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320 sending in a substitute320 sending in a substitute Part 6 It was the next available weekend, and we knew Harry was due to visit. The whole week leading up I noticed she was more perky, more sensuous, and a joy to be with, though she said nothing about the subject.I of course was on late`s on the Friday, as usual, so it was 11 before I got home, she was ready for bed, and after coffee together up the stairs we went. It was a tired night, we slept well though I noticed she was hiding something, a man gets to know after a year or two, she didn’t enlighten me, but when I arose cum breakfast time, she was obviously nervy. I laughed saying she had brought it on herself, and did she want to back out? She shook her head, but I could see she was genuinely more tremulous than usual. So, I asked “why?” and she confessed that she had “talked to Harry in the week, and they had cooked up a bit of a game between them, but now she was a bit worried about it, as apparently it was a bit open ended, and he could easily get carried away!” I said, “I would be on my guard and not to worry,” but I doubt it did a lot of good.She said he would be here at 12, and she had promised to be ready for then, so we began to prepare, she toileted, showered, dried her hair, then dressed very carefully no knickers a summer dress and a lacy bra the only items, finally setting a dining chair in he bathroom and a few lengths of rope.By now I was intrigued, at 11.30 she asked me to bind her wrists behind her, which I did, she saying he was going to spank her, then later humiliation and he was going to try something called asphyxiation, which I had never till then even come across on hamster, she said that he said it enhances any orgasm ten-fold. I was sceptical but knew she wanted to try! She looked deep in my eyes and said she was willing to try most things, but she was terrified in a nice sort of way. We kissed just as the doorbell went, it was now or never, and she casino şirketleri nodded for me to answer the door. Sitting herself on the loo.He was stood waiting, his car in our drive, a smile a mile wide on his face, as I let him in, he explained that she had asked him to try her limits a bit, and that they had agreed a safe word, which he said was Jumbo, if she said that, all bets were of and she would be released immediately. Reassured I lead him through the lower floor to the bathroom. His eyes ran over my secured lady, obviously loving what he saw. He kissed her then whispered “ready?” it was a rhetorical question, he hauled her to her feet, sat, and then dragged her over his knees. She was not comfortable, I could see that, but he waited for a moment before producing from his jacket pocket, a slipper. He raised her dress, enjoying the pert bubble shaped backside.He slid his hand over the smooth skin, whispering that “it was a white bottom now, but he was not going to stop till it was red as a stop sign, was she ready to be punished as she had agreed?”She spoke for the first time since he had arrived, her voice quiet and now steady as it said, “Yes sir, please sir!”The slipper made more noise than I expected, time and again it struck, till the now writhing backside began to discolour, first rosy pink then slowly turning more and more scarlet, to the accompaniment of her cry`s and yelps, he gave no quarter, she asked for none.Suddenly it was over, he stood her up her face red and tearstained, the dress fell back, and he waited, she sniffled, but said nothing so he hauled her over his knee once more and again laid the slipper to her arse having lifted the dress once more, six more hard strokes and again she was stood up, tears falling.Not realising she said nothing once more so again over the knee she went for another six! This time she quickly gurgled through her tears “thank you sir!” and he began to smile, saying casino firmalari for her to remember her manners another time. He turned to me, saying that “women needed to know their masters and manners,” to her he said, “she was to lead him to her room it was time for her to be stuffed, would she like that?” She said “please sir” then quickly led him through the house and carefully up the ancient stairs, her arms still pinioned behind her. I trailed along behind them amazed at the way she had agreed to all this punishment.In our room she stood at the foot of our bed. He still in slacks and a jacket, just as he had arrived. He turned to me saying that “he had offered to show her asphyxia,” according to him “it was a real turn on for her, but her face would colour up and she would look distressed, he said his wife could achieve a big climax this way, it was her only way and he knew what he was doing so not to interfere, if I could contain myself!”Tina`s eyes saying that I should sit, so I sat to watch, he took off his jacket, taking from it a wide rubber belt and a plastic bag, kissing her passionately he placed the belt round her neck, slipping it through the buckle so that it became a noose, but doing it with gentle care that said she would enjoy the whole situation. I remembered the sentence she had said after first meeting him, saying she had loved it, and at that precise moment he could have …well beaten her to death if he had wanted and she would have loved every moment of it… frankly I was well worried.Trying it, she reddened slightly, it restricted her breathing, he explained it would upgrade her orgasm. He lay her on the bed, then asked me to finger her sex as hard as I wanted, my eyes never left hers, as my finger dipped in her wet, her oh so wet sex, she was turned on I could see that easily, and he was about to choke her .and she knew it My tool should have been stiff, but as usual it lay down my trousered güvenilir casino leg like a limp sausage. He slipped the bag over her head it was a clear bag and we outside could see her face clearly. He eased the belt, then asked “if she was ready?” She looked deep into my eyes once more then deliberately said that” she was, please sir.” My fingers played with her clitoris, she was already responding as he slid the bag closer to her neck, then slid the belt over it pulling it close and making the bag a seal. Her eyes still on mine the bag began to flex in and out as the air was expelled and inhaled. He added a little more pull to the belt tail, her face began to redden once more, my fingers playing with that clit, desperately to fetch her to an orgasm, to finish this strange madness.She looked distressed, but her eyes told me it was not over yet, as he tightened the belt once again, and suddenly she began one of the biggest and most exciting orgasms I had ever seen. As she hit the high notes, her hips up clear of the bed, her face red and her body desperate for life giving air, she began to lose consciousness, as he released the belt and ripped the bag from her head, her eyes flickered, and she returned to us to my relief, her face still flushed, but smiling now, having survived just as he had said she would.My fingers had long ago stopped their game, just as she hit the top notes. I kissed her, and we released her hands. She rubbed the wrists to accelerate the returning blood.She kissed me again, saying it had been momentous, she had been terrified but it had been amazing.Harry now had her lay back, still half dressed, then rapidly mounted her and as he had before, began to hammer at her in a way I could never have copied when I was fit. It was awesome. She was gripping my hand, her fingers gripping my hand as he beat himself deeper into her. again, together, just as before her hips rising as if to meet his and get more of him deeper into her lovely body, my seed spewed itself onto her, his spewing deep into her guts, it was fantastic the three of us hitting orgasm at once and as one. We dozed. With me, wondering where next adventure could lead, and how far would she want to go?

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