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337 coastal cuckolding 4Pt4They went through the usual ritual, bathing him dressing her, last moment toileting etc, and finally securing him this time naked but under a blanket, finally the radio and the clock before he reminded her about the envelope, She nodded collected the rent book under the envelope and turned, saying “I would rather you were there, or him here as I hate lying to you.” and with that she was gone.He lay quietly listening to the noisy radio, contemplating the changes it would make if he went and watched, 90% certain now of the identity of Richard, he lay wondering what to do, she wanted him to watch her being used, but in truth he liked the helplessness and the uncertainty of waiting and the imagining what state she would be in when she returned. However, the visual part of being there was tempting. He had a couple of hours to contemplate his dilemma.They all knew the two prostitutes were out, they always where on Fridays, attending the bdsm meeting and orgy they so enjoyed, Mary having confided in Tim one afternoon that” it pays to advertise!” and that from that “one freebie a week they got a lot of house-calls!” thus the big old Victorian built house was empty and any undue noise was well insulated from the outside world.It was then the plan went haywire, with a click the electric metre ran out, not unknown in these flats, but this time there was no one to reset it, Flo being out, and Tim being secured, no power no radio, and no radio, no idea of the time, and nothing to mask sounds of activity on those empty stairs. The silence was overwhelming, street lights on the prom far below casting eerie shadows across the ceiling, dimly illuminating the place. It was then he heard the first sob, distant and echoing, he instinctively knew it was his Flo, it came again, louder this time, then a scream, long and loud echoing up the stairwell. His first instinct was to rush to her aid, struggling with those bloody handcuff`s, but then rational thought took over, had he expected her to take the sort of punishment, as she had last time without some sort of a cry? What did he think she would do as that cane descended, quietly just have an orgasm! He listened intensely, as another scream rent the air, followed by the oh, oh, oh, of a woman having an orgasm and another scream. There was a long pause then his Flo, he was sure now knowing her voice so well, begging her aggressor to “fuck me, please, fuck me, fill me with your cum,” then a pause and her calling that he was “no you bastard,” and “not her arse, she had never had it that way, not even with her brothers!”Tim came as she screamed once more, a long and lilting scream that said Richard had taken her anal virginity, regardless of her wishes! The scream having died away it was followed by a quiet yessss, then raising in octaves the subsequent yes, yes, yes rising to a loud cry of Yess you old bastard, YES! The grunts and the silence said it all for Tim, till a while later he heard the flat door below open, Flo thanking him, and her feet on the stairs, not perhaps as nimble as usual. Key in the door then the clatter of coins from the box and with a clunk the radio returned güvenilir bahis şirketleri to life as did the fridge.Lights came on in the kitchen and the silhouette of his beloved Flo blocking the door. “how long? She asked, obviously aware of the implications of the meter having shut of the masking radio.Tim said he “had no idea but a scream or two and some anal sex!” which had her blushing, pulling away the blanket and falling onto his body, asking for his forgiveness! “undo me” he commanded, She, unlocked his wrists and still under her blue dressed body, he enveloped her in his arms and kissed her deeply. “if its what you want then I want it for you, you silly goose, just as long as you are mine and not permanently marked or damaged, if you like to scream then that’s ok with me!”She fell to kissing him, wincing as he fondled her breasts, he noticed, but he said nothing just dragging her dress up between them and slipping himself into her very wet sex. “I am however less than happy that you have never had anal with me before, and I always fancied that, but you never let me, well things are going to change on that front missy!”She said that she “would never have thought it was such a turn on, and that they must get some lube the old bastard did it dry, and it was oh so painful” he laughed and commented that “that had been the idea…”They began to screw one another, her still in the dress, it was soon orgasm time, and again it was bells and whistles. They slept, each in the sure knowledge that they were on solid ground.As had become their way it was at breakfast that they spoke about the night before, by now she was in her joggers and a thick tea white button opening blouse, having risen and showered early. “well, what have you to tell me then?” Tim was obviously eager today!She said that “first she wanted an answer!” she wanted him “to watch her being degraded, and used, it was her next ambition!”He suggested that if she “got on and explained the screams, he would come and watch next time but under his terms!”She was going to ask of his terms but thought better of it and began her story. “look you obviously know by now who Richard is” he nodded and whispered “Scrooge…” She smiled, and he asked, “if she was doing it just to pay our rent?” she shook her head saying “perhaps a bit of it as a bonus at first but now it`s just pure lust, I would never have chosen him, but after the first time I let the greasy little man touch me, it fitted in, he wanted to play, and I wanted him too, it was convenient, and we all get something from it, as well as a free flat!”His muttered “oh” said it was time to move on with the story.