked over to see Bruce had slowed his steady pounding of Katie’s young snatch and with a quick motion, hopped off the bed, went to my nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. How the hell did he know that was there? I pondered this as he slathered his dick with gobs of slippery wetness. Then as quickly as he had hopped off, he hopped back on the bed and with a little manipulation centered the purple mushroom head of his cock against the small winking red pucker of his daughter’s anus. I watched in fascination as Bruce’s cock slowly pressed its way inside Katie’s asshole. Her licking of my wife’s pussy seemed to increase in speed and pressure as her daddy’s dick impaled her.

My cock was covered in my wife’s saliva at this point and the scene before me had gotten so erotic that my mind was no longer able to control the eruption that was pending deep in my balls. Before I was even able to warn my wife, a torrent of my creamy white jizz exploded from deep inside my nuts and jetted out of the tip of my dick, filling my wife’s unsuspecting mouth with goop.

She coughed and gagged as my seed splurted out around the corners of her mouth and down her chin and neck. My now softening dick slipped from between her lips and gobs of my cum dripped down onto the bed. I reached down and cupped my shrinking cock in my hand, collecting as much of my own nut as I could and brought it up to my mouth to taste. I loved tasting my own cum and there was plenty of it.

Katie’s incessant licking of my wife’s cooch was having the desired effect and I could see the skin of Rebecca’s neckline turning a deep red as her arousal became a physical manifestation. Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened wide as she moaned out loud and the wave of her orgasm began to crest. Her body went into contractions of lust. Her loud cries of release were, it seemed, too much for Bruce to take and he too unloaded his nuts deep into the anal crevice of his sexy young daughter.

Bruce slid his spent cock from the girl’s ass and got up off the bed. He took a seat on the lounger near the bed and seeing an opening; I moved in behind Katie and began to lick her dad’s semen out of her red swollen asshole. Reaching up, I slid three of my thick fingers deep into her slippery snatch and began probing her g-spot. Guttural moans escaped her lips as my fingers assaulted her pussy. I sucked her Dad’s salty spew from her anal ring and its sweet tangy flavor was a feast to my senses. My fingers kept digging into her pussy and within moments the young sex pot’s orgasm overwhelmed her and she collapsed on the bed shuddering from the violent cum.

“So honey, when were you going to tell me you have been playing with our neighbors?” I inquired with a grin.

“And Bruce my good friend, how long have you been fucking my wife?” I chuckled as I picked up the tube of lubricant he had knowingly removed from my bedside drawer and returned it to its rightful place next to the bed.

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