“Well, I went down as usual, and he read your note, looking a bit crestfallen, I think he had designs on caning me once more as he had the last time. But I will say he did respect your message whatever it said!”Tim grinned, she went on that “he showed me the stuff that he had bought, leather cuffs, a collar, some straps, nipple clamps, a small whip even, and some bits I didn’t recognise, but I`m sure their use will become clear if he has anything to do with it!”He had me strip for him, he loves tipobet giriş to see me in undies, we even had a sherry while I sat at his fireside, and we talked. So far he`s not stripped off himself so I asked him why not and he said he had scars and did not want to put me off!” he said that he was brought up in Wales, a Greek mother and a Welsh father, who had met when dad was a soldier, hence the strange accent. dad had passed away, and his only brother died of syphilis. He himself had worked down a pit and had been scarred in a coal face accident in his 20`s, using the compensation to set up here when his mother had died soon afterwards, he said he had not had many women and that she was his first that had let him do some of the things he had always dreamed of, though he wasn`t after a wife or full time lover this fitted in beautifully and as I was so good looking he loved me in a strange sort of way!” Tim told her that “had he not told her she was good looking, and she had not believed him, now here was an independent witness!”She grinned and said that “she had persuaded the old boy to let her remove his clothing, reluctantly he did so with her kisses and help, and true his chest and right shoulder were scarred, but it was not as bad as he imagined, and she had been able to reassure him.” She paused then said, “he took my hand tenderly, and oh so gently thanked me, saying that other than his nurse, and his old mum, no woman had ever seen those scars before.” Flo adding “it was quite moving!”He was eager to hear the explanations of the screams, and said so, so she said “whatever you put in the note, he obviously took on board, as he gently removed my bra but left the knickers, for later, kissing my nipples, with a touch like a butterfly. He gently fitted the collar, first showing me the engraved na
meplate on it, ‘Tim`s Flo’ which he said he would like me to wear each time I came down as a reminder of my ownership.” It was on the sideboard and she showed Tim it, he saying he was “tickled pink that the old git had recognised she was his!”She began again, he fitted my cuffs, in black matching leather with clips that attached to the collar and rendered my hands useless, the feeling of giving up your control to someone like that is overwhelming” she shuddered as if in memory, then “ he took some thin leather straps, had me bend forward and encircled each breast individually tightening up the straps till the circulation either stopped or was slowed, turning my tits red then as he had me sit so he could watch them change colour they turned slowly blue, then purple.”“He took another strap and put it round my throat just above the collar then tightened it till my air intake was restricted. Then fetching a knitting needle, he began tapping my nipples alternately, at first,” she said “it was an annoying tap, tap, tap, but slowly it became uncomfortable, then painful and finally really excruciating, all the time he was explaining that one day he would nail these lovely tits to a plank for me, it being something he had always dreamed of. By now the pain had me really wet and he could have torn my tits off and I would tipobet güvenilir mi have been happy to let him, as it is the thought of being nailed has me wet once again.His eyes were sparkling now, his tool solid in his hand as she began to unbutton the blouse just a button or two.She went on worse was to come as he released the left breast and the pain as the blood rushed into the now bruised areas, was horrific. His errection rising more with every grunt and moan that I made. He fetched a ruler, a plastic bendy k**s ruler and began beating the still tied right nipple with gusto, oh the pain, it was agony but we both knew it would be worse when he released that strap. He had me lay on the floor, then he mounted me and saying, “say when” he had me tell him when I wanted the excruciating pain I knew would come when he released that strap.”“I made him wait then when he was just about to fill me, and I was on my high I nodded, and he loosened the band, god almighty the pain and the adrenaline was out of this universe!”“It took a while to recover and, in the silence, I could just faintly hear that radio in the distance, so I knew you were not hearing my groans. So, it must have been before the meter ran out, how I wished you could share the experience”“Richard, was now unstoppable, not that I cared, to be honest whatever he had done to me I would have loved by then, I was defo in the zone!”“He fetched the whip, and I stood for him in just my knickers my arms held high at the elbows,” She undid the blouse buttons some more, her cleavage now in sight, she continued, “So he could use that whip on me, I looked up, it was an obvious invite and he did just that.” All above my waist those blows rained on me tits, tender nipples chest, back belly oh it was fantastic, I began to sob, I couldn’t help myself, then I began to scream, oh it was fantastic, my orgasm began, oh, oh, it was fantastic a huge rolling cum, enhanced by my now stinging skin and my lack of air.He removed the ligature round my neck which was a relief so I begged him to take me again, he pulled me up and threw me onto the table face down, I thought he would take me from the back doggy fashion, but instead he tore those knickers down and to my horror slammed the head into my arse, you know even Francis hadn’t had me there, much less you, so it was mega stretching and I was glad he wasn’t a thick as yours belive me, it made me scream!” he muttered “yes so I heard,” and she went on that “after the initial terrible ring of fire, things eased and it was different but oh so erotic and I came again like a bloody waterfall.He took of my cuffs and threw me my dress, I put that on he kissed me and we thanked one another and as I came up the stairs I realised by the silence the power had gone, so as I stepped up each step I removed my collar, my arse was sore and I was walking a bit carefully but I felt wow, exhausted, euphoric, fucked, I don’t know but it was fantastic, I just wished you had been there, it was all that was missing!” She stood, undid the last button and removed the blouse her only item of upper clothing, her breasts were a pattern of bruises, nipples near purple, her skin above the waiste red with the stripes of the multi-tail whip sore but with a face glowing with the obvious excitement and pride of the wearer having endured the scourging. There was only one outcome and they both knew it, he dragged her willingly to their bed once again.

